Nikon D850 price and shipping updates

The Nikon D850 US pricing is $3,296 - a very good news for all US readers (keep checking the B&H and Adorama D850 listings throughout the day for any updates).

In Australia the D850 price will be $5,399.95. The price in Europe is rumored to be €3,799 including tax (more D850 price rumors).

The first shipment of Nikon D850 cameras is expected on September 4th (due in stores around September 10th).

Additional Nikon D850 coverage can be found here.

Like the new Nikon D850 Facebook page and join the growing Nikon D850 Facebook group for a more detailed coverage of the upcoming announcement.

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  • D700s

    Beta tester here. No problem with that.

  • NikMan

    Can we get on with it already, I mean COME on, why should I have to wait 3 hours and 3 minutes more to buy this damn thing!

  • Mark Heseltine

    AUS$5,200 would equate to about CAN$5,200.

    That is a huge price increase from the current CAN$3,700 for the D810.

    I guess I’m going to have to sell my girl friend, dog, violin, Indiana Jones DVDs, and most likely my sister and my brothers.

  • Captain Megaton

    Why did you have to remove the leaked US price? Did someone force you to or did you feel it was too unreliable information to report?

  • Captain Megaton

    By the way, the reason it wasn’t released yesterday (Wed in Japan) could have been because it was the final of the national high school baseball championship final game that afternoon.

    Even Nikon can’t compete with that.

    • Nakayamahanzaemon

      If there are more black lenses than white ones in Koshien Stadium, Nikon would be happier…

      • Captain Megaton

        Fair point.

  • Allen_Wentz

    It is interesting that so many folks preorder without first at least handling one at a road show. I could not do that on a brand-new body type, even an obvious FX replication of the excellent DX D500 that I am quite fond of.

    • Dave

      I preordered the D3s and the d800e and both were phenomenal upon release for me. Nikon has my trust.

    • Andrew

      The D7200, D500, D5, and D7500 have all been good launches for Nikon and so confidence should grow about the D850. The new form factor with its hand-grip and LCD touchscreen have been well accepted in the D500 and the D750. The AF system’s capabilities and performance inherited from the D5 again is a well-proven technology. And Nikon has shown its competence in releasing higher megapixel sensors that provide great ISO and Dynamic Range.

      And last but not least is the new image sensor sporting back-lighting technology which should definitely preserve the D810’s ISO if not exceed it. So there you go, I knew that all you needed was a little bit of reminding. It is time to place your preorder 😉

  • MrCupHolder

    $AU 5400 = $US 4064 according to my banks website.
    If the US price is significantly under that I’m going to be disappointed with the $AU price being that’s where I live.

  • disqus_hlLLDdz9K1

    is there a live for the announcement?

    • not that I am aware

  • $5400 in Australia? How definite is that peter? Its getting towards RED territory. D810 is currently streetpriced at $3400 AUD. Could it really by 60% more expensive? D810 on release was $3900 if I remember correctly.

  • disqus_hlLLDdz9K1

    nothing happened…

  • Connor

    Well that was anticlimactic…

    • disqus_hlLLDdz9K1

      maybe it has been recalled

      • Connor

        Better wait for the D860

  • Michiel953

    EUR 3799 (incl VAT) in Holland…

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