Leaked Nikon D850 press photos

Leaked Nikon D850 press photos (see also the press release and sample photos):

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  • BVS

    Stuff we still don’t know (I think):

    Dynamic Range and ISO improvements/changes
    FPS in DX mode
    M/S RAW improvements (e.g. pixel binning), or same implementation as before?
    Any shooting bank improvements (e.g. being able to lock the settings)?
    Full frame 4K video uses downscaling or line skipping or what?
    Video bit rates, depth, and output formats/codecs
    Improvements to Live View AF?
    Buffer depth when shooting compressed RAW (unless the Chinese PPT was mistranslated)
    Snapbridge “improvements” noted in prior rumor
    Split Live View improvements noted in prior rumor
    Any (auto) AF fine tune improvements (e.g. more than one setting per lens)?

    Anything else?

    • sickheadache

      $3,600 and BSI Sensor and Gapless. if you believe some.

    • Scott M.

      Small, medium and large raw sizes are avilable for the first time on this camera. See spec sheet list leak. Looks better than last try.

    • C-M

      The build, plastic or magnesium ?
      D7000 or D700

  • Pancanikonpus

    Geez… from those images can see it use sony sensar.

  • AlphaStatuz

    What is the device mounted to.the bottom of the camera and plugged into several of the input/outputs?

    • That’s the WT-7 wireless transmitter which many current users were hoping Nikon would replace with something better.

      • Vince Vinnyp

        Maybe neater or cheaper but it is pretty good at what it does. If the D810 has real Wi-Fi built in then this will only be for people who want the heavy lifting and 200m range.

        • I’m not a user of the WT-7 so I’m only going on conversations I’ve had with those who are. They complain about slow data transfer rates. I note that it (only?) uses FTP and HTTP which is a pretty unambitious implementation. FTP is not what I would want to use but it is trivial to implement.

          I don’t doubt that the hardware is good (if not pretty). Just that the software is poor.

      • AlphaStatuz

        Ah… I’m amazed that, at this stage, this new camera doesn’t come fitted with abilities to control things like Aperture and Shutter Speed from a stock wireless app for more accurately aligned bracketing.

  • HD10

    I see some comments of concern regarding the D850 seemingly being of the same design as the D500. These likely comes from those who do not have a D500. For their info, i’s actually a good thing that the D850 is like the D500 as the D500 is much better than any of the D8xx in terms of features, controls and responsiveness, and seemingly makes the D8xx old and slow.

  • TinusVerdino

    No ae-l exposure lock button

    • Vince Vinnyp

      The joystick press can do this and does it by default I think. I actually map the AF-on function to this and the AF-on button to AE lock on my D5s as it means I can move the AF points around and use back button AF when I want to.

  • TinusVerdino

    two missing buttons pulled out of the obscurity of preview darkness: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/46289f32d2f26d01a0a8888081a96aa7cbd5d5d0867ef18463e5bb2b4ea72456.png

  • Gilboa

    A BCI-CMOS FF sensor (Sony tech) that’s fine, but no mention of on-sensor PDAF (probably not) I just hope then that Nikon have done something to improve LV-AF anyway, but probably haven’t. Also the press photos show the standard AF-S FF kit lens, not an AF-P version I was hoping they’d introduce. Still quite excited by this camera though. Until I find out I can’t afford it! Lol

  • Spy Black

    It’s a pro camera. No need to focus. It’s 45 megs, once you scale it down to Facebook size, everything will be in focus…

    • clint

      Of course! It’s good to get peoples attention haha

    • Yuanxu HA

      So smart

  • Mike

    With 153 cross type points and the middle one sensitive to -4 EV, you’re not gonna need it!

  • waterengineer

    What is that unit on the bottom of the camera – for video work (w/ the cables?) Thanks.

    • WT-7 wireless transmitter with 200m range.

  • Mike

    Clarification; 153 points good to -3 EV. The central one is super sensitive to -4 EV. :-).

  • sickheadache

    U know when they review these third party lenses, Sigma and Tamron and the whatnot lenses…The reviewers..on the net and youtube….the semi trusted ones..i read..never bitch and moan like nikon fan boys and canon fan boys and you Vince. I too use Sigma Art Line with my Nikon D810…and have zero issue…Cry Elsewhere. Please. It is the same old bs, bs people doing the same old bs…all of you who complain about a big nothing are just that a big nothingness.

    • Vince Vinnyp

      Did you not read my post?? This is not BS it is a minor issue with the Nikon D5 and I fear the the D850 focusing system. It does not affect the D810.

      I have the Sigma 35 and 24mm art lenses as well they are great. I sold the Nikon 35mm 1.4 to buy the Sigma so I am not sure where you get so much info on what I think. I also have an older 15mm Fisheye I have the Tamron 35mm 1.8 and 150-600 and a Tokina 17mm 3.5. So I am not anti third party!!
      They perform at least as well as any lens on my D810s as well. They also perform really well on my D5s.

      However the D5 focusing system as you can see from the link, I posted if you had bothered to look, is strange in that, irrespective of maximum aperture some of the outer cross point sensors only work with certain Nikkor AF-S lenses. It is not just third party lenses they won’t work with it also is an issue for some Nikkor non AF-S or even AF-S lenses. They still work as linear sensors so for 99% or the time it is not an issue but I found it annoying with my NIKKOR 200-400 as that is one of the worst affected, I sold it partly becaus eof this as it doesn’t happen with the 300 2.8 even with Tcons or 300 F4. It’s easy to repeat the issue with all my third party lenses but that doesn’t mean I won’t use or keep them, just understand the slim trade off.

  • I wasn’t aware of this. I see some of my lenses are affected. I’m surprised that this includes the AF-S 60 micro which I sometimes use instead of the 105 micro when I need to reduce the working distance. Thanks, Vince. I’ll take note when I get to use My D850 …

  • KnightPhoto

    Was aware of this chart as have studied in some detail in the past on all my cameras as a possible additional reason to upgrade my 500 f/4 G to a 500E as the chart shows an advantage of E over G in the 500mm. I generally make heavy use of TC14 when Birding, so I’m always pondering that part of the chart too.

    But your comment about third-party was interesting as I was partly considering the Sigma 500 (but prefer the weight and Nikon compatibility). More research is needed before I pull the pin, I’m aware Brad Hill likes the 500 Sigma but I’ll need to study his off-centre focus point results.

    In birding when getting appreciably close to the subject, and that’s when all the keepers occur, I’m almost exclusively off-centre at that point in AF point selection. Thanks Vince.

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