Nikon D850 specifications recap

I tried to put together all known Nikon D850 specifications into one post - please comment if I have missed something and I will update the list:

  • 45.75MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD (3.2", 2.36 million dots)
  • Fully functional touchscreen: supports touch AF, touch shutter and touch menu
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
  • AF system from the D5 (153 points, 130% frame coverage compared to the D810, all AF points @ -3EV,  middle/center crosshair sensor @-4EV)
  • New smaller AF point
  • No built-in flash
  • Back illuminated buttons
  • Joystick selector
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 8K time-lapse video capabilities
  • 4k UHD video in FX format (with no crop)
  • No EVF or hybrid viewfinder
  • Slo-mo full HD 120fps video
  • The SD slot will support UHS-II
  • Improved LiveView split-screen display
  • Improved silent shooting mode: fully-silent, no-sound electronic shutter in live view (6 fps silent shooting, no mechanical movement, can shoot up to 30fps @ 8MP with the electronic shutter)
  • Improved battery life
  • Lighter than the D810
  • Native ISO range: 64-25,600
  • ISO 64 extendable down to ISO 32 (Lo1 = 32, Hi 2 = 108,400)
  • 7fps without grip, 9fps with grip (MB-D18a battery grip and the EN-EL18a battery)
  • 51 images raw buffer at 14-bit RAW
  • 0.75x optical viewfinder (largest ever on a Nikon FX cameras)
  • 180k RGB meter
  • No AA filter
  • Supports for Nikon wireless transmitter WT-7
  • Built-in focus stacking: up to 300 pictures with up to 10 levels of focusing steps (still need external software)
  • Price will be CNY 23,999 or around $3,600 (source: Chinese forum)
  • Announcement date could be August 16th
  • RAW sizes: small, medium, large
  • New 1:1 mode
  • New natural light AWB

Like the new Nikon D850 Facebook page and join the growing Nikon D850 Facebook group for a more detailed coverage of the upcoming announcement.

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  • MB

    That thingy above diopter knob is actually visible from the inside on a “roentgen” image of the D850 🙂
    So what do you say? Nothing? Everything?

    • Coffee

      I say, wait for 3 more days and find out when they do the official release.

      • MB

        Yeah, but where is the fun in waiting:)

    • IronHeadSlim

      It looks like it has a weather seal around the mystery switch and the diopter knob. To me it looks like a momentary switch, maybe lighting up ‘something’ in the viewfinder. My guesses are often wrong though.

  • Everything seems great in our dslr world, now let’s move onto designing a nice and useful & useable app for our Nikon users … (<=== hint for Nikon 😉

  • Zak Zoezie

    How fast will on sensor AF be ? If still slow, all this silent shooting talk is just marketing bs. And when will Nikon finally provide the obvious focus peaking feature ?

    • Rich Murray

      “AF system from the D5” Seems to me that would make it pretty “quick”

      • Davo

        He’s talking about on-sensor AF. Ie. AF during live view. We don’t have any info on this yet.

        • Rich Murray

          🙂 I stand enlightened

      • Bob Thane

        The D5 on sensor AF isn’t nearly as good as even the Nikon 1.

        • John Alexander


          • Bob Thane

            Which could be unfair, since the Nikon 1 on sensor AF is phenomenal. The D5 on sensor AF isn’t any worse than any other Nikon DSLR.

    • All this silent shooting is at AE/AF lock so it’s without AF.

  • Matt Comerford

    I’m in. My d800e is awesome, but this looks more awesome 😀

  • KnightPhoto

    Thanks, damage to clean rooms opening them to the outside air – very sad to see, must have been a huge job to repair!

  • Kriztoper

    RIP pop-up flash, you will be missed

    • sickheadache

      good riddance. you will not be missed.

      • verytoxic

        You do not understand pop-up flash do you?

        • I used it as a commander and also when I needed fill and it was all I had. It could be useful but I’d rather have what it has been removed to make space for. Buy an SB-400 on ebay or an SU-800 if you need it. The SB-400 is a better flash than the pop-up but still compact.

          • verytoxic

            The keyword in your argument is “buy”.

            • peter w

              … and carry it on top of your camera or in your bag.
              The good thing of the pop-up, is that it is allways there. Even if you would use it only once. I use it three times a year, and I love it ;).

  • Richard Hart

    I wonder if it will do timelapse using the electronic shutter. Hence the electronic shutter is 8k. It would save the normal shutter as timelapse kills the shutter life.

    • Rick Jansen

      I am very curious about this as well!

  • Enzo Godenzo

    please nikon, remember that top camera in Canon and in Sony, make great photo and also great video, 5 axis stab. etc… remember, in 2017 customer ask not only great photos but also excellent video quality..high bitrate

  • Naacryl

    who in their right mind would still buy a canon 6d II after seeing these D850 specs

    • verytoxic

      Those who are invested into Canon. All others who have no investment, yes, have no execuse if they buy anything other than D850

      • Don’t forget gullible people who fall for glossy marketing!

    • peter w

      Somebody with a MP65 lens, for certain.

  • Athanasius Kirchner

    I dislike Nikon products profoundly. Their interfaces seem all wrong to me (and why three different ones!?), and their video has sucked ass for the longest time. However, this will be the best-specified camera ever made, if these specs are true. It’ll put the 5DIV, 5DS and A99II to shame.

    • I usually like Nikon cameras, but I think that some of its rivals doesn’t look that outspecified. At least not being put to shame.

      The A99II looks quite a well specified camera, though with a lens set kind of settled.

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        The A99II is a very good all-rounder, but it won’t match the D850 in AF, buffer, battery life, DR, and quite a few bells and whistles. If the Nikon also puts out competitive video, its only potential weakness is LV AF.

    • John

      Too bad professionals find Nikon video to work for them. I know personally the D800 was used filming shows like Wilfred and Dexter, google the film “Broken Night” or check out

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        ‘Too bad’? I don’t care either way – the reasons a DP has to choose a camera are absolutely unpredictable. Of course, I could compile a gigantic list of things made with a 5DIII or A7S, much longer than a list of every piece ever shot on ANY Nikon.
        Nikon just isn’t relevant in film making, vlogging, broadcasting, indie shows, or pretty much anything related to video, and there are good, solid reasons for that.

    • I have to disagree about Nikon’s interfaces. Whilst they are hopeless at this in their software, the cameras are intuitive to operate and changing settings is quick and easy without being vulnerable to accidental changes.

      Whereas, I hate the interface on the Sony cameras I have used. I find that they are slow to operate, poorly thought out and incredibly vulnerable to accidental changes. Often, I have to keep the controls locked to prevent inadvertent changes. Then it is a pain when I need to change something. Sometimes I want throw my Sony away.

      OK, maybe using Nikons for over 40 years means their way of doing things is embedded in me.

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        I stand diametrically opposed to your experience. Still, what bugs me the most about Nikon’s UI is how they have three very different control schemes for DSLRs – one for the cheapo cameras, one for enthusiast models, and another for pros. This to me is absurd, and no other manufacturer shares this approach. Sony, for instance, has important differences between its A and E mounters, but their mirrorless use the same controls as their compacts, and all use similar menus. Canon puts more controls on higher-specified cameras, but the basics of all EOS models are the same (well, not EOS M, but those share the PowerShot interface).

        • Well I can’t disagree about the different schemes as I have only used what you are categorising as pro cameras. I was aware of some of the features on 7×00 cameras (like U1, U2) which their users tend to complain are missing from the pro cameras but I have no experience of these myself.

          Maybe Nikon believes that what pros want is not compatible with an interface suitable for inexperienced users or the camera’s functionality. I certainly don’t the UI that I use hobbled by the needs of someone who has only a slight understanding of photography. Do you think a beginner would cope with the D5 UI?

          I hate Sony’s menus with a vengeance though. Much prefer Nikons approach (at least in pro cameras).

          • Athanasius Kirchner

            That’s the thing – I think I’d enjoy the D5’s control scheme (the closest I’ve gotten to that is a D2X, which seemed excellent to me in most respects). But I’ve handled the D7100/D7200 extensively, and also a D3300, and all three are just *wrong* for me.
            It’s obvious that high-end users have different needs over P&S photographers, but it just doesn’t sit well in my mind that a successive upgrader should learn three different ways to do the same things among the same brand. I moved from a Sony A290 to an A77II, across many years and tiers, and both used the same fundamentals to change SS, aperture, ISO, and had the DoF preview in the same place, for instance. I had both a Canon SL1 and 6D, and the fundamentals were *exactly* the same. I don’t see how or why Sony, Canon and Olympus are wrong (which are the three brands I’ve shot the most with, and which share this mindset).

  • Naacryl

    a hybrid viewfinder doesn’t even exist

    what fuji has is not a hybrid viewfinder, they have a rather clumsy viewfinder that produces parallax error

    • Antonio

      This camera will not have hybrid viewfinder but Nikon has registered patents since 2012 and this was probably the one of the reasons why some people started to talk about it.

      To the extent that its possible to switch between optical and EVF you can’t deny Fuji has a hybrid viewfinder not matter the possible parallax error, otherwise we’ve to conclude that for you all the cameras in the past that had direct optical viewfinders…had no viewfinder… 🙂 🙂

      However, a DSLR with a hybrid viewfinder would offer a completely different solution that the one adopted by Fuji.

  • Question for the crowd, with all this emphasis on video. Why do we have external recorders? Why couldn’t a DSLR record video just as well as the recorders can? It seems to me that the first DSLR that eliminates the artificial restraints (shorter recording time, inferior codecs, etc) would clean up in the marketplace. So why do the restrictions on video persist?

  • Neopulse

    The Nikon Df deserved that 0.75x magnification in all honesty.

  • new 1:1 mode. is that aspect ratio (ie square shtos) or something else?

    • Lex

      Square shots.

  • That is one hell of a good-looking camera.

  • Canis Dirus

    Well, at least Nikon is trying. Only took them 2 years to catch up to the Sony A99M2.

  • Yes, I would guess that your article reference is assuming beamforming to get to 10m. The general consensus is that mobile devices will have omni-directional antennae and not phase array. So beamforming will depend on access points relaying signals around obstructions. I’m not sure how this would work out in a photo studio with people moving around.

    The commercial implementation of 802.11ad has been slow. It’s nearly 5 years since the standard was released and vendors would have known it was coming before then. There is a good chance that 802.11ax with 5MHz could get adopted quicker.

    Don’t forget the hurdle of national regulatory authorities though. I do suspect that they have been a significant reason for the poor products from camera manufacturers who need to sell in a world market.

    It has been interesting to think about the connectivity requirements of other photographers although it doesn’t have any relevance to my photography. My specialist field is underwater photography. Microwave wouldn’t reach me and I don’t think there is an 802.11 standard for ultrasound. I don’t have your needs but I don’t doubt that some divers would love to upload their snaps to social media while they are still under water …

  • Mahmud Farooque

    Need to sell my dad’s property

  • Spock

    Seeing the amazing 46mp D850 for $3200, I can’t imagine Canon won’t counter with say a 5DsR with 60mp and features the D850 has. It’s all good for the end user.

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