Weekly Nikon news flash #431

New batch of refurbished Nikon gear at Adorama (the price of the refurbished D800 dropped another $30 to $1,769).

→ A reader found some Nikon 1 bargains at B&H:

Sigma solar eclipse promotion.

Nikon's tips for capturing the solar eclipse.

Adorama has a new dedicated page for all of the 100 years anniversary items.

→ Up to 100$ off on selected Nikon Monarch binoculars at BuyDig and B&H (get an extra $5 off at BuyDig with promo code "YADIG5").

More information on the Nikon Fan meetings in Japan.

→ Bill Frakes, a current Nikon Ambassador, leaves the University of Nebraska following sexual harassment charges.

Schedule for the traveling Nikon Photo Contest 2016-2017 Photo Exhibition.

→ Nikon SP rangefinder review.

→ Vincent Munier: special project video.

→ New video from Steve Perry: Nikon's auto AF fine tune - how to get the most from it.

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  • Photobug

    Peter, good post with lots of info. Although I don’t live in the optimum solar eclipse path we are suppose to see 88% coverage. I already have my solar glasses and the filter is on order with delivery this week. I tried to find a Welders #14 screen locally and on Amazon and they were sold out. My hunch is that we are going to see lots of photos on PAD.

    • nwcs

      Welder’s glasses and screens are actually a bad choice for viewing the sun. It’s not a big deal if you’re using it as a filter for your camera but you need proper filters for your eyes. Lots of photos for sure. I’m lucky that totality is right over my house for 90s. As long as the weather is good I’m hoping to shoot some with my solar filter and a time lapse with my phone.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        Welders’ glasses (the correct one) definitely works fine for your eyes (I’m an astronomer and I use them during solar viewing for my classes).

        • nwcs

          You are correct. Only #14 welders glasses can be safe. Others are not. I would err towards safety. For other’s reference:


          • Photobug

            NWCS and TheInfinityPoint….your both correct. I did a lot of reading and research before buying.

      • Photobug

        The welders #14 shield goes in front of the lens. I purchased a high quality glasses that meet the ISO standard for this event..

  • br0xibear

    “Frakes was alleged to have commented on the appearance of female
    students’ appearance but not the appearance of male students; scrolled
    through photos of “scantily clad” women on his phone while driving with
    female students in his car; referred to female editors he worked with as
    “bitches” but “did not speak negatively about male editors in the same
    tone”; and told students he was not a person “to ‘piss off’ and he could
    ‘end their careers.’””

    I get the feeling he won’t be a Nikon Ambassador for much longer, but considering politicians have made far worse comments, and have stayed in their jobs, who knows ?…strange times.

    • nwcs

      Yeah, he will likely be asked to step aside. Is it all that different nowadays? Probably not. There’s nothing new under the sun.

      Regardless, it would be great if people treated each other with more respect.

    • FountainHead

      The PDN article’s title is somewhat misleading as there does not appear to be any criminal charges, just allegations from a university Star Chamber.

      If Frakes’ response is correct (par. 2), the university’s process isn’t even final.

      • br0xibear

        I don’t think it’s “somewhat misleading”, they’ve reported that he’s no longer teaching at that University because “university administrators concluded he violated its policy prohibiting sexual harassment and “created a hostile environment” for a female student.”
        “The complaint was filed by Calla Kessler, a student at Nebraska, with additional remarks by at least 10 other students, including photojournalism majors at other universities who have worked with Frakes. Both female and male students submitted statements that they witnessed some of the alleged behavior.”
        There are no criminal charges, I don’t know if there will be…I guess it depends on the appeal…
        “Frakes told PDN he is appealing the university’s finding, but declined to discuss it in detail. “The final hearing has not taken place. The university has directed the process be confidential, and I intend to honor that request,” he told PDN, reading from a prepared statement.”
        The process you’re refering to is the appeal, the initial process which resulted in him being removed was concluded as far as I can make out.

        “The university’s office of institutional equity and compliance told the student that it found by a preponderance of the evidence that the respondent had sexually harassed the student by making unwanted sexual comments about her, and in doing so created a hostile environment for the student.”

        That sounds pretty damning to me ?, but as I said above, others in positions of power have done worse and nothing much seems to happen.
        And as nwcs posted above…
        “it would be great if people treated each other with more respect.”

        • FountainHead

          Headline:”Photog Bill Frakes Leaves U of Nebraska Following Sexual Harassment Charges”

          What crime did any element of law enforcement charge him with?

          • br0xibear

            The “charges” are from the University, not criminal charges…he’s been dismissed by the University, it doesn’t have to be an offence under law to be called a “charge”.

          • PhilK

            Who cares?

            Lots of bad behaviour never gets criminally punished. That, along with the frequent corruption of law enforcement including complicity with perps of crimes and so on hardly make the fact that a person wasn’t (yet) convicted of a crime an exoneration of said person’s character.

            The university concluded Frakes violated their sexual harassment policy, that’s enough for me.

            Way too many apologists for misogyny around this country these days, including the guy who is supposedly running the country.

            If Nikon is smart, they will disassociate themselves with Frakes promptly.

            • br0xibear

              It’ll be interesting to follow what actually happens with this. It’s not just Nikon, he’s an ambassador for Manfrotto, Elinchrom and Gitzo too.

            • PhilK

              I will cross my fingers.

              The way Nikon has handled scandals in the past (eg the fake entries into their photo contest, etc) is not exactly comforting.

            • Mikycoud

              There have been talks about him getting approached by Durex to be their ambassador….
              … Oups sorry.. Just a bad joke. I do hate such behaviors.

            • PhilK

              In other news, the NPPA just announced an anti-harassment policy:


            • FountainHead

              “The university concluded Frakes violated their sexual harrassment policy, that’s enough for me.”

              I find that really, really scary. I’m no apologist for misogyny, but I am a stickler for due process. If Frakes is correct (par 2 of article) and the university’s own process isn’t even finished, never mind a civil or criminal court hearing, the man has been smeared.

              Phil, I hope it never happens to you.

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