Refurbished Nikon D610 now $1,079.95, D810 for $1,996.95

Adorama is having some new price drops on refurbished Nikon gear:

More refurbished Nikon gear at: Amazon | B&H | Adorama | eBay | Cameta Camera | BuyDig.

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  • harvey

    good pricing.

    • Reggie

      Except the 800E at $150 more than the 810…who the heck would buy that?

      • New Yoko

        800E is more collectible than 810

      • TheInfinityPoint

        Because it’s one of a few cameras that have 2 letters in the camera name, instead of one. 😉

  • Tempting, but I think I’ll wait for the D850. 😉

    • sickheadache

      Remember the DL Series. Lol

      • Hmmm….true. LOL

        • Spy Black

          Besides, as you can see from the picture, the D810 is now available in red…

      • A. F.O.

        We all remember…. sometimes I wonder if they got any of those….in the inventory…it will be in exhibition in the Nikon museum in 2117?!…

        • sickheadache

          I remember seeing three different DL cameras on Nikon’s Website…So at least 3 were made. But there are probably more…there were beta copies made..for the testers out there.

    • Ivan Kutsarov

      Tempting, but I think I’ll wait for the DL. 😉

  • doge

    That’s a crazy good price.

    • very good pricing indeed

  • ZR

    D810 – says “Refurbished by Nikon USA”. What does it mean? … Nikon looked at it and says all is good? Or do they swap out internal components?

    • Member

      Depends on the reason why it’s returned. When the reason is the buyer wasn’t pleased with the goods it’s just checked, cleaned and put in boxes. When there was an issue with the camera it’s repaired, checked cleaned and put in boxes.

    • Amir

      It probably means that it has only 90 days warranty and from the date of 91,it won’t work and your purchased body should be dumped off!

      • Member

        Most likely you won’t need to use your 90 days warranty, however in case something happens after 90 days you can have it repaired at your own expense.
        Even if you receive a camera body which was returned due to some issues, even then you don’t need to worry as the camera will be repaired before it is handed over to customers. But still buying refurbished is not the same as a new and unopened item. There are some reasons for that, one of them is that when the issue is not described clearly it can be that the fault is not located thus not repaired, and not found in a regular check. Another is that while at repair parts are replaced taking away the symptoms but not the cause. For the “unlucky few” there are some cameras with vage symptoms and the fault is never found, or faults which can’t be replicated during tests. If the technician recognises this as unrepairable it will be disposed off, however if he considers the issue an user error then the camera will be cleared for resale.

    • Andrew

      It means unofficially new with limited warranty 😉 It also means inventory reduction and making room for the D850.

  • silmasan

    One D850 or 2x D810, that’s the big question for some…

    • just wait 3 months for the 850 do drop in price then buy it

      • TwoStrayCats

        I’m thinking about a year: price drop AND bug fixes on the firmware.

  • approved

  • Aldo

    at that price pick up a used d750 instead of a d610… however the d810 is a great deal at that price

    • A. F.O.

      My choice too.

  • wasatchpowder

    I decided to buy one and then sell it and buy the 850 next year after they get the bugs worked out of the 850. I can’t wait til October or November for the 850 to ship.

    • Amir

      My suggestion is to wait for D850 announcement,and on the shelf appearance.Then,D810 price will be dropped off significantly.I am planning to buy that body based on this strategy.They started to give a discount on refurbished bodies,soon they will start with new D810s.

    • JXVo

      D810 is the best all-round DSLR on the planet right now. D750 is a close second. D850 is still vapourware. Unless you will need the additional features of D810 in the next 3 or4 months I would look at a D750/D610 or used D800 to tide me over the gap, purely for the reason that they won’t depreciate as much when D850 is released.

  • Gauss Sanders

    How long will discounts like these last? Will it only get cheaper a year from now or do these cameras tend to settle on a bottom flat price even after its successor is released?

    I am still using a D7000 with a 105mm micro.

    • Captain Megaton

      This is as low as you are going to see a D610, and about as low as you will ever see on the D810 also – in any kind of official channels at least.

    • SO am I still using a D7000, I do have others but too much crap is spouted about must have the latest camera

    • s3t

      I’ve got 810 NEW, off eBay at $1879, with proper warranty and everything, 5 months ago (there was a post on NR regarding the sale). This $2000 refurbished “deal” is highly overpriced IMO, it should be $1.5k to be interesting. Wait till the 850 gets a bit more coverage and grab 810 used at $1-1.3k (all in all it’s 5 year old technology if we ignore the slight upgrade between 800 and 810).

      • Gauss Sanders

        That’s interesting. Part of why I’m curious is because Amazon lists the D3S used for around $1300 USD or $2999 CND. This makes me wonder just how far down camera bodies depreciate in price and when is the best time to pull the trigger.

        My main applications are photogrammetry and all my glass are FX despite using a DX body. Right now I’m deciding between investing in either a new nikon body or a drone for this purpose.

        • David Peterson

          If you’re into photogrammetry (I have experience here too!) then either get a secondhand D800 dirt cheap or a secondhand Sony a7R mk1

  • Ric of The LBC

    $1799 for refurb Df

    • That’s what I paid for mine last year. It’s the only kind of discount I’ve seen on that camera. I’m not sure they’ve ever discounted “new” copies.

  • John

    How is the D800e selling $150 more than D810?

    • Darn good point

    • New Yoko

      D800E is rarer & limited supply than D810

      • My Granny is rarer than me but she is no more expensive

        Come on !!!!!!!!! it is older tech

        • New Yoko

          air-cool porsche is older tech but it cost more than newer $200K porsche turbos.

  • stop complaining about what things mean, over there in the US, just be grateful you get these offers, we don’t in the UK

    • A. F.O.

      You’re so right !
      We in Europe get zero discounts and higher prices. Thanks very much Nikon Europe! We are here for you to profit.

      • MB

        Everything is way more expensive in Europe.
        I have been told that it is because it is way more expensive to maintain business in Europe than it is anywhere else in the world … maybe something for Europeans to think about why it is so…

        • David Peterson

          Because of socialism….

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