Nikon D810 replacement expected to be announced at the end of July

The Nikon D810 replacement is rumored to be announced in late July and start shipping in September - this is the information I have been receiving from several different sources. I still do not have an exact announcement date which means that a potential delay for August is still a possibility.

Here again are the rumored specifications:

  • The camera will be called D820 (D850 is still a possibility)
  • 45-46MP sensor
  • Improved low and high ISO
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD screen
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
  • AF system from the D5

Nikon D820 mockup by broxibear


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  • Can’t wait to see the actual specs. Any rumor as to what frame rate (FPS) it might have?

    • saywhatuwill

      Whatever the frame rate is it won’t be fast enough for some and the complaints will come in and then the ubiquitous “deal killer” comment.

      • Anything higher than the 4-5fps tjat the 800 has would be good. I saw somewhere that the 820 was rumored to be 7-8 cos. I was just curious to see if anyone here had seen anything similar or any FPS listing for it anywhere else.

  • masterac

    the d810 could only do 56 000 iso and its quality is under the d500, i wouldn’t mind seing it above the 100 000

    • James Michael

      I don’t care even the tiniest bit if the ISO went to a million, but would dance a jig if they offered 32 ISO. If I have to use ISO over 800, I am having a really bad day.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Wider available ISO range is always good, but I agree with James that in a high MP D8xx body the emphasis should be on optimizing at lowest ISO.

  • Ken Huffman

    So, how many frames per sec?

  • Todd Alan

    I fail to understand the reason behind two different card slots. It would make it so much easier to make them both the same, I don’t care which, just make them both the friggin same!

    • Allen_Wentz

      Personally I advocate for dual XQD until something faster and equally reliable comes along. But after debating the fast XQD versus slow SD issue with many folks it seems that the main benefit of having a slow SD as the second slot is that the SD format is everywhere, and apparently some folks really like that. And some want to use their older even slower SD cards in a new camera, go figure.

      Me, I want performance and assess zero value add to being able to drop in to a convenience store and pick up some slow SD camera cards as if they were consumables. In my world cards are not treated as consumable, they are treated as priceless data capture repositories.

      • Rod P

        Ok, imagine this, youre a travel photographer on a 3 week trip to Tibet and you damage or lose your nice XQD cards, youre not going to be able to get replacements, so what do you do? No choice but to pack up and go home.
        Give me SD cards or any “consumable” easy to source card.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Been there done that. I do not damage/lose cards, because I consider cards as data repositories, and the data _is_ the project. The mindset evolved from film days.

          That said, I do get your point, and preordered the D500 despite one slot being SD. Although not my personal preference, the XQD+SD setup may be a reasonable compromise for Nikon to make to satisfy the convenience wants of folks like you and still kinda satisfy the performance wants of folks like me.

      • JXVo

        I think it is a compromise. I suspect more D8x0 cameras are in the hands of enthusiasts than pros and the cameras are used for everything from happysnaps to fine art photography.

        My D810 goes to parties, macro excursions, landscapes, construction sites (occasionally), hiking/climbing and mostly wildlife trips. Sometimes a bit of sport and night photography too.

        Most of these don’t need high speed cards. Sometimes I even put in a micro SD and shoot jpg so I can move the card to my phone and share the pics straight after shooting. My D810 sometimes uses CF cards left over from my D200 days. That versatility is a strong feature for me as an enthusiast. I can see how a pro shooting only assignments would be better served by identical slots in a fast format but the D8x0 series wouldn’t be so popular if it was specifically focused at the pro market.

  • How many photographers are shooting under artificial light here? I’ve heard that Canon provides a anti-flicker mode for shooting under LED light which delays the shutter and waits for even illumination before firing. Note we are talking about delaying shutter so that it sweeps inside of the bright phase of a relatively slow 50-120hz cycle.

    Does offer Nikon any similar solutions because artificial lighting is moving more and more to low power consumption of LED lighting?

    • HD10
      • Ah, thanks. I didn’t know that Nikon was having such a feature and was astounded that Canon was having it. At least it is not easy to find such features at the product page of the D7500 in german. I would highlight such new product features if i were Nikon.

    • BVS

      Yes. The D5, D500, and D7500 have it. Hopefully it’ll be included in D850 too.

      • Thanks, it was new to me and difficult to find on the Nikon product page, at least i couldn’t find anything in German at the D7500 product page.

    • Michiel953

      Mixed lighting, all the time. You can’t choose in the real world.

      • Michiel953

        That’s doing portraits, D810/58, autoWB and RAW. You run into things like inexplicable blue casts, or a green tinge on some parts of a face, just because there’s greenery nearby.

  • akns

    It better have 4k 60fps in full frame mode.

    • Fly Moon

      Are you sure you don’t need a video camera?

  • Bart Ney

    I need only:
    -live view AF improved – to match Canon level
    -flip screen
    – GPS

    The rest could be the same.

  • Alexander Otto

    Maybe I finally get a live view that can see in the dark, like Pentax and Olympus have had for years. Or live time maybe? Or an astrotracer or all the other functions I miss. And better high iso for night shots. We will see! Nikon has to deliver, otherwise I for my part will be leaving to another brand I think.

  • Proto

    from your entitled ass can you name the “bunch of manufactures” beside Sony who is actually making the card? zip. So, its dead end like Sony’s Betamax.

  • saywhatuwill

    I already blew my wad of money on a 22 MP digital back (circa 2007 (D700 and D3 were also kings then)) for my Hasselblad. I guess I’ll forever be in the past with my digital back and my D810.

    • tomskyphoto

      Blew my upgrade stash for the PC-E 19 for which I got an incredible deal brand new in box. Results with the 810 are drop dead gorgeous and I can’t really see a major advance that the D820/850 might be able to achieve for my shooting style. Don’t need super fast D5-type AF and fps and I doubt that there’s going to be a significant difference in IQ between the 810 and its successor. My crappy toy camera aka A7RII can’t really outperform the 810 either…

  • lefantome

    Don’t know why there is still no GPS built in…Having the option to turn it on or off is better than having no such feature. Even a cheap smart phone can record GPS coordinates when taking photos.

  • Richard Hart

    i don’t know if it was mentioned, but perhaps the lack of gps is because it is difficult to use. GPS as mentioned to me by someone who designs gps systems is very low frequency and therefore hugely subject to fluctuations. perhaps it doesn’t work well within a magnesium shell?

  • Dave Stromberger

    Lexar announced they are going out of business.

  • Price?

  • mariusvr

    noooooo that would make my gold anniversary flash hotshoe cover useless. .

    • JasonsArgonauts

      That’s exactly what I mean. It would be a great step forwards and trump the competition completely.

  • peter w

    Why not use it, instead of selling it? It’s value is not financial, but in the images you can still make with it.
    I use it as back-up, or incidently as second camera. Thus:
    1) it makes me happy remembering the great photo’s we made,
    2) I remember the D70 I used before the D300 and how enormous the step-up was, a delight;
    3) it makes me very happy instantly when I put it away to pick up my D800.
    D300 is a joy for ever…

  • (1) they were not intended to.
    (2) how about landscape or portrait?
    (3) the possibility that I can’t do what you do for a living does not disqualify me from having an opinion anymore than the possibility that you can’t do what I do for a living.
    (4) I’m sick of weddin photographers speaking as though they speak for all photographers or all professional photographers. If that’s moronic, I’m a moron. If not, perhaps it’s not me, it’s you.

    From what I’ve seen, wedding photographers usually have stuff in their portfolios that screams “this is what I really love shooting”. I haven’t done a survey, maybe I’m projecting. I don’t think the Dutch masters aspired to paint expensive livestock and I don’t think photographers aspire to photograph conspicuous consumption. If I’m wrong then that makes me even sadder.

  • T N Args

    If it truly has the D5 autofocus, 46 MP and improved high and low ISO image quality over the D810’s lofty standards, then that makes a hell of a stunning camera. I would be severely tempted, even though it would be twice my notional budget for a body.

    • Michiel953

      I have a D810, preceded by a D800 and a D800E. I have no budget (left). The 810 is, in spite of or because of all its incremental improvements over its predecessors, a huge step forward.

      Of course, it can be improved, and it will.

      • T N Args

        I envy you there.

  • Dsvob87

    I know this won’t happen because we live in a quantity not quality society but STAHP with the megapixel war!!! 36 MP is fine….forever. Give me ridiculous low ISO performance and 8fps with that sensor and ill be impressed.

  • Andy

    I’m a portrait and sports lifstyle photographer. My perfect wish list would be….

    1. 36mp sensor with better noise.
    2. D5 Auto focus.
    3. Dual CF or XQD (although I don’t like the fact there is no competition).
    4. Inbuilt wifi.
    5. Loose the pop up flash.
    6. Tilt screen would be great.
    7. I would even like a better battery grip design.
    8. The ability to change any button function on the camera.
    9. Wireless shutter remote.
    10. Higher FPS with good buffer.
    11. No touch screen.

  • Thanks for saying so 🙂

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