Irix released Adobe Lightroom lens profiles for their 11mm f/4 and 15mm f/2.4 wide angle lenses

Irix released Adobe Lightroom lens profiles for their 11mm f/4 ($575 / $775) and 15mm f/2.4 ($399.95 / $599.95) wide angle full frame DSLR lenses:

TH Swiss company, listening to the requests and inqueries from their customers, officially announces the availability of the updated correction profiles for Irix 11mm and 15mm lenses to use with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software.

The update concerns the improvement of the correction data for distortion and vignetting. Moreover, the way of displaying the profiles inside of Adobe program has changed. Earlier versions of the profiles required finding Irix lenses in camera's manufacturer tab, while in current version you can find both models of Irix lenses listed in dedicated tab called „Irix”. The profiles package for both lenses is now ready to download from the website on subpage: UpdatesDownloadsOthers.

Especially for Irix lenses users, TH Swiss prepared two video tutorials to explain how to install and use Irix profiles on Windows and Mac Computers. These video tutorials can be found at Irix YouTube account:

Picture credit: Irix

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  • S Cargill

    The 15mm looks like an affordable way to get an ultra wide that actually accepts a front filter.

    • Andrew Van Beek

      The 15mm is quite good. I sold my Nikon 12-24 for it and now I have a lens that I don’t hate to carry around.

  • Adam Brown

    But will the Irix 11mm ever be available in the USA.. B&H has had my pre-order since March.

    • DSS

      I also have a pre-order with B&H. I e-mailed IRIX about a week ago to see when these would start shipping, and they said the lens would be available in 2 to 3 weeks.

      • Adam Brown

        I’ve been unable to get an answer from Irix or B&H. B&H originally told me end of April. Yesterday they basically told me they have no information at all.
        Irix told me, “there already is limited availability in the US at our US retailers — Adorama and B&H.” But of course, there isn’t.

        So we will see. I had hoped to use the lens for a trip in late June, but that’s starting to look unlikely.

        • DSS

          Yeah, B&H told me it would start shipping May 15th, but when that date passed, they apologized and said it’s up to the manufacturer. That’s when I e-mailed IRIX. Here’s what I got on the 16th of May:


          If we are talking about 11mm lens it should be available in 2-3 weeks.

          Best regards,
          Irix Team”

          So maybe June 6th it could start shipping?

          • Adam Brown

            They just keep adding 2-3 weeks to the expected date. So in mid April, they said it would be available late April. Then in early May, they told me mid May. Now that it’s late May, they are saying early June. Sounds like that have no real information..

            Here is what IrixUSA just told me on facebook, literally 5 minutes ago:

            “Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, I don’t have a direct answer for you, but I am notifying our sales department to get in touch with you. I did want to send this response to let you know that someone is paying attention.

            I know the wait has been frustrating. I’m also waiting to get my hands on the 11mm”

            • DSS

              Well, that’s pretty discouraging. 🙁

            • Adam Brown

              IrixUSA sent me a further message, claiming B&H will get a limited stock in 2 weeks, and they expect wide US availability on June 20th.

  • peter w

    This is the way all lens manufacturers should act. Best when they provide open source lens profiles that can be used by all software developers.

  • Viktor

    This company look sympathic to me. Hope in their future on the market if they continue like this.
    I am waiting for them to release 24mm and 18mm f/2-f/2,8 and I am going to preorder them 😉 These two are too wide for me….

  • Bojan

    Here is review of IRIX 11mm f4 on my blog.

  • Are you going to make another guest post? 🙂

    • Bojan

      Yes, this will be great 🙂

      • Do you want to make any changes, or should I just use your article? Thnaks!

        • Bojan

          I’ll send you the article in English

  • whisky

    this page contains malware. just say’n.

  • RA

    Why is there a different designs? Other than the appearance, is there any real difference between the firefly and backstone?

    • FountainHead

      Firefly more plastic in the shell; Blackstone more metal in the shell.

    • BG

      One is lighter and cheaper than the other. I guess that’s the main selling point for the firefly.

  • Phil

    For 4 days and this is still the top news item in the Nikon industry? A lens profile is released?

    • Melih Polat

      Nikon executives are busy about celebrating the 100th year

    • yes, few reasons:

      – first, it is not 4 days – my last post was on the 24th, or two days ago depending on where you live
      – we are entering the slow time of the year
      – when there is nothing important to report, I prefer not to post anything instead of making up shit and writing nonsense
      – I was out shooting the the Milky Way last night and need to recover today 🙂

  • VanHoff

    I’m dying without more RUMORS!!!

    Something moderately big is being boiled at Nikon HQ and it is about to explode for the press!

    ( :’-D

    • RC Jenkins

      I heard that Nikon is coming out with a new drone that uses a 1″ sensor. The drone’s camera can be removed and placed into a larger body for regular camera use.

      • RC Jenkins

        Note: I completely made up that rumor just to save your life.

    • see my post below 🙂

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