Rumors update: the Nikon D820 will have the same AF system as the D5

A quick update on the rumored Nikon D820 specifications - the camera will have the same AF system as the Nikon D5:

  • Announcement this summer, shipment in fall (announcement/shipment could be earlier)
  • Will be called D820 (D850 is still a possibility)
  • 45-46MP sensor
  • Improved low and high ISO
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD screen
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
  • New: AF system from the D5

Here is a Nikon D4 vs. D5 AF points coverage area comparison:

Nikon D4 vs D5 AF points coverage area

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  • ValenzTa

    Did you ran out of rumors?

    • not sure I understand your comment

      • ValenzTa

        It was meant in a good way, like asking why there hasn’t been any more rumors on the D820.

        • Oh, ok – we usually get more rumors as we get closer to the announcement date

  • S. C. F

    I’m about ready to pre-order. Nikon are you about ready?

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    5.5frame/S 8 for apps-c
    D5 af with -4ev AF

    • what is this?

      • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

        Latest rumors from a wechat.
        A lot of people talking about it right now.

        • Do you know the source?

  • Chris Phillips

    Any idea what FPS?????

    • I’ve heard 5 fps for FX and 8 fps for DX, but I am not sure if those numbers are correct.

      • Chris Phillips

        5??? even the new d7500 has 8 bro !!! I think minimum 8 should be more realistic…..I am sold either way though can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!

        • The D7500 is a DX camera. Full frame is usually slower.

          • Chris Phillips

            Not really D5 is full frame and king in FPS

            • The D810 replacement will never be as fast the D5.

            • Chris Phillips

              I also think that it will be slower hoping for 8 fx if 8 or 10 it’s game over for the rest of the competition

            • It could be, I am just not sure they can move large files that quickly.

            • Chris Phillips

              That’s processing power they gonna have to step up their game in as much as at least offer the camera with a discent FPS count to go with the A/F system. I think 8 is quite doable and will also give a discent buffer.

            • I agree, if they can do 8 fps, it will be a big deal.

            • Chris Phillips

              I read somewhere that it’s going to be 10 but again unconfirmed we will soon find out I guess. If they go with ten I am afraid it might have shallow buffer .

      • Chris Phillips

        With that kind of A/F system and separate processor for it it better be 8+

  • xrb

    My D810 is still a powerful and capable tool for my photography. I do want a new Nikon dslr for 4k video, make it full frame and fully articulating screen,that way I can use all my lenses with it. Don’t want some speed booster crap and go Panasonic or go Sony.

  • Hoping to replace my broken D800. Bought it when my daughter was born. Now I have a boy being born in September, so hoping for a new camera soon. My D700 is about to go out and it has focusing issues now. Most of my lenses have broke through the years, so I’m going to invest in new glass. If Nikon doesn’t come out with something new I’ll jump ship.

  • Gordon B

    NO GPS….NUTS!!!
    As a travel photographer this is one feature that I thought was a no brainer.
    What wrong with NIKON people???
    The existing external GPS is taking up the one and only accessory connection so if you use any external devices you are cactus.

  • Frank O’brien

    If Nikon calls it D820 instead D850 I will really trash all my lenses and camera because unexceptionable and with no sense Nikon mind. XD XD XD

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