Poll: what camera do you want Nikon to release?

Nikon camera concepts

Nikon camera concepts

I haven't done one of those useless polls in a while, so here we go - which one of those Nikon cameras do want/need and will most likely purchase (you can vote for two cameras):

You can also enter your own listing in the poll under "other".

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  • Personally I do not miss any cameras now, but lens much more… These models were welcome:

    – 28-200mm/f3.5-5.6 (Something similar as 18-140, with very good sharpness and very nice bokeh for FX — this is the only reason I have not upgraded to D750 yet.)
    – 16-50mm/f2.8 VR
    – 16mm/f1.8 DX prime

    Maybe I am the only one, but I would prefer D750 with fix screen and plastic protector instead tilting…

  • Mary Kent

    Second choice was going to be mirrorless FF. But I’d just be happy to upgrade my d800 with the 810 replacement:)

  • neonspark

    1) nikon no longer making stuff people want to buy.
    2) people tell them what they want to buy.
    3) Thom Hogan shows up here tells people why they are wrong.

    nikon equally ignores both. nikon sells less. repeat.

  • Teko

    I won’t bother with any purchase until the digital camera is able to shoot like a film camera: without so much lag, and color issues. As Ken Rockwell says “I want a camera that gets out of the way” of the creative process.

  • Wild Treck

    This D760 rumor needs an update after 6 months of dead silence and being blind sided by the D850.

    • This is not a Nikon D760 rumor, it’s just a poll.

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