Soon you will be able to calibrate and update Samyang lenses with this new “Lens Station”

At the 2017 Seoul International Photo & Imaging Show Samyang had on display their upcoming “Lens Station” - a new USB docking station for firmware updates and customization similar to the Sigma USB Dock and Tamron TAP-In Console.

Samyang is expected to start making AF lenses for DSLR cameras.

Via PhotoRumors

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Is this good for calibrating manual focus Samyang lenses? Because, AFAIK, they only make AF lenses for Sony, and this post is in NR, or is it, ADMIN, your subtle way of telling us you are changing it to SR? LOL!

  • Eric Calabros

    Maybe South Korea give us DX wide primes.

  • Zeneti

    Yet another thing that Nikon lacks and another reason to never buy Nikon lenses where you are restricted to a single AF fine tune value built into the camera. Go Tamron you can have multi AF fine tune values for different zoom lengths in your zoom lenses, and it’s stored in the lens where it should be.

  • Stephen Gatley

    Stick a fork in Nikon they are DONE!

    • NikMan

      Totally, … that’s it for Nikon, no way they can compete with something like this, …. it’s over!
      Have you tried the Samyang 400 f/2.8 yet?

    • harvey

      so, if Nikon is done, why is Samsung making lenses to fit Nikon? This will do nothing to make Nikon ‘done’ – however, the trolls will do the hate thing as this makes them happy and perhaps gives their non-keyboarding hand something to do.

      • Nikon is not done, even if they don’t release a mirrorless camera, but they will lose more market share – that’s all.

        • harvey

          all depends, if Nikon would get off their ass, do the FF body updates, bring in some pure wide dx primes, do better video and live view in the cameras they have, they could maintain what they have. Problem is for the most part they cripple just about very body they bring out in some way.

          • Nikon King

            If you want wide, go full frame, duh.

            • harvey

              I have a D500, a wide prime or two would be nice. I think the owners of the 7xxx and possibly the 5xxx series would concur. Think with your head and not your ass.

            • Nikon King

              Then you bought the wrong camera. DX is just a means and not the end.

            • harvey

              no, I bought the right camera for the job but being able to use it for more of my shooting would enable me to simplify my gear carrying. No problems, though: Tokina 11-16 should be fine.

            • David

              That’s idiotic (Nikon’s strategy, I mean). If your only options are not having the right lens or shelling out over a thousand just on the body upgrade plus wideangle lens (I’m thinking the 18-35), most people are not going to make that choice. The fact that Nikon hadn’t developed their equivalent to the Canon 10-18IS a long time ago is astounding. If nothing else, and going along with harvey’s comment, how many people decided to go with Tokina/Tamron/Sigma wideangle lenses and thus how much revenue did Nikon lose because it didn’t release a cheap wideangle lens, either zoom or prime?

        • MB

          No offence but how exactly Nikon will survive without a market …

          • How is Pentax still in business? And they have a small fraction of the market.

            • MB

              Pentax does not exist any more … and recently Ricoh is talking about canceling the camera business altogether so even the name will cease to exist …
              And Nikon is much larger company than Pentax ever was … so no, they can not survive without a healthy market, no business can … unless they shrink as much as the market shrinks … so we are talking about one fifth of the current company size …

            • harvey

              Very loyal following and they filled in some of their needs when they were totally committed to dx – like a 15 prime. Their bodies have some unique features although their af is still not quite as good. If Canons are designed by accountants, Nikons by engineers, Pentaxes are designed by photographers.

    • Nikon King

      Their cameras still take pictures and they have lenses. Are you a techy who just wants a mirrorless whether or not it’s a good idea? Or just a guy who lives in his mom’s basement and never shot anything other than selfies?

  • gamer

    Good news. Samyang lenses are excellent with the only disadvantage that they are manual focusing.

    • They are rumored to announce AF lenses for DSLR – maybe together with this “Lens Station”

    • EcoR1

      Samyang have released AF-lenses for Sony’s E-mount. This dockstation is meant for them only – at least for now.

      • TheRasmus

        There is no need for calibration in mirrorless cameras.

        This is exactly one of the greatest advantages of the mirrorless systems – front/back focus issues do not exists there. As well as that the autofocus area coverage is more than 80%, whereas dslr have about 15-20%.

        • David

          If that were true then why did the Olympus E-M1 come with AF fine tune? Even on-sensor PDAF isn’t completely perfect, and most mirrorless systems with PDAF do a contrast detection step after a PD step. If these systems could lock in perfectly then you wouldn’t need calibration.

          • Dmitry Anisimov

            For user’s pleasure xD

          • TheRasmus

            I am not familiar with Olympus but Sony mirrorless does not allow AF tune for native E-mount lenses. So I doubt that this Samyang lens station is made especially for Sony E-mount lenses.

  • marokero

    These calibration devices add an instruction to the lens to focus backwards or fowards of the point they normally would. None will correct for field flatness or flaring issues that may occur due to user damage, or manufacturing defects. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great being able to correct for simple back/front focus issues, but for any other anomaly, lenses still have to be properly serviced.

  • 24×36

    Cool. Now if Sigma would just expand the function of their “Dock” to all of their older lenses PLEEEZE. Not so much because I think I have any issues with my lens function, but because that tends to prevent compatibility issues with future bodies (via lens firmware updates).

    • harvey

      the older lenses would have to have the capability in the lens to accept the dock commands. Highly doubt that they do.

      • Dmitry Anisimov

        well in theory they could replace a $1 controller than making a new lens xD

  • James Jackson

    Nikon needs to get their shit together and make one of these for their lenses. So stupid if you have a Nikon that needs more than an af fine tune that you have to send it in and pay a shit ton of money.

    This is why I own tamron and sigma lenses. Also the tamrons and Sigma’s have just been kicking the Nikkor lenses assess too!

    • brn

      To calibrate my Sigma lenses, I’d have to send them in. The Sigma dock doesn’t work on that many lenses, doesn’t do firmware updates, and doesn’t do focus setting.

      • James Jackson

        Works on all global vision lenses. Art, sport, contemporary

      • Mistral75

        Sigma USB dock works with all Contemporary, Art and Sports lenses, allows to update lens firmware, to calibrate autofocus, to adjust focus speed and focus limiter settings and more,

  • Nikon King

    I just buy Nikon lenses and not worry about it. I’m funny that way. I don’t need no YingYangSiggyTam lens.

    • Bob Thane

      Likewise, I just buy Nikon tripods. None of that gitzophrenic manfruity stuff.

    • Simon Chen

      Nikon lenses also suffer from back/front focus issues – you will only be able to make 1 adjustment throughout the whole focus range or send it back for service.

  • Mauro Schramm

    How about a “centering lens station”? :-p

    • marokero

      At this time I do not think it’s possible. Lens elements still need to be physically moved in order to flatten the field. All these docks do is give electronic instructions to compensate focus position in a certain way. Lenses have to be adjusted for flange back position, over infinity position, flare, then adjusted to flatten the focus field. Adjustments can be as small as 0.01mm, so it’s not something the end user can readily do.

      • David

        I think he’s saying that Samyang lenses might have a reputation for decentering problems.

      • Mauro Schramm

        Of course not. That was sarcasm.

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