Nikon 1 V3 camera listed as discontinued in Japan

The Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera is now listed as discontinued in Japan. The V3 was announced back in April 2014.

In the US the V3 is still selling at full price... $1,196.95.

At the Photokina show last year Nikon confirmed that their Nikon 1 product line is still alive.

Via DC.Watch

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  • purenupe1

    Im still waiting for the 32mm f1.2 and 6.7-13mm to be heavily discounted

    • Aaron Pepelis

      ditto. I watch ebay for used.

    • FountainHead

      Agreed. Would buy at reasonable price just to fuse the 32mm on it.

  • felipeignacioortega

    Betting is starting

  • Phil

    Bring back the V1 design with
    Better grip
    Better EVF
    D810 battery
    Flash compitable with all Nikon flashes
    Exposure bracketing
    4K video downsampled from 5/6k image
    A fast 24-70mm lens

    • Eno

      And full compatibility with Nikon F lenses (including full area AF in all AF mods)!

    • Bijan Choudhury

      Buffer should be improved as this one area Nikon V2 is weak.
      And improved tracking. Make it as close as Nikon D500 as you can. And if the new sensor improves the ISO performances

      • vwking

        A CX 300mm f/2.8 would be really interesting for me.

    • Captain Megaton

      Funny how after the V2 and V3 it’s the V1 which is settling in as most people’s favorite design of the three (including me…)

      • Thom Hogan

        Yep. Other than the odd controls and lack of use of DSLR accessories, the V1 was basically the right design. Simple, small, direct, easy to build, rugged. Could have used a texture on the hand grip, though.

        • Kyle

          I love my V1 and the fact that is uses the same batteries as my D750 and D7200.
          I took the V1 to Disney as few months ago instead of my big cameras and it was awesome having a whole kit with 18-800mm that weighed seemingly less than my D7200 and 17.55.

          • manattan

            I think the V2 was the more correct design, but the lack of ruggedness and not using the same Nikon 15 battery, etc. really made it less appealing than the V1. The other thing that sucked about the V1 was the lack of more pro controls (e.g. no full featured mode dial).

        • Captain Megaton

          Mine has the GR-N1000 permanently bolted on, so the grip is pretty good.

        • Matt Fulghum

          Honestly, I can live without the SLR accessories, and the control layout I got used to pretty quickly. My only gripes with it after long-term use are:
          – the stupid sensor-based switch that activates and deactivates the EVF. If it gets dirty, it quits working.
          – the inability to switch off image review
          – the way it chews up the battery age meter

    • HotDuckZ

      I’m a fan of V1 mode dial it’s very easy to use.

    • true

      For time being, GH5 or G85 might be the answer

  • Andrei

    Off topic Nikon FL vs Tamron G2: the best 70-200mm f2.8 shootout

  • Markus

    Got a V3 premium bundle a few weeks ago with the 18.5mm lens. Love this package as a carry around cam. I still hope the continue the 1 line as a secondary camera line.

    • Max

      Did you get the viewfinder too?

      • Markus

        Yes, grip and viewfinder. Cool piece of technology but I still prefer the optical ones.

  • Candy Welz

    At last years Photokina Nikon looked everything but alive. The Nikon exhbition stand was even more stale than Canons.

  • DLynch

    About time they discontinued this line.

    • But they did not even have a fire sale… 🙂

      • manattan

        I think Nikon is now content to just follow Samsung’s lead and just let products rot into oblivion. On a side note, placed my first rental order for a Fuji… need to find something in the mirrorless silent shooting space now that the N1 is officially dead.

        • I can only say to wait till the end of the year if you can, I believe Nikon will announce something.

          • ZoetMB

            Then they’re going to have a really bad fiscal 2018 as well and I don’t know if Nikon can survive another horrible year. If they don’t announce until the end of the year, that means no inventory until January at the earliest – after the holiday selling season and leaving less than one quarter’s worth of sales in that fiscal. At worst, they have to be out in late October when retailers buy for the holidays .

      • ZoetMB

        I bet they didn’t need to. They’re probably out of stock in Japan and they’ll just let the units in other market sell off without lowering the wholesale price, since the stores have already purchased them. But if it’s truly discontinued in the U.S. (or other markets) as well, then they’ll probably remove the MSP and let the retailers discount them. But it’s still only $3 below full list at B&H as are the J5’s. Interestingly, the black and white J5’s in the base configuration with the 10-30mm lens are out of stock at B&H (silver is in stock), so they must be selling, although I obviously don’t know how many they kept in inventory.

      • DLynch

        That’s a blessing.

  • Eric Calabros

    They also filled some patents for 1 inch format last year, don’t know its for CX or a DL like compact. Unfortunately they still focus on low end consumer zooms. 70-300 owners really need a upgraded body, so its understandable if they announce it without any new lens.

  • Mehdi R

    Who cares

  • vwking

    I bought the N1V3 as a toy. Turned out I used it much more than I had expected. There are many situations when small and quiet were more important than IQ. I was told the J5 is improved over the V3, and newer sensors allow even better dynamic range and lower noise. I would seriously consider a N1V4. Just integrate the EVF and hand grip to the camera. None of this Rube Goldberg attachments please!!

  • Eric Calabros

    Off topic​ again:
    Nikon filled a patent for a drone designed for golfers 🙂

    • Thom Hogan

      Hmm. Action cameras seem like a big and growing market, let’s make KeyMissions! Drones seem like a big and growing market, let’s make NikAir. Golf seems like a big and growing market, let’s make a SwingShot KeyMission and mount it on the NikAir.

      Way to follow markets that have already matured, Nikon.

      • Eric Calabros

        But never ever touch video market. Its dead.

      • ZoetMB

        Well…but maybe if they put a camera inside a golf ball. You hit the camera golf ball, it opens the shutter and starts recording and records the entire flight of the ball. But it would have to be impact, sand and water proof. Think about it: there are all these restrictions regarding drones, but there are no restrictions that I’m aware of against hitting or throwing a golf ball.

        • Allan

          ” ”


          • ZoetMB

            = grin

            • Allan


      • Art

        Thom: Perhaps Nikon could do something like this …


  • If they make a Nikon S2 replica I’m definitely in! Otherwise… I dunno…

  • whisky

    i have money burning a hole in my pocket for the right kind of V3 replacement. even more keen than a D8xx or D5xx replacement.

    while they’re at it, throw in a side of wide aperture optics … =:-)

  • Ric of The LBC

    Wow. Two surprises this week. This and Barry Manalow.

    Who would have thought?

    • Spy Black

      Manilow was a surprise?

      • Ric of The LBC

        so is my spelling. 🙂

  • HotDuckZ

    32 f/1.8, V4 in V3 style but standard hot shoe with EN-EL15 please!!

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    I would overpay for a well-done V4. Still shooting the V1….

  • pjpo

    Confirmed still alive, claimed still alive. po-tay-to po-tah-to

  • audio

    sooooo, any news?
    I really should move on and leave the Nikon 1 system. Instead, I come here daily to find: nothing.

    • Justin

      Me too. I really wish Nikon would come out with higher quality glass prime lenses, and I hate the idea of using a larger DX or FX sized camera. If I move on, it will be for a micro 4/3 system.

  • Leonore Franckenstein

    About the Nikno 1V3. Why should anyone pay over $1,100 for a camera with such a small sensor? Smaller than a MFT, at such a higher price. And, I could buy a Nikon 5400/5500 for much less with an APS-C or a Canon D-700 or… So many cameras with kit lenses. No wonder they discontinued it.

    • I agree with you, but just to remind you that the latest Sony RX100 also has 1” sensor and sells for $950.

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