Nikon cancels all three DL cameras because of “profitability concerns”, no word on future development

Nikon just did something I have been predicting for a while - they canceled all three of their DL compact premium cameras because of "profitability concerns" and provided no information on any future development/release in the DL line. Here is the official statement:

Cancellation of release of the DL series of premium compact cameras

February 13, 2017 TOKYO - Nikon Corporation announced today that sales of the long-awaited DL series of premium compact camera, the DL18-50 f/1.8-2.8, DL24-85 f/1.8-2.8, and DL24-500 f/2.8-5.6, will be canceled.

A June, 2016 release was originally planned for the DL series. However, with the identification of issues with the integrated circuit for image processing, release of the three cameras was delayed indeterminately.

Since then, everyone involved has worked very hard to develop products with which our customers will be satisfied. However, it has been decided that sales of the DL series will be canceled due to concerns regarding their profitability considering the increase in development costs, and the drop in the number of expected sales due to the slow-down of the market.

We sincerely apologize to all those affected by this decision, especially those customers who waited so long for the cameras to be released, retailers and others whose business will be affected, for the inconvenience this decision may cause.


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  • Espen4u

    Good call, 1″ i so 2016.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Hellz naw. 1″ is where it is at. Large enough to be significantly better than cell, yet small enough to carry Anywhere.

  • mark meerdam

    Now ‘m sure a serious product announcement from Nikon is coming in the next couple of days / coming week. I would time it like this. Release the bad news. Let it fade, release the positive news. d820 / d850 / d760 coming up next… otherwise it’s not that great or Nikon…

    • MonkeySpanner

      Only problem is – those cameras are just minor upgrades to existing products. Zzzzz. DL was going to be something new. Oh well.

  • Sean Parchem

    I wonder how bad the 100th anniversary let down is going to be? Glad I snagged a Sony RX100 M3 on sale instead of waiting for a DL. Fun, small, carry anywhere camera. Especially for bike packing and hiking. Oh, and for all those people who are saying to the people who are going to (fuji, sony, canon) “that manufacturer doesn’t make that DL type of camera…” well, nobody does. Not even NIKON.

  • Pamela Duthie

    Drat!! I just got the mail saying this. The good news is I had it on pre order at Jessops and they are giving me £100 😀 Any advice for a camera that will do instead of the 24-85? I want something with the fast AF, good video and good macro?

    • nwcs

      RX100 V, of course, or the earlier versions. Panasonic LX100 and ZS100.

      • Pamela Duthie

        Thanks but Im a nikon person 🙂

        • nwcs

          If you’re looking for small and Nikon then you’d be stuck with a Nikon 1 probably.

  • doge

    holy shit

  • pjpo

    I only hope that they have a revision in mind possibly to include an EVF and be able to charge more per unit. Weather seal them, have better video features, and sell them for several hundred more each. If not, I sure hope Sony takes notice and makes the 18-50 themselves. RX100w (wide)?

  • Awww… At least the 18-50 only? No? 🙁

  • V. Anand

    I just hope Nikon can hang in there! If it were to sell out to some dumb company like Hasselblad did, it would end up in the same shambles as Hasselblad is in today.
    And that would really be the end of a magnificent ers!
    So all the best to Nikon which has served me really well in my career.

  • Max

    Nikon better announce a 200mpx full format dslr with 15 fps (with af tracking and metering), 16,5 bit lossless raw capture, buffer for 460shots (raw + jpg + png), diamond prism viewfinder and nuclear-ion battery, 4k @120fps 320mbps video bitrate, Nikon expeed 6 using Intel i7 cpu for their 100th anniversary.

    • Max

      Edit : Intel i7 6950X

      • Bob Thane

        With Intel Phi coprocessors.

        • A-Sign

          Yeah, a camera with a big heat sink and fan on the back would bring back the vintage feeling of personal computers in the 90ies.

        • CERO

          Those processors are old news.. Just go Quantum.

    • A-Sign

      Or better marketing and advertising for existing products would also help…

    • dgc4rter


    • Member

      Guess you forgot to mention the integrated auto repair function

      • Max

        It’s got sensor wiper blades for oil etc

        • Member


    • Nyarlathotep

      LOL, I cannot even imagine managing files that size with 15fps. Crickey my computer storage is already strained with 36MP on a 4fps body.

      • Max

        You will just plug your monitor into the camera(i7 with 1tb ssd) , which is also preloaded with lightroom and runs on a Linux build OS made specifically for nikon cameras. It’s called Nikon OS D. And don’t worry it’s not developed by Nikon.

        • Nyarlathotep

          OMG, that is a concept so full of horror, it makes me shiver.

  • britindetroit

    I waited, I gave up, I went to Olympus Pen.
    I have been loyal to Nikon since 1973. Old dude finally moving on

    • MonkeySpanner

      I was waiting on the DL. Now – I will probably go m4/3 as well.

  • Aldo

    At list they are a ‘first’ at something…

    • Spy Black

      Hopefully Broxibear is right and they’re just getting all the bad news out of the way for good stuff at CP+.

  • Eyediaz

    well summm bitch…

  • Thom Hogan

    The question you have to answer is this: whose heads are rolling and why? Almost certainly this is part of what will be a mad scramble in mid-and-upper management. There’s lots to be embarrassed about at Nikon right now, and that usually means office-with-a-view if you’re deemed culpable.

    Then, those that remain in authority have to figure out the answer to the problems.

    What’s scary to me about this cancellation is that there’s no way in hell that the DL line should have been unprofitable. How it got to the point where Nikon made that determination—and whether that determination was actually correct—is the problem, and it would be a systemic one not just isolated on DL, I think.

    • peter w

      politics of power

    • Plug

      Exactly. How on earth is their judgement as to who will want to purchase what so far from common sense? Who makes these decisions? I do not comprehend.

    • Sebastian

      Maybe they also realized their r&d ressources are overextended. If you’re right they are also working on an anniversary product, after all.

      • MonkeySpanner

        I don’t think they are over extended unless they have very small or very inexperienced staff.

    • Aldo

      I said this before… these cameras would kill their 1 series and eat up their entry level dx line… but to cancel them means they have zero regard for their customers… they say they are ‘sorry’ but they dont really mean it.

      • Markus

        This can’t be an issue. The DL are pricier than the entry level dslrs and in the end it may be because of their lenses. But how many entry level users buy a set of glas?

        • Aldo

          Dl 24-85 is about the same price as the d3400

      • I don’t think the same customer is going after this camera and thinking they can get an entry level DSLR instead just because they cost the same. I shoot with an expensive full frame camera and wanted something pocketable that packs a punch. I don’t want a D3400 or 5xxx when my A7RII is the same size as those cameras and far more competent.

      • Thinkpad_T60

        The fear of cannibalisation is well known… just as it is notorious that the ensuing knee-jerk reaction, intentional crippling, elicits even worse results.

      • Fly Moon

        “these cameras would kill their 1 series and eat up their entry level dx line”

        Not sure about that.

        If they don’t make this kind of a camera others will do (and they do).

        It’s not like they are alone in the market.

        Just like large screen Apple iPhones. They outsell their “standard” size iPhones now.

    • AnotherView

      My answer Thom…Nikon is bleeding badly financially and needed to sacrifice anything that was on the wrong side of the balance sheet which would help to immediately stem the bleeding without any thought of future ramifications. The DL was an easy target because it was probably still in production planning mode with an increasingly uncertain market impact. No doubt the Nikon 1 was in mind. Nikon is obviously in panic mode.

    • Captain Megaton

      It only makes sense if you believe Nikon simply couldn’t get these cameras working yet for whatever reason. That kind of burn rate, coupled with a further delay, would quickly get to the point where sales would not recoup the additional costs.

  • bgbs

    After the hype, delays, they kill it? Well, that’s a let down.

  • peter w

    wow, going deep.

  • doge

    They’re still available for preorder on amazon.

  • Ande Notos

    Well, that’s embarrassing!

  • IronHeadSlim
  • Aldo

    They should just give up the camera business… sell it to sony maybe and get into the coffee business… since they are treating cameras and sales as if they were peanuts.

    • A-Sign

      Aha. So you think developing and canceling the entire DL cameras was just for fun to play games? I would love to see you as a CEO in this company… maybe you have better ideas how to push sales in a declining industry.

      • Aldo

        Like Thom said I dont think these cameras had no profit for nikon… and even if they did… as a company they have certain integrity and reliability… this costs money. Nikon is choosing to put customers last. It is sad to see the need of a law suit for them to react (eg d600 fiasco).

        • A-Sign

          Now Nikon offers you entire lifetime repair support for all D600 cameras that have the extreme dust / oil spot issues, regardless if the warranty is over. Regardless of how old the camera or who the original buyer was and they exchange it for a new D610 model if a shutter unit replacement didn’t work out. That all costs you nothing. There is a support article for that at the Nikon page. I think that is a good and fair solution. And they have learned a lesson and provided better support for the D750.

          • Nyarlathotep

            While eventually Nikon did the right thing, they dragged their feet for months, threw some of the first customers under the bus, released a new model to bury the issue and didn’t give the D600 users a bone right away. Its how they ended up in a class action lawsuit, and probably what ultimately forced their hand to do right by their customers. That’s not good customer service.

            Besides people don’t want to lose their camera for up to several weeks due to shipping and the time it takes Nikon to sort it out. it is still a source of customer friction.

            Edit: Fixed a typo: “goof” to “good”

            • A-Sign

              Yes, but also the D750 had other issues and there was a much quicker reaction to those problems. Why do you think it needs several weeks? Mine was serviced in Munich with a shutter unit replacement in Germany which is 3 hours and 260 km away from here. Dropped it with a free label using the postal service. Less than a week and it came back in a perfect condition even if i put the aperture to f/22. And i didn’t had to pay for anything. You could always follow the status online including the delivery. So no, it’s not that bad how you want to make it look like now.

            • Nyarlathotep

              Ehhh, Nikon USA is not exactly know for their speedy service. Some people do get there gear back quickly, some people… not so much. Also, driving to the service center is not a viable option in the US for many. There is a lot of mileage between locations. I can’t seem to find recent data, but Lensrentals found in 2013 the average service time for Nikon gear in the US was 20 days. That was down from 30 days in 2012… Honestly, I am not sure how bad they are now. They may very well have sorted their dysfunction out.

              Nikon got smart and handled the D750 much faster than the D600 and D800 issues. I think they learned a bit

          • Aldo

            After the law suit

            • A-Sign

              Yes that was a fiasco the first time on the D600. After that, the replacement / repair of faulty D750 units didn’t need any law suit and Nikon has issued a statement by itself with a support article. So the situation got better of handling manufacturing problems.

    • manattan

      They are getting into…. the medical business. I’m sure that is going to work out though 😉

  • dbltax

    If it was released on time it woulda been great. The market is moving extremely quickly at the moment though.

    • Markus

      I don’t see much of this quickness. The improvements of the sensors are moderate for most of the users. Most manufacturers have issues making profits with their cams.

      The biggest problem they have right now is their mirrorless line.

  • Doug Laurent

    I alone would already have bought 4 more Nikon cameras, if they had delivered an answer to the A7R2 or a D810 follow up with 4K or more megapixels. Nikon in the last 3 years is way too late to the party and always between too expensive and way too expensive. Plus the lens lineup is on a historical low, because nearly every product has a better offer by another manufacturer.

    • Markus

      That’s for sure a shame that both Sigma and Tamron make finer lenses than Nikon lately.

      • CERO

        They still have to answer the challenge of time. Nikon lenses can last decades.
        Many people still classify Tamron and Sigma as garbage Lenses for lasting too few/get incompatible as time goes.

        • Eric Calabros

          and tough sell as a used lens

  • Vincent Aquilino

    So should we expect any product announcements for upcoming cp Show on their home turf?

  • hazel

    I am thankful that they found a problem pre-production and cancelled unlike that oily sensor fiasco years ago.

  • Vincent Aquilino

    I can see the writing on the wall.Sony announce new 18-50mm 1.8-2.8 camera at Cp+ Photo show 2017.Pre-Sales thru the roof.

    • Thinkpad_T60

      Oh, how sweet would this be !

  • M. Sauvage

    Give me a Nikon 1 V4 that integrate an EVF like the LX100 and this 18-50mm, that could be a very good duo!

  • IronHeadSlim

    Finally changed the DL page to the sad press release.

  • T N Args

    Right business decision but they just ate the *only* RX10-like camera that was likely to have truly satisfying burst action C-AF. And hence the only such camera that I, and I suspect a lot more people, am interested in.

    If Sony update the RX10 with C-AF technology from their RX100 V and A6300 cameras, then all might be well in the end for buyers like me. But such a camera does not exist.

  • T.I.M

    Now they have more time to work on my D30x30 (only 3 months left…)

    • Nyarlathotep

      Don’t you mean the D28.63564213×28.63564213?

      • T.I.M

        no, I’m talking about the square D810,000 , the real one, build like a pro in Japan.

        • Nyarlathotep

          Oh I can’t wait for the D²656,100,000,000. It’s gonna be great. 😛

  • DSS

    🙁 I really wanted the 18-50mm, something I could always have on me when I can’t bring my D750.

  • Magdalena Dark

    Guys [ald gals] can I humbly aks for an advice here, taking this announcement? I would be really gratedul with someone expirienced to give me some hints. Thank you in advance!

    Since I was planning on getting the 24-85 because of the super macro setting, 1.8f, and great auto focus, I’m now totally clueless what to buy.

    I’m a crafter and I sell my stuff. I need an advanced compact camera [no DSLR – please son’t say ‘you can get a mirror for this money’, I know that. I want to go with a good compact]. I need much light [f 1.8 was a great option], good properties to take close-ups but without zooming and a body with good grip [unlike Sony’s favourite sleek damn aluminium – it won’t have a long life with me…] would be a great feature. The price benchmark for me is around what they wanted for DL 24-85.

    I’m open to any brand-related suggestion, tho I’m working with Sony compact borrowed from my brother at the moment, and I just HATE the interface and the wheel used to adjust exposition time and aperture – it’s horrible.

    Here’s a photo I took with my plucky old Nikon P5100 – I loved that camera, it has served me well for many years and helped me sell my stuff online. I’m aiming with being able to take photos like that as affortless and possible [I take photos outside in a good ligh [no shady pages, devaintART’s stash used]:

    Thank you so much for you time and advice!

    • nwcs

      Look at the Panasonic zs100 or one of the several Canon offerings.

      • Magdalena Dark

        Thank you. I’ve checked out the zs100 earlier, but it’s too dark for me, 2.8 is no progress from my old camera and it’s not quite enough for me for low ISO [and as I often take pictures of metallic painted details, higher ISO tends to grain on the shiny particles].
        Would be drop names of Canons you were thinking about? Thanks!

        • nwcs

          The G7x II and G1X II. There is also the Panasonic LX100. It’s older but very capable and a larger sensor.

          • Tom Taubert

            I’m quite happy with a V1 and 18.5 1.8. A very sharp low cost lens. A rugged lens as well (dropped on the sidewalk, rolled into the gutter with barely a scratch) With the Nikon 1 products at such low prices, there is not much risk involved. The lack of enthusiasm for the 1 System has created a very favorable used market for buyers.

            • Magdalena Dark

              Thank you, tho 1 is not even near the features I need from my camera

            • Tom Taubert

              Let us know which camera/lens you finally purchase and some initial thoughts.

          • Magdalena Dark

            Thank you so much, the G7X II looks really good, shame on the 125 for lowest ISO, but it’s still a nice option. The LX100 is also an interesting option with 4/3 sensor. I will choose between those two, thank you so, so much for your help – those two are not such an exciting options like DL24-85 would be for me [ah, the AF…] but will do the job for my product photos. Thank you!

    • manattan

      Look at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10. It’s similar in range except lens out to 1.4.

      • Magdalena Dark

        Thank you, I’ve cheked it out, looks promising.

    • Captain Megaton

      You understand that both f-number and sensor size contribute to what you call “much light”? f/1.8 on DL collects no more light than your dSLR’s f/2.8 macro. Actually a tad less.

      That said if you are dead set on a fixed-lens zoom small-format compact for handheld macro work due to the convenience factor … I agree with you: nothing obviously comes to mind. If Sony doesn’t cut it, the only other companies making equivalent cameras right now are Panasonic and Canon. It’s a short list and can be quickly checked out.

      I’d recommend you bail on that idea and get the Canon M3 with that cute EF-M 28mm macro.

      • Magdalena Dark

        I apperciate you taking time to reply, but you’ve obviously haven’t read what I’ve written. Or if you did answer basically saying ‘the hell with you, do the exact thing you’ve said you don’t want’ is a little waist of prety good letters used for it.

        • Captain Megaton

          You said you were looking for a compact camera for both macro and general use and I suggested the M3. How you went from there to ‘to hell with you’ is quite a mystery.

  • RC Jenkins

    As a follow-up to the battery announcement…


    • Nyarlathotep


    • They never even came out to say what’s better in the new version and why they are releasing a new battery.

      • Nyarlathotep

        With Nikon, does that even surprise you? I mean, they aren’t exactly the most transparent company 😛

        • My hope was/is that hey learned something from their current situation.

          • Nyarlathotep

            It seems like a tell of some sort. They really have been keeping their cards tight to the chest lately haven’t they?

  • Diego067

    In a few months Nikon will announce that it just got bought by Xiaomi, who will revive DL cameras.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Just an idea Nikon: port the 3 stillborn DL lenses to the 1 system and make the next J6 with the same functionality the smaller DLs were meant to have. That way you keep both the 1 system and the lost DL customers happy while recouping some of the cost that went into the DL range development. I think that that’s exactly what they ended up deciding after their “fundamental company-wide restructuring” brainstorming sessions, or at least let’s hope they did.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Yes, problem is – they will want to charge $600 for the super lens and another $550 for the j6 body. That is $1150 and it will probably not be as compact as the 1″ non-ILC cameras that have the same lens and in most cases cost less. To make this work – the f/1.8-2.8 zoom has to be the kit lens of the j6 and it has to cost $800 or less. Otherwise why would I not just buy a RX100 IV?

      • RC Jenkins

        Yeah…also, they’d probably have significant technical challenges pulling this off.

        Even though the DL’s would share the same sensor as the N1’s, to build the same lens, the N1’s have a lens mount to worry about, where they’d also have to fit in enough room to recess the lens into the body within the diameter of the mount. The N1 mount’s electrical contacts doesn’t leave much room to recess a fast lens. Also, most N1’s have IR filters that would also prevent a lens from recessing.

        The DL’s and N1’s almost certainly would be designed to have different rear element distances, so the entire lens designs would have to change. So while these lenses can’t be ported, they can be re-designed…probably from scratch.

        I agree that these fast pro lenses should have been designed for the N1 from the get-go, even if they were larger than the ones found in the DL.

        Unfortunately, years later, Micro Four Thirds has now already beaten the Nikon 1’s to this. See the Panasonic GM1 & GM5, which pack a much larger 4/3 sensor in a smaller body than the N1 J-series! In addition, the GM’s m4/3 lenses are sometimes smaller, cheaper, and faster lenses than the N1 system…and since it’s m4/3, there are many more lens options.

        One example, there is only one 85mm equivalent portrait lens on Nikon 1. 32mm F/1.2 for $900, no VR.

        There are about 5 m4/3 lenses at this equivalent length (42.5 or 45mm) and different speeds and prices. You can get an F/1.7 lens that’s much smaller, with VR for $350. Given sensor size differences between N1 & m4/3, these two lenses would actually result in similar images. So I think Nikon 1 has missed this boat of tiny ILC’s.

      • manattan

        That is exactly right. They needed to produce the N1 series at a lower price as it really has more competition than their dslrs. However Nikon never really understood that until perhaps the J5, which was reasonably priced, but still missing the evf, grip, and af controls. They need a J6 with those missing things at the current J5 price. I doubt however they wanted to do that hence the DL disaster.

    • If i were Nikon i would abandon all this 1-inch sensor type stuff for lots amount of money. Go APS-C mirrorless instead – better competition against Smartphones. Look at the Sony A6000 if you want it really compact and provide pancake lenses for it.

  • tjholowaychuk

    Good call, they look pretty tasteless to me.

    • Nyarlathotep

      Yeah, plastic is not my favorite flavor, now had they been made of raspberry, I’d be all over it.

    • Well, the Sony RX 100 looks even more tasteless to me.

      • tjholowaychuk

        Agreed. These “futuristic” looking ones have never really appealed to me, but maybe I’m in the minority there, they seem to keep doing it.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I think the DLs would have been good sellers. But I guess Nikon didn’t think so.

  • Aaron Pepelis

    looks like no 18-50 f/1.8-2.8 for my J5. damn it…
    I also saw the D750 drop to $1509 today for a new (USA) camera so I pulled the trigger on that.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Will we have a mirrorless DX announcement soon?

  • commonsenseisdead76

    That was a gutless move on their part. I think those cameras would have been good competition for everyone else.

  • neonspark

    I keep saying: compete in the mirrorless market with full frame nikon. ditch that F-mount that is doom to fail and let Canon sink with the mirror ship. DOOO EEET!

    • Nikon needs to think out-of-the-box like FUJI (X series and GFX series). Start a new mount and see the mirrorless as a new chance into the future while preserving compatibility to existing F-mount lenses. Canon has done this already in the past by introducing the EF mount. This was at 1987.

  • wallybrooks

    Sorry to hear I wonder if the earthquake was cover to bigger problems! I voted Panny and Sony RX 100 for small mirrorless a few years ago and occasioialy use my D7200 which is an excellent camera.

    • I think it was.

      • Eno

        Probably the “earthquake” or “radiation” may have affected the top managers at Nikon.
        There are no other explanation for what they are trying to do.
        They did exactly the opposite of what their base users have been constantly asking. They put accent only on lowering the cost of manufacturing, lowering cost of components, lowering cost of service, lowering costs…
        Constantly raised the prices but lowering quality, only a fool can think this will lead to any good.

  • EnPassant

    Dead on arrivaL. Just adding the letters Nikon omitted between D and L…
    If Nikon are reworking their 1″ compact concept they should seriously not call them DL something.

    Considering all the mistakes Nikon made in recent years the board seem to be disconnected from the reality and what is important for the customer, what’s happening on the market and trends pointing at future products.

    It seems the bean counters have taken over. But all they understand is Yen and Sen. It’s like leaving to the rudder to decide which direction the ship will sail. Where is the captain who have a vision.

    Vision. That could be the name of a new 1″ compact series. With a built in 2.3MP EVF of course! Or just V and presented as I AM VISION.

    • Nikon does have great products in the DSLR range and great lenses for their DSLRs but i think the lack of marketing that explains why a customer should choose a Nikon product is a real problem. You can have the greatest products as a company but if your marketing doesn’t wake up potential (new) customers to buy your products then there is something wrong. For example Nikon should explain 10 reasons why a D810 is a great tool. It was ahead of it’s time when it hit the market. More reasons:

  • Chaitanya
  • Andrei Sevela

    Another reason here for cancellation is.. 1 inch sensor compacts are no more profitable. Basically they era is comong to the end. Smartphones can make a decent inage quality puctures nowdays, so no need for 1 inch compacts anymore. Instead they should produce aps sized compact mirrorles with integrated lens 18 -55. This camwill find many customers especiallt video bloggers. With dl cancelattipns i now need to purchase eos m 6 for my daily needs.

    • Markus

      “1 inch sensor compacts are no more profitable” I don’t understand why. In the end it’s all about gross margin and scaling of the production sample. Basicly a Ricoh GR or Fujis could never be profitable based on your argument.

      Unfortuneately we will never know the reason. Personally I think they had some serious issues with the sensor. Maybe they designed a sensor of their own for this series.

    • Rubén García Bruna

      Well, when you can use a 18-50 or a 24-500 equivalent un your smartphone you are probably right

  • Whyvote

    “Something I have been predicting for a while…”
    No you did not. The link does not show you predicted any such thing. Stop grandstanding.

    • See the comment I linked to before posting.

    • Here is my comment from a month ago:

      If they cannot ship by March, I think they should just cancel all three DL cameras and start from scratch.

  • malchick743

    A little shocking but not all unexpected. But apart from premium pricing, even if these DLs made it to market deployment they might have tough time competing with other makes, esp. with the 12-bit raw spec.

    Perhaps Nikon should consider fixing the ASIC problem, then develop a more powerful one before rolling out the DL series again……

  • Lex Cross

    You should change the name of the site to Nikon Tumors. Seems it’ll be easier to spot cancer in the company than the development of a new product.

    • What we see here are the management failures of recent years from a company leading to results that are disconnected with reality because they don’t focus enough at their existing customer base.

      • Piooof

        No, we see the consequence of an engineering problem grossly delaying a product in a fast-moving but declining market. Too bad their Expeed chip was defective. The only hope for the DL lovers is that they’ll rework them with 2018 specs. But I suspect it’s not their priority as long as the compact camera market keeps crumbling.

        • Your last sentence is probably the solution. If i were Nikon i would cancel the whole 1-inch sensor product line and focus on APS-C mirrorless like Sony is providing with the A6000 (if you want it as compact as possible) along with some pancake lenses – this is a better competition or product differentiation against Smartphones and it could replace the entry-level DSLR line-up.

          • whisky

            the market is saturated with APS-C, FF sensors. what it’s missing is a high performance, stealth like, ninja capable ILC with high quality glass options at marketable expense. opening new markets has a better chance for growth than chasing after saturated ones. JMO.

          • Piooof

            Well, that’s what I hope they’re preparing behind the scenes, but who knows… I don’t see them leaving for a long time the mirrorless APS-C to Canon/Sony/Fuji. I bet they tried something different enough to be interest-provoking, but it may have failed. Wait and see!

  • Arthur FitzPatrick

    Well I waited over a year for one of these. I am sorry to say I have now purchased a Cannon Powershot G7 X mark ii. Anyway, first time leaving Nikon. I normally shoot with a Nikon D810 but was looking for a good compact camera with a large sensor and wide aperture which could also handle low light conditions. This camera seems to fit the bill. Why have you let us down Nikon?

  • Whyvote

    “I have been predicting for a while”

    No you have not, stop grandstanding and stop removing this post because you have been called out.

    • Ineedmy Bobo

      Dude… let it go already. I see your post from two hours prior as well. Step outside and enjoy the air.

    • Not sure what your problem is, I did not remove any of your comments and there is no need for you to post the same text multiple times. Here is what I said a month ago since you did not bother to click on the link I provided in the post:

      If they cannot ship by March, I think they should just cancel all three DL cameras and start from scratch.

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