Pictures of the upcoming Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens (Tamron A009)

At the CP+ show next month, Tamron will announce a new (2nd generation) Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 lens (Tamron A009) that will be a replacement for the current Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD model.

More leaked pictures after the break:

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  • doge

    nice. I wonder how much, if any, it’s grown in size compared to the first version.

    • Captain Megaton

      It looks like a straight re-style to me. Same frame, but with the modern look to match the 45/1.8 VC etc.

      • Captain Insane-O

        It has some added feature like a focus range limiter and multiple VC modes.

        The only optical performance they really needed to correct would be its loss of focal length at MFD. Maybe a bit sharper at f2.8, but that’s just nit picking.

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    • Ashraf Al-hujaili

      I was about to purchase a second hand nikon 70-200 f2.8 II , but now I’ll wait and so how this lens perform, and hope it doesn’t cross 1.2K mark

      • decentrist

        it will

        • Ashraf Al-hujaili

          actually i found the first generation , second hand for about 2 months only around 700 $
          so i bought it , im in a hurry a little bit , and if the new generation is much better , ill upgrade after about a year or two

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  • Christopher Zeller

    So glad they are building in Archa comparible feet on all their lenses now. Still working up the nerve to pay $250 for a replacement foot for my Sigma Sport 150-600. Such an obvious solution its a wonder the other manufacturers haven’t caught on.

  • Jean Fotomode

    Oh yeah !

  • wow! liking this. hope fully i like the price tag aswell.

  • CERO

    does this means Sigma will also have to answer with a similar updated 70-200?

    • BlueBomberTurbo

      Maybe they’re banking on Sigma doing just that, and striking first.

  • j cortes

    I wonder if they worked on the focus breathing as well?

    • outkasted

      Oh yeah…really hope so. according to AP..the Nikon new nikon 70-200 has set the mark really high including the price

  • catfishb52

    It would be real nice if the price stayed in the ballpark of the first lens.

    • Jonathan Wilkinson

      If the G2 150-600 is anything to go by, I doubt it will :/

  • Aldo

    Maybe I’ll cheap out (like always) and buy this one instead

  • Stuart Crowther

    Not a fan of the Saturn finish on these new Tamron’s, the hood scuffs up real easy. I have the current 70-200 and it’s a solid performer, I’m hoping this means the 24-70 is next, out of all the current SP line up it’s the lens with the most issue’s, build quality, onion bokeh, focus breathing and edge sharpness.

    • silmasan

      Saturn? You mean satinuranus?

      • Stuart Crowther

        Oops, yes satin, new phone’s auto correct dictionary not dialed in, kept changing Tamron to Tampon as well. : )

        • silmasan

          In a what-if scenario, I’ve been thinking that NORMAT would’ve made the brand sound more appealing, more “photographic” even. But TAMPON beats it hands down. Such elegance.

          • Stuart Crowther

            Yeah those doormat lenses are great.

            • BlueBomberTurbo

              Don’t tell that to Norman…

    • Tony Arroyo

      Dumb question, and I don’t mean to be conflictive but why are you worried about scuff marks??

      • Stuart Crowther

        No worries, I have the 45mm and found it doesn’t take much to scuff it up, as simple as being placed down on hard surfaces, where as with the old finish and the Nikon’s you really have to grind or hit something hard to mark them, I realise that performance and reliability are the most important factors for a lens, but I think we all like to have nice looking gear considering the prices paid. Plus it affects resale value and time of sale as genuine hoods can be quite expensive when you get to the larger sizes. Nit picking I know, but the old finish was a lot more robust.

        • Tony Arroyo

          Yeh, if I’m honest with myself, I’d have to wholeheartedly agree with you!!

        • BlueBomberTurbo

          Yup, resale value is most important. If I know I’m going to keep the lens for a long time, I don’t mind putting it through the wringer. But I do go through lenses often enough for appearance to matter.

    • Captain Insane-O

      If Tamron cleaned up their 24-70, like you suggested, then I would definitely purchase one.

      Right now I use my 24-120 f4 or 35,50,85 1.8s when I need faster aperture.

      I have the current SP DI VC model and I love it. My only dislikes, MFD & loss of focal length, and the biggest would be the lens can lose focus and get lost focusing back and forth. The new limiter would be welcomed in my eyes, but I think they needed to add a 3 mode focus switch (full, infinity to a middle number, middle number to MFD).

  • harvey

    sort of looks like the Pentax 70-200.

    • Bob Thane

      I think the older Tamron 70-200 VC is the core of the Pentax version (just relicensed and tweaked a bit), so that makes sense that the two companies would have similar designs.

  • Spy Black

    I wonder ifif Sigma would be smart enough to return the zoom ring to the rear on their next incarnation of their 70-200.

    • Jeepmeister

      Oh please please PLEASE!

  • Wayne Wynn

    Hopefully since they did this with the 85mm and 90mm, that it will be an E type of lens so that both the Canon and Nikon mount comes out the same time. I agree also with the 24-70 VC, I would really like a new version of it and don’t really see the benefit of the Nikon VR version for the price.

    • JasonsArgonauts

      I’ve got the 24-70 VC and I’m wondering what’s wrong with it for you to want to upgrade it? Mine is perfect in nearly every way-The only thing they could improve upon would be the cosmetics, but unless you’re taking pictures OF the lens rather than WITH the lens, I’m not sure why that matters. Genuine question though-Why do you want a MKII version?

      • Wayne Wynn

        The main reason I would like to upgrade is due to my copy, and from what I can tell from other lens review, that it has a focus shifting issue when you goto smaller apertures. I have experience between f2.8-4.5 no issue with this but as soon as I goto f5-f8 the focus start shifting towards the back. I end up having to use a small amount of lens fine tuning in the camera to correct this.

  • fanboy fagz

    wow, with nikons $2800 E lens, this may have quite close performance at a significantly lower price. I know many who bought the current lens and are extremely happy. I may upgrade my 70-200 VR1 to this

    • Stuart Crowther

      The current 70-200 is a very good lens, my guess is $1900 USD for the new one, early adopters tax plus the fact that the first X number of production runs will be made in Japan, still alot cheaper, but the price won’t come down significantly until it’s made in China, the question mark over Tamron has always been reliability compared to the Canon and Nikon witch are considered workhorse lenses.

      • fanboy fagz

        the current vc is $1200. the new nikon E is $2800. I doubt the g2 will jump $700. it will be a huge mistake. I wouldnt pay $1900 for a 3rd party lens. id rather get a used vr2 for $1300 or so.

        • Stuart Crowther

          Yes maybe $1900 to much, but I still think at least $1400-1600 USD. It will certainly jump that much for us here in Australia : (
          150-600mm old $1200Aud
          150-600mm g2 $2099Aud
          200-500mm nikkor $1799Aud
          90mm vc old $590Aud
          90mm vc g2 $1090Aud
          90mm vr nikkor $1090Aud.

          • fanboy fagz

            Ridiculous price jumps for incremental performance. It will be a fail if they price it more then 1400usd. Id get a used nikon before getting that.

    • dclivejazz

      I’ll look for the new Nikon model once used ones are available. My VII copy is perfectly fine in the meantime. I didn’t think I’d upgrade at first but the new version is pretty appealing.

      • Yes

      • fanboy fagz

        I have the option to buy a vr2 for little money. I would have upgraded a long time ago if not for the fact I cant compose tight with it. if the tamron g2 is priced too high (1400 is fine) then ill get the vr2 and just crop the image I need tighter. im also not liking the lenses with the front zoom ring. kills the whole workflow.

        • Jeepmeister

          I hate the front zoom rings too. Won’t buy them, period.

  • Brent Edward

    Anybody want to buy a Sigma 70-200 OS?

  • decentrist

    The way Tamron is going, this may equal the Nikkor FL at a much lower cost

    • Eledeuh

      Chances are… it will be very good, but not exactly as good in some departments, some people will claim it’s better for less money, some will claim the other is superior and the money spent is worth it, neither Tamron nor Nikon will get a clear message, the status quo will be maintained, back to square one.

      • snappyuk

        I think it’s difficult to convince anyone who spends double the money you just spent on a Tamron (or any other quality 3rd-party) lens that they may not have invested wisely in terms of bang for buck.
        In my limited personal experience, where I use Tamrons in my work, I’m extremely happy with their performance to price ratio.

  • And Tamron’s VC (VR,IS,OS…) is considered the best…. Can’t wait for the reviews. (Though I’ll stick to my Nikon)

    • Captain Insane-O

      Uh, mine is super twitchy upon cold activation, then works flawlessly.

      I learned to press the focus button every so often as to keep it from becoming twitchy. None of my Nikon lenses do that, and I’m not the first to complain about Tamron’s epileptic VC.

      • marokero

        Tamron’s VC works slightly different than Nikon’s VR. Nikon’s VR stabilizes the viewfinder image part way and fully stabilizes it at the time of capture. Tamron’s VC stabilizes the viewfinder image 100% from the start. The jump you may notice is the VC disengaging from it’s locked position to it’s floating position. If the jump is very noticeable, I suggest sending your lens in to Tamron so the VC can be re-aligned properly.

        • Captain Insane-O

          Its a common problem to have very blurry pictures upon initial activation of VC, then all the rest work just as advertised. Even Nony Torthrup did a video on it.

          I accepted that before I even purchased it, so it was not shocking to me when it behaved that way; nor did it bother me considering the $1000 I saved over the Nikon version II

  • Gerard Roulssen

    The screw at the front of the lens’ barrel is at exactly the same place as on the current version, so at this point it looks like the “same mechanics (and optics?), different cosmetics” scenario.
    I’m expecting a lens with exactly the same optical qualities, new build and looks and hopefully better AF performance.
    To sell good, it doesn’t need to be better or even close in IQ to the 70-200/2.8E Nikkor, it “just” needs to be better than the 70-200/2.8G VRII Nikkor.

  • The current VC version goes head to head with Nikon 70-200mm VRII. If this new SP line is any better, and they are (I have two of them), this will compete easily or outperform the new Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8E. I need to get me one of this 😀

    • preston

      “will compete easily or outperform the new Nikon. . ”

      Nikon doesn’t always have the best lenses compared to it’s competitors but they hit a home run with this new 70-200 (which is why they priced it the way they did). People were hoping for them to fix the focus breathing problem and they not only did that but also made it significantly sharper as well (especially at 135mm). So I wouldn’t be so sure that this will be an easy task for Tamron.

  • Gerard Roulssen

    Can we also bash this Tammy for having the zoom ring at the front as we did the new 70-200/2.8E Nikkor? I mean … Tamron had the zoom ring at the front since forever (as did Sigma’s 70-200 lenses …), but nonetheless – WHAT THE FCUK WERE THEY THINKING?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Padaung

    3 VC modes (as shown by the switch in the photo): what does the third mode do?

    Mode 1 on my Sigma 70-200 is horizontal and vertical stabilisation, for shooting handheld. Mode 2 is horizontal only, for shooting with a monopod).

    Mode 3 is new to me so if any one can educate me that would be appreciated 🙂

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      It sends an electrical current trough the user’s body tensing up all muscles ensuring a stable user.
      Also works against schizophrenia

    • MB

      Mode 1- VC kind of works
      Mode 2- VC may actually work
      Mode 3- VC will almost certainly work

      Actually it is:
      VC MODE 1 is the standard mode that strikes a great balance between the stability of the viewfinder image and the stabilization effects.
      VC MODE 2 is exclusively used for panning.
      VC MODE 3 prioritizes the stabilization of the captured images and forgoes the stabilization of the viewfinder image.

    • TwoStrayCats

      The 3rd mode erases all of your files if you can’t get a stable shot with the first two.

    • marokero

      I would say the following:

      Mode 1: mostly for stills and slower action (think portraits)
      Mode 2: for panning, fast action, and liveview/video
      Mode 3: helps compensate for mirror slap, can be used on tripod for short exposures


    Finally a Tamron without this ugly golden ring.

    • Mitchell P

      Glad they are removing that…Cough * looking at you Tokina lol

    • johann jensson

      I’m with you on this. I hate everything golden. Silver is better, but still “tacky”. I’d say for a “ring”, go with a solid accent color for best aesthetics (like Canon or Pentax do).

  • Lukas Rauch Photography

    Really hope this will be compatible with teleconverters. Main reason for me to switch from the old version. Fixing the focus breathing issue would be great as well.

  • Marek Kunicki

    Now this is exciting! The first VC version was already a great lens, I’m hoping they fixed the focus breathing on the new one. The different vc modes are also very welcome.

  • chkchkboom

    What about TCs?

  • Neopulse

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am pretty giddy about this coming out especially ahead of Sigma.

  • Mitchell P

    Off to CP+ in Yokohama next month, I hope this bad boy will be on display and i will report on it. Glad i held out and did not buy the current 70-200. Once i saw the new Tamron 85, 90 as well as the new 150-600, i had a feeling that they would update this lens.

    Let’s hope the optics get some tweaks as well. If it all pans out, this will be my next lens 🙂

    • let me know if you want me to share your reports on the blog

      • Mitchell P

        Sounds great Peter, i will share pics and whatever i see a the show – Thank you

      • Mitchell P

        Took some pictures with the Tamron on my D7200, let me know if you want them.. I can share

  • Virindi

    No photo of min focus distance… who took these?
    I sure hope it’s an improved version..

  • marokero

    The current Tamron 70-200 VC USD is model A009. If this is true, then improvements are sure to be more than skin deep.

  • koenshaku

    I wonder if Tamron will release a working teleconverter this time.

  • johann jensson

    Goodness… Product shots with a wide angle lens… I get it that these aren’t professional shots, but the pictures are worthless – the perspective distortion completely changes the form and dimensions of the lens. 🙁

    • Lukas Rauch Photography

      I REALLY want to have your problems.

      • Politics_Nerd

        That makes one of you.

  • Mark Cort

    Looking forward to this release!

  • bobgrant

    Another focus breathing monster.

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