About that Sony buying Nikon “rumor”

Initially I was not going to cover this nonsense here on the blog (remember the Nikon buying Samsung camera division "rumor"?), but Thom Hogan wrote a very nice and long article that covers pretty much everything I have to say on this topic - you can read it at dslrbodies.com. Here are just a few quotes:

Sorry, but it’s not a rumor. A rumor is something that you hear supporting material for that has some level of credibility. You can often get some verification of the rumor by due diligence.

What we really have here is speculation based on hearsay. Or wishful thinking of someone turned into hearsay. The exact quote behind this “rumor” is “...Sony are circling around Nikon’s camera division like a shark in the water smelling blood.” That quote is from a former Nikon Ambassador (sponsored pro photographer).

Hmm. Former. Nikon. In Norway. Exactly how he’s tied into Sony’s executive decision making in Japan—which would be necessary for this “rumor” to have any validity at all—is very unclear. Yet the “rumor” is quickly propagating across the net.

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  • neonspark

    OTOH if it ever happens, they’d pretty much own the market with Nikon making lenses and sony making sensors. Both would solve each other’s problem: one has no glass. one has no semiconductor muscle.

    • Both Sony and Nikon’s problem is the same think: their market is shrinking and they can’t find anything to counteract that.

      • true, also true for any other camera manufacturer

        • sickheadache

          They all were asleep at the switch of…camera phones that can take photo..and get this…Send it in a Text or Email. Pretty snazzy deal…that has been going on for many years…Sony, Nikon, Canon…wake up! What to do now, who and what will come in and stop the massive blood flow?

          But…there will always be a need for a full frame and medium format…for photographers…watch DX Queens..ur toys on the chopping block!!! LOL.

          • Hey, I know, a camera that you can make telephone calls with!

            • TwoStrayCats

              Yeah, that’ll be great when you’re shooting portraits, in the middle of a session, and your camera rings.

          • Simonh2159

            camera phones dont come close in image quality with a dslr size of the sensor

      • Allan

        They need to try some/many/all of Thom’s suggestions, before it’s too late.


        • Thom Hogan

          Well they need to do something different, that’s for sure.

        • Captain Insane-O

          Nikon needs to integrate social media into the camera body with a touchscreen.

          It’s clear to me that people love larger format sensors like ff and dx based on comments I get on social media.

          It is just inconvenient to shoot with a dslr now.

          If nikon would have a better editing suite in camera, and could connect and post to your social media, then I think a lot of people would gravitate back.

          I disagree that nikon needs to make dx specific lenses. Sure fx lenses are physically larger and heavier, but they allow users to have one set of lenses, future proofing if you will, for multiple camera systems. I was super disappointed when I realized the dx lenses I bought don’t work with a camera I never intended to buy but eventually upgraded.

          I do totally agree with the better video support, but not ditching it part.

          To me, it all boils down to sharing. We all know that quality of images isn’t the driving factor, as people consistently choose camera phones. I would pay $10 a month for a data plan for my d750.

      • KC

        In a declining market (this is a collapsing market) there is always a shakeout. Sometimes the market leaders survive, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the market survives, sometimes it doesn’t…

        The point and shoot segment is gone and the low end DSLR segment is rapidly fading. The interchangeable lens camera segment is becoming a market with primarily high end enthusiast and professional buyers.

        So the manufacturers that survive the shakeout will be competing in a much smaller and more focused market. Hardware prices will dramatically increase and innovation will slow. Camera bodies will not be replaced like smartphones every one or two years.

        It will be quite interesting to see who survives…

    • Sony has Zeiss and they make good glass.

      • Robbie Green

        Sony doesn’t have Zeiss. They license the name to use on some Sony glass.

        That Sony/Zeiss glass tends to be pretty hit and miss too. They have some winners, but they have just as many that suffer from sample variation. The FE mount 24-70 f/4 has wide variations in quality.

        • Nyarlathotep

          I think the choice of the word “have” was not meant to convey Sony owned Zeiss, but simply that they have a relationship with Zeiss.

          I agree, the Zeiss-Sony lenses have been a little column A, a little column B. Some really nices ones, and some not quite as nice.

    • IanMak

      But the camera industry is a sinking ship. Sony makes a console, TV, cellphones, laptops, and all the electronics you can name. There is absolutely zero reason for sony to buy the sinking ship that is nikon right now.

      They can wait until the market tanks more and simply keep making money by selling sensors to nikon.

      • Thom Hogan

        Sony is out of the laptop business ;~). They spun the TV business out to try to survive on its own. They’re spinning the camera business out on its own.

        So yes, Sony seems to be going the other way.

        • Allan

          I never understood what features Sony laptops had that made them so expensive.

          • Nyarlathotep

            The feature that made them so expensive was these four letters emblazoned on the case “S”, “O”, “N” and “Y”. 😉

  • PanPetter

    If it happens, we know for sure that Thom Hogan do not have any ” inner circle connections” at Nikon…..

    • Eric Calabros

      Its always possible that your insider friends are unaware of top management “considerations”.

  • Kenspo

    I can say the same to you as i said in my original post. I got some rumours from someone inside Sony, but i also added i didn’t know how much there was in it. This is blown out of proportions and people have added this and that on their own,

    • I don’t think you are the “problem” in this whole story (hint: see Nikon buying Samsung rumor) #hoax #clickbait #sonyfanboys

      • Kenspo

        No, I’m not afraid to get in trouble. Spoke with Sony just yesterday..They just laughed..hehe..

        • Yes, I am sure they did. Let’s just assume for a second that something like that is really going on or was going on – nobody under the CEO level would know about it and if the word gets out, this is a big insider information leak that can get you in some serious trouble (at least in the US) since both companies are publicly traded.

          • Kenspo

            Exactly. Thats why i also wrote that i didn’t know how much we should put into this. Put people read what they want to create talks and clicks 😉

            • Yes, we can speculate about non existing cameras all day long and it’s all fun and games, but once somebody tells me a “rumor” about one major company acquiring another major company, my BS indicator goes red.

          • animalsbybarry

            What do you think the chances are that Nikon will build a camera with the new 120mp sensor Canon has made available to third parties?

            • For now – 0%, if something changes, I will let you know.

            • You are wrong, they changed their post after Thom published his article. It was way more than a quote. All three site are run by the same person. Of course you can believe anything you want, I am just telling you the facts.

            • Simply not true, but like I already said, you can believe anything you want.

            • I’ve known this guy for almost 10 years – since he started his websites. I helped him when he started with many things. I know how he operates, I know some of his sources. At one point, for a short period of time, he had someone else running one of his sites (Ale). For the past few years Andreas is running all three of them. All this is actually completely irrelevant to my post – all I did here is link to Thom’s article and then I was answering to readers in the comments section. Obviously somebody repeatedly is making up stories about Nikon and since I am running the largest Nikon related website in the world, I have to address them. I really do not understand why/what we are arguing here?

            • I am not anti-SAR, I am just anti-bullshit. It just happened that SAR is spitting a lot of BS. You are obviously a Sony troll/fanboy who refuse to believe any facts and I like I already said, I will no longer discuss this topic with you. Your next comment will be deleted. Enjoy the BS dump @ SAR.

            • TwoStrayCats

              That’s funny! Thank god I’m out of that race. That would be like me buying a pickup truck with 16 wheels. It might do anything and go anywhere, but I have absolutely no place to park it.

  • Rolf

    it’s a typical SAR click bait to generate traffic to their site. by posting numerous speculations and wishful thinking, just by chance some will come true and “confirm” the credibility of SAR. I have all sony gears and love them, but I can see how people can get turned off reading SAR and its innumerable juvenile comments especially by the regular gear heads who mistaken themselves to be photographers.

    • Eric Calabros

      Pinning this comment is official declaration of war by our admin. SAR minions better be prepared 🙂

    • Sator Photo

      Unfortunately, compared to other camera rumour sites, the quality of journalism from SAR is of a markedly lower standard. Judging by the frequency of posts there, the site would appear to be the owner’s full time job, who uncritically publishes any nonsense he/she is fed as click bait. It is hard not to get the impression that the owner is much younger and more credulous than the owners of other major rumour sites. The “juvenile comments” merely reflect the mood of the website that has been set by its owner, who likewise does not seem to be a serious photography, but rather just a gear head. Like attracts like.

  • It seems almost certain to me that, at a minimum, some analyst at Sony has run the numbers on a Nikon merger, and discussed it with executives. They’d be negligent not to.

    A year ago I would have urged them to acquire Nikon just to get the optics expertise, but the latest Sony G-Master lenses we tested had class-leading quality, so it seems like Sony has already built that expertise in-house.

    • Eric Calabros

      I remember it was “almost certain” that Nikon is going to buy Samsung imaging division.

    • Rolf

      I was considering going Nikon until I got the sony GM lenses. they are the reason I’m still with Sony, and the super high prices of some of the newer Nikon lenses didn’t help either.

      • Eric Calabros

        Your GM lenses are bargain compared to equivalent Nikkors.

        /heavy sarcasm

    • harvey

      how many 85s’ do you need?

    • nwcs

      I suspect that they already had all the right people since acquiring Minolta.

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    • Espen4u

      Probably any of the major brands can make otus-class lenses, if they would want to do so. It’s just computer time and tolerances. But it’s my guess that not every brand could sell thoose lenses with enough profit.

    • sickheadache

      Uncle Tony, Uncle Tony…I have begged the family to sign the papers to lock you up! Or least make you take your blue pills…crazy talk…you are scarin…the local folks. lol.

    • Sator Photo

      To which you could add that since Sony are going to make the camera section an independent company, it would also be negligent of someone in Nikon’s finance section to have at least thought through the option of acquiring Sony cameras. Nikon rumours can then run an article about Nikon circling like “a shark in the water smelling blood”. But that would be sinking to the same murky journalistic level as SAR, piling gross speculation upon gross speculation without anything remotely resembling a credible source to back it up.

      My source for the info about Sony separating out its camera division:


      Link in Japanese so run through Google translator. It’s typical that SAR hasn’t reported this news, as it isn’t fanboy orientated enough.

  • Eric Calabros

    With only %13 market share, must be a skinny shark.

    • EcoR1

      Just like Apple is a skinny shark with 13% of mobilephone market share, while getting basically all the profits from market? Marketshare does not tell you how profitable the business is.

      • Eric Calabros

        You tell me..how profitable is Sony Imaging (Cine/Broadcast excluded)?

        • EcoR1

          Your question implies that you understood the difference between the marketshare and the profit. Congrats.

          • Please enlighten us and explain to us how profitable is the Sony camera business because otherwise you are just trolling and trolls get banned here.

          • Eric Calabros

            Yet didn’t hear your reasoning behind assuming Sony as Apple of photo industry or even being comparable.

    • Rick

      Actually it’s not even a 13% marketshare.

      if you read carefully, Sony calculates out their marketshare with “value” and also includes lenses in that equation.

      Some more MAKE BELIEVE™ from Sony Corporation.

  • ZoetMB

    Even if this part of the quote is true: “Sony are circling around Nikon’s camera division like a shark in the water smelling blood,” it doesn’t mean that Sony would be buying Nikon. What it could mean, if it means anything at all, is that Sony perceives Nikon as weak and not responding to the needs of the market and that Sony could take away some share from them (as they already have).

    But it probably doesn’t even mean that. What it means is that someone has a vested interest and/or a trolling interest in being negative about Nikon.

    When a rumor about a sale or acquisition exists, you have to ask three questions:
    1. Are hostile acquisitions done between companies in that part of the world (I would say that hostile acquisitions are not done in Japan – have there been any?)

    2. Has the company supposedly up for sale produced a “black book”?

    3. Does the acquiring company have a way to acquire 51% or more of the stock?

    If the answer to all three questions is “no”, then there can’t possibly be a sale. Besides, Sony doesn’t want old-school companies in which markets are in decline. They want future growth companies.

    • Eric Calabros

      Might be a cyber loop. Internet negative sphere against Nikon influenced a former Nikon guy, and he reflected it back to cyberspace and someone took it serious.

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes, this is one problem with the Internet: it self reflects. You need to be able to discern the reflections from the signal.

    • Any type of aqcuisition deal going on in Japan, will not make it to a low level rumor site or a forum. I know how hard it is to get info on upcoming cameras, it is impossible to know what the CEOs of both companies are talking, not to mention that it is is insider trading and can get you in some serious trouble.

      • Thom Hogan

        I’m not so sure about that. The way things work in Tokyo makes it difficult to keep something of this scale secret for very long at all. There are too many players involved that would have to approve (banks), and they’re leaky.

    • They still can try tu optein specialists from they division’s and beside some company’s cooperate or make deal’s. Do you thing that samsung got out of the mirrorles market for nothing ? I am sure that there was a deal sony-samsung. Whu made the first big bsi sensor ? Samsung right? There could be a deal type take the mirrorles give us the mobile market. When sony started to make gm glass ? Some time after the samsung left they’re mirorles system. Of course this are only my speculations but if you thing this throu it makes sens.

      • Thom Hogan

        This is actually a good point. There are talent drains going on at several camera companies now.

        • Allan

          Where are these people going?

  • Tom Taubert

    To address the declining market, I think Nikon is trying to get a foot-hold in the social media ecosystem with Snapbridge and low power Bluetooth (I know – obvious) . I’m aware of the complaints regarding the execution of these technologies. My great suggestion would be to locate their software offices to San Francisco. Top notch talent in the capital of Social Media waiting to be poached. It may go against the grain for Nikon. So much informaton is shared between engineers informally and with presentations (free food/beer as well).

    Please don’t kill me.

    • Bukakke Comet

      I feel that sometimes well known localized markets for tech talent (e.g. SF, Silicone Valley, etc.) Hold back because they truly want to work for the industry leader in those local markets. (its just how I feel, no blatant evidence)

      So my point is, will Nikon’s reputation in San Fran. be enough to hire in the technology workers that ACTUALLY want to help them innovate. Or will it attract the “i’m just here waiting for my Facebook/Google inc. interview” crowd. That will just collect a check.

      Also I totally agree Nikon needed to get their social media ecosystem under a header with a future in my repertoire. I haven’t personally used Snap bridge, but the complaints alone from others make me steer clear of it by name alone.

      • Thom Hogan

        The talent is available. It is costly. And it’s used to autonomy and entrepreneurial management.

  • animalsbybarry

    I would still like to see Nikon build a FF mirrorless with E mount
    Now that Canon is selling sensors to third parties they could use this 120 mp sensor with 9.4 fps burst rate


    Or the latest greatest Sony A9 sensor

    • Eric Calabros

      with only 12.7ev DR? No way Nikon use this.

      • Thom Hogan

        You mean like Nikon would never use the 1″ sensor? ;~)

        • Eric Calabros

          For those who accept 1 inch format compromise, 11 stop usable DR is ok. But for a large sensor high res landscape system? No way.
          I didn’t see Canon mention “photography” anywhere in their marketing. Probably there is no limits really but they didn’t want to market it that way. Its like saying: we have no idea how to use this sensor, let us find what our competitors do with it!

  • let’s keep politics out of this discussion – I am sure there are forums where you can discuss this further

  • I think that most likely sony is just trying to optain some specialists not the whole company

  • bernard

    Much of what Thom says makes sense, but I think he leaves out some things.

    First, you don’t need to borrow money. Many mergers are stock swaps – the acquirer, say Sony, issues new stock and gives it to the other company’s, say Nikon, shareholders in exchange for their Nikon stock. No cash. This has some advantages.

    Second, I’m not sure why he thinks it would be “painful to the financial aspects of either company.” Improved profitability is not painful.

    Third, while he mentions consolidation of overhead, he does not discuss consolidation of manufacturing facilities. I certainly don’t know enough about the companies’ operations, or camera/lens manufacturing, to say for sure that there would be savings there, but it seems plausible. Combining product lines probably simplifies the combined manufacturing operations.

    None of that means this is going to happen, or that the rumor has merit. I just thought I would add these points to the discussion.

    • Thom Hogan

      I’ve edited my article a bit since it first appeared, partly to acknowledge that there are other options than outright acquisition. I was trying to keep things simple to explain my point…

      No, it would be painful short term to both companies. Long term is a crap shoot because of the declining industry.

      Combining facilities–and there are indeed some possibilities there–generates short term write offs, which impacts that profitability you’re talking about.

      To speculate more I’d need to know much more on how such a merger was being done, what things were going to be made redundant, and how it would be managed. But the problem I see is this: there are short term costs for sure, and it doesn’t solve the long-term issue of declining market.

      • bernard

        True, but short-term write-offs are just that – write-offs. There is no cash loss involved, and there are probably actual gains from consolidation.

        I agree that the long term problem is the market itself, but that’s there whether there is a merger or not. If it contnues to decline, or stabilizes, the companies will have to deal with it, and may or may not be better placed to do so if combined.

        What is needed, I guess, is something other than more megapixels and little-used features. I’m not sure what that is. I know that I, at least, am not going to spend what it takes to replace my D800 for the sake of marginal improvements. I’m not a pro. It’s a hobby.

        But here is something else that bothers me about this whole business. In the film days we kept cameras forever, and the manufacturers did fine, I suppose. What’s changed?

  • jp

    Never underestimate the board of Sony. What happen with Olympus? Sony had help and with this, it could “become”(contract) the sensor-IBIS.
    Therefore, I could think that Sony will be up to Nikon.
    And Nikon has better knowledge for DSLR – could be an advantage for the a-serie of Sony….. and so on. And even for the body of the e-mount.
    And it could salvage Nikon. Why not?

  • NicP

    Conclusion Nikon seems doesnt set very high standards for its ambassadors. I ve seen some examples where their writing and comments doesnt fit what they represent. I think Nikon should choose more wisely its ambassadors and not only by their great pictures but also their ethos at least in photographers community.

  • What a sensible man Thom Hogan is.

    • halo9

      Yep, on point as always.

  • br0xibear

    Wait, what?…I thought Apple were buying Nikon? lol

    • Thom Hogan

      Nope. Apple couldn’t figure out which dongle they’d need to make.

      • bernard

        They also couldn’t figure out how to remove the shutter button.

        • CERO

          and disregarding poor design by claiming you’re holding the camera wrong.

  • CERO

    I still wonder.. why would Sony need Nikon?
    Doesnt Sony has anything they need? I mean they make their own cameras, their own sensors, processors..etc..
    The only thing I can imagine, is the lens segment.

    • Thom Hogan

      Depends upon what your goal is. Sony has a long-stated goal of becoming at least number two in cameras. That means building the 14% market share into >29%. If you want to say that Sony will only take market share from Nikon, that still means taking 25% of Nikon’s market share away from them. That’s a huge swing and generally won’t happen just based on iterating cameras.

      • CERO

        Good point Thom!

        Plus I suppose SONY still doesnt have a good reputation in pro cameras.
        Having the Nikon brand would certainly give them the “brand”.

  • Mato34

    I was thinking the same as the featured comment from Rolf: it doesn’t take too much time to follow Sony Alpha Rumors and give the site zero credibility in a lot of “news”.

  • Per K

    Well TH is maybe not the sharpest knife in the toolbox…..
    Start with the definition of rumor: “.. something that has some level of credibility”…. Such crap from him, rumors are rumors, credibility level unknown. Wikipedia: …In the social sciences, a rumor involves some kind of a statement whose veracity is not quickly or ever confirmed.
    TH goes on: “Hmm. Former. Nikon. In Norway.” Obviously coming from Norway equals credibility = 0 Silly TH! Putting in friendly….

    TH has earlier written (several times) that Nikon is the photo company most vulnerable to downturn in camera sales. (It stands on that one leg only, competitors have other branches to temporarily support photo downturn.

    My view is that Nikon, staff included, would hate being taken over by any competitor. For that to happen thing has to go close to bankruptcy. Nikon’s weak side is being too conservative and too self-content.
    From a Sony perspective, a take-over would be mouth-watering:
    – Huge customer base
    – Pro service organization
    – Larger market share
    – Nikon in-house competence
    – Technology sharing
    – But Sony “shot from the hip strategy” vs Nikon conservatism? Two very different cultures that would collide.
    No doubt camera sales is downwards. Business goes high end to increase profit per unit. This will cause casualties. Be it in the form of merge, takeover, shut down? Only time will tell. a game of who-takes-who..
    To me the weaker today is Pentax/Ricoh; very nice products, but too slow product development. And above all: few buy them.
    For big Fujifilm photo is a marketing tool of the brand. Olympus has medicals. Panasonic also makes great product, but Olympus always takes the wind from them. Panasonic is huge will there be patience enough from management.

    • Michiel953

      You really have no idea what Nikon is and does, do you?

      • Per K

        I have used Nikon cameras, professionally and privately, for about 30 years. Great cameras and lenses, no doubt. But that is not enough. It is from now and to the future that counts.

        • Michiel953

          You’re a professional user, but probably are clueless on business economics. It’s not a mortal sin.

          • Per K

            (Actually I have a degree in business economics and have worked on management level.)
            If you note above, I refer to Thom Hogan about Nikon vulnerability. He has spent lots time analyzing Nikon, not least business analyze. Nikon being conservative is obvious based on:
            a) Management interviews in media,
            b) Looking at product development the last years.
            In which way has Nikon contributed to innovation of photography tools? D500? 105/1.4? No.
            So Michiel953 – which is your competence?

            • Michiel953

              Hi Per,

              None whatsoever, other than that in almost 35 years of being a lawyer, working for clients that run large businesses, I’ve learned not to second-guess them.
              In this particular case, I don’t think the internet savants have better solutions than Nikon management.

            • Per K

              Interesting – would you then recommend me to buy Nikon shares?
              Yes, the internet and especially social media (rumors sites) is/are largely about “global small village gossip” and self-censorship in the sense you only communicate with people of the same as you are.
              But – provided you are critical and analytical – internet is the best source of information ever existed.

            • Michiel953

              I wouldn’t recommend mý investment judgments (although a bank did that for me back then, as now, although not the same one) to anyone; I’m still hurting from the 2008 collapse. In any case it’s wise not to invest in your hobbies, other than buying the stuff you think you need.
              My opinion is just as gratuitous as any other opinion on the net; they’re easy to come by.
              I don’t think Nikon (management) is stupid; they probably are going through alternative scenarios on an ongoing basis. If you look at the new lenses they’ve brought to market in recent years it’s clear they want to stay heavily involved in the top segment. But that’s just one tiny bit of their entire strategy.

    • Michiel953

      I’d obviously have to dig deeper, but Nikon doesn’t seem like a one-legged company to me.


      You can burn a lot of money “innovating” and bringing out new models on an almost annual basis.

      The shift towards phonecamera photography is what it is; no camera manufacturer is going to reverse that trend.

  • Alda Smite

    so it is clear – Tesla is buying Apple, then mortage that in Samsung, while Microsoft is all about those keymissions and snags those all and whole Nikon like a hot cupcakes.. how I know it, you might ask… well I worked for Wallmart once and there was a McDonalds across the street – so you do the math, but I can not give you more details now.

  • WB6a

    Nikon’s market cap is around $6B today, if the premium added, it should be around $8B.
    Is it worth spending that much money to acquire Nikon? 10 years ago I would definitely said yes, but thing have changed..

  • Beso

    Interesting article but I was left with one question: Is Thon Hogan taking over for Merriam-Webster? He seems to be crafting a new definition for the term “rumor.”

    • As Thom’s article explained, there is a big difference between reporting “rumors” and making up shit as you go and then even changing your post once you are exposed. Nikon correctly called this a “hoax” few months ago, I call it clickbait.

      • Beso

        You missed my point in your apparent rush to defend Hogan. I’ll help you in terms of the definition of “rumor” according to Oxford: “A currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.” Thom defined rumor as: “A rumor is something that you hear supporting material for that has some level of credibility.” Clearly a distinction with a difference.
        What both you and Thom seem to be referring to as “rumor” is partial or incomplete information that has potential credibility. That does not conform to the true definition of “rumor.”

        • Oh, I see – I am not going by the definition of rumor, I just don’t like people making up stories. I fact, I don’t care for all the garbage they make up about Sony, but when somebody mentioned Nikon, I have to step in and clear things up and I will do the same in the future as I did in the past (when some people were sure that Nikon bought Samsung camera division). Also, I did not even say anything in my post, no “rumors” definitions or anything like that, all I did is link to Thom’s post.

          • @ufupuw, you are done here, calling me an “idiot” because you could not handle the facts I presented. I warned you already. You are banned and your comments are deleted. Bring your non-sense somewhere else.

  • KC

    In a declining market (this is a collapsing market) there is always a shakeout. Sometimes the market leaders survive, sometimes they don’t. There are usually always market participant combinations. I personally don’t see a Sony/Nikon tie-up, however stranger combinations have occurred.

    The point and shoot segment is gone and the low end DSLR segment is rapidly fading. The interchangeable lens camera segment is becoming a market with primarily high end enthusiast and professional buyers.

    So the manufacturers that survive the shakeout will be competing in a much smaller and more focused market (e.g., there is a thriving but tiny buggy whip market).

    Hardware prices will dramatically increase and innovation will slow. Camera bodies will not be replaced like smartphones every one or two years.

    It will be quite interesting to see who survives and what the market ends up looking like…

  • 1741

    Nikon are going to buy apple out and the iphone 8 will be cx mount

  • You are either trolling or you did not see the original post that was changed after Thom published his article. Luckily, I have a screenshot:

    • Obviously you have made up your mind and I will not waste my time to convince you otherwise. Enjoy SAR.

  • Fujimoto

    Hey, I want a piece of this football. Move over Thom and Tony.

  • Logically, I know it’s entirely possible that, one day, Sony could swallow up Nikon. But I feel like the only reason this one is gaining traction in the rumor mill is because Sharky James (who runs Petapixel’s podcast) is adamant about the destruction of Nikon, so he’s been all-in for this rumor.

  • Simonh2159

    load of rubbish ,nikon wont do any deal with sony they really hate them at the moment theres no love between them ,this rumor is total bullshit from someone who knows nothing about nikon .sony camera sales are falling not increasing ,as for sony lenses overpriced eway for what they are minolta rebranded that was sonys big mistake ,and the ergonomics sony bodies have sharp egdes not nice told in the hand for long

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