Nikon released firmware update 1.10 for the D3400 and D500 cameras

Nikon D3400 DSLR cameraD500_16_80E_front.low
Nikon released firmware update version 1.10 for the D3400 and D500 cameras (previously rumored in June) with added support for the iOS version of SnapBridge (should be announced any day now) and other fixes. Here are the details:

Nikon D500 firmware update version 1.10 (download link)

  • Added support for the iOS version of SnapBridge.
  • Changed some help text.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • Images would not display correctly if playback zoom was used during image review.
    • The focus point display would not light if the shutter-release button was pressed halfway after the standby timer had expired.
    • The camera would stop responding if a command dial was used in the CUSTOM SETTING MENU > f Controls > f1 Custom control assignment > Movie record button + menu.
    • If an option other than Off was selected for Active D-Lighting in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU, pictures taken with an optional flash unit in auto aperture (AA), non-TTL auto (A), or distance-priority manual (GN) flash mode would be underexposed.

Nikon D3400 firmware update version 1.10 (download link)

  • Added support for the iOS version of SnapBridge.


Nikon finally released SnapBridge for iOS

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  • BVS

    So, is this the big D500 patch we heard about previously, or is that still to come?

  • Eric Calabros

    Why camera should update to a new firmware to work with iOS version of their own app? I mean they knew how that app gonna work, why didnt put the required code in camera firmware before releasing it?

    • What makes you think the “required code” was ready back then?

    • True, the coding would be done in the app not the firmware, since the previous firmware already supported the same functions in the Android app. There must have been some compatibility issue that needed to be addressed interfacing the firmware and iOS.

      • Sawyerspadre

        You need code in both the mobile device (app) and camera for this to work. The firmware update is for any bugs they would have found in their final testing.

  • Kiboko

    SnapBridge for iOS is out now. 🙂

  • Nikonland

    Snapbridge iOs version is available via iTunes. I have already installed it on my iPhone 🙂

    • Chris

      Not here (Netherlands)

    • TwoStrayCats

      I sure wish your avatar was for real…

    • Ray Brown

      It does not work with my I phone 6 and my d3400. Tried for over a half a day to get them to sinc. Called Nikon and was told they are working on it. I phone 6 is version 10.3.1

      • Zoco Vento

        july,7 2017 check it out now all well working good

  • maxx

    🙁 Photokina is caming and Nikon has only firmware update… I don’t want believe it.

    • Chris

      It’s still 3 weeks 🙂

      • maxx

        Hope… 🙂

    • AYWY

      Remember history. Nikon announced the D600 on 12 Sep, literally less than a week before Photokina 2012, starting a new historic affordable price level for an FF DSLR.

      I’m sure at least a D610/D750 follow-up will be announced. Though many wonder if it will make a mirrorless transition.

      They can surprise us with a D810 successor maybe. Remember how well guarded a secret the D500 was. From experience, Nikon tends to keep the big surprises very well wrapped up.

    • TwoStrayCats

      I don’t believe it. I think Nikon is keeping some secrets until the start of the show.

      • The only secret I know of is a new mirrorless camera.

        • maxx

          Tell us!!!! :-DDD

  • Kim

    1.10? Where the other 9 go?
    And why we have to upgrade a camera that hasn’t been sold yet?
    Can’t Nikon release it with the right firmware?

    • David Weinehall

      I can think of two explanations:

      1.) 1.00 = major version 1 (new major features; very unusual for Nikon); minor version 0 (new minor features, or important bugfixes); patch level 0 (minor fixes); 1.10 then indicates that the changes were rather big (which makes sense — it adds a new feature, even though it’s just support for iOS for Snapbridge). This is the most likely explanation; I would’ve versioned this as 1.0.0, but versioning standards are just like other standards — there are a lot of them 🙂

      2.) 1.00 = major version 1; 00 = minor version. They let the internal version numbers leak through externally (so they’ve actually made 9 builds internally that weren’t good enough for release — very unlikely, since the amount of internal releases would then be the same for the D500 firmware and the D3400 firmware; a bit too big of a coincidence).

    • Sawyerspadre

      There are likely built cameras, boxed and in the distribution chain. They can book revenue as soon as they leave the factory door. That is likely why they didn’t hold back the cameras for a firmware update, that is pretty easy to do.

  • Peter

    Snapbridge is available in Germany, too.

    • TwoStrayCats


  • Matt

    Is SnapBridge on iTunes any better than the Android implementation?

  • Max

    When is the d3400 going on sale?

  • Elvin Tan

    iOS app is out ! 🙂

    • Dave Barbuzzi

      yeah, it’s out, and the camera paired once, and now it won’t pair!! thinking there’s going to be app updates and firmware updates real soon. this thing still isn’t ready. love the camera though!!

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    i don’t own any appleware. I just end up using eye-fi which is surprisingly easy to use, functional in a second, and absolutely universal. In other words the exact opposite of snapbridge in all aspects. I don’t understand Nikon.

  • Jonathan

    So… The D500 will still screw up SD cards and suck battery?

    • My D500 has never done anything negative with cards. The issues of battery is down to what they’ve stuffed into it I think, I agree that this is the only minor disappointment on the D500.

      • Jonathan

        I was playing with one in the store. I only had my Lexar SD card. The card errored after just a couple shots. Unless I only use XQD cards, this is a bit unnerving for me. If I’m on an important shoot and suddenly my card errors. This is the main reason I’m waiting to pick one up. Otherwise the camera is phenomenal.

        • I have wondered all along about specific configurations and specific cards. I bought Lexar Pro 32GB XQD and UHS-II SD Cards. My primary slot is the XQD with the SD slot as mirrored backup only. As I said, not a single issue in 2 months so far.

          • Jonathan

            Mine was the UHS-II SD card, but I only had the one card in the camera at the time. I don’t know what the storage settings were.

  • TwoStrayCats

    It bugs me just a bit that Nikon is in such a hurry to release a new model that they can’t even get the firmware right before it hits the shelf. Its a little disconcerting that a consumer has to take his/her brand new camera and then have to download code and install it after pulling the new item out of its box.

    • Uh, have you bought a new smartphone recently? Have you seen how many updates it applies at first boot?

      People are complaining that Nikon is too slow, while at the same time wanting a camera to be released only with perfect firmware…

      • Sawyerspadre

        Even better a PC. Windows or Mac OS always updates when you fire up a new machine.

  • Fadil Polisi
  • Fadil Polisi

    …ore grey import

  • there has been some scam offers on – we talked about it last week

  • actually wait, this is from a reputable seller…. not sure what is going on

  • the listing is now gone – it was probably a mistake

  • Has anybody determined whether the latest firmware update allows for the use of third-party EN-EL15 batteries in the D500?

    • I didn’t even know this was a problem. I’ve just sent five LI-ion01 batteries for replacement to Nikon. Could it be that it’s not that they are blocked, but that whatever Nikon did to the circuitry between Li-ion01 and Li-ion20 series batteries is probably the root of the issue with 3rd party batteries? This is why I’ve only ever bought genuine Nikon batteries.

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