Weekly Nikon news flash #377

→ The new Nikon D500 guide is now available on Amazon.

Rare Nikon Nikkor-C reflex 2000mm f:11 mirror lens
A rare Nikkor-C reflex 2000mm f/11 mirror lens is listed on eBay for $31,000.

Nikkei brief: for the full year, Nikon sees operating profit down 25 pct to 46 billion Yen. Nikon corp will likely report a group operating profit of roughly 9 billion Yen ($84.5 million) for the April-June quarter.

→  J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Sydney has won the strategic and creative work for photographic brand Nikon.

→ British photographer Simon Stock created a 53 billion pixel car commercial image for Bentley using multiple Nikon D810 cameras.

→ This CASE Remote Air project on Indiegogo is getting a lot of positive coverage.

→ New video by Steve Perry: Using a crop camera vs. cropping full frame.

Laowa Zero-D 12mm f/2.8 distortion-free lens to be announced next week


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  • Hans Bull

    53 billion oversaturated pixels with obviuos stitching errors. What a waste.

    • Opa Plenske

      you’re so right

    • nwcs

      It worked, though, since it was all about marketing. They got a ton of press for it and still do. Bentley gets mentioned every time. I’m sure they don’t give a care if it’s not technically perfect.

  • Eric Calabros

    a 12mm image can’t be “Distortion free”. You may fix the lines, but you will have deformed volume. The things are distorted anyway.

  • T.I.M

    You must be totally out of your mind to ask $31,000 for that 2000mm f/11 mirror lens.
    I have the 500mm f/8 reflex (new version) that I paid only $500 in new condition, well it’s a wonderful piece of metal (only the caps are in plastic !).
    It is SHARP, but a pain in a butt to use !!!!!
    You need to keep shutter speed to 1/500s minimum and focusing must be very precise (using the from the camera).
    Here is a sample I took with it few days ago (on D800+SB900-ISO 800).

    • T.I.M

      Here is an other one took today (07/24) with the Nikon Nikkor 500mm f/8 reflex (new version) + D800 +SB900+monopod
      Much, much lighter compared my AF-I 400mm f/2.8 !

      • T.I.M

        This time with the free doughnuts, theses circles in the background could be very disturbing, depending on the picture, but sometimes it give a special “touch”.
        Again, the 500mm f/8 reflex is a very special lens that need a lot of practice to get good results.

    • Spy Black

      Despite you distancing yourself to get that shot with that long lens, that squirrel STILL obviously realized you were taking his shot at an intimate moment and is obviously saying “Dude! WTF?!”

      Now you know why that 2000mm Nikkor exists…

    • TheInfinityPoint

      The background blur is just “yuck” lol.

      • PhilK

        I have always really really disliked that aspect of mirror lenses.

        Which is probably why few if any companies still sell them for regular photographic purposes any more. Even after the advent of aperture-priority exposure automation (which addressed one of the inconveniences of the fixed aperture), most people never warmed-up to the out of focus horribleness.

        They are pretty much the “anti-bokeh” lens. 😀

    • PhilK

      On items like that, the selling price is more a reflection of the “collector’s value” than the “photographer’s value”. It’s a pretty rare lens, ergo the selling price goes way up.

      Nikon sold many times more – maybe orders of magnitude more – of the 500mm mirrors than the 2000mm. I think the 2000mm probably comes under the more-or-less ‘hand made specialty’ class of Nikkor lenses which such items as the 13mm flat-field or 6mm ortho fisheye are also members of.

  • saywhatuwill

    When a P900 can reach 2000mm the need for the 2000mm mirror isn’t really all that necessary. You’re literally paying for the name and the build quality of when it was made.

    • nwcs

      A tiny sensor with a 2000mm equivalent is nowhere near the same class of ability, stability, or quality.

  • It’s basically a 7″ catadioptric telescope. You can buy good ones all day for $1,000.

    • nwcs

      Yes, that’s true. However if the optics are well corrected and APO then that gap really narrows. Just look at what the upper end scopes like Takahashi cost!

      • The catadioptric are all pretty much color free by design, depending on the variation (Schmidt, Maksutov, etc.). They can have near zero coma as well. Takahashi’s are refractors and very expensive because of the exotic glass used for color correction.

        • nwcs

          It was an example. But many of the catadioptric lenses do have coma and flat field issues. I’ve done enough astrophotography and read enough on cloudy nights to know that.

          • Not a criticism, more of an add on to what you’re saying to give the rest of the readers more context. So much gets lost in these posts. I’ve built a couple Newtonian reflectors and have been interested in telescopes and astronomy for about fifty years.

  • Spy Black

    The 2000mm does have a “Make Offer” option. I say throw him fifty bucks and see if he bites…

  • In an interesting coincidence, the D500 guide (shown at the top of this post) features the stunning bird photography of Steve Perry (the video at the bottom of this post)!

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