Nikon battery grips and wireless transmitter on sale

Some new Nikon deals from Adorama that will expire at the end of the month (use coupon code SOOOGOOD at checkout):

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  • Pete L.

    Can someone explain how a wireless transmitter is $650? Does it have a 5000 mile range or something?

    • Spy Black

      It assumes you work professionally and will write it off as a business expense.

      • fanboy fagz

        so lets rape the professionals…just because…?

        how does it sound proper for a huge ass box that makes your work cumbersome to work around and give u wifi $650 and they include it in lesser bodies? in no way it does. its just rape.

        • It is more than a simple WiFi dongle. It actually contains a small server to serve as a FTP host. And yes, it has better range than most cheaper solutions.

          I never get when people say that it is targeted to pros who can write it off. Even if you write it off it still costs you money. Most professionals are very careful with the equipment they purchase and make decisions based on the item’s ability to allow them to be more productive and thereby make more money. This is referred to as ROI or return on investment. The first time I purchase a piece of equipment that does not provide ROI to my business is the last time I purchase that item.

          • fanboy fagz

            This is true. A write off doesnt mean im going to buy everything because of that. Its not a right off i have to pay for this shit. Its just a slight discount if you want to do the calculations. I never went with the slightest thought of hey i can wtite this off lets go for it then. Lets get 3 d5 cause i can write it off. I have to pay for it and still work my ass off to make back enough to profit and pay it off. The write off is peanuts in change and u only see that slight return down the line. But i have to pay out of pocket now to get it and in hope to pay it off later. But the item must be useful for me. It needs to do something better and fix a problem i have when shooting. I dont buy something that wont give something that i never needed. Agree with u 110%

          • captaindash

            Amen. People use “it’s a write off” as if businesses don’t have to pay for it because it’s all refunded somehow. You know who says this? People who have A: never owned a business and B: people who think that everybody who owns a business or has money is just “one of them” and are all greedy jerks who deserve scorn and just assume the meaning of the term write off.

        • Spy Black

          I’m not arguing your point or validating Nikon’s. It’s pretty much the only practical way to buy it if you want it.

          • fanboy fagz

            I really have no use for it. Those who do need it will get a nice ass pounding im just pissed at nikons pricing for something that could be better than the built in wifi like the d750 but could cost 350 ibstead of 700.

            • Scott

              Not validating price either… just for the record, it supports ac protocol which is much higher bandwidth than any built-in, and adds an Ethernet port. For folks with a specific requirement, I imagine its very useful for data transfer.

            • ITN

              It’s a specialized piece of kit that only very few people will buy. That’s why it’s expensive. The development cost per unit is very high (mainly those who work with remote cameras for professional sports coverage need this). The WT-6A for the D5 is so small because most of the parts needed for this functionality is built into the larger camera chassis (e.g. the ethernet port is in the camera itself) but they want the antenna module to be outside.

      • T.I.M

        LOL !
        $650 is $650, even as a business expense !
        Do you think airlines companies like to pay high prices for kerosene ?
        Trust me, if you want to be rich, choose an other job, not photographer !
        99% photographers choose to do that job because it started as a hobby, they like taking pictures, money is not the first choice for that job.

        • Scott

          You never disappoint.

        • Spy Black

          “I could have been a doctor, but checking people’s ass all day long is not my cup of tea…”

          …but with the money you’d make you could afford the finest teas…

        • You could be a gynecologist……

    • ITN

      It does have a larger range (200m) than consumer-level wifi gadgets so it can be used for remote control and image transfer at large sports stadiums. This is what the device is designed for.

      • Pete L.

        Thanks for the info. That makes a little more sense. Although, it still seems high. Glad I don’t need one!

  • whisky

    Nikon WT-7A Wireless Transmitter $749.95 (as per link at this time)

    • You have to add the coupon code I provided in the post in order to get the discount.

      • whisky


  • Paco Ignacio

    Nikon, you are out of your effing mind

  • jstevez

    For $749 one can get a top of the line smartphone these days, Nikon prices are out of whack.

    • T.I.M

      smartphones are for idiots, that’s the reason why they need a smart phone….

  • purenupe1

    Lol….Nikon ive considered your sale and still no thanks

  • dclivejazz

    Sorry, Nikon, I choose not to view my purchase of Nikon cameras and lenses as loss leaders. These accessory prices are still ludicrous.

  • jvm156

    i can’t imagine buying any of this stuff at those prices. rather spend the money on glass

  • Eric Calabros

    Given its range and bandwidth, I cant say its overpriced. even a homemade transmitter with eBay stuffs can’t be cheap if you want to have the same performance of this. WT-Xs have always been expensive, even in D2h days.

  • FountainHead

    At the heart of the image via the middle of your arse.

  • Jorge

    Um… I can get six Meinke’s for the price of ONE Nikon. Thanks. But no thanks. Speaking of which, I dropped my D700 with a Zeiko’s grip on the stone floor at El Morro in Old San Juan during a dest. wedding there; Pieces of the grip which thankfully hit the floor first, flew in every direction. But, the darn thing kept on functioning even though I could see the green “mother board” or card inside! I just had to be extra careful not to get any water in it — which in the end, almost 18 months after I dropped it, proved to be the demise of the grip. Rain water. I mean, this thing was destroyed… But saved my 24-70 and my 700! I think it cost me like $50.00 back in 2011…

  • The wireless transmitter is listed on the Nikon USA site as $934.95 (and “out of inventory”). The fact that it’s listed as $749.95 means that, unlike other Nikon products, it is allowed to be offered regularly at a roughly 20% discount.

    • nwcs

      Or are these really refurbs or gray?

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    I wish every pro product was cheap enough that I could afford everything I want, but Nikon is charging what the market will bear. I do the same. My services are billed at the highest price I can charge – I have NO desire to be “fair” or priced so low that everyone can afford me.

    • purenupe1

      And proably considered as a last resort expenditure

      • Not exactly. If one is confident of one’s worth and value in buyer’s eyes, one can price themselves sky high. Of course at a risk of not spreading themselves at all.

      • Nikon1isAwesome!

        A “last resort” for folks who simply shop on price. I really don’t want those customers.

        • purenupe1

          The market for professional photogs is a shrinking one….choose your words carefully

          • Nikon1isAwesome!

            Truth. There might come a time when we all would work for less. I’m not a pro photographer, but the truth applies to us all.

    • decentrist

      you cannot charge what you want selling a commodity. It’s either a race to the bottom, or a slow starvation because of delusional thinking.

      • Nikon1isAwesome!

        Nobody can simply charge what they want. My rates are currently at 60% of what I “want”, but that is all the market will bear in my the 100k population market I choose to live in.

        • decentrist

          confirming my previous statement that you are selling a perceived commodity just as Nikon battery grips are a commodity. If you had a brand of one, price is irrelevant. Yes, some people/companies charge exactly what they want because they offer what no one can bring to the market.

          • Nikon1isAwesome!

            Nobody charges “what they want” unless they aim too low. I charge a higher fee then any of my local competitors and my “brand” has the value to do so. Nikon would charge more if they could…and so would anybody else. There is no future in a race to the bottom, there is always somebody who will do the work cheaper. If your brand is worth the money there is no slow starvation either.

  • decentrist

    bought a knock-off D810 battery grip for $11.50…what could possibly be the cost to make this piece?

  • Russell Ferris

    Battery grips? More like battery gyps.

  • DP

    $650 for a clunky wifi dongle!

    Nikon needs a reality check. It’s sad to see them so completely and utterly out of sync with the times!

    But sadder still are the apologists putting up and shutting up…

  • Nikita

    just stupid pricing, regardless. rather live without it

  • rjgeek

    They should just integrate the wifi transmitter into the battery grip. Can’t imagine it would add any more mass to an already chunky add-on. Boom. Trademarked, I call it.

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