Firmware update version 1.11 for Nikon 1 V3 released

Nikon released firmware update version 1.11 for the Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera ($1,196.95) with one fix for the GP-N100 GPS unit ($94):

"Fixed an issue that caused increased drain on the camera battery when the camera was off or in sleep mode with a GP-N100 GPS unit attached."

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  • Citizen Kang

    Whew…Nikon really went out on a limb for us on this one. Those engineers must be really tired after all the work they did on this firmware release…

    • Alexander Thomas

      They’ll need another 3 years of time off after all that development they’ve done.

      • manattan

        Well, its already been more than 2 years since the V3 was released. Hopefully you are right and that within a year, they will finally have something.

    • sickheadache

      I guess they still make these cameras.

      • manattan

        That was my thought. Wow, I cannot believe anyone at Nikon still cares about the N1 line. Maybe we can get that outlier to also make a V4.

  • whisky

    i’d rather they give some love to the GP-N100 utility software. it’s been broken since two OS’s ago.

  • Member

    …. just to let you know that Nikon 1 is still alive.
    This solution might have been found while working on another Nikon 1 project, hopefully a V4, and ported to V3. This could be a sign that we can expect a J6, V4 or even S model.

    • Fork the S model Nikon has a bloated enough lineup as it is. They need a V4 stat, with better DR and ISO and an A7SII style lower pixel count allowing 4k30 without pixel binning. The efforts pioneered on this endeavor would result in a later lower cost J6 version sans EVF. It’s too much to expect something as rad as say V4 built in EVF, J6 optional EVF add-on. If it was equipped with the latest RX100 sensor I would be happy, that’s a nice chip, and also needs to be a decent videographers tool, I use my J4 to the edge of its performance, I’ve found scenarios where I can consistently make the camera freeze if I push it too hard, in certain modes.

  • Max

    I want a firmware update that will give the V3 a viewfinder.

  • When camera companies have production disrupted by natural disasters they could do worse than dedicate their software engineering teams to firmware updates. They might even be able to charge for particularly useful updates, but in any event it would help keep existing customers happy while they got their houses in order.

    • manattan

      Existing N1 customers would be happy if Nikon would announce some sort of road map for the future of that mount. Something even as general as we aim to update the V series every 3 years, etc. They have the same consistency for the D4/4s/5 line, it would make better since to apply consistency to the rest of their products.

      • I agree, otherwise I am pretty sure the N1 is dead already.

        • purenupe1

          Even a simple update to the firmware allowing use of the full AF to FT1 adated lenses would make me happy as i have both a v1 and v3 that could make awesome trail / wilderness cameras.

      • preston

        Nikon doesn’t release road maps for products. I’ve never seen one from them before. They don’t care how useful it may be. Put another way, they’d rather you question and then leave the brand than possibly know what they are working on.

        • Clubber Lang

          It’s a decision that probably cost them plenty of customers. Let’s face it. A small camera is nice in a lot of circumstances. It would be nice to have a compatible system from full frame down to a point and shoot. Same RAW file predictability, flash, etc. but Man, I have waited a while to see how their 1 line shakes out and it just seems so wishy washy.
          I decided to dip my toes in another brand for a small backpacking camera setup. It’s a shame because all that they need to do is throw it’s users a small bone.

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