Nikon D5 first hands-on impression by DigitalRev

DigitalRev published their first hands-on impression video of the Nikon D5 camera:

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  • Somebody sent me this Nikon D5 4k video sample, but I am not sure if it is legit:

    • Lex Cross

      It’s legit. I’ve seen the dolphin samples from the same park with the D5 from the same links you posted the other day. Keep looking at those because they update constantly.

    • fanboy fagz

      wow hypnotic.

      • silmasan

        Forget the D5, I want this water feature for my bedroom’s bath tub.

    • Stephen Corby

      Looks like the same place the engadget photos were taken for their review, I would say that adds more credibility.

  • T.I.M

    All right, SOLD, but CF or XQD ?
    (I already have several fast CF cards and I don’t do video).
    I guess even if the D30x30 does not show up, I found my birthday gift !

    • So you mean to say, you were rumourmongering?

    • As a D4 owner I can definitely say XQD. It is a TON faster – I noticed the difference right away even with the much slower XQD cards available then.

      Also, XQD cards used to be outrageously expensive compared to CF, now they are not too bad, with the 128gb one going for $160.

      If you’re anything like me, your prehistoric CF cards are near end of life anyway, so I strongly suggest upgrading to the faster card standard. Worth every penny at this point.

      • outkasted

        I endorse your opinion 100%

      • neversink

        I concur. XQD in my D4 is much faster than any of the CF cards out there. CF is becoming outmoded, At least for pro cameras.

      • frog1man

        Bought a D4 when they were first introduce. The D4 has both CF and XQD slots. The D4 came with XQD card and card reader. I get in excess of a 175meg a second download speeds. CF cards are not even close. Can’t wait to get my hands on the D5!

    • outkasted

      get CF since you can always get a module switch over later if you really wish

      • outkasted

        Point Given Below By David

      • frog1man

        If you value your time you will go with the XQD model.

    • Allen_Wentz

      XQD or XQD. Let your existing CF live with the cameras they are used in now. CF has no redeeming features except that it is not SD. Plus top-speed card prices have finally become civilized.

      It bothers me quite a lot that Nikon put SD in the D500 for the 2nd slot, limiting the camera to SD performance unless one cripples the camera to single-slot operation.

      • 24×36

        Agreed 100% on second slot SD. I’m hoping Nikon will go dual XQD on the D810 successor for the same reasons. Definitely one of the things Nikon should NOT have copied from Canon.

    • sickheadache

      So…Keeping up is not your thing? Remember when NR posted the test between CF and XQD…Remember? Just a few weeks ago…Remember? Remember? Is it coming back now? Information highway? Remember Google..The Information Highway. T.I.M Please Keep up. Your about to be voted off this Island.

  • Mike D

    This has got to be the stupidest, most useless “review” I have ever seen.

    • Eric Calabros

      People mostly following their YouTube channel to watch the Asian side of making jokes, not to decide what camera is better tool to upgrade to.

      • Tooki

        The stupid part is that they used to do real gear reviews and have pretty interesting shows. The last couple of years their content has gone way down hill. Pretty much everything since Alamby left has been shit.

        • Orange Elephant

          Alamby left? Nooooooooooo! 🙁

        • Paul

          Kai basically does one decent piece a month now

        • G0nzo

          com’on not since alamby left, it was already getting bad when she was arround. such a stupid reason to say “after she left”

          • Tooki

            I was using that as a way to demarcate time, not to suggest that she was the reason the show was good. Although if David Hobby is to be believed, she may have in fact been one of the main reasons the show was good.

      • G0nzo

        back in the days it was very informative though… but in the recent two year or so..the quality went extremly down/bad…and this clip tops it even more :/

        • captaindash

          People have been making your exact same claim for longer than 2 years. The show is still the show. You are just getting tired of it, that’s all.

    • Well.. The title is “Hands-on First impression”. Not “review”.

      • AYWY

        Was going to point out the exact same thing. :p

    • DigitalRev are like that.Sometimes funny, and rarely informative.

    • What did you expect? He covered changes to the controls, touched on performance at extreme ISOs, demonstrated buffer size and flush rate, frame rate including mirror up with live view (which will be very important at the olympics because that’s how things like the diving are shot), and auto focus performance through the viewfinder. Sure, there are bad jokes and fluff but it’s actually not nearly as bad as more “serious” videos that consist of an ad for some crappy series of instructional videos followed by a turgid recitation of shit you already know, before you discover the presenter doesn’t actually know enough to test the stuff that matters.

      • P. Turtle

        I think just about everyone expects an insightful, straightforward overview of the camera. Wit is good and so is funny, but this video contained neither. On an irritation scale of 1 to 10, this has to be an 11. The Camera Store in Calgary often injects humor in their reviews, and they manage to pull it off, because they are informative and witty. This was just plain awful.

        • preston

          I’m going to assume you meant a scale of 1 to 100 then 😉

        • I’m with you on the humor (maybe it’s something that doesn’t translate well, like urine jokes in Hong Kong martial arts movies), but the fact is that they actually covered all the bases I mentioned. I assume they weren’t able to take RAW images off the camera (even if they could have processed them) but they displayed “insight” in actually highlighting all the key features that you can’t simply read about (such as ergonomics, where the new controls are, how fast the camera feels, how quick the buffer clears, how the AF behaves). It’s not comprehensive, but the content to dreck ratio actually competes with many online “previews” (in fact, it probably compares favorably to their in-depth reviews which have a lot of wasted time of that guy wandering around making snarky remarks).

        • purenupe1

          also note they only had 1 hour with the camera. The video was fine. If you want more info go read the spec page on the nikon website or wait to rent before you purchase if your scared that somehow its radically different from the D4. Truth is nikon bodies within the same class…. entry ..enthusiasts…and professional are meant to feel and shot exactly the same.

      • captaindash

        People have had the “it used to be better a couple years ago” complaints for, well, much more than a couple years now, haha. Things aint what they used to be and never were.
        -Mark Twain

      • captaindash

        Because this review should be exactly like the million other reviews that are about to come out. Photographers fear anything that’s not DXO.

    • JL

      I think this review is all you need to know about that camera. It is for professionals and every professional will know or feel if he/she wants that camera or not.

      On the other hand you sometimes see faux-professional amateurs on forums who do high ISO comparisons between a D810 and D750 for over a year before finally making a purchase decision. That is stupid.

      • silmasan

        Surely you jest. A couple of sleepless weeks will do.

      • Paul

        good points

    • fanboy fagz

      not funny or witty at all. I have a hard time understanding tone loc guy. I think its a crap overview of the came. especially pros looking for a serious review. kai does witty jokes here and there when he reviews but here it seems they specifically made it extra stupid because its the D5.

      this is no where near the level of witty or funny reviews of top gear. as soon as I saw them rolling around in the beginning, I cringed and stopped it.

      • PabloNY

        Where is Kai? he is the only funny guy in the show but havent seen him on the last few videos.

        • fanboy fagz

          I dont know, its not my turn to look after him. I think hes pumping alambi

      • Michiel953

        Top Gear is adolescent, not funny nor witty at all.

        • fanboy fagz

          thank god for you theyre off of bbc. now youll pay to watch their great humor through amazon prime 😉

          • Michiel953

            I’d rather spend the money on a few rolls of Double-X…

            • fanboy fagz

              I will tell you this though. their new show will either be a HUGE success or a so so success. but not a fail. but I thnk those 3 stooges took too much time to do a comeback. maybe because they couldnt find someone to take them or they purposely wanted people to miss them so theyll have a big comeback. or maybe it was written in their contract that they werent allowed to do anew show after leaving top gear right away.

              but if they dont do something similar to the theme of the top gear show, im not certain it will hold after a while. I hope so

    • P. Turtle

      Agree. A painful viewing experience.

    • Elvir Redzepovic

      Digitalrev is channel tailored for imbeciles and full-fledged morons.
      I guess retards have to have something to watch too.

  • Jason Ortiz

    I sent the link. Digital rev is like the top gear for cameras. You sometimes get an actual review but mostly it’s just joking around.

    • nwcs

      LOL, good comparison! I’d say maybe the old top gear. The new one will be lame. Regardless of how you view Clarkson the new one won’t have the same chemistry.

  • usa

    Can I get my 8 minutes back? Painful to watch.

    • waterengineer

      If you lasted eight minutes there is a problem. Me, 30 seconds.

  • I dont suppose its long now till we get someone who has doshed the cash to give us sample NEFs and we can see the ISO performance at the RAW level. I am bemused that Nikon have not supplied yet – surely this, as well as speed, is the main selling point of this cam – strange strategy. I am sure there are many more like me who are still in a D800/D3S world who are waiting for proof before raiding the bank. But I won’t be drawn into raiding the bank without proof Mr. Nikon!

    • Allen_Wentz

      I had the opportunity to spend some time with both cameras at one of the road shows. The operation of both D5/D500 is just sweet. I did not need to pixel-peep a NEF file beyond what the LCD displays to make a preorder decision.

      Whether high-ISO performance visually improves ~0.1 stop or ~2 stops I am confident that it will not go downhill, and coming from D3 the operational parts I could test are far more important to me than tiny RAW ISO details.

  • Brian

    Where’s the other guy that does the reviews? Much funnier!

  • IronHeadSlim

    Bring back Kai & Alamby!

    • Yep. Lok is too stiff and nerdy. Great guy, but not as the main presenter. That new guy has a certain narcissism needed to be a talking head, though.

  • Michiel953

    It’s either a small guy or a big camera. I didn’t take the trouble of watching the video.

  • Ill stick with my D4s till the D6

  • abhisheknath

    I enjoyed it. Thought it was funny and as informative as it needed to be.

  • Siech


  • RE Burns

    Does anyone have an update on USA availability? I pre-ordered from B&H on 2/25, but juggling the timing for airline tickets for a trip with the camera’s projected arrival. Customer service at B&H doesn’t know much.

  • Ben Bibikov

    F – for acting
    D- – for being informative
    A – for being pointless

    • neversink

      B for being funny….

    • jeverton1

      I agree… Let’s get something we can actually analyze to make a financial decision! To date all marketing hype with little insights on highlight details and higher resolution images. It just goes to show there is not a standard criterion approach to any of these reviews.

  • blblbl

    12 FPS? I thought that’s 2011 when 1DX came out. Still impressive, yes, but 14 FPS with full autofocus that 1DX2 offers is where its at for the action.

    • Paul H.

      Not sure how many of those 14 FPS from the Canon actually hold a solid focus tracking through a sequence, and that’s supposedly where the D5 shines in a major way. I’d rather have slightly fewer shots in focus myself…

    • Nick

      My D4 always had many more in focus frames than my friends 1DX when we shot them side by side during auto racing. We’re shooting the same thing and the older camera wins by a mile. Accuracy is much more important than a couple fps

      • same experience

      • blblbl

        too bad all the reviews said exact opposite, mark I 1DX was always praised for its AF, burst and buffer.

  • Lee


  • Flipper Tweenie

    I don’t know how I could ever afford a D5, but I certainly love what I see. 🙂

    • silmasan

      Here’s an easy how-to: In 2021~2022, look for a mint used copy (there will always be some from the rich too-busy-to-take-photography-seriously hobbyists who are soon going to be buying it and then leave it pretty much unused for years).

      Because the same thing has been happening since before F5 years to D3s (and is still happening for D4 and D4s).

  • SkyMeow

    I’m quite disappointed with this “review”. He mostly talked about burst shooting. Hardly mentioned or tested any other thing useful such as high ISO and dynamic range.

  • EarlFargis

    I’m not sure at what point DigitalRev decided they were funny but it was all downhill from there.

  • mark_BC

    I here there’s also a DX D500!

  • RayEames

    Kai as the frontman. Lok behind the camera. Get another attractive, dry witty person for some interplay and hit record. It worked in the past. It can work again.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Damn, is that a Mac truck he is holding? It looks like it outweighs him.

  • MacPaul

    These Asian guys are like little children. Can’t understand how someone still links them.

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