Nikon DL accessories and hands-on reports from CP+

Nikon DL optional accessories (sold separately):

Hands-on with the Nikon DL cameras at the CP+ show in Japan (check out also Richard Haw's report from the Nikon booth):

Few more videos of the new DL models:

Nikon DL 24-500 4k sample video:

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  • another picture of the finger straps:

    • Infinite Vortex

      For a second there I thought they were Nikon branded handcuffs 😛

    • Allan

      Looks kinky.

      • James Donahue

        I hope they sell them as a stand alone something or other.

      • They’ll follow a couple of months from now with Anthony Weiner autographed edition. (With obvious second set of instructions)

    • AlphaTed

      Looks like another thing can fit in there other than fingers.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, I feel sorry for you. 😉

        • Blagoya D.

          Ergo, you feel sorry for yourself. Logical fallacy you’ve postulated there my friend, setting your own trap and falling right into it.

          • preston

            Maybe he meant he was sorry for the guy who is small enough to fit in one of those?

            • Patrick O’Connor

              With a name like Blagoya, perhaps he doesn’t understand sophomoric western humor. 🙂

          • Patrick O’Connor

            No trap. It was a joke. You can always tell ’cause of the winking smiley face emoticon thingy at the end of the sentence. 🙂

        • AlphaTed

          What’s wrong with a monopod or a selfie pole ?

          • Patrick O’Connor

            I have a monopod but it’s a lot thicker than my thumb. I don’t really know what a selfie pole is so I’ll assume that’s what you meant. 🙂

            • AlphaTed

              Selfie sticks or GoPro poles are usually thinner than full sized monopods.
              I think that’s what the strap is for.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Okay. I don’t know what a GoPro pole is either but I guess it’s for holding a GoPro for some reason. Actually, I’ve never even seen a GoPro so…
              I don’t get out much.

          • Alexander Myodov

            Selfie pole… oh, THAT IS how you western people call it!

            • AlphaT

              Hahaha. I made that up. I combined selfie stick and the action camera pole.

    • Riley Escobar

      Never heard of finger straps. I wonder how well they work in practice?

    • CommonPleas

      It would have made more sense to have a wrist strap.

    • PhilK

      Needs some nice metal studs on there.

  • HotDuckZ

    I want that hipster handcuffs!!

    However I think EP-5 doesn’t fit DL, I have it for my D40X.

  • doge

    rofl at that finger trap.

    Why not offer a nicely made leather wrist strap?

  • Peter

    They sell it for only 299$ me thinks:)

  • doge

    Weird that the sample 24-500 video on youtube is called 4k, but they only uploaded it at 1080p. It looks pretty good for 1080p. But if that’s 4k footage that was downsampled to 1080p, eh, not too great.

  • Clubber Lang

    After looking at this camera and a human hand holding it, Is it me or would it require oompa loompa hands to press one of the buttons on the back without pressing five at a time. I suppose Nikon could capitalize on this and package a tiny spider monkey as an accessory that is trained to operate the controls and sit on your shoulder in the meantime until called upon.

    • They may be going in the direction of the touchscreen functionality, finally, with this type of compact camera.

    • preston

      I was happy to see that it looks like they made the buttons protrude a little bit like on a dslr. That is one of the many annoying things about the Coolpix A (buttons that are flush with the case).

    • PhilK

      Perhaps the Spider Monkey Monetization Strategy is designed to offset lower profit-margins due to heavy competition on the cameras themselves.

      It’s a freemium model: the default spider-monkey is irascible, non-house-trained and doesn’t understand depth of field. Whereas you can order the premium spider-monkey, which does all those things, has been trained in the rule-of-thirds, the Zone System and Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment.

  • Jeez that’s a lotta video, can I get a TLDR on the sharpness of the 18-50 at 18 and 1.8?

    • Vincent Aquilino

      Hey there,Can the 18-50 and 24 -85 take
      polorizer filters?

      • preston

        They have filter threads, so yes.

      • pjpo

        There is also a nice rectilinear Panasonic 46mm 0.75x wide angle adapter that should work on the 18-50 and take it to 14mm. Anybody know if there are any other better quality 46mm WA adapters? The 24-85 takes 40.5mm filters.

        • pedantic_brit

          The Nikon WC-E68 from Coolpix 5000 days has a 46mm thread but is designed to take a 28mm (effective) lens to 19 or so. Worked very well on my Coolpix 5000 and I had good results with my LX5. Just tried one on my Coolpix A with the Bower adapter tube and a 52-46mm step down ring. The centre is excellent – looks almost as good as the naked lens. The edges and corners are so bad that once cropped to remove the smearing one is more or less back to a 28mm fov. Of course it is unlikely my home brew adapter puts the converter at the optimum distance from the lens but that the centre is so sharp while the edges are so bad dicourages me from experimenting.
          I’m pretty sceptical that a converter designed to work with a lens with a FOV of around that of a 28mm will work well with something much wider.

          • Karl Lindgren

            Like you, I have a WC-E68 that I use on my Coolpix A. I find that stopping down, to say f5.6–8, gives acceptable edges, while the corners remain a bit soft. The mount I use is the UR-E24.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        They seem to have 40.5mm filter threads judging by the pics.

  • Sawyerspadre

    Why does Nikon do dumb things like finger straps? Who, on this planet, thought that was a good idea?

    • whisky

      grant you it’s bold, but why do some men carry a man purse?
      different strokes for different folks.

      • Allan

        Vive la difference.

  • Captain Megaton

    Luv cuffs?

  • usa

    The “finger” straps will be on perpetual back order in San Francisco.

    • PhilK

      Actually we make our own here. 😉

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Those square lens hoods are sexeh tho…Shame they won’t fit on any of my lenses.

    • PhilK

      Just think, combine those sexeh lens hoods with those black leather finger straps…oooh la la!

  • James Donahue

    That Case looks phoney. Plasticy, Cheap. Who ever photographed must have used a Hassie.Sony.

    • whisky

      think they’d sell better if they were made of fine german leather and had a red dot embossed on them? 🙂

  • Aldo

    I would cover this thing in gaffers tape and make it look as unattractive as possible… fancy cases and fancy straps scream “steal me”

  • Looking at the picture of the DL for this story I just had a nice surprise — it uses the same 40.5mm filters most of the 1 series lenses take.

  • pjpo

    Why do none of the cases allow for the optional EVF? It makes an award hump that won’t fit an any other kind of case, so when you have the chance to custom make your own, why exclude it?

    • Vincent Aquilino

      Nikon SW-16 wide-flash adapter for DL 18-50.What flash are they talking about?

      • pjpo

        That would be an external flash that fits into the hot shoe since the 18-50 is the only one that doesn’t have one built in.

        • Vincent Aquilino

          Yes ,I know about no built in flash bot Nikon offers many different nflashes.Is the wide flash adapter able tobfit all Nikon flashes?

          • pjpo

            My ASSUMPTION is that it would be an extra small one similar to the accessory flash that was included on previous Sony NEX. I never once used the flash withy various NEX, so I’m happy to see it as an accessory. The oddity is the word “adapter” which is probably just a misnomer.

          • pjpo

            My ASSUMPTION is that it would be a small accessory similar to the little flash included with Sony NEX cameras. I never used mine even once. This one will hopefully a bit taller than the pop up flashes to not get shaded by the bigger lens. You know what would also be great? A dedicated macro/ring flash for these.

    • pedantic_brit

      Just the same with the Coolpix A. The leather case is useless with the OVF.
      The least Nikon could do is supply a nice tiny hard case with the EVF, as Panasonic did for the EVF made for the LX5. That could be clipped to the camera neck strap and had a little plastic shoe inside.

  • P. Turtle

    The camera itself may be a good product, but Nikon’s marketing is simply annoying. The accessories come across as pretentious little frills that have zero appeal for the average shooter. A simple leather wrist strap should be included in the box… that’s all.
    These cheesy gadgets are following the blueprint of the nauseating ad campaign promoting the hipster DF.

  • Justtakethepicture

    A quick correction… your post implies the lens hoods are optional, they are not. The cameras come with the lens hood.

  • nzswedespeed

    If they made a underwater versions n of the 18-50, I would be all over that!!

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