$50 price drop on the new Nikon DL 18-50 camera

Nikon DL price drop
The new Nikon DL 18-50 camera is already $50 off at Amazon only. Update: the price is now updated but few readers were able to order the camera for $799.

Other Nikon deals:

The current Nikon rebates are set to expire in 2 days.

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  • MonkeySpanner

    Probably a refurb.

    • No, they’re the ones with the white dot in the tripod socket.

  • Chandra Venkataramani

    I clicked on it.. I think it was a glitch. As it now shows $849

    • Spy Black

      I was going to say that didn’t take long!

    • Mike Gordon

      They are honoring my pre-order at $799 so far. Glad I saw that one this morning!

      • pedantic_brit

        That’s a good deal – but in Maryland it is virtually a wash compared to buying from B&H, Adorama etc as Amazon charges sales tax for deliveries here.

  • doge

    Funny that the description says 24-85mm. Someone didn’t edit their copy.

  • Shutterbug

    June 30? Wow that’s bad.

    • Mike

      It’s funny. Some launches have product ready to ship in 2 weeks. It’s a big miss by Nikon not to capitalize on the excitement. Lots of Sony’s will be sold uncontested before June. People sitting with their CC in hand may have second thoughts by June.

      • Shutterbug

        They just wanted to announce at CP+, it’s really not that uncommon. Look at the Canon 5DS/R and the Canon 200-400/4 – they announced, and then it was months and months before you could buy one. If the trade shows don’t jive with their launch dates, we get to wait…

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    buttloads of refurbs… even before launch… I am Nikon.

    • jonra01

      Ah yes, the butthurt_fanboy arrives from his favorite canon or sony site to bless us with his wisdom. Too bad Nikon has been blowing everyone else away with all of the new camera releases.

  • doge

    If you’re a fan of the 1″ sensor, that V2 is actually a pretty good deal.

    • nwcs

      I would love to see a fire sale on the V3 or V2 for $199. But I’d still be frustrated at the lack of lenses.

      • TO-DOUG

        While it would be very nice to have some fast primes for my V2, there is a decent range of zoom lenses now. Need a 135mm? Just put your Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.4 or 1.8 lens onto the Nikon 1 with the handy adapter, and presto there’s an excellent and fast medium telephoto! Basically, it is free because you already have your nifty fifty. Want more reach? Just put your 70-300 onto the Nikon 1 and you have an exotic!

        • nwcs

          I had the FT1 on my V1 and even with the firmware update the lenses just didn’t perform all that well. Plus you’re limited in AF focus points and the size is pretty large. But what I’d like to see is a 10mm and 18mm f1.2 or 1.4. Sized for the 1″ sensor it would be pretty small.

          • TO-DOUG

            I agree totally about the reduction in focus points. I am assuming that that there was a valid reason why the FT1 can’t allow use of all the focus points on the N1 body. One can hope that a firmware update can fix that at some point in the future. I have the N1 18.5mm f1.8 and it is small. What is amazing is how little glass there is in the lens. It could clearly be an f1.4 or f1.2 and still have roughly the same diameter.
            I assume when you say “10mm or 18mm” you mean equivalent. The 18mm equiv. would be 6.7mm actual, and of course there already is the 6.7-13mm zoom but it is slow even at the wide end.

            • nwcs

              In this case I didn’t mean equivalent. I’m thinking of the existing lenses done much better and faster.

    • TO-DOUG

      The V2 remains an excellent deal for an excellent camera. I have one to use when I don’t want to carry my FF Nikon. It is much better than the V3. It has a built-in EVF, built-in flash, a hand grip, 14 MP sensor and takes real SD cards. Plus the fast AF, etc. It is still available online (from NYC) refurbished, body only at US$300.

  • sickheadache

    Selling Like Hotcakes! How many Hotcakes did you sell? 10

    • wapiti

      I am waffling on this one.

  • Spy Black

    Love this “feature” on the V2 link:
    “Direct access to PASM exposure controls”

  • saywhatuwill

    $50 drop on a camera that hasn’t been released yet? Now that’s weird.

    • Most likely a mistake that will cause the orders to be cancelled.

      Pentax.com accidentally listed the K-3 II for $119 instead of $1019 or something like that, and I ordered a couple, but yeah… That didn’t get very far.

  • whisky

    probably was a computer glitch.

  • jvossphoto

    Off topic, Administration have you heard anymore about the March lens rebates?

    • No, I have no other details for now.

      • jvossphoto


  • tomskyphoto

    Preorders for Germany/Continental Europe are pretty much a joke and blatant ripoff: the cameras are between 75 (24-85) to 100 Euros more expensive than in the UK with an almost identical sales tax (19% GER, 20% UK).

    All major German retailers are listing the camera preorders as follows (UK prices in Euro based on currency exchange rates of 26FEB16):

    DL 24-85: 769,- EUR (UK: 695,-; incl. EVF 845,-)
    DL18-50: 959,- EUR (UK: 859,-; incl. EVF 1010,-)
    DL 24-500: 1049,- EUR (UK: 949,-)

    In addition the rather attractive EVF bundles available in the UK aren’t offered for preorder in Germany. Based on the average European sales tax around 20% the UK prices for once even look reasonable when compared to the US pricing excluding tax. The German prices definitely do not.

    • hje

      You can easily order in the UK. Within the EU it’s customs free, and shipping cost is low.

      But I do get your point.
      (if you’re in a good mood, look up the nikon prices in Switzerland)

      • tomskyphoto

        I know, but neither Jessops nor Wex ship outside of the UK. Alas, I’m not the preorder type anyways; want to see some reviews first and wait out the initial price drops.

        I also know about the Swiss prices but haven’t bought new Nikon gear for ages as there’s so much refurbished or barely used stuff floating around. But as my parents live close to the Swiss border. Sa visit there might bring a DL 18-50 with it…

    • TO-DOUG

      Can you order from Canada? Retailers in Toronto are selling the DL 24-85 for CDN$800. That’s roughly the equivalent of 550 Euros. Not sure if you would need to pay our sales tax of 13%, which would raise it to about 620 Euros. But that would still be less than your German price. Hmmm….

      • tomskyphoto

        Thanks for the tip; but if I buy outside of the EU I’m definitely going to pay 19% import duties. Would bring the price a bit above the UK prices.
        As the UK for the time being is still an EU member it looks as if my DL 18-50 incl. EVF will eventually be bought there. Just got to find me a seller who ships outside of the UK as neither Jessops nor Wex do or pick it up during a business trip. Heathrow has a nice camera store.

        • NicP

          Watch out maybe you will be asked to pay more taxes plus normal VAT for importing a camera if cost is more than 1000euros, or even worse in some European countries you might need to pay a registered customs clearing company to get it out of customs. Check it out with your customs first.

  • Jimmy Li

    Can someone tell me why the 18-50 cost more than the 24-85?

    • Nano coating, perspective correction, 18mm

    • Shutterbug

      In addition to what NR admin said, the lens is physically larger, and has a better MTF than the 24-85 version. You give up a built in flash and the super macro mode though.

      • Jimmy Li

        Ok thanks. Think I’ll stick with the 24-85 for more general purpose use

    • Lower volume products cost more than higher volume ones.

    • Pat Mann

      Just compare the cost of an ultrawide zoom (and you won’t find one that includes normal lens focal length at the tele end) to a midrange zoom on any camera and you’ll see the differences. Ultrawide zoom lenses are much more complex optically, and are usually much lower-demand items overall so have shorter manufacturing runs to support design, development and tooling costs. This is quite an interesting product.

  • Mark

    $50 rebate on a camera that hasn’t even shipped? And again, without an EVF, it’s dead in the water anyway.

  • Jimmy Li

    Up to what focal length can you stay at f1.8?

    • Pat Mann

      My money is on 8.8mm.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        hahah too true !

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