First Nikon wireless app for Windows 10 now available

First Nikon wireless app for Windows 10
The very first (unofficial) Nikon wireless app for Windows 10 is now available for download ($4.99, one day free trial):

Wirelessly download images you marked as "Send to smart device" on your WIFI capable Nikon camera. You can also remotely trigger the shutter release button, just like with an IR remote. Great for quickly sharing photos on the go via mobile, or for selfies. You can also synchronize your Nikon cameras time from your device. Use the one day free trial to test if the app is working fine with your camera. The trial app will not start after one day, which is not a bug. Make sure you updated your camera to the latest firmware. Also do not switch off your mobile while transferring (though nothing bad should happen). The app supports downloading your NEF raw files in full quality. You can edit them on the go with apps like Rawer or Fhotoroom. Downloading files larger than 50MB is not supported (e.g. large videos). Buy once, and as a Windows 10 Universal App it will work across all your Windows 10 devices. This app is NOT affiliated with Nikon Corp.

Nikon wireless app for Windows 10 3 Nikon wireless app for Windows 10 2 Nikon wireless app for Windows 10 Nikon wireless app for Windows 10 4
Update - here are few other similar solutions:

More third party software solutions based on Nikon’s SDK can be found here.

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  • Nick

    Anyone know of programs that work on win 7 like this?

    • Eric Calabros

      Not sure about “like this”, but there is a app named Airnef

  • koenshaku

    Anyone try this yet?

    • It has a free one day trial. You can simply test if it is compatible with your camera.

      • koenshaku

        Yeah I just did and it did not work with my D750.

        • What did not work? All nice here.

          • koenshaku

            It connected, but it couldn’t see or transfer images to my surface pro 3.

            • You cannot see images. You mark them in the camera. Go to the wifi menu in the D750, there is an option to mark “image to send to smart device”. The app will just download the images you selected in camera.

            • koenshaku

              I just noticed that. Using it on iOS and android I marked them in the app so I assumed it was talking about a different model of camera with an earlier version of wifi. This works and it works for my Lumia 950 I will buy and endorse this app it will get 4 stars for not having an in app selection option though.

            • Yeah, basic but works.
              PS: The apps web page has some screenshots how to do it:

      • Melkor

        Windows tablet also (like Surfaces) and Windows phones (with W10). I will wait that my D750 come back from cleanup before try it, but I clearly keep that link in my notes 🙂

  • CERO

    already 2 stars out of 5.. the app is that bad?

    • koenshaku

      It isn’t bad, it is Just basic. it works fine for what it is and it will work with any windows device you use with your windows account. Which is always nice.

  • Patryk Gęsiewicz

    It’s not the first and not the only one. There are other apps that can connect wirelessly to Nikon (and other brands) cameras and they are free.
    There are:
    qDSLRDashboard (free on Windows, Linux and OSX, ~10$ for iOS and Android) and free digiCamControl that works only on Windows.

    • No, they are all Windows Classic, not Windows 10. So you cannot use them on your Windows Phone or Phablet, only on PCs.

      • (q)DslrDashboard is a 100% free (for most part open source), cross platform (written in C++), fully functional software suite that can be used with any Android, Linux, Apple iOS/OSX and/or Windows (XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/2012/10) device, be it tablet, phablet, smart phone, laptop, netbook, portable, terminal or desktop computer.
        Sorry, no Windows Mobile. ;-/
        It works with any USB, wireless (Wi-Fi) or network (PTP/IP) connections, using standard protocols.
        Tested with Nikon and Canon cameras.

      • Trudy Harding

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  • ragamofyn

    if the quality of this application is like ANY piece of software Nikon has ever produced in-house, I’d save my $4.99. all their in-house software is absolute GARBAGE.

    • TheMeckMan

      This is not produced by Nikon; it’s [unofficial]. Agreed on the software side of things coming out of Nikon though. That was one thing that was 10000x better when I was in the Canon ecosystem. Canon’s software is top notch on Windows, Android, and Apple. Third party support is also infinitely better when I was on Canon. I sense Nikon is the Apple of camera companies and don’t like other people playing in their APIs. Just looking at the shear number of 3rd party products for Canon (for example Magic Lantern, Backyard EOS, among others)

      • ragamofyn

        I stand corrected — you’re right about it being [unofficial]. Sorry… looking at the “quality” of the application, I naturally assumed that it was another piece of Nikon tripe being sent out to the unassuming masses.

        from experience, Sony software is better than Nikon’s, but still not perfect. Samsung stuff works for the most part and at least it looks half decent…

        again, the Nikon stuff was built by amateurs or co-op students. I can’t tell which team would do worse, but that’s who won the internal programming competition!

  • Martin

    I don’t know why this is called the “first” app. There are are already several apps that do this. Some are even free.

  • That’s not an Win 10 app, it’s classic Windows. Try run it on your Win smartphone or other ARM based device 😉

  • Yes, it stays a traditional program, not an app. No phones, just PC-likes.
    For classic Windows there are many programs available like Nikon Camera Control Pro, or AIRNEF and many others.

    But so far there is nothing in the new Windows 10 Universal App world that could run on phones and such.

    But I’m sure everybody here would be very happy if you would port your program to a Win10 app (wink). It would be a hit 🙂

    • First, I am not involved with the people who make/distribute/promote/whatever qDslrDashboard (qDD) in any way, I’m just another informed user of electronic devices and computers, some of whom I build, repair, maintain and improve.
      And I do know the difference between a program and an app, I have been into programming and web design.

      Second, you seem to like the Microsoft “closed” proprietary world whose users of previous operating systems are being coerced into installing Windows 10 one way or another (behind their backs!) especially since january 1, 2016. This world includes Windows Mobile. Windows-based phones make up only 1.7% (and dropping) of all the smart phones on the planet.
      Windows-based tablets make up 18% of all tablets.
      Not quite “universal” now, is it? ;-/
      Such informed people are aware of the nightmare of spyware and invasion of privacy Windows 10 truly is, and are avoiding it like the plague, and some are even reverting back to their previous operating systems or installing Linux or OSX.
      qDD does not care about Microsoft devices (they do make a Windows edition for computers though), because many of its consumers are using free, (at least partly) open source operating systems and apps which run the majority of smart phones and tablets, and more and more computers/portables owners nowadays are choosing a Linux distro.

  • It’s not 100% free, the iOS version has been a paid app and just recently the author made the Android version paid as well. I have the last free version and it has the same functionality as the paid app, only some minor bug update for Canon that doesn’t even apply to me.

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