Nikon KeyMission 360 action camera priced at €499?

When Nikon announced their new KeyMission 360 action camera, they did not provide any pricing. A major European retailer currently lists the camera for €499 (around $500). Here are the available specifications I was able to collect:

  • Waterproof (approx. 100 ft./30m) rugged camera
  • Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
  • Shockproof up to 6.6'
  • Resistant to dust and low temperatures
  • Vibration reduction
  • 360° 4K UHD video
  • Dual lenses and image sensors
  • Built-in mic
  • WLAN/NFC/Bluetooth
  • Will be available in Spring of 2016

Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera pre-order

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  • doge

    Seems to be in the ballpark. Wouldn’t be surprised if that were the price.

    • Fry

      another Nikon product dead on arrival.. 300€ might give some gopro/sony/garmin shoppers a second thought, a pricetag of 500€ is simply ridiculous

      • Phil Harris

        So which other twin sensor and twin lens 4K UHD camera are you comparing it with?

        • Kyle Medina


        • Fry

          Irrelevant gimmick, just like 3D.
          GoPro, Sony Actioncams and Garmin Virbs are the cameras that Nikon needs to beat. And that won’t happen with the current pricetag.
          Not to mention the lowcost (but high quality) competition from the like of Xiaomi and Sjcam.

          • akkual

            You haven’t seen 360 videos on a VR set apparently. Especially for extreme sport action shoots that thing something completely different than 3D in movies. Nokia just released 10k$ such camera for real movie makers. For once, Nikon is truly here as one of the first.

            • BlueBomberTurbo

              Too bad the corners and stitching are kinda bad. Out the door goes immersion. I’ll wait for the KeyMission 370. 😉

          • Phil Harris

            There is a massive potential market for this technology for Police, fire services and military.
            360 degree surveillance will, I suspect, become a big deal in the near future.
            Nikon have placed themselves at the forefront of 360 technology, and with their reputation as quality suppliers to NASA among many others, I think it’s an exciting field for them.

            • If Nikon provides a stand/connection option, I will buy this camera for my car.

            • Thoughtful

              exactly what I was thinking – great for recording those who don’t care about anyone’s safety.

            • Bukakke Comet

              This camera is actually going to be one of the best options for your own car surveillance. Heck i’d even bet on this thing being the key witness.

            • Fry


              we have had 360 webcams since forever, what do you think all those military drones have been using until now ?

            • Phil Harris

              Military drones don’t use 360 degree cameras, and the cameras they do use cost a hell of a lot more that 500 euros a piece.
              The application would be for vehicle mounted surveillance or for personal wear.
              At the price point Nikon are offering it makes an attractive proposition.
              While the Chinese army might go for Xiaomi or Sjcam products, Nikons reputation will be a useful sales aid.

            • Fry

              KeyMission 360 allows you to record everything, but in low definition.
              A traditional action camera allows you to record just what you want to record, and in 4K.

  • T.I.M

    Made in ?

    • Mark

      Who cares? Probably China.

      Nikon’s F1.8 primes are some of their best lenses, and they’re all made in China along with the 105/2.8 VR MACRO. Many years later, no issues.

      The D810 & D750 are made in Thailand with proven, rock solid reliability and quality.

      People like to see “Made in Japan” but it doesn’t mean much. Just as many problem cameras come out of Japan as anywhere else.

      • T.I.M

        There is a difference in built quality, my first 105mm AF-S f/2.8 VR micro was made in Japan and it was perfect !
        Unfortunately, I dropt it and bought an other one (this time made in China).
        The one made in China is FULLY LOADED with CA, I sent it to Nikon but they said “It’s normal”.

        • Fly Moon

          So you think the Chinese employee can’t assemble the same items the same way the Japanese can?

          • T.I.M

            Yes, same as cars made in Italy compared to cars made in Germany.

            • Eric Calabros

              But I’m sure Chinese employee doesn’t know how to add CA to the lens design

            • T.I.M

              maybe they think CA as instant glue…

            • Hanudiyan

              So it’s either Chinese employee know how to add CA to lens, or Japanese employee has secret recipee to eliminate CA and refuse to share it abroad to Chinese employee.

            • Zero

              T.I.M. pls

              You clearly never had a Fiat, nor a Lancia, or Alfa Romeo.
              Italians car can be pretty shit too, just as much as other brands.
              Heck, some of the Ferrari 458 Italia models were called back because they caught fire when left outside during sunny days.
              And I am from Italy btw.

            • Fry

              “German” Mercedes is made in Hungary, “German” Porsche Cayenne is made in Slovakia, the Chinese can produce the exact same quality as everyone else.

              “Made in” is irrelevant in today’s world. It’s the brand and logo which tells you which quality you can expect, not the country of origin.

            • T.I.M

              I just bought a brand new RAM Promaster city (made by Fiat in Turkey).
              It is a piece of junk !!!
              It have only 1600 miles and I went back to the car dealer countless times !

            • Fry

              you buy a Fiat a don’t expect it to be a junk ?

            • Jason Ortiz

              Lamborghini is owned by Audi. It’s 90% german. So I guess your screwed either way.

            • .

            • You mean to say “I would take a Lamborghini or Ferrari made in Italy over sixteen VWs in Germany any day.”

    • Richard Haw

      made in japan does not mean a lot of things these days to be honest. but i would buy japan made products for political reasons and japan has been my home now for many years.

  • Fox sweN Lies

    360° 4K UHD video — gonna need LHC’s computers to edit those mega sized and complex video files.

    • Fly Moon

      An iMac or a MacBook Pro can do it easily. This is 2016 not 1995!!

      • Max

        Or a pc running Linux or Windows.

    • T.I.M

      You don’t edit theses videos, you put them on Youtube, and after 2-3 years you get about 50 views !

      • Fly Moon

        50 views in 2-3 years? If he’s lucky 🙂

      • Fry

        any decent 1080p action camera can record with a 40-50mbps bitrate – which is actually 3 times higher than what Youtube uses for 4K videos !

        If you want to share your videos in a good quality, you generally don’t use Youtube for that.

  • Fly Moon


  • whisky

    … but is it NX-D friendly?

  • T.I.M

    Perfect fit for my quadcopter !

    • Richard Haw

      that looks awesome!!!

  • Thom Hogan

    I don’t believe that it produces 3840 x 2160 pixel video.

    • Eric Calabros

      I also told them DR is where to work on 🙂
      GoPro applies better curves

  • sickheadache
    • The article says that GoPro is working to release a 360 camera as part of the plan to revive sales. Then it says Nikon beat them to the punch…so.

      • sickheadache

        So…go tell the 7% at Go Pro..that lost their jobs..cuz Go Pro was NOT on their game…right?

        • And WalMart is closing hundreds of stores…it doesn’t mean they’re going out of business. They’ve identified an opportunity and making a go of it. For a company without the resources of Nikon, It’s hard to say they’re doing that bad. Look, I couldn’t care less if GoPro lives or dies, I’m not so interested in what their products do that I would buy them. I’m just curious why you’re taking such a negative stance on GoPro when it’s obvious they’re doing what they need to do to adjust. They’ve been pretty successful…$1B in annual sales is nothing to sneeze at.

    • Captain Megaton

      That price includes tax., I imagine at least as that’s the usual way of things in Europe. So <$500 in US. And GoPro sells plenty of Hero Blacks at $400 a pop, their current problem is they haven't updated the those models while the cheaper Session proved to be relatively unpopular, so sales are tanking.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Why this when Nikon does not have a normal action camera.?

    • Captain Megaton

      Because that would be literally duplicating what GoPro already offers.

  • Ryan

    Not sure why Nikon ventured into this market. Maybe they should spend this time, effort and money on R&D for better cameras and lenses or at least replacement parts!

  • Richard Haw

    this is probably going to be a hit for a niche market. don’t forget that nikon manufactures stuff for defense as well so this also have a market there.
    nikon produces some oddball products from time to time as novelty…

  • Captain Megaton

    Yeah, probably $499 on release, dropping to $400-450.

    People considering paying $400 for a GoPro would look at the Nikon and think a) 360deg video and b) Nikon optics quality and would likely pay up.

    I mean it’s basically two GoPros stuck back-to-back, of course it should cost more than just one!

  • Tomas To-mas Halasz
    • ok, I think they are just guessing

      • Tomas To-mas Halasz

        Could be. I wanted to check if there are any dates for release in europe and was shocked with this price.
        Do you have any updates or links to another resellers?

        • No, I thought this price was legit, but now after the change I think they are just guessing.

          • Tomas To-mas Halasz

            Ok. Will see.

  • fredphoesh

    Stills resolution?? I’m hoping at least 32mp?

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