Nikon US rebates for February

Nikon did not announce any new "lens only" rebates for February (they have been doing it for few years now). In the US we already got a permanent Nikkor lens price drop few months ago, while prices are going up in other regions. The Nikon combo rebates are updated for February but I do not see any significant changes. The only new offers this month are (some of those were available in 2015 but then were canceled):

See also the current Nikon 1 rebates (not changed). More instant savings are available here.

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  • T.I.M

    It’s coming……

    • Joseph

      What is? My D700 successor? Lol jk.

      • T.I.M

        if you don’t need the pixels, the D700 is a great camera !

        • Joseph

          I most certainly agree. Just sold my D3s.

        • Remember when it was the best camera you could get…like FOUR years ago?

        • John Picking

          Don’t need. Still use.

    • T.I.M

      My birthday is in May, if the D30x30 is coming before June, can you make a 1$ subscription for NR readers ?
      I won’t be able to buy it (probably $3995 at release)

      • doge

        I have 1 doge coin for you if the 30×30 shows up soon.

        • T.I.M

          what the hell is a doge coin ???

          • EnPassant

            Old coin from Venice, Italy with an image of the Doge (Duke in English), the highest leader of the state.

          • Morris

            it’s a chunk of gold 🙂

          • whisky

            translation: pick up your fresh doge dropping soon.

    • Zoron

      u mean cumming ?

    • Eric Calabros

      Sorry for off topic comment
      it’s early but based on samples we can conclude that 1DXmark2 clean-crop-ability at high ISO (3200 here) is not at D5 level 😉
      Jpeag compression here hide most of the noise, but you can check that in their Canon Japan website.

    • CERO

      What? the D8XX replacement?

      • T.I.M

        I won’t say anything until I see my lawyer.

  • Spy Black

    I wish they had a significant discount on the D750 body only.

  • jvossphoto

    They should include the D50 & D500 with lens rebates for a much bigger selection of lenses. Also lens only rebates on a big selection would be sweet.

    • T.I.M

      plus a free full tank of gas (useful to go takes pictures)

      • jvossphoto

        Hell gas is cheap. Give me a new vehicle;^)

        • Toecutter

          Not here it aint

          • T.I.M

            I know your feelings, I’m from a country where the gas is 2.5x more expensive than in USA, so I do enjoy paying only $20 to fill up my car !

    • Hmmm, well the D50 *is* a classic but, sadly, I can’t see them reviving it for this rebate package. Perhaps a ‘Heritage’ edition?

  • Zoron

    D850 with tilted screen…….test the water Nikon…

  • Spr Cmd

    I am looking for the 105mm micro, it looks like still hovering around $900.

  • Ritvar Krum

    I do not get it – d750 with that lens os cheap and just few weeks ago this lens got a hefty price increase in Europe and in Japan… so nikon is valuing this lens around 900$ and gives you D750 with it for just additional 1300$… I do not get it – cuz bare D750 do not get price discount like that – and it would kill D500 immediately, but with that lens you get D750 + 900$ lens – for a D500 price. (I think it is shity lens – but that is beside the point and with those recent price increases its valuedid increase too – so for 600-700$ you could sell that any second)

    • Sawyerspadre

      It’s a pretty good lens, as an all around zoom. The kit is cheap to get you into full frame. The D750 will be a first FX body for many, and for wealthier folks may be a first SLR or DSLR. It also means you can find nearly new lenses for a lot less than MSRP.

      The D500 customer and D750 customer are targeting different uses, and the cameras are at completely different points in their sales curves. D500 is in pre-order, full price mode, and D750 is likely much closer to being upgraded, since it’s out nearly two years.

  • “Due to Physical Inventory, there will be a slight delay in order processing through the Nikon Store. Orders received will be shipped out on or around February 5, 2016. We apologize for the inconvenience.” D500 on nikonusa.What is that mean, shipping earlier than expected?

    • Sawyerspadre

      No, it probably means they are doing their physical inventory. It probably applies to everything. The D500 is still March.

    • I doubt that, this is probably the standard message they display on all items, not realizing some are not yet available.

  • T.I.M


    Still looking for a Valentine present to offer at your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend ?

    Here is a nice little bag (from Tamrac) that will carry a compact camera/phone/acessory, on sale at $9.95 (regular $39.95)

    They have also girly colors (pink, green)

    • T.I.M

      I almost forgot !

      • I’d rather get her that lens I’ve always wanted.

  • Mike

    That is a sweet deal. Basically a free 24-120 f/4. Wow. Damn the exchange rate right now.

  • 247th

    Does this mean D750s and D810s are on their way? : )))) Touch screens, Radio Flash capability, and Bluetooth Snapbridge?!

  • Vlad

    $2297 / 1.1 * 1.19 = 2484 EUR, which is about the same price the D750 with 24-120 is sold in Germany right now – without any “special rebates”.

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