Seven new Nikon cameras and one Speedlight registered at the Indonesian communications agency

The Indonesian communications agency Postel has new registrations for seven new digital cameras and one Speedlight (SB-5000) that will be announced in early 2016. All new models have Nxxxx code names, but based on previous rumors, I believe those are the new compact and action cameras since the D5 will most likely be made in Japan (all listed cameras are made in China or Thailand):

Via Digicame-info

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  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    Will there be A possibility for D400 (DX) and D900 (FX)?

    • T.I.M

      I hope you have a good life insurance…

    • RMJ

      There is no rumors of D900 line.

      Next FX after D5 will be either D620 or D820.

      • Prasad Palaniyandi

        Already Nikon did a lot over D800. My guess is that Nikon will jump on to new Sensor and will use core ( AF, Processor, video etc ) of D5, then it would be called as D900.

        • RMJ

          The next model will be D820, unless they start a completely new line of cameras, which would be parallel to D800 line.

          D800 line is high MP line and they ain’t getting rid off it.

          D900 would have to be mini D5, and they ain’t doing that either. It has to be something completely different that won’t compete with D5 sales.

          • Prasad Palaniyandi

            I think Nikon clearly demarcated that D4 series for Pro Sports and D800 series for Pro Studio, Wedding, Portrait and Landscape shooters. Both D810 shares same Expeed 4 and Multi-CAM 3500FX.

            So I won’t be surprised if Nikon adapts the same approach for new D810 replacement..

            • RMJ

              Absolutely, the D820 will have technology from D5 but it won’t be miniD5.

              D820 will have high resolution and low FPS count.

              D820 won’t be the next D700. Nikon won’t do that again. Unfortunately.

            • Proto

              Am thinking the same D800 and D4 lanes…

              If D900 or D820 has higher ISO and D5′ new AF, i dont care about pixels or FPS, am buying it at 3K

          • catinhat

            OK, forget about D5, just put D4S guts into the D810 body and call it a day. It won’t compete with the D5 because the D5 is superior in AF at least. It won’t compete with the D4S because D4S is old news and those who needed it bought it already. It will however attract a lot of those who always wanted a mini D4 or D4S but would never pay the asking price for the real thing. So, what’s the negative here? Still too close to D5 ?

        • sickheadache

          Prasad…Please keep up. NO D900. I voting you off this Island at Tribal Council Meeting Tonight.

          • Photobug

            Ahmen. Some people just don’t give up. They dream of things that won’t happen.

            • catinhat

              Other things are unworthy dreaming of.

        • Graham Blaikie

          What about a previous rumor of a D810S with improved noise performance at high ISOs, improved AF and perhaps improved frame rate and 4K video?

          I wonder if the N15** are GoPro-type cameras?

      • correct

        • manhattanboy

          The speculation from Japan; take it with a grain of salt.

          – Digital camera, Nikon – N1501, Made in Thailand, 2015/12/28 registration
          D3300 successor
          – Digital camera, Nikon – N1516, made in China, 2015/12/23 registration
          COOLPIX A10
          – Digital camera, Nikon – N1513, made in China, 2015/12/23 registration
          COOLPIX A100
          – Digital camera, Nikon – N1512, made in China, 2015/12/23 registration
          COOLPIX AW series
          – Digital camera, Nikon – N1510, Made in Thailand, 2015/12/23 registration
          D610 successor
          – Digital camera, Nikon – N1505, made in China, 2015/12/23 registration
          – Speedlite, Nikon – N1502, made in China, 2015/12/23 registration

      • Photobug

        Exactly RMJ. Spot on.

    • sickheadache

      You should try at least…at least Keep Up. No D400 and No D900. Get those two phantom cameras out your mind. Peter of NR has explained what cameras are coming. D5, Some Coolpix, and 3 Fix lens cameras and J5…Prasad…There is going to be a test later on..if you get voted off NR.

      • whisky

        mob democracy has it’s privileges.

      • With Canon’s latest discounting of the 7DII, there really is no chance of a D400 or D900. Canon scared Nikon off because Canon sells a lot of expensive telephotos for sports. It’s the razor blade strategy. (Give away the razor and you will sell a lot of expensive blades, similar to printers.) I was also waiting for a D400 but a couple years ago, I added a couple Sony A77IIs (12 FPS, 24 mp, 52 frame jpeg buffer, tracking auto focus) with 70-400 and Tamron 150-600. The Sony sensor has superior dynamic range over Canon.

        • DB White

          If no D400 this January I will check out the Sony A77II. Odd that the DSLR Nikon with the best continuous frame rate (and less than $6000) is still the D700 with grip. D7200 is closer to 5 fps when shooting 14 bit raw plus fine jpg.

          • catinhat

            D300 with grip fires just as fast, and D3/S are going a bit faster. None is anywhere close to $6000. Lots of choice.

          • I use my D700 with 120-300 F2.8 for shooting college football at night. Otherwise it’s the A77II and 70-400 for day games and surf contests at the Wedge. The real downside to my Sony are the rumors that Sony will discontinue the A-mount but they just announced the A68. The good news is that the A77II can be found at around $800.

    • no

    • Photobug

      Oh no another dreamer. It’s not happening, read all the threads on the D400 & D900 forums on NRF.

  • T.I.M

    The D810 is made in Thailand, so the D810,000 square root could also be made in Thailand and be release in 2016.
    But I would prefer that it is was made in Japan.
    Anyway, I’m happy with my good “old” D800.
    A new 14mm AF-s f/4G with 77mm filters and better corners sharpness would be welcome.

    • whisky

      you seemed happier with your D900.

      • T.I.M

        don’t get me in troubles….
        The D810,000 square root never existed, and if it ever be release next year with a 48MP sensor, that will be pure coincidence.
        I have no direct contacts with Nikon, I don’t even speak Japanese and yes, my wife is Asian but not from Asia.

        • TheInfinityPoint

          This must be the ~5th time I’ve seen you write on here your wife is Asian. Post a pic for us to see!

          PS – I’m Asian and my wife is white 😉

          • T.I.M

            I did few weeks ago (with the Xmas 3)

    • TerraPhoto

      You aren’t going to get a 14mm anything with a screw on filter. And, Nikon wouldn’t release that lens since it would take some sales from the 14-24mm f/2.8. They will seed the few sales to Rokinon.

  • Lubos

    Any idea what these model number represent? Or will represent?

    • T.I.M

      did you read the post ?

      ” I believe those are the new compact and action cameras since the D5 will most likely be made in Japan”

    • see the list included in the post

  • RMJ

    N1517 is 1517th Coolpix camera to be released.

    Just kidding. Propably just code names for different D400 versions.

    • outkasted

      Fingers crossed

  • nek4life

    I broke the code. N is the 14th letter of the alphabet so N1510 is really 141510. Using all the digits is various ways we get…

    1 + 1 = 2
    4 x 5 = 20
    2 x 20 = 40
    40 x 10 = 400

    Therefore the N1510 has to be the D400. Solved it, case closed.

    • T.I.M

      le compte est bon !

  • manhattanboy

    It does not bode well for the Nikon 1 line that they are “introducing” the 1 J5 in 2016. If they are putting out a plethora of 1″ Coolpix, why bother introducing the J5 at all?

  • ZoetMB

    Why is there a “J5” on the list? There’s already a J5, unless it’s just a reconfigured package with a different lens. And 7 new compact cameras seems like a lot for today’s compact market, although that’s about the number they announced last February.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I have no idea why they listed it again – maybe it’s new for Indonesia.

    • whisky

      perhaps they made improvements to the wi-fi?

  • Joe Branco

    It’s sad that Nikon is falling behind Canon we just keep waiting for the D400. I might just sell all my equipment and jump over to the dark side.

    • T.I.M

      Be care full, I have a friend who moved to Canon, few days later his girlfriend dropped him…

    • Brett A. Wheeler

      Good riddance and stop your whining. Nikon first and foremost caters to professionals and has done so for the last 50+ years. The D4s has better low-light and image quality than anything Canon can muster. The D8xx series is incredible as well. So Canon responds with their 50 MP gimmick at the cost of image quality. Nikon is not going to make a camera that is 90% of the D5 for 50% of the cost. Since the D3 came out, the shift has been from Canon to Nikon.

      • whisky

        couldn’t have said it better. people are defecting from Canon over to Nikon, like Donald Trump is defecting main stream Republicans over to Democrats.

        • Patrick O’Connor

          That sounds like the D400 rumor. You wish, but there’s no evidence it will ever happen. But don’t give up…there’s still hope! For the D400…not the other thing! 😉

          • T.I.M

            don’t worry, tomorrow will be an other year…

            • Patrick O’Connor


        • FountainHead

          Hey! It’s time to Make America Great Again!
          (And what better way to capture the moment than with a DX camera blasting 20 fps, made in Japan>)

          • Actually made in Thailand.

            • FountainHead

              So make America Great Again in Thailand!
              I have lots of That friends!
              Thais love me!
              But they better not try to sneak in here!

      • RMJ

        D4s image quality doesn’t much help when it’s not applied to D400.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        I don’t like reading how someone is going to switch unless Nikon does XYZ but, if they’re not making a product he wants that badly, and there’s no evidence they will, then what can you do?
        I would buy a D400, or whatever they call it, but I wouldn’t switch for an alternative.

    • Prasad Palaniyandi

      I still hold D300, not intent to sell it as I didn’t find any hint on D400 here (NR) so far.

      Get D300.. You can find a low shutter count body for around $400

    • TheInfinityPoint

      Go ahead. But be aware Canon’s sensors have fallen way behind Nikon’s and stayed that way for a long time. Sure you’ll get tons of FPS but you’ll never be able to pull those shadows like Nikon sensors. Honestly 6.5 FPS on my D750 (or 8 FPS on my D700 when I need it) is all I need, and unless you are a pro sports photographer you probably don’t need any more than that either. It’s also technique and knowing when to pull the trigger, not just “spraying and praying” hoping you get that shot.

      PS – technically Canon is the light side…with all of their white lenses screaming “steal me!” lol.

    • dclivejazz

      Canon shooters have their own complaints, such as the tardiness of the 5Dm3 replacement, the inferiority of their sensors and the half-assednes of their mirrorless options. Not to mention their pricing overall. There is no greener grass.

    • Wesley

      Where have you been? Nikon has been the dark side.

  • whisky

    i wonder if they’re grouped by category? if that were the case the N1517 might be a Nikon 1 product. the N1512, 13, 16 the 1″ Coolpix variants?

    • RMJ

      They are sorted by the update time.

  • bgbs

    The thailand products are obviously DSLRs. The rest are coolpisc.

    • Prasad Palaniyandi

      Interesting… Can you guess what could they be?

      • Drew Gillespie

        I’d guess D3X00 and D5X00 cameras as those are generally on a yearly refresh

        Not likely a D7X00 as it is usually a 2 year upgrade cycle. I guess it could possibly be a D6X0 but that’s a big maybe.

        Of course this is all assuming they actually are DSLRs.

        • EnPassant

          The two latest upgrades of D3X00 took around 20 months. D3300 was announced 24 months ago.
          The D5X00 series have since first release 2009, with some irregularities, been on a 2 year upgrade schedule, and hardly is expected this year.

  • Nikon needs to do something crazy like put a d750/d810 sensor in a D5500 body with no video and price it at $999.99 release price. That will help stop a lot of the migration to the Sony E-mount camp. Hold a Small and Light D5500 and you will never want to hold anything else, Definitely not an Sony A7 Series. Most people don’t realize the D5500 has a much different grip than a D5300/previous entry level cameras. Next time you get around a Nikon D5500, Pick it up and see what I mean.

    • Cesar Sales

      Agree with all this but the video part – a lot of people migrate because of the video. Make the D5500 mirrorless with same flange and you’ve got a winner IMO. Been using Nikons for 30 years and the D5500 is a remarkable little camera.

      • Yes, but with a future Nikon Mirrorless you are then way out of the $1,000 price point. Let them have the A7SII sales for video. To the consumer it would compare like this… A Full-Frame D5500 and A7 would both be small and light, Both Full-Frame, Both would have great image quality but not the greatest AF or user experience. Plus, the mirror has never kept me from capturing the image I wanted to. If Sony would have marketed how great their A-Mount DSLR’s are as much as they market how great Mirrorless is, they would have had a much larger share of the DSLR market too.

      • bluzer

        I’ve been thinking of the D5500 as a poor man’s D7200 – given that they share the same sensor. Could you elaborate as to why you think its so good? And do you know why, given the fact that it shares the sensor with the D7200, its dynamic range is su much less? Thanks.
        (I’m thinking of getting one, hence…)

        • AYWY

          Internet search for Ming Thein’s review of it. It’s a fantastic product. Unfortunately it is crippled by another one of those inane management decisions to make sure it does not cannibalize the D7200 – no AF fine-tune. 🙁

        • Bob Newman

          They don’t share the same sensor. The D7200 is a Toshiba sensor, as D7100 and D5200. The D5500 has the same sensor as the D5300, a Sony, which explains the difference in performance.

        • Cesar Sales

          So sorry to reply so late. I wouldn’t necessarily call the 5500 the poor man’s D7200 – I own a D600 and when looking for a camera that could match it in responsiveness and quality for travel, my main concern was size. The D7200 (which I’ve never handled) is basically the same body as the D600, with a smaller sensor. While there’s a familiarity there, it offered nothing really in terms of size reduction.

          The D5500 I find to be as responsive as the D600 – I spend 90% of my time in aperture priority, so the one dial is no big deal to me. The images are comparable to the D600 in quality, to the point that I am hard pressed to tell the difference, but I’m no pixel peeper. I had not heard that about the DR – I haven’t seen files from a D7200 for comparison.

          • bluzer

            Thanks +Cesar Sales. Good food for thought. Still weighing my options.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Its clear that there is a race to the bottom with ff sensors. We will see how low it can go.

  • Proto

    unless you have Dx lens only, you will enjoy a discounted D800 or D810… much improved from D300….

  • What was the famous Einstein quote?
    Oh yeah…
    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      I thought it was, ‘You want to take my picture?’ then stuck out his tongue! 🙂

  • Aldo

    Merry xmas from nikon

    • Allan

      Too much eggnog; or not enough eggnog.

  • malchick743

    So no more MIJ speedlights? Very disappointing

  • Bob Newman

    N1510 is made in Thailand, which probably means it is an interchangeable lens model. We’d be expecting one new model after the D5, most likely the D820 which is due some time in the first half of 2016. D810 is made in Thailand (as was D300, for those still harking after that). Could be the next iteration of the D3x00, which is a bit long in the tooth now.

    • ego

      good used nikon d4s is on the cards as soon as the d5 hits the shelves lol

      • ego

        would there be more sales for the d5 or the d810 worldwide?

        maybe it would make more sense to bring down the price of the d5 so that a lot of the d810 shoppers might get the d5 i know i would for 1500 more but not for 4k more

        • ego

          dam for 4500 most canon users would switch immediately wouldnt they, boom i might have to get a nice new d5 sent to me from nikon for doubling their company

  • JoeFunny30

    Nikon issued a recall on d5 and d500 per petapixel but I can’t post the link.

    • it’s a BS post, not real

      • JoeFunny30

        wow, they would let that get through?

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