List of all Nikon DSLR cameras and their sensor manufacturer/designer

A reader linked in the comments (thanks El Aura) to this dpreview thread that contains a list of all Nikon DSLR cameras and the corresponding sensor manufacturer/designer. I always wanted to create such list for reference, so here it is – feel free to post in the comments section if any of the information listed below is incorrect and I will update:

D40: 6 MP CCD Sony
D40x: 10 MP CCD Sony
D50: 6 MP CCD Sony
D60: 10 MP CCD Sony
D70: 6 MP CCD Sony
D80: 10 MP CCD Sony
D90: 12 MP CMOS Sony
D7000: 16 MP CMOS Sony
D7100: 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D7200: 24 MP CMOS Toshiba (source)

D3000: 10 MP CCD Sony
D3100: 14 MP CMOS Nikon
D3200: 24 MP CMOS Nikon
D3300: 24 MP CMOS Sony

D5000: 12 MP CMOS Sony
D5100: 16 MP CMOS Sony
D5200: 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D5300: 24 MP CMOS Sony (?)
D5500: 24 MP CMOS Sony

D100: 6 MP CCD Sony
D200: 10 MP CCD Sony
D300: 12 MP CMOS Sony

D600: 24 MP CMOS Sony
D610: 24 MP CMOS Sony
D750: 24 MP CMOS Sony

D700: 12 MP CMOS Nikon
Df: 16 MP CMOS Nikon

D800/D800E: 36 MP CMOS Sony
D810/D810A: 36 MP CMOS Sony
D850: 45MP CMOS Sony

D1: 2.7 MP Sony
D1h: 2.7 MP Sony
D1x: 5.47 MP Sony
D2h: 4 MP LBCAST Nikon
D2x: 12 MP CMOS Sony (Nikon designed)
D3: 12 MP CMOS Nikon
D3s: 12 MP CMOS Nikon
D3x: 24 MP CMOS Sony
D4: 16 MP CMOS Nikon
D4s: 16 MP CMOS Nikon

Nikon 1 cameras: sensors made by Aptina (not sure about the J5)

Note: some of the Nikon-designed sensors are made by Renesas.

Her is another table with the actual sensor models from


Sensor Nikon model
Nikon NC81338L D3, D700
Nikon NC81361A D3s
Nikon NC81362A D3100
Nikon NC81369R D3200
Nikon NC81366W D4, D4s, Df
Nikon JFET-LBCAST D2h, D2hs
Sony IMX-007-AQ D2x, D2xs
Sony IMX-071 D7000, D5100
Sony IMX-094-AQP D800, D800E, D810, D810a
Sony IMX-021-BQR D300
Sony IMX-038-BQL D300s, D90, D5000
Sony IMX-128-(L)-AQP D600, D610, D750
Sony IMX-028 D3x
Sony ICX-453-AQ D40, D50, D70, D70s
Sony ICX-493-AQA D40x, D60, D80, D3000
Sony ICX-483-AQA D200
Sony ICX-413-AQ D100
Sony IMX-193-AQK D5300, D3300, D5500, D7200
Toshiba HEZ1 TOS-5105 D5200, D7100
Sony IMX309AQJ D850

Another online reference can be found here.

Update: both the Nikon D5 and D500 sensors are made by Sony.

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