Nikon ViewNX-i 1.1.0 and Capture NX-D 1.3.0 released

Nikon ViewNX-i

Nikon ViewNX-i

Capture NX-D

Capture NX-D

Nikon has chosen the Thanksgiving week to announce their latest ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D versions. The two software packages also have the new logos I reported about back in September:

Nikon-ViewNX-i Nikon-Capture-NX-D
Additional information:

ViewNX-i, the latest version is equipped with image-adjustment functions, and offers greater collaboration with Capture NX-D, Nikon's RAW image development and adjustment application

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce today's release of an update to ViewNX-i, Nikon's imaging browsing software designed for use with still images and movies recorded with Nikon digital cameras. Among other improvements, this update will equip ViewNX-i with image-adjustment functions. Nikon has also released an update to Capture NX-D, its RAW image development and adjustment application, to provide even greater collaboration with ViewNX-i.

In response to great demand from users of ViewNX-i for image-adjustment functions, this update will not only equip ViewNX-i with all of the editing capabilities supported by its image browsing and editing software, ViewNX 2, but will provide improvements to these functions as well as add a PF Flare Control option. What's more, the addition of an Edit tab (workspace) and adoption of the sidecar file format, which enables collaboration with Capture NX-D, achieve better operation and workflow.

The Capture NX-D update has also been released today. In addition to more intuitive crop operation similar to that used with the ViewNX 2, new aspect ratio options have been added for greater variety. Further, the Capture NX-D update offers a number of convenient new functions and improves on others. This latest version of Capture NX-D will offer a tool button that makes switching between display of simultaneously recorded RAW and JPEG files separately or as a single image easier, a tool button that rotates the image 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise each time it is clicked (the user can specify clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation), as well as support for auto crop when the straighten function is used.

What's more, the Capture NX-D user interface has been improved in a number of ways for even greater collaboration between ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D. For example, the positioning of Capture NX-D tool buttons will be the same as that of ViewNX-i from this version on, and tool buttons for switching between the two applications have been added to both, not only enabling a similar operational feel for both applications, but also simple switching between the two. We also plan to offer a ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D installer package, which will enable simultaneous installation of the two applications.

*Release of the ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D installer package download is scheduled for November 30, 2015.
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  • Eric Calabros

    Not even a word about performance in PR
    Their software team is surely moving, but at turtle speed.

    • Schtatten

      Hopefully it’s faster than LR tethered.

      • Eric Calabros

        Just faster than hell buggy software is not fast

        • Schtatten

          Good point.

  • Captain Megaton

    350 MB download? My, CNX-D, how big you’ve grown!

    • Captain Megaton

      Installed and working fine. The new crop tool is better, and theres a welcome visual clean up of the top toolbar. Nothing else jumps out as different.

  • Oompsy

    NX-D is such a piece of garbage, that I’m forced to use NX2 to still get those Nikon colors… Any hack in order to get Nikon’s color scheme in LR? I don’t mean an approximation, but the real thing. Anyone?

    • Captain Megaton

      The colors in NX-D are the same as the in-camera jpegs. That’s the nice thing about Nikon Picture Controls.

  • Thomas

    Sorry, still won’t convince to either download or install either program.

    I have now migrated away to CO Pro and won’t be coming back; Nikon you lost me!

  • Merv S

    Hey, the installer works under El Capitan. And no immediate sign of sidecar files, is there a dedicated folder somewhere in MacOS that stores such files? Would be a plus for me if Nikon moved away from their recent path towards sidecar files.

    • AYWY

      At least on Windows there’s a separate directory in each image directory.

      I like side cars myself. Easy to backup and move a whole directory of images and changes around.

      • Merv S

        I will install View NX-i on my Windows machine later to see if these sidecar files pop up. I can see how sidecar files would be important for non-casual users.

  • Percy Blakeney

    One day NX-D will be as good as NX2.
    But that day will come too late.

    • AYWY

      Just move on…

      • Percy Blakeney

        I will happily move on the day something superior to NX2 comes along. In my opinion, that day has yet to come.
        If NX2 ceases to exist then I will be forced down the Adobe route. Nikon’s current version is still a huge step backwards.

        • ITN

          Sometimes technology and products move backwards. It’s common that when original creators sell their company to a bigger one some of the products are discontinued and essentially lost. So can it be with the jobs, and there doesn’t have to be anything wrong with the product that was discontinued, it just may not fit with the strategic interests of the larger company that bought the smaller one.

          NX2 is an elegant piece of software that does some things better than other software. So far, NX-D has just been a buggy skeleton which may one day become usable. It is frustrating and embarrassing how little testing (and how little they bother to consult photographers) Nikon seems to do before releasing their software.

        • KnightPhoto

          One thing is whether Capture NX-D raw conversions still provide that little extra edge over Adobe and other competing converters. Now that NX-D is maturing, I plan to at least download it so I have a copy. At the same time I’m going to try and learn Adobe cloud. I have a lot of “living on the edge” high ISO shots from Theatre to process, so it should be relatively easy to see if one converter is definitively giving me an advantage.

          It’s too bad as NX-2 had matured at the end and became a stable performant product, It’s still my main tool too.

        • nicolaie

          NX-2 suc*ed ass as far as I’m concerned. Yes, it had the greatest colors for my D700 but the noise performance was worse than even Lightroom and if you wanted to adjust the controls it jumped to far for 1 stop increments. Don’t let me start on changing the white balance.

          It seemed the kind of program for people that just want to export a Jpeg straight up from a raw file, without adjustments. And working with multiple files was a punishment. All those crashes and freezes, I used it for a little while and then moved to Capture One and it’s the fastest and best IQ and user experience software ever. Word !

        • Art-cri Tico

          I’m still use NX-2 too! Wondering why Nikon didn’t bought Nik-Software, it would have been a hell of improvement and they were in the best business’ spot market.
          Fact is that almost any photographer that has grown with NX-2 can’t now go NX-D. I’ll use NX-2 as long as I can.
          We still have D3S, D3X, D4, D4S, D610, D700, D800, D800E D300s, D7100, D3300, D5300 and Df all great DSLR to use with NX-2.

  • vousplaisentezouquoi

    Installed, tried and trashed…

  • peter w

    I read that Capture One Pro 9 is out, it is not a year ago that 8 was released. That is rather fast, and expensive, since there is a new engine, I wonder what it does to previous adaptions.
    NX-D comparing to Lightroom or COP is like, like, like… I don’t know.

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