Deal of the day: Refurbished Nikon D7100 for $499 (new low price)

Refurbished Nikon D7100 DSLR cameras are currently listed at Newegg for $499 with free shipping (sold and shipped by Cameta Camera). This is a new low price.

More Nikon deals are available here. Check also the new price drops on 25 different Nikkor lenses.

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  • doge

    That’s probably worth it. Especially if you have old AF glass.

  • If only Nikon hadn’t been toying with Toshiba for the D7100 sensor; the D3300/5300/5500 sensor or anything else from that generation would have been fantastic. The D7100 still has everything going for it though, if you don’t need to go nuts with shadow-digging, or shoot a cheetah chasing a gazelle. It’s pretty much the king of everything.

    • Captain Megaton

      More Jack-of-all-trades. But yeah, it’s unfortunate about the sensor. This difference D3200->D3300 is not subtle.

    • Spy Black

      As I understand it, only the D3xxs have the Toshiba sensor. D5xxx and D7xxx have Sony sensors.

      • I think it was clarified by “legit investigation” that the D7100 was from Toshiba. Just repeating what I hear, though, so who knows. All I know is that the D7100 was one of the only 24 MP DX sensors of Nikon to ever have (faint) shadow banding… :-

    • true

      I think d5300 and d5500 are sony, same for d3300 and d7000. I think d7100 and d7200 are toshiba

      • BlueBomberTurbo

        Yup, D7100 was Toshiba. Weird that Nikon didn’t continue the trend of using its high end DX sensor in the mid range DX followup, as it did for the two previous generations. At least Toshiba fixed the sensor and even improved it for the D7200. I’m eyeing that for a backup to my D750, since it’s very similar outside of the sensor, and its high ISO is incredibly good for a crop sensor.

      • Yes, the 5xxx sensors are almost all from Sony AFAIK, but only the D7100 sensor was Toshiba, I think. They switched back to sony for the D7200. (The D7100 was one of the only sensors to have shadow banding, something that Sony sensors almost never have problems with, FX or DX…)

    • stormwatch

      I would take D7100 sensor any day over the D7200 sensor.

      • BlueBomberTurbo

        You like having only 3 stops of shadow recovery and more noise at high ISO?

        • stormwatch

          More than having reds crushed to the point when there are no details at all. I can fix ocassional banding with D7100 sensor extremely easy in PS or LR, it takes few seconds and there is no banding anymore. But details can’t be recovered with a plug-in. But, tastes are different.

          • BlueBomberTurbo

            Use a different camera profile. I hate Adobe’s representation of Nikon colors, and Nikon colors in general. I use Huelight instead. Much more accurate color.

            • stormwatch

              Sorry, but it’s not about the programs you use. Anyway, I do not like Nikon’s green colour in any possible situation.

      • Whatever you’re smoking, you can keep it! Nikon’s progress from their 1st 24 MP DX sensor to their latest is undeniably impressive.

        • stormwatch

          I’m strongly against smoking of any kind. But sensor from D7200 is in some aspects a step back.

          • Don’t confuse preference with actual superiority / inferiority. There might be subtle differences in color response or tone that you prefer, but then again some folks still prefer film, too. Like I said, don’t confuse preferences with performance.

  • Per NewEgg website, this has only a 90-day warranty, not a Nikon 1-year

    • refurbished Nikons always come with 90 days warranty

      • The NewEgg reseller Cameta’s website states “includes Full 1 Year Warranty”, but does list the D7100 for $579.

        • I guess they charge $80 more for warranty, but usually refurbished Nikon gear has 90 days warranty.

        • A reader gave me this idea: Purchase the camera without additional warranty from Newegg, then go to Cameta and purchase their 3 yr warranty for $55 or Platinum warranty for $75 for 3 years or $100 for 5 years for the camera if a warranty is important.

  • Jumbonas

    I bit on this. I have a 7000 and 700 and I was going to wait for a 750 / 7200 refurbished to drop in price , but I figure I can shoot this and sell by the time what I want hits the price point I am targeting.

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  • tomherren

    Nikon is “flooding” the markets with attractively priced models. In Switzerland they started a cash back promotion with CHF 200.– back on a D7200 or D610. A D7200 with 18-105mm kit lens goes for CHF 995.– . Discount cash back and selling the lens for approx. CHF 100.– on ebay, and you get a top camera for less than CHF 700.– with full 3 year Nikon warranty.

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