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Nikon D750 book
You can now get 40% off the new Mastering the Nikon D750 ebook by Darrell Young when you use coupon code RUMORSD750 during checkout at

Some BestBuy locations have/had those amazing deals (not available online): Nikon D800 for $889.99 and 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G VR lens for $1,483.99 (orig. $2697). Those were not errors and a reader was able to purchase one. The pictures were taken at the BestBuy store at Fifth Avenue & 44th Street in NYC.

Update: BestBuy also has a special on the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 lens for $629.99 (regular: $1,256.95):

Nikon-16-35mm-f4-lens-sale-BestBuy Nikon-16-35mm-f4-lens-sale-BestBuy-2

US warranty



Grey market

Third party lenses

Check out also the new Nikon promos in the UK and Italy.

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  • fjfjjj

    If you can’t innovate, have a sale.

    • n11

      What’s wrong with sales? : /

  • koenshaku

    I don’t think bestbuys in my area even sell d800 cameras.

    • true

      maybe d800 aren’t “bestbuys” anymore … ???

  • unadog

    That Tamron 150-600 that you linked to on eBay for $769 also has a $60 shipping fee. So it is $829 for a grey market version shipped from Japan. Versus $779 after rebate, for a USA version from BuyDig with 6 year USA warranty, and much easier returns.

    Thanks for posting the deals every Sunday! Cheers.

    • did not see the shipping, will remove the listing

  • Mike M

    80-400 was probably an online return, it’s not available in store afaik, and the d800’s are probably long gone from virtually every store, so don’t kill yourself driving best buy to best buy for those deals.

    • nope, new lens – I just got an email from anther reader who got it for that price

      • Mike M

        Internet return doesn’t necessarily mean used, and since Nikon doesn’t seal their packaging there’s really no way to tell if it was handled carefully.

        • Lex Cross

          Let it go. I work at Best Buy. You are wrong. Brand new. The 16-35 is reduced in stores with a photo experience shop as well.

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  • T.I.M

    Every big retail store is trying to get rid of new old stock D800 before the successor (not the D810) show up this month.
    The new one is a killer, it will probably be out-of-stock for a while, ISO 800 is fantastic and build quality is excellent (made in Japan).

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Ah the a7r2 done by a company that makes cameras.

      • T.I.M

        smoking pot is illegal on NR forum…

        • true

          no pot, it’s common sense. one company produces great sensors, the other has great system.

      • I get where you’re coming from.

    • nwcs

      I’ve never rooted against a camera so much before… 🙂

    • FountainHead

      One of these months you’ll finally be right.
      Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      • nwcs

        Unless it’s digital 🙂

  • Fox “News” Lies

    Where was those last D800 hiding at, the store managers homes?

  • BrainBeat

    Wow nice prices. It is a shame I am not in the USA to try and get one or both.

    • RJ

      Don’t cry too hard. No D800s have been sold at Best Buy (for any price) since May. My best guess is that that is an errant/outdated tag, if it were even true in the first place.

      The lenses on the other hand…

  • T.I.M

    I showed that to my wife, she said: ” you could have wait 4 years before buying your fuck…. cameras instead of paying $3000 for each you would pay only $900 now”
    When will I learn to keep my mouth shut.

    • Henri De Vreese

      Tell her you can buy 800$ Prada shoes from 4 years ago for under 100$ now. She’ll shut up ;).

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    when 200-500 will fill up stocks the 80-400 should cost below 1000$ without any discounts – and even then I think we would see lot of discounts soon after that.

    • true

      It depends, 80-400 still has a good 80-200 range, the newer lens will go 500 but not 80-200

      Beside, I think 80-400 could actually fit in a shoulder bag too.. lens is very good looking it’s worth taking with you.

  • tony5787

    Just called that Best Buy and they said that they don’t have that lens nor do any stores around it.

    • disqus_yIRLlk9peB

      Took a drive over BB at lunch. They didn’t have the lens either, nor do any of the other stores around town. Oh well. “But wait” the clerk says “I can order it for you”. Same price? “Sure.” It will be here Wednesday, $1483.99 no shipping! Their computer shows it as a close out. No doubt to be replaced with the 200-500

      • yep, it works!

        • disqus_yIRLlk9peB

          So it’s not just in NYC. I’m in Tampa. Thank you NR!

          • Yes, just the picture was taken in NYC. The deal should be available everywhere.

      • tony5787

        Hmmm might have to give this a try after work today, thanks for the heads up!

        • Here is another picture from a different BestBuy store:

      • tony5787

        I called and tried to get them to order one but they went by the price, not their computer system’s price.

    • They have to look into their ordering system I guess. Most stores will not have it in stock.

      • Tyler Evert

        I just had girl check all east coast inventory and she said not one store has it…

  • Henri De Vreese

    A Bestbuy employee clearly wanted a D800 and 80-400 lens for cheap ;).

  • point

    Confirmed: The D800 is an online “Marketplace” only (overpriced- like usual from BB) NOT in stores.
    I’ve picked up only one other bit of gear this way from BB years ago when they inexplicably lowered the price on new stock. Similar savings as this one time example here.
    But, alas, this one looks like just that one store or, region… had it.
    Region? BB also operates regional stores against each other as sort of independent chains. So one “region” may be cheaper than another on a sale product. BB regions also do not match urban regions on a map. Any major burbs or cities in an hour or so from one another may overlap considerably. One metro area might have 2+ BB store regions with a strange division on the map and no way to know, which is which.

    • Kyle

      That’s like yesterday, BB had 1TB WD portable hard drives for $19 and 2TB HDs for $29.
      An amazing deal!

  • JP

    I have had no luck with that best buy deal. Seen it at a best buy on 23rd and 6th in NYC and Bridgewater nj, and both had no stock.

  • SW

    Best Buy is going to stop selling the 16-35mm as well. 50% off clearance in atlanta. I got the last one at the Buckhead store this morning. Brand new lens.

    • yes, here it is:

      • true

        That’s a very good price for a lens that costs 1000€ (1155$) in europe

  • Ken Porter

    From my checking, the 80-400 lens is being discontinued by BestBuy so it’s probably just stores clearing out inventory.

  • Nick M

    Just ordered the 16-35mm from a Best Buy in West LA. They only had a display model in stock, but were happy to have one shipped to me for the same price. Should be here next week. The D800 was full price.

    • SW

      I had the same issue. Will try to register online with the serial number on the lens.

    • macmcb

      Please update when you receive the lens you ordered. BestBuy near Boston could not order the 16-35 for me.

      • Nick M

        I’ve had a dispatch email, tracking says it should be here on Wednesday. Sucks they weren’t willing to order it for you.

  • purenupe1

    I found a 16-35mm today. It was the display model in the nikon case. They couldnt find the box. I hope the reciept is sufficient for warranty. Someone had come in looking for the 80-400 yesterday the sales guy told me.

    • Tyler Evert

      Thanks for this, I was able to call and get that price over the phone with this receipt…they called the store to verify

      • purenupe1

        Nice! I wish i had the same luck with the 80-400

  • true

    So.. most of the stuff on sale is refurb or grey market units? That ain’t too good.

    • this is for new lenses with US warranty – see other comments

      • Nikon Enthusiast

        I’m not having the success others have had. I live in the Northeast whose BB region supposively extends into PA. My local BB store (who of course doesn’t stock high end DSLR’s or lens) will order it at the full online price only. They will only search for store stock within their region and nowhere else. BB online wants full retail price since I cannot find one physically in a store in order to price match. BB online is not willing to search the entire country for a source/or somewhere in stock. They claim they cannot do this. BB in fact has mostly just give me the run around at all levels because obviously they will take a loss of this product at $630. I want this lens but need this forums help to get it done. I need a wide lens.Thanks.

        • Your local BestBuy should be able to order one for you at that price. They are either lazy or don’t know how to do it.

  • Adam Rozanski

    So I got bestbuy to backorder the 16-35mm for the discounted price at the Union Square store. Should arrive mid next week. US stock with US manufacturers warranty.

  • macmcb

    I found the 16-35 f/4 VR last night (22 Oct.) at a Best Buy with the expanded “Photo Experience” section. They had only the one copy in the display case, because the last new boxed copy was sold about 30 minutes earlier. Here’s what happened: They could NOT order the lens at the sale price (or maybe they couldn’t order it at all, not sure.) I saw that it was listed as “deleted” in their system. They DID agree to sell the display copy. (The first answer was “I don’t think so,” but checking with the manager got to yes.) They had no packaging, paperwork or front lens cap on the display model, but they did throw in an aftermarket lens cap for free. I hope Nikon can find a way to honor the extended USA warranty even though I don’t have the warranty cards. Nikon should honor their warranty, but I know it’s not likely. The price tag on the shelf showed $816.99 (regularly $1259.99), but they DID get the correct sale price of $629.99 (or they entered it?) at the register. In addition, they took an additional 10% off the price because it was an “open box” item. So final price for lens, plus generic lens cap, minus warranty cards and lens pouch: $566.99. They also had a 80-400 VR in the same situation: None new in box, only the one in the display case.

    • purenupe1

      where is this 80-400 so I can go get it? please send me a message

      • macmcb

        Framingham, MA

    • Tyler Evert


  • Lee Myers

    On two occasions I have been to BB (Maryland) and a salesperson said that this or that couldn’t be done and that he couldn’t check the inventory in their warehouses. I went to another salesperson who took the time to check the warehouse’s stock and said the two items (D800 & 16-35MM) were available for immediate shipment to the store at the sale price-plus no shipping cost.
    I had both items in three days. Don’t always take the word of the first (Lazy) salesperson.

    • N8008

      I went to two Best Buys in NC ( with Camera Experience Shop)
      trying to find the D800. None of them had them in stock and were not even able to lock them up (Answer: Already deleted from the system). Do you know the procedure they took to look them up? I would return to one of the Best Buy and trying it again to get it ordered to the store!

      Thank you in advance!

    • Nikon Enthusiast

      Would please mind sharing what specific location was so cooperative and accomodating? Thank you!

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