New 2015 Nikon winter cashback program in the UK

There is a new 2015 Nikon winter cashback program in the UK (up to £70):

Claims must be received by February 15th, 2016. More information available here.

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  • oh really

    OMG that’s great…. oh wait.
    Olympus + Panasonic cashback = £100, Canon cashback = £150, Sony cashback = £200……. Nikon £50. Nice!
    Canon do cashback on lenses, Nikon do not!
    Canon offer a full frame camera in their deal, Nikon does not!
    God I’m so sick and tied of Nikon being behind the industry on every single aspect.

  • 陳東奇

    cahsback (x)
    cashback (o)

  • Stephen Hersee

    While these areok deals, I was hoping for something more along the lines of the D7200 + MB-D15 deal again from a few months back. I missed it then, and was hoing something similar would crop up. Apparently not… Looks like me D3200 will survive at little bit longer.

    • Leon Watkins

      Yes, I got that deal – and it’s the *only* time I’ve actually gone 100% UK new on a Nikon body. AFAIK, the consequences of going grey in the UK aren’t as bad as being in the USA, but perhaps somebody could educate me here?

      • Stephen Hersee

        I have been tempted by the grey market prices in the past, but I’ve never really put my money on the table and purchased anything gray. The current £800 for the d7200 isn’t a problem if I’m honest. I’d just like something for nothing when it’s convenient for me, not Nikons accounts department!
        I am fully aware that’s not how the industry works though 🙁

    • julian_n
  • Rock the Cahsback.

    • whisky

      now the king told the boogie men
      you have to let those prices drop
      the oil on the sensor
      has been shakin’ to the top
      the marketing department drove their Cadillacs
      they went a-huntin’ down the ville
      but the poor sods weren’t a-biting
      cuz the brand name lost it’s thrill … 🙂

      • jojo

        There’s a regular cashback programme in UK (twice every
        year) that targets different gear according to various unstated esoteric marketing plans. Unfortunately you don’t get real cash, just a pre-loaded card you have to spend on something else. Shame no lenses included this time round.

        • whisky

          pre-loaded are not the same as ca$h back. in the USA Gitzo and Manfrotto frequently try to entice me to buy from them with rebates loaded onto those cards, but i’ve moved on to other manufacturers.

          cash is cash. qualified and restricted credit, to my mind, is something entirely different.

  • chromedome

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  • Stephen Hersee

    Thanks Julian!

    Problem is, after they announced the Winter cashback deals, my trusty D3200 died, and I needed to replace it quickly, so I went and purchased a D7200, on the 23 October. I assumed (stupidly) that Nikon wouldn’t rerun a promotion after just a couple of months 🙁 Oh well, sods law strikes again!

    I must say, I do love the D7200 I purchased, so I’m not too annoyed 🙂

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