Nikon also got a new leather/gold ASC-02 hot shoe cover

It seems that those hot shoe covers are selling well because few months after the first ASC-01 stainless steel model, Nikon announced (in Japan only) a new leather ASC-02 version. The price is ¥3,500 (can be purchased on Amazon Japan).

The ASC-02 is a perfect match for the Nikon Df Gold edition:

Additional pictures:


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  • Max

    That looks really good!
    On the other hand… 25€…

  • Markus

    Can anybody tell me what these hot shoe covers are useful?
    Once upon a time no camera was sold with such a cover, now every camera. From my Point of view, the only sense is, that there is a small part that can be lost easily and people will pay lots of $$$$ for buying them as spare part (sometimes in such special editions as described here)

    • Nyarlathotep

      Protect the contacts from the elements I guess. But honestly, I never use mine, it just sits in a box of photography paraphernalia.

      Certainly I have no desire to spend money on some embellished version.

      • Markus

        Does it really protect?
        Probably it keeps moisture and dirt in place to have better effect on the contacts?

        • Jonathan Björklund

          It sure does. I was out in the field with a D300, without the hot shoe protection. Dropped it in the ground and the hot shoe was mashed. Had to use a screwdriver to get a flash to fit into the shoe again – 🙂

        • Nyarlathotep

          Not sure. I guess maybe keeping dust and dirt exposure limited? Honestly, I’m with you, I don’t see enough of a point of protection to actually use them myself. It’s not like they are rubber gasketed, so maybe the cover is pretty much useless.

          • Markus

            Totally agree!
            Of course such a special cover would be a significant p****-enlargement for the camera owner.
            Especially the next edition made of pure gold with a diamond on top and the name of the owner engraved (this one has an enlargement factor of at least 2x … which should not be confused with a crop factor!)

    • I dropped one camera at a wedding, it fell on the hot shoe and bent it. I did not notice it till the moment I needed to put a flash on it … and just could not!
      There that little crappy stuff would have helped! But I still dont use it!

  • Maji

    I wish I had that kind of money to spend on trivial stuff.

  • dbltax

    That looks ugly as sin. Who in their right mind would part with that much cash for one?

    Then again, that Black and Gold Df is equally as ugly.

  • Ric

    I want a red one to match the red soft shutter release I add to my Df.

    gotta look stylish

  • saywhatuwill

    Uh oh, I think I feel the need to own that bling cover.

  • Derek Smith

    Makes me hate the DF even more.

  • whilst other manufacturers pull out mirrorless, in-body stabilisation, 4k video, nikon gives us… leather.

  • true

    not even gold edition Df does 4k

  • Captain Megaton

    Can I have fake wood panel inserts for the case too? And a built in 8-track. And fuzzy dice to hang over the rear LCD.

    • true

      Built-in 8-track would be lovely

    • Carleton Foxx

      Don’t make fun of the 1970s…I was there and it was awesome—a once in a century experience that you young people will never get a chance to enjoy. I bet I had more adventures in one night roaming the wild streets of Los Angeles with my feathered hair and bell-bottom pants in my 8-track equipped Camaro than you’ll have in a lifetime of going to Meetups at your local Starbucks.

      • Captain Megaton

        I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of yours Mr. Gibb, and I was so sorry to hear about Maurice and Robin…

  • RonsterWVU

    $28 is expensive, but I think it does look pretty good. I use a flash too much, and this would just end of sitting in my bag being a waste of money.

  • Mike M

    This will go great with my gold plated Kalishnikov.

    • CERO

      gold Kalashnikovs are old news.
      Real men use Hello Kitty pink M4’s now.
      It adds amazing insults to injury.

  • DB White

    NIkon Product Development must be working overtime!!!
    Can’t wait for the next CoolPix camera!!!!

    So….where is the D400?


  • outkasted

    Well i can honestly say that these hot shoe protectors are really a welcome addition for photographers in Bermuda where the salt corrosiveness is significantly more than our brothers in the Caribbean region to the southwest of us. I have the DK# hot shoe covers on both my D700 and D3. I do misplace them from time to time. I also have the WG-AS3 on my flashes which lend a snug fit and water resistant protection for the flash and hot shoe. #Winning

  • Chris

    Man I really want a DF. I will dress it up with this cover without a doubt

  • Bob Simrak

    I suppose these accessories demonstrate where Nikon is focusing its creative energy.

  • true

    It’s still lots better than regular 1080p video. The excellent FF glass goes to waste without more video resolution

    • Chris

      Nikon is not strong in that field however.

      • true

        @Chris Very true, but I would love them to be able do something about it. Maybe they can pay sony a little money for them to give some tips for nikon? xd

        • Chris

          Sony has a very strong camcorder line. A big thing about Sony is their compression technologies, which is not something everyone would like however.

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