Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon D810 for $2,099

BuyDig is currently selling on eBay manufacturer refurbished Nikon D810 cameras for $2,099 with 30-day return policy, free shipping and US warranty (no grey market).

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  • Carleton Foxx

    So basically I wasted $1200 by buying my camera when it first came out. Why Nikon? Why? Somebody, please shoot me.

    • Eric Calabros

      If you hadnt bought it when it came out, you would wasted a full year not shooting with best all around DSLR of the market. Life is short

      • Carleton Foxx

        You are right and I’m just being a baby. I have sold a lot more than $1200 worth of images from that camera, so I should quit whining.

    • Wade Marks

      if you are looking for an investment buy a stock, bond, or mutual fund.

      If you are looking to take pictures buy a camera. Don’t buy any consumer item expecting a return; it will depreciate. That’s life.

      As Eric mentioned, you gained a long time being able to take pictures with a wonderful camera; you have those pictures as your reward, plus the extra experience gained. Your really can’t expect anything else.

      • saywhatuwill

        Not to mention bragging rights.

    • fanboy fagz

      if something newer comes out or is rumored by peter to come out soon, sell your camera asap so you dont lose so much. now D800 are selling fro $1300 in mint condition. if you would have sold it when the D810 was rumored to be released (and peter is spot on) you would have just added $4-500 for the upgrade.

    • catinhat

      How much value did your car lose when you drove it off the dealer’s lot?

      • saywhatuwill

        That’s funny because when I drove my car off the dealer’s lot I turned to my wife and said “did you hear that? That’s our car losing half its value!”

        • RodneyKilo

          Used cars over the last 5-10 years have depreciated much more slowly, surely less than 50% on the first day.

          • saywhatuwill

            Oh of course it was less than 50%. But that’s the old saying that you lose 50% of the value of the car once you drive it off the lot.

      • Steven Hyatt

        Several years back I purchased a new Honda Fit. Some 8 days later my ex-wife totaled it (and I must say that she destroyed the car and walked away literally without a scratch). I cringed inside anticipating the hit I was going to take on the value. I nearly couldn’t believe it when my insurance company got back to me and I found out that the car was valued such that I was getting enough money to completely pay off the loan and pocket a few hundred dollars. I think I got lucky.

        • saywhatuwill

          Wow! I want your insurance company!

          • Steven Hyatt

            USAA. Though at the time they told me it was simply a matter of that car being popular and Hondas retaining their value well.

            • saywhatuwill

              Thanks! I’ll look them up.

    • saywhatuwill

      If you look at it like that, then yes, you did waste your money. But if you look at it like you got an entire year of photos taken with the D810 then not so much. There is always a cost to being on the bleeding edge of technology and watching the price go down each month is one of those prices you pay. Then again, did you get a refurbished camera when you bought it a year ago or did you get a brand new one from the factory? I know I got mine from the factory and no other consumer had touched my camera.

    • FountainHead

      Have you found a way to carry your money to the afterlife?

      Next question.

    • RodneyKilo

      This is a valid concern. Residual value of a consumer good dropping through the floor is a concern among consumers not to be taken lightly, especially when they can still recall times past when the product maintained value longer.

      The sticker tag of new cameras, especially at launch, is priced artificially high in an effort to target early adopters. Periodically the price is marked down over time, each time to skim the next set of consumers.

      The pricing life cycle is not a law of nature, and not a law of electronics. It’s a law of product marketing. The pricing model is determined prior to launch, and likely adjusted over time post-launch, to meet market conditions.

      That manufacturers have us convinced that this phenomenon is a law of nature that we just have to accept is to their benefit.

      Consumers are not dumb, and are growing increasingly wary of this model, perhaps not being fully aware of the driving forces, but understanding the inevitable price drops.

      Longer term, this product marketing plan tends to get self-defeating for manufacturers, as consumers increasingly sit back and show resistance to buying product at or near launch. Consequently, the model is not really sustainable, as surprised manufacturers cut prices sooner and more; again, consumers seeing this, delay purchases all the longer.

      The longer the lifecycle of a given product, the more time consumers have to hold out, knowing the lower the prices will fall. The shorter the lifecycle, the more consumers have been trained better to completely skip a generation, especially when they see no huge value in minor feature enhancements.

    • VikingAesir

      Consider it as $100 / month to rent it for the last year.

  • DrToast


    With the announcement of the new 24-70 and this camera, I’ve finally decided to take the jump from Canon to Nikon.

    Now to sell my Canon gear.

    • peter w

      May I ask what kind of improvement is so important for you, which is not availlable in D800 or 5Diii?

      • DrToast

        I’ve been shooting with the 5D3 since it was first released. I love that camera. I also recently started shooting with a Sony A7II. While I like the image quality of that camera, I don’t find it as comfortable/easy to use as a traditional DSLR. Also, my photography style often involves very high contrast situations, so the ability to push the files is pretty important. That’s been the one strike against Canon, even though I love everything else about the system. (AF, ergonomics, lenses, etc.) I’ve been hesitant to try Nikon because I like so much about the 5D3 and the Canon system, but I have been considering it for a long time. This deal just seemed like too good to pass up. A refurbished D810 for $2100? Yes, please. Also, the newly announced Nikon 24-70 also increased my interest. I don’t like that it’s so big/heavy, but I’m kind of used to shooting with the Canon 70-200 that weighs 3 pounds, so hopefully it won’t be that bad.

        • peter w


        • true

          I must say, DR is one thing canon did not address even with their 5Ds cameras. Everything else is covered though

    • Tell us what you have – I have feet in both camps, macro I moved completely to canon – everything else Nikon. But each system has its own pro and cons.

      • DrToast

        See my response to peter w. I agree that each system has its own pros and cons.

    • CERO

      I just hope you didnt get scammed.
      Someone mentioned that BuyDig is one of these New Jersey stores.

  • maxx

    Maybe a new Nikon D900 is on the way?

    • Steven Hyatt

      This is an interesting question which I second. Do you think this is indicative of something new on the horizon?

      • ZoetMB

        I think the selling of a refurbished body is indicative of absolutely nothing.

      • nwcs

        Indicative of either excess inventory or returns only I’d say.

  • GoobSoCold

    How many actuations do these refurbished bodies typically have?

    • My speculations are that many of them (not all) are brand new – Nikon is listing them as refurbished to sell them at a lower price. I could be wrong of course.

      • le chat

        Unlikely for Nikon to choose Buydig (AKA New Jersey’s Beach Camera) to screw over its biggest retailers (Adorama, B&H) by undercutting them on price with pretend-refurb units.

      • Gary

        I’m equally as interested as GoobSoCold in hearing from folks that have
        purchased refurbs, and noted how many actuation were on it when they
        recvd it, but am probably even more so curious as to how frequently purchased refurbs have actually been found to have zero actuations on them?

  • Kristian Thacker

    Has anyone bought from one of these places on eBay before? I have always avoided them but this deal is very tempting.

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