This is the Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f/1.8 lens for Nikon F mount

Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount 7
Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount 3
I already reported that Yongnuo will start producing cheap prime lenses for Nikon F mount (the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 version for Canon costs $58). The first Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f/1.8 lens for Nikon was on display at the Photo & Imaging 2015 exhibition in Shanghai and has all-metal construction, AF-S focus motor and closest focusing distance of 0.45m. Here are some pictures of the new lens:

Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount 2 Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount 4 Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount 5 Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount 6 Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount 8 Yongnuo AF-S 50mm f:1.8 lens for Nikon F mount
Via Sina

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  • Paweł Michalak

    Those Canon fonts … ;)))

    • stormwatch

      So boring and uninteresting…

    • fanboy fagz

      you choose a lens by the font or by how it looks? seems youre interested in the gear and not how it can perform. why care if it has a red dot or the font is similar to the canon?

      • Ken

        Yongnuo doesnt show any heart simply by its poor outlook design instead.

      • HotDuckZ

        Skirt is better than pants you can pee or shit in anywhere and anytime, why you not wear skirt.

        • Nikon1isAwesome!

          Why do you assume he doesn’t? Maybe he’s a Scott!

          • Graeme Bob Mather


            • Nikon1isAwesome!

              Thanks for the peer check!

    • R Leung

      It should be Comic Sans

  • Jan van Riebeeck

    …and the red dot… 🙁

    • MonkeySpanner

      If I bought the Canon version, I would paint a red ring on it.

    • Max

      Are you Dutch or South African?

  • Aldo

    I currently don’t own a nifty fifty… If the IQ is not too bad I may pick one up… I just don’t use this focal length enough.

    • Spy Black

      The IQ is supposedly OK, but you need to stop down. QC on the Canon version was spotty, one review was good and another not. So it’s a crapshoot, but for the price, not so big a gamble, and if you get it through Amazon you can always return it if it sucks.

      • Aldo

        I shoot a lot at 2.2-2.8… as long as it’s sharp around those apertures I wouldn’t mind having one in my bag.

      • fanboy fagz

        QC is critical because it can make something thats affordable and a good buy expensive when you start shipping multiple copies to check for accuracy. the 50 canon was their first so im guessing they may have improved that. I certainly hope so. looks quite nice.all metal. im hoping decent to good AF speed and rounded apertures would be great. im wondering if theres a hood included

    • Kim

      Then why on earth do you want to buy a mediocre one?
      Use one of your zooms that cover 50mm.

      • Aldo

        mediocreness is yet to be seen.. I don’t have a zoom that covers this range atm… I’m looking at the 24-120 f4… I’d like a prime that I can shoot around 2.2-2.8 with. Then as I mentioned I don’t shoot 50mm often thus looking for something inexpensive.

        • Kim

          I would certainly not buy anything other than the exeptional (and very inexpensive) Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1:1.8G.

          • Aldo

            It’s a good lens… Idk about “exceptional”

            • Kim

              For the price paid ofcoarse!
              It beats the AF-S 50mm/1.4G in every review on both sharpness and contrast, and you have to pay A LOT more for a 50mm to see any improvement.
              Tha’s my definition of exeptional.

            • Aldo

              You have a point… I guess I don’t find this focal length exciting enough to pay 200 dollars.

            • fanboy fagz

              I have the same mindset. Just dont like 50mm. Or 35mm actually but if its inexpensive then sure. Good to have jic. Im certain itll perform better than the 24-120 f/4 . Its a decent lens as all arounder and has flexebility. A jack of all trades.

            • Captain Megaton

              Exceptional. Stopped down on a 24MP FX sensor, the detail is nothing short of amazing, and the bokeh at wide apertures is pretty decent as well.

  • AYWY

    Mmmm this looks like the Canon knock-off they just released. Probably the same optical formula except with an F-mount and different fonts on the front. And is ‘AF-S’ copyrighted by Nikon? I thought that’s why Sigma/Tamron/Tokina never used that for their Nikon products. Dunno if it’s worth a copyright lawsuit for this type of company hiding in China. Maybe when they get big enough and officially wants to enter other territories it’s worth slapping a lawsuite for the accumulated years of infringement. 🙂

    So since it’s 99.99% likely it’s just the re-branded Canon knock-off, we already know it’s performance is just somewhat near to the 25-year old Canon 50mm f/1.8. In other words, easily inferior to the modern Nikon 50mm f/1.8. I should know because it’s one of those little reasons (among others) that pulled me when I was choosing between Canon and Nikon. 🙂

    If you really want to penny-pinch on a cheap 50mm that is even cheaper as resale, you probably shouldn’t have photography as a hobby…

    • nwcs

      I really doubt that AF-S is protected. It’s used in a lot of things outside of Nikon. Even Fuji uses AF-S nomenclature and AF-C.

      I kind of think Yongnuo is taking over the slot of lower end consumer glass that Sigma and Tamron did until recent years. Like Vivitar glass of old.

    • tere

      You have a big mouth for a product you know nothing about.

      • AYWY

        I’m so sorry for my hurtful words that provoked a rude retort. Please accept my apologies.

  • ck_dexter_haven

    Looks like the 50/1.8 G. So, they ripped-off the Canon 1.8 and now the Nikon. Why is this being ‘supported’ on this forum? Even if this company is on the ‘good’ side of the law, they are certainly unethical, and the Chinese disregard for intellectual property shouldn’t be rewarded.

    • Tim Reeves

      It was shown that both yongnuo’s lenses had different optical formula to their canon counter-parts. So hardly IP theft, unless your just referring to the very uninspiring aesthetics.

      The aesthetics yongnuo work on 2 fronts, they sell in china because people want to be seen with the real thing and it sells in the west because we are addicted to a “bargain” the copy-cat aesthetic plays into this in a “haha cheap chinese fakes are hilarious”.

      And who’s unethical; yongnuo for making look-a-like products, or oem brands for still charging so much for a lens designed 50 years ago? The massive price difference and shortage of difference in image quality just shows how much the camera industry is dying for some real competition. Manufacturing processes for precise goods have become 10 fold more affordable, designing lenses has become 10 fold more streamlines since computers could do the maths. Have prices dropped? have they heck.

    • FountainHead

      More choice is better for consumers.

    • MonkeySpanner

      What intellectual property are you claiming they are ripping off? Have you seen the optical formula? Is it a copy? My guess is that it is not a copy. Are you against market competition?

      • ck_dexter_haven

        • I clearly indicated that this instance is on the ‘good’ side of the law.
        • My mention of intellectual property was a general reference to the issue in China, not necessarily related to this company/this lens.

        Seems like there are two kinds of people. Those who want what they want, as cheap as they can get it; and those who care about ethics and respect companies that do things the right way. Essentially, you’re saying you’d pay $100 for an iPhone copy if it had a Pear® logo on it, and one circuit were different.

        But, whatever. Go ahead. Buy your Yongnuo crap. I can’t imagine anyone who actually respects what they’re doing would buy this stuff, so, whatever. Knock yourself out. But, when (if) you actually ever PRODUCE something — a thought, a product, a worthwhile photograph — and someone steals it, you’ll likely cry a different tune.

        • MonkeySpanner

          OK, that was confusing.
          So – you say they are on the “right” side of the law – but at the same time are accusing them of something? Which is it?
          This is not an iphone ripoff. This isn’t even a Nikon ripoff – any more than any Sigma or Tamron lens is a ripoff of the same focal range / aperture range lens that Nikon makes. I don’t understand what you are claiming is a rip off? Is Nikon the only company allowed to make lenses? I guess you have the same hate for all 3rd party lens manufacturers?

          • ck_dexter_haven

            • “Right” side of the law = it’s legal. “Wrong” side would mean it’s illegal.
            • Legality and ethics are not the same thing. I’m commenting on the ethics, and suggesting it should not be legal. The latter is my highly biased opinion.
            • This is pretty much the same thing as a counterfeit iPhone. Fake phones don’t use the exact same componentry as the real thing. But, they’re made to look like and do the same things.
            • No, i have nothing against 3rd party lens manufacturers. But, you’ll notice something about Zeiss, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Vivitar, etc. They all have their own design schemes. A Sigma looks like a Sigma. A Zeiss looks like a Zeiss. A yongnuo looks like a Nikon or a Canon, depending on which lens they’re trying to pass it as. You really don’t see a difference there? The nuance isn’t exactly subtle.

            • MonkeySpanner

              Wait – so you are saying how it looks is similar to the Nikon – this is what is unethical? OK. It does bear a resemblance. So what. I think Nikon has some of the ugliest lenses out there. I much prefer the look of the Sigma or even Tamron. But who cares – looks – seriously? Does it really matter what it looks like? I can see in the highly self – conscious world if iPhone junk that looks would matter to people. But a lens – really? To me it is a negative that it looks like the Nikon lens – but in the end I could care less what it looks like – only its value proposition matters to me.

            • fanboy fagz

              I wouldnt buy a cloned iphone. I had an iphone till 3 months ago. recently moving to android. that itunes software garbage they force people to use should be a crime.

              I will buy anything that allows me to advance my photography, get a wider range of images (perspectives) for less. cheapest no. but reasonably prices, yes. clone? yea, dont care or hesitate for a millisecond with the way it looks. function, not form for me.

              theres a reason why aftermarket products succeed so much today. there is a huge demand. people dont want to pay crazy prices anymore.

              nikon D750 grip. $370. aftermarket $80. im sure those who buy aftermarket are at least 5 to 1. who the hell has money to pay so much for a stupid batter holder after just paying $2300 for a camera?

              the big OEM companies should the ones who should be shamed morally and ethically for ripping people off for so many years. even now wih the yen being weak against the dollar, they raise prices when they should be lowering it. theyre buying for less from japan but nump the prices here. thieves.

              now its time for me to get my moneys worth.

              grips batteries, flashes, lenses. nothing OEM anymore. in fact I buy all cameras grey with aftermarket all risk warranty from mack. im not supporting nikon anymore till they start being reasonable with their pricing.

            • I know I probably shouldn’t even bother, but I can’t resist…there’s no way you’re 44 if you converse like this. Your cadence and phrasing are that of a teenager. Even if english were a 2nd or 3rd language for you, it is evident that your attention span is adolescent.

              They say that time is money, and if that is the case, ironically you’ve probably spent enough time on internet arguments to buy all the name-brand lenses and batteries and flashes you want. Just a thought.

              The world is full of problems that we cannot begin to understand. For every overpriced “high-end” product sold by a money-grubbing corporation, there might be an under-paid worker in a factory who is subjected to unsafe conditions and paid a pittance that first-world consumers should be ashamed of supporting. Or, maybe not. Maybe mass-produced cheap crap will finally bring healthy global economic equalization. Or it could just worsen the gap between rich and poor. Who knows. This is just the internet.

            • fanboy fagz

              “Your cadence and phrasing are that of a teenager. Even if english were a 2nd or 3rd language for you, it is evident that your attention span is adolescent.”

              with the crap you wrote you definitely are aiming this at yourself. now piss off spaceman

            • FredBear

              What’s ‘ethical’ about Apple allowing the use of Benzene and n-Hexane in the manufacturing process?

        • fanboy fagz

          youre passing moral judgment on others? u see, I dont trust what half of what people say on the net. anyone can be anyone.

          up till recently, where he disappeared we had a nikon working spy here (andre w) who would hype up products and back up nikon where his language made me puke it was so corny and sounded like a brichure.

          look around. economy is bad. people want to save where they can. actually crap or not, yongnuo is making a slaughtering in flash sales where its definitely hurting nikon and canon. who the hell would buy a $550 flash when you can buy a flagship flash that will do what you need for $100?

          I bought a clone spiderpro holster from an asian seller for $25 shipped vs the $135 they sell for. very happy. wheres the proportion to the price?

          you want to pay inflated prices to get 10% better IQ, please then, go ahead. dont pass judgement on others. I will support aftermarket products till I die. they saved me a lot of money (battery grips, batteries, flashes, lenses) and have let me advance my photography and let me make more income as well.

          “Those who want what they want, as cheap as they can get it;”

          actually no. I want something thats REASONABLY priced. and judging by nikons market share and quarterly revenues for 4 years now, so do many others. people want to buy but they cant afford paying ridiculous ripoff prices. wheres the logic to nikon upping prices when the yen is weak? wheres the logic to selling a 17 year old lens(17-35 AFS) for $2000?

          so take your superiority attitude and piss off. dont pass judgement on others. yongnuo doesnt care about selling to you. there will be a huge line waiting to buy this lens. mainly asia/africa/india/russia who will get this. this is catered to the billions, not the 300million of the US.

          • ck_dexter_haven

            Take your meds, dood, and settle down.
            Buy whatever you want to buy. But, don’t confuse a “superiority attitude” with your own inferiority attitude and indifference to principles. Start a company and watch a foreign interest copy your efforts and undercut you, and perhaps your perspective will change. Better yet, stay in your mom’s basement and get laid off because your manufacturing employer can’t afford to keep you on, because a Chinese company can pay its workers pennies on the dollar while you strike for a raise in minimum wage.

            Sure — world economics don’t matter, as long as you save $50 on a lens. $50 that you can put towards better weed.

            • fanboy fagz

              actually im 44. work my ass off so I can pay my mortage and feed my 2 children.

              im guessing the downfall of a company you worked in is what youre living, or have lived?

              I couldnt care less about your somber tearing story. I have my own hardships to make ends meat. if you want to pay oem ripoff prices then please do so.

              if youre in such a down from work then consider them as well.

            • ck_dexter_haven

              44 year olds can live in their parents’ basements. : )

              You started the personal attacks. I simply responded.

              No, you’ve misunderstood. I live in LA, after 20 years in NYC. None of this has anything to do with anything i’ve personally experienced. This is about ETHICS and principles, which reasonable minds should be able to discuss without having a personal stake in those matters. If i only felt this way because i had experienced a loss, well, that would just be a self-serving bunch of BS, wouldn’t it?

              I don’t consider OEM prices to be ripoffs. Your perspective seems to be the same as the multitudes who look at the actual component costs of something like an iPhone or iWatch, and then complain that Apple is screwing consumers by “marking them up so much.” Without actually understanding the costs of design, development, first-to-market manufacturing costs, and marketing — and how all of that has to be added to component costs to arrive at a retail cost. Ripoff? Not so much. As well, reputable companies pay their workers decent wages and don’t operate with human rights violations. I would certainly trust Canon and Nikon to operate above board. Yongnuo? Where would you place your bet? That, though, wouldn’t matter to you, right? You’re only concerned with the two kids under Your roof.

              But, whatever. You turned a discussion about ideas into ad hominem attacks. You claim you’re 44, but you have a gradeschooler’s ID, so it’s probably my mistake, engaging you in any manner of conversation. I’ll bow out now. You win.

            • fanboy fagz

              youre passing judgment on others.thats wrong. you dont know what people go through in life, why they make these decisions. you think this is a correct world.

              for me its because im tired of paying inflated nikon prices.

              their bad QC for many years. cheap build. extremely slow AF. high prices. so Im looking for alternatives and there are enough. nikon needs to change. their reputation in people eyes are tarnished. and you can definitely see it. look at the numbers. people are tired to pay so much today.

              I understand your issue with clones. that it steals another persons hard work. just like nikon is looking out for their backs, I look out for my own wallet. Im the one who doesnt sleep at night trying to make ends meat. trying to cope day to day. the people at nikon sleep well with their down pillows and blankets im certain. I have no concerns for them. I care for my wife and children nothing else. and if I can support yongnuo that will continue offering great products for cheap, then great. im very happy with them. and yes, great products. their flashes are kick ass. I hope they make RT flashes for nikon as well.

              when you pay $130 for a flash after paying $500 (sb900) you get pissed and angry and say wtf does nikon charge so much.

              not only that but paying so much and getting a flash that overheats and nikon spits in yoiur face and tells you ” you want a flash that doesnt overheat? pay $550 now and get it) and thats more and more the reason I hate nikon and wont buy nikon OEM if I dont have to.

            • MonkeySpanner

              How are you so sure Canon and Nikon are “above board” but seem to doubt Yongnuo? DId you dig up some research on them? I don’t understand why you assume these things.

            • SF_Expat

              So I assume your concern of ethic is focused on the design entirely, not workers or working conditions because much of Nikon’s lenses are made by contract manufacturers in China, possible the exact same factory and same underpaid employees. Are they underpaid? Based on the local economy, they might be lower middle class due to low cost of living. Where I live, the average salary is about $1000 a month for a 20-25 year old university grad, a tiny fraction of the survival level in my old home town of St Francisco. Yet, that $1000 a month allows a much higher quality of life for that young adult. It allows more frequent foreign travel than an American earning $60,000 a year, and allows living debt free, and owning a home free and clear of any mortgage. A person earning only$60k in San Francisco is in debt up to their eyeballs and has barely enough for rent.
              Big difference in quality of life.
              I have mostly Nikon gear and enjoy it but when Yongnuo developed the YN-622 wireless flash controllers I got a set of transceivers.If Nikon developed such an item it would be $400 each instead of $40. The performance and solid construction impressed me so when the 622 Tx came out with LCD screen transmitter, I bought it and wondered why they could build such a solid reliable item for such a low price. It is not labor costs. Labor is not a major part of any electronics. Automation is the key why Chinese electronics has taken over. The national industrial plan focused on being dominate in electronics manufacturing and they did it by building the support industries and on providing grants or assistance for companies wanting automation. US and Japanese companies are at a disadvantage in that they have to amortize the investment over 6-10 years so are always behind the higher efficiency 2-3 year update cycle of China. Another reason for China dominating all electronics manufacture is they have more engineers. They graduate 50 times as many per year as the US. They are not just copying anything, often they do the development work for the western brand names. FoxConn really does a lot of the engineering on Apple products.
              After being so pleased by my selection of the wireless controllers when I needed additional flash units to augment my herd SB900 and SB800 I tried the Yongnuo 568 flash. I bought it as a local camera store without even seeing it before purchase. About $100 later, I got the box home and opened it to find a very impressive solid feeling unit. It felt better and most sturdy than my SB900s. Trying it out with showed it was every bit as capable a flash except its motor focusing does not go to 200 mm beam width. Otherwise I prefer it over the Nikon because the notion it would survive a fall better. And it had a bit more power. Coupled with the 622 series controllers it become a pretty powerful remote portrait set up with 4-6 flash set up and modifiers for daylight outdoor environmentals and full body shots.
              Based on my experience with the company, I would not hesitate to buy a lens if it covered a FL I needed. Almost all my glass is Nikon now.
              The company earned my confidence.
              And no, none of these lenses are likely to be knockoffs.None of their other products are so why assume they did not do original development on these new products?

          • FountainHead

            Where did that Nikon stooge go anyway?

            • fanboy fagz

              you too noticed he hasnt been here lately?

            • fanboy fagz

              you too noticed he hasnt been here lately?

        • 2kfire

          I just read this and wanted to say that I find it hilarious that someone who seems to care about ethics, goes on to say that supporting Apple instead of knockoffs is the “ethical” thing to do.
          It’s like all those Foxconn stories were just make-believe. 🙂

          • SF_Expat

            And it is a reasonable wager he supports his country’s extremely unethical foreign policies that any objective view would demand condemnation.
            Does China do anything to their own citizens equal to Standing Rock? Not sure if any American can talk about ethics or morality without also accepting the title of “hypocrite”

        • kotozafy

          Our clothes, our children’s toys, our iPhones, our TV and Hifi, our photo backpacks are made in unethical China. We are ALL unethical.

    • tere

      Looks like … a ripped-off ? Are you going to apologize if it’s not?

      • ck_dexter_haven

        Apologize for what? Look at their products. Are you saying they’re not making ‘lookalikes?’ Canon and Nikon employ engineers, designers and brand managers to create and maintain something. This company copies that work to a 95% standard, requiring far fewer capital resources. You can consider that a bargain in your favor. I consider it sad and embarrassing. To each his own.

        • tere

          Did you read the part … completely different optical formula ?

          Your 5% non-engineers could do that by copying, from whom?

      • FountainHead

        She’s more concerned with what a lens looks like than with what it can do.
        A poser.

    • chrisgull

      Competition is good. Let the lawyers work out any IP conflicts.

  • Fritz Asuro

    I don’t get it. For a $35-45 price difference, one would prefer to sacrifice image quality? Come on! The 1.8 of both brands [Nikon & Canon] are cheap already. Supporting obvious knock offs like that lens will just help them produce more crappy ones that lure begginers and not-so-informed photographers/enthusiasts.

    • BigIUFan

      I’m not sure how you figure the price difference is $35-$45. At $60, if that’s the price point, it would be less than a third the cost. The Nikon equivalent is a $200+ lens.

    • fanboy fagz

      petapixel reviewed the canon 50 they made to be even slightly better than the OEM. im sure any beginner who would buy it would be very happy with the performance and would be better by far than the crap kit lens 18-55/70-300 they would buy. even better than the 16-80 f2.8-4 or 24-120 f/4. im certain without a doubt.

      you decided for others what cheap is? for some people $220 is a lot of money. for some a $100 third party flash is alot. im going to assume you are from the US? because the majority these inexpensive aftermarket products are not directed towards europe or american markets. these places are the minority for their market. its aimed at the asian market where the photographer doesnt have money.

      you are a bit closed minded and abit locked in your own world. you have this elitist mindset that US and europe countries matter for these companies. the population is so small in the US and europe. its just too small a market for them.

      look at xiaomi. they dont care to sell to the US market. the US market is not important to them. they sell so much in asia that investing to get US’ers to buy is a waste for them. and its the same with asian companies on the whole. the US market is nothing for them. they have africa and india and poorer european countries and asia as a huge market. US/canada is nothing for them,

      • Fritz Asuro

        I’ve seen the Canon version for mysef, and it is – unsatisfying.

        The value of money one can save by investing in a far better equipment that can last longer and perform better will surely beat that, forgive my “language”, cheaper option.

        And sorry, I am not from USA. I was born and raised and a 3rd world country in Asia. I had to always borrow a camera when I was starting. I’ve shot a lot with the crappy kit lenses you are mentioning. So please stop assuming.

        • fanboy fagz

          so there you go. you just admitted that you yourself didnt have alot of money when you started. you shot with a lot of crappy kit lenses and now youre judging others who want to buy cheap gear? remember your origin. and dont judge those who do the same as you did. youre forgiven for using cheaper option. nothing wrong with what u said at all. inexpensive, cheap, is fine to me.

          if you think about it, people who are starting cant afford such expensive gear. they dont want to invest so much and theyll be more than satisfied with this IMO. from what petapixel showed the yn outperforms the canon. it was their first lens. im cvertain this 500 for the nikon will be much better as its the their 3rd lens. ill probably also buy the 35/f2 when its sold. im sure it will be better than the crap nikon 35mm f/2d

          • Fritz Asuro

            I am not judging. What i was saying is that even I myself started with a tight budget but didn’t see knock offs as a way to invest my money on. There are still 50mm 1.4D out there, gray market lenses, 2nd hand 1.8 (which is not hard to find), e.g.

            I have tested the 50, I am telling you, it is not worth it.

            Anyway, bottom line is this my opinion only with that YN50mm.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I read that the Canon version is not a rippoff of the Canon lens – it is a different optical formula. So – there is that. I read that the Canon version is as good, maybe better than the Canon version. So – there is that.
    I don’t understand all the comments about ripping anything off. It is another 50mm f/1.8 lens on the market. Are people opposed to 3rd party lens manufacturers. I am not.
    I welcome a $45 dollar 50mm f/1.8 lens. I would buy one in a heartbeat. It just goes to show you how overpriced lenses are. If a company can turn a profit selling an AF 50mm f/1.8 lens for $45 – how overpriced are all these lenses. I know – I will probably get an economics lesson about the price is what the market will support and supply and demand curves, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I would buy this lens.

    • fanboy fagz

      $45 for this above lens? where did you read this?

      I doubt this will sell for less than $130. all I want to know is how good the AF motor is (because the 1.8G and 1.4G suck ass) and how accurate the focus is.

      • MonkeySpanner

        (the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 version for Canon costs $58)

        Sorry, I meant $60.

        • fanboy fagz

          I dont think this will sell for so low though. the canon is plastic and was their first “test” lens in the market. petapixel said it was better then the canon. impressive.

          but if this sells for $130 I will buy it. mainly because oem sell lenses for ripoff prices and I wont support that anymore. especially with enough options like ART/tamron lenses.

          I wonder if this has rounded aperture blades. all metal though impresses me. nikons plastic lenses just disgust me with the build quality.

          • MonkeySpanner

            Not sure the market will support $130 price when you can pick up the 1.8d for around $100. All metal build would be better – but at that price I would wait for reviews to see how good it is. At $60 – it is an instant buy.

            • fanboy fagz

              I hope youre right. 1.8D to 1.8D is very noticeable improvement in IQ.

              you seem to round off numbers to suit your taste haha. from $45 you jumped to $60 and the 50 1.8d sells for $132. this is going after the 1.8G lens, not the D. so I dont think it will sell for $60

              I would buy the yn 50 for $100 and probably even $120. I have the 1.8d and 1.4d. their focus is quick but IQ sucks ass below 2.8. as long as the focus speed, accuracy and the rounded aperture blades are there.

              I think this is only the beginning for them. 35mm is already in the works. I see other primes trickling out after this. if samyang/rokinon can sell manual focus lenses (and most are overpriced imo) yongnuo can do it too, with af included. samyang/rokinon are decent iq qith crap build and no contacts (on some) and only manual focus. many videographers buy them. theyre not stellar for stills though

            • MonkeySpanner

              Yes I have been taking some liberties with rounding – probably should not do so in this case because rounding is a significant part of the price. I did see a 1.8d for $100, but it could have been a refurb.
              I would really like to see something higher than 50mm in a prime from them. Maybe an 85mm 1.8. I would be all over a lens like that for about $150.

            • Mike

              But the D lens can’t AF on any body below the D7xxx series, which is the bulk of the market. Not sure how many of you here can buy $1200, $1800, $2300 or $3000 bodies and then celebrate buying a cheap, unproven lens. The Nikon 1.8G version is already too cheap not to have in your bag, especially for the performance it gives you. I love saving $130 on a lens like anybody else, but a $200 lens is cheap enough. Going third party because the lens is cheaper than an already cheap lens just seams….. cheap.

      • You can’t guess anything until you know the build quality of the product.

        Just by glancing at the pics, it looks like this lens is going to be the most disposable lens ever made. I could be wrong, it could actually be metal underneath that sad, fake looking exterior paint job. Or, it could fall apart in 1-6 months.

        Considering the YN flash prices and features, relative to say a Canon 600EX or Nikon SB910, I’d say it’s not unreasonable to expect this lens to go for $58. Especially if it is in fact mostly cheap plastic.

        • fanboy fagz

          dont buy. I amongst many have interest in a low cost 50mm (and 35 when they release that) lens and considering their flashes sell by the truckloads and are fabulous, this will sell well also. and nikons lenses are built like shit as well. youre assuming just like me that this will fall apart in 1-6 months so youre a hypocritical douche.

          I dont think it will sell for anything less than $100. im not looking for the cheapest. Im looking for a good alternative to nikon and if this can do 95% of the 1.8g at 50% the price its more than enough for me. 50mm is not a FL I use often. dont care to invest so much in it. its just going to sit in the bag as a backup lens for my 28-70 AFS.

          speaking of disposable. I use 3 560III flashes that to me are disposable. at $70 if they fall from a light stand, I simply toss them and buy another. and the nikons? IMO the 560III is probably the most sold flash hands down in the world. there isnt a wedding ive seen that a pro doesnt have 2+ in their bags.

          after buying the shanny SN600N, im considering selling all my nikon flashes. 2-SB800 1-900 and 1-700. I see no reason to buy any nikon flash anymore. the yongnuo and shanny flashes are very good. 1/3 less power than the sb910 but 2 second recycle at full power.

          oh btw, piss off spaceboy.

  • fanboy fagz

    for weddings 50mm plays as a connecting FL from a WA zoom like a tamron 15-30VC to a 70-200 2.8 for weddings. 35/50 is the least used
    FL for me but needs to be in the bag if midrange zoom goes rogue.

    “and has all-metal construction, AF-S focus motor and closest focusing distance of 0.45m.”

    damn, looks good to me. if the price is right, im in!

    im very happy with their flashes battery packs and slaves already.

  • Zoot

    Shifty fifty…

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Admin, can you verify the “all-metal construction” part of your report? It sure looks mostly plastic to me, except of course for the metal mount.

    I guess this will have the same optic formula as the EF mount version. Hopefully it will have a SWM-type drive and won’t cost over $80, otherwise it won’t make much economic sense when there are grey Nikons selling at $130.

    • Sorry, cannot verify anything on this lens – maybe this is a prototype?

  • MonkeySpanner

    counterfeit is different than just another competitor in the market. Apple can sue, and does sue anyone who tries to sell counterfeit apple products in the US. Canon and Nikon are free to do the same with Yongnuo – but guess what – they have not done so. Why – because these are not “counterfeit” products.

  • MB

    Optics in Canon version is a ripoff:
    I suppose Nikon version shares the same Canon formula …
    It will be cheap and made by best workers in the world,same as Canon and Nikon so … who needs something like this why not …

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Yep, they ripped-off Paul Rudolph’s Carl Zeiss Jena Planar design from circa 1896, just like Canon, Nikon, Leica and just about every lens maker since that has produced a “standard” prime. Yongnuo’s formula is ever so slightly different as to prevent Canon or anyone else from making a patent infringement case against them. Their housing designs, on the other hand, are too alike to just leave alone, at least on the Nikon version, as Canon is probably phasing out their II for the new STM version and wouldn’t care much about it. Nikon should send them a cease and desist letter, and if Yongnuo still continues to market with it Nikon should fight and block them from selling on major markets, although I’m sure that doing so in China might be a waist of time and energy.

  • Russell Ferris

    The real question is how much do the workers get paid to build these lenses?

    • You dont necessarily have to pay kids…

      • Russell Ferris

        Hand crafted by highly trained, unpaid Chinese babies

    • FountainHead

      I really couldn’t give a rat’s if the device works.

    • SF_Expat

      How much is enough? When people use a high value currency as the benchmark, it distorts the whole reason to compare. In China, a skilled worker is not paid much in dollars but enough to life as lower middle class in China where there is a big difference in cost of living. It is enough to take vacations, remain debt free, pay rent if they don’t have own a home outright and buy decent food.
      In the US the cost of living varies over a wide margin so comparing quality of life make more sense than comparing numbers. I moved from a very expensive area of California where a starter home can’t be purchased for less than $1.000,000. Now live in a country where quality of life is much better yet most workers earn a lot less, have no debt, 70% own their homes free and clear, take frequent foreign travel vacations, have no college debt or medical expenses. But Americans assume those here are in poverty because they earn less while getting MUCH more out of life with more economic security, not debt and far less stress.
      China is doing fine, income is rising and the middle class has exploded in size. Chinese travelers are now dominating international leisure travel when just a few years ago few could afford it. Better to worry about your own community than a country you know nothing about. China is overtaking the world in production, growth and rising standard of living for almost all people. If you visit, as I have you would be amazed at the development and infrastructure advances, while the US has essentially abandoned improvements in infrastructure while the country falls apart.

  • Joseph Li

    ok the nikon 50mm D is $100, and G is $200. Why would anyone want a yongnuo 1.8? for $50 difference? damn. The lower resale value already made you lost money

  • Tobi-Wan Kenobi

    Dear Yongnuo,
    why not produce something Nikon doesn’t have in their lineup? What about an AF-S DX 16mm 2.0?

    • Aldo

      knock off brands go through a ‘copy’ stage… when their resources allow then they start innovating eg. sigma

    • Sawyerspadre

      That would make sense…

    • MonkeySpanner

      Yes, indeed – that would be interesting. They clearly have the ability to produce glass, housings, etc. – why not just hire an optics engineer or two and produce something unique.

      • SF_Expat

        The main reason is the potential market. Odd lens FL means educating a whole market to want that FL. Everyone has or will have a 50mm so there is already a acceptance of the FL and specs. There was nothing magical about the FL range 70-200 but it because a standard much-have so no matter how good, a 90-220 would have more market resistance.

  • FountainHead

    They’re not calling themselves Nikon.
    Apples and oranges, Son.

    • ck_dexter_haven

      They’re not calling themselves “Range Rover” either. Note that it’s the same nation that doesn’t respect intellectual property, hacks us, has a poor record of human rights violations, etc….

      But, never mind that. The discussion was about Ethics, not the law, which, as we’ve already acknowledged, isn’t (unfortunately) being violated.

      I guess you only draw the line Behind you.

      But, go ahead. Help yourself.

      • Riley Escobar

        So what would you call Nikon’s business ethics when it copied the Contax-Zeiss rangefinder mount? It may have been legal (post-WWII policies being what they were), but did they respect intellectual property?

      • FountainHead

        OH, fine. You hate China or Chinese design ethics or however you want to label it. Congratulations. Here’s a dog biscuit.

        I hope if you have any Chinese products in your home, the designs are 100% originals from scratch.

      • Justtakethepicture

        Doesn’t respect intellectual property, hacks you and has a poor human rights record. I guess you’ve given up photography then, as your ethics won’t allow you to buy goods from China. Oh wait, where was the phone or computer you used to post your comment made?

  • Captain Megaton

    Why spend all the money on an dSLR if you are going to cheap out for the sake of $50 and buy a crap lens?

    • Aldo

      Arguably you’d be saving 150 bucks against the nikon 1.8g … I think it isn’t a bad trade off for someone who doesn’t use 50mm a lot.

    • Nikon1isAwesome!

      If it performs well, I’d probably pick one up for the D40. It just uses the center area of the lens anyway, which is usually the best performing part of the lens.

  • James Donahue

    Jeez what a bunch of cry babies

  • That outer plastic looks about as high-quality as the lens mugs I own.

    I’d get on board if this were a Rokinon, and if it cost $100-200 but offered sharpness on par with their f/1.4 50mm but at f/2 or f/1.8. But this, this I dunno.

    I can’t stop thinking about the movie Wall-E at the beginning where there’s mountains of junk piled high like skyscrapers. This is probably the most “disposable” lens ever made…

  • Trademark law is intended to be a consumer protection.
    Only Apple can call themselves “Apple”.
    Only Nikon can call themselves “Nikon”.

    Yongnuo is making a nifty fifty, but they aren’t calling it a “Nikkor”; they are labelling it “Yongnuo”

    That’s where the line is.

    Design and development protections are temporary monopolies provided by governments to allow companies to profit off their inventions for a limited length of time.

    When companies use these monopolies to stagnate rather than innovate, they deserve to be undercut by 3rd parties; 3rd parties who label their products honestly.

  • paid $100 for my 50mm f/1.8D. Why on earth would I buy this lens?

    • Aldo

      soft n ghosty… and this is with a strobe so it won’t get any better than this… This is how most D lenses render images that’s why I stay away from them… don’t like them.

      • now you’re breaking MY heart

        • Aldo

          There’s something about g lenses that takes care of this… the chip idk… dont think it has to do with the actual elements.

    • Nikon1isAwesome!

      For your old AF-C body that you have lying around somewhere that needs AF-S.

  • FredBear

    Choice is the essence of life and people are complaining of having more choice?

    • Captain Megaton

      “Choice is the essence of life”
      And life is an all-U-can eat buffet.

    • Why is it so? I agree that choice is important to life but Im genuinely interested to know why it would be the essence of it?

      • FredBear

        Imagine no choice in life. No choice in job, no choice in spouse, no choice in food, vehicle, schooling, home, country of residence, holiday, camera, lenses etc, etc. Would you like a life like that?

        • Ok, of course not. But does this make it the essence of life? Imagine no pleasure with food, camera, spouse … would you like a life like that?

          • FredBear

            Ok, so, if not choice, what is the ‘essence of life’ in your opinion?

            • Maybe to “satisfy ones needs”? To me Choice is the necesary part to give the ilusion of freedom.

            • Or freedom = the ilusion of having a choice

            • FredBear

              Agree that freedom is an illusion, but one can still make choices that might improve upon a limited freedom and improve one’s life 😉

  • AYWY

    A review on Petapixel says the YN performs better than Canon’s 50. But…

    – DR disagrees with their head-to-head test.
    – That’s the 25 yo version. Canon just released a new version. New motor makes it great for video but I haven’t noticed comparisons with its predecessor.

  • Jim Huang

    I’m actually very surprised they bothered to make one like looks like the Nikon 50mm f1.8G. I thought they’ll only change the mount and called it a day.

  • yrsued

    Great lens choice for a Remote, Slap it on a D3 and set it on a custom .50 Caiber Ammo Can Sealed Case!!

  • true

    Their flashes are good… very good. They need to work on their lens department though. If they could compete with other smaller 3rd party manufacturers (Tokina and some other smallers) then it would be very nice. Right now they’re really doing nothing interesting lens wise.

  • stesk

    This company doesn’t do any innovation.
    They only produce cheap copies.

    • true

      Their flashes are more than cheap copies. Many will agree they make best flashes on the market.

      • stesk

        Maybe they are copies built in another shell.
        I doubt those companies have the capital to innovate and develop those products.
        I don’t want to open a discussion about this. What I can see from some shops in Hong Kong are cheap copies of different accessories and I would never support this.

  • quickfix

    Next product: 50mm 1.2 from President’s Choice

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Yongnuo sells the Canon version direct for US$47 shipped in mainland China. That’s their retail price. So B&H might be getting them for about US$25 ex works for them to retail at US$58 shipped within mainland USA. And at that wholesale price Yongnuo should still be making a nice profit (why bother otherwise?). Canon, who makes the II in Malaysia, and Nikon, who makes the G in Thailand, should both have about the same costs as Yongnuo, if not less as they have exponentially larger economies of scale. You might argue that they have higher R&D and marketing overhead, but they also have exponentially larger customer bases and should be also making and selling exponentially larger quantities of each of their nifty fifties. Food for thought.

  • torwag

    Interesting if you put the into balance…
    the Youngnuo lens comes with front and rear caps for $58 (assuming it cost the same as the Canon version).

    Nikon USA lists an original front cap 52mm (LC-52) for $17 and a rear cap (LF-4) for $4.50. Since the lens itself can function as a body cap you can add another $13.50 for an original Nikon body cap (BF-1B) That is $35 in total.

    Thus, for as little as $23 on top of Nikon prices, you get a front cap, a rear cap and a body cap (the lens) which actually can even take decent pictures… not bad in my opinion 😉

  • James Donahue

    As inexpensive as Nikons 50 f1.8 is why would anyone want this thing

    • decisivemoment

      After all the trouble I’ve had with mine, I’ll give the Yongnuo a shot any day.

    • Chris

      From what I heard it is half of the price and very close in performance.

    • SF_Expat

      Where I live the 50 1.8G is about $300. The 85 1.8G is about $640.
      The 85 is a bargain, the 50 is overpriced. So a $58 50 1.8 that might need a small AF adjustment would allow buying it plus 2 full CLS compatible flash units that compete with SB-910. That is seriously a bargain
      If it is as well made and as reliable as the YN-622 TX and 622 flash controllers, or 568II flash, it will be a super bargain. I have used my 622 transmitter and a bunch of 622 transceivers every couple days for the last 6 months without a single miss-fire, with is more than I could say for my much more expensive pocket wizards. The 568II flashes have been a great addition to my SB-900’s, at 1/6th the price.
      All that said, the Nikon 1.8 primes have some great lenses, the 20mm 1.8 and 85 1.8 are real standouts. I have had a 85 1.4D for years and like it but wanted something lighter for a smaller kit. I bought a new 86 1.8g a couple months ago and the 1.4d has lived on the shelf ever since. Optically, it is a very good lens regardless of price. the 20mm 1.8 is the best wide I have ever used, including the 14-24 2.8. If is a great match to the D800. But some of the others in the 1.8g class are not the real standouts these two are.

  • Michiel953

    Looks like a good lens to bump into things with when fitted to my D800E.

  • jefferylewis

    Too bad they didn’t try to differentiate their product. Why clone an already affordable lens? If it was a pancake I’d order one immediately as Nikon doesn’t seem to want to offer one. Fill a niche – Sigma’s doing that with their big telezooms and fast wide zooms. It’s working for them!

  • PhilK

    As far as the cosmetic design of that lens, I would be FAR angrier about it if I were Canon, than if I were Nikon. That lens is clearly designed to look like a Canon EF lens. Doesn’t look much like a Nikon AF-S lens at all.

    Regarding China and respect for intellectual property – that is definitely a major longstanding problem with China, but it’s starting to change now that they are building up their own substantial native IP portfolio. Funny how that works. 🙂

  • philip chan



  • philip chan

    i can’t wait to have one…

  • Franck Barrère

    Hi there,
    Any news about this new lens ?
    YongNuo introduced the product in July 2015, and since no news… the release date was not in December 2015 ?

  • ArkadiiShapoval
  • Faraz

    I read a review where the Canon version of this babe performed better than the Canon 50-1.8 lens which by the way costs more than thrice the money.

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