Nikon View NX-i to get image processing in September

The new View NX-i software will get image processing in September according to Nikon USA:

"Future versions to be released September 2015 will allow for image processing within ViewNX-i."

For now View NX-i is only an image browsing software. You can download the latest version from the Nikon download center.

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  • Eric Calabros

    Millions of people wait for it

    • fjfjjj

      Millions more already stopped waiting or even paying attention

  • Clifford Martin

    I downloaded and installed it yesterday. Installation had it replace my View-NX, which I was used to.

    I’m not really fond of the changes to the interface. It is harder to cycle through the images on a second screen because the controls now overlay the photo.

    • harry_massachuMIT

      I uninstalled the old viewnx and then after the new installment I reinstalled the latest version of the old one. Now I have two working versions…no conflict and both of them works like a clock…

    • florencio

      just use the arrow keys on the keyboard or the arrows above the File & Camera Information window (top right). I like new interface it’s much cleaner

  • OldHickory30

    I’ve been using Capture One Pro 8 and DXO on occasion which seem to produce awesome files. I’ve tried View-NX, however it seems to little to late. Maybe Nikon will prove me wrong.

  • Bill Pahnelas

    If they put adjustments in V-NX, I wonder what use anyone will have for NX-D…

    And yes, I’ve been trying them out. There are some nice things about the “sidecar” — as edits can be pasted quickly to batches of photos — but when it comes to needing to lift shadows in a particular area, FULL STOP. It makes no sense not to have at least some rudimentary tools for such functions. Perhaps no one besides NIK software can invent a tool to perform such tasks… Is the pool of intellectual property so shallow?

  • First priority would be to make it work on Retina Display MAcBook Pros without beach-balling the computer 😉

    • Wow, it actually looks like they fixed it. Even though the version number is the same, there is a slight difference in the download size today compared to the initial offering a few days ago. Uninstalling the old and re-installing with a new download fixed the MBP spinning beachball issue.

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  • JimP

    Let’s hope you can save as a true 16 bit TIFF when they do this, unlike View NX 2.

    • Purdyd

      Last time I checked, it seemed nikon had fixed the 16 bit tiff repeating the MSB issue

      • JimP

        Where did you see that? I’m interested because I need to save about 2500 edits as TIFFs. This would save me going into Capture NX2 for each save.

        • Cristian

          Why don’t you use the Capture NX2 batch mode?

  • whisky


  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Seems eventually Capture NX will be merged in View NX, hopefully View NX will even get again CNX2 U-point tech?

    • mikeswitz

      Nik software was purchased by Google. You can buy the complete package and run it thru many available editing and organizing programs. If Nikon wants it back they will have to deal with Nik/Google.

      • neversink

        Nik software is great. I just hate going from Capture One to Nik, but I do it on occasion.

        • mikeswitz

          You know, you can access it as a plug-in for Lightroom.

    • neversink

      My thoughts exactly…. But I doubt it because Nikon, for some unfathomable reason, sold it to Google.

  • This smells like ad-hocery. If this is meant to replace ViewNX then it should have shipped with editing already in place. Staged shipping is confusing for customers and makes them work unnecessarily by performing at least two installs (three if you reinstall ViewNX after installing this viewer).

    Yes, I know it’s free and downloading & installing is hardly “work”, but this isn’t how a company who wants their diminishing customer base to stick with them needs to handle things. Why not wait another six months and deliver a finished package? It’s not as if the Nikon community were screaming out for a viewer with no editing capability.

    • brn

      I agree. Nikon seems to be releasing alpha versions of the software (not all features implemented). That’s fine, but they need to call it alpha. That way, they create excitement for what’s comming. Instead, they set themselves up for criticism.

  • Vincent

    All nikonians would be better served if Nikon would allocate those devs to ensure extensive and quick support for third parties programs to make sure they’ll squeeze the best from their sensors. Nikon can’t do proper software, so stop that nonsense.

  • Thomas

    Downloaded and installed but lost my favourite ViewNX2.

    And when i tried to right click an image and open it in Capture NXD (which I hate but was only trying it out!) I received an error message stating that Capture NXD couldn’t open an RAW or NEF image. If you open the same file from the browser in Capture NXD, it works no problem!!!! Curious!!!

    Oh well back to reinstalling View NX2 and back to Capture NX2 or Capture One Pro for the D810.

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