Why I think the rumored Nikon firmware update program is legit

Two weeks ago I posted online a leaked Nikon USA press release about a new “I AM ADVANCING” program for Nikon DSLR owners where photographers will be able to download advanced firmware updates and add new functionality to their cameras. The official announcement was supposed to be on January 19th but it did not happen. Here are the reasons why I think the press release is legit:

Nikon IP address

  1. The leaked text was obviously received from an email with an IP address ( that can be geo-traced to the Nikon office in Melville, NY. The email server is also listed as srvmailbox1.nikonimaging.net.
  2. The content and length of the press release is consistent with previous Nikon announcements. I seriously doubt that this was a hoax created by a prankster. Over the past 8 years I have seen many fake press releases and this is not one of them.
  3. The people quoted in the press release (Kazuyuki Kazami and Jay Vannatter) are real Nikon employees.

I think the press release was real and for some reasons Nikon decided not to publicly announce it or possibly delay it till the CP+ show in February. On Tuesday Nikon released the official D750 service advisory and maybe they thought that any other "positive" announcement on the same day will not be perceived well. We may never know, but I still believe we will see the new firmware program in the next few weeks.

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  • mok

    Maybe Nikon just noticed the rumors in internet and wanted to ‘go against the stream’ and delayed in on purpose.
    Purpose would be to ‘play on the nose’ to the rumors sities

    • This is also a possibility: to discredit NikonRumors 🙂

      • John

        And ultimately pay you a complement.

      • Francesc Genové

        I think that it’s legit. The past month I had to take my D800 to service. After that I’ve received a satisfaction enquiry.
        There we’re a lot of questions directly related to the firmware of the camera. What kind of features I will like to see in the firmware and the order of preference.
        Which I found kinda odd.

        • Eric Calabros

          Did you write anything about 10bit or higher bitrate video? or ability to import LUT files? Focus peaking?

          • Cinekpol

            “ability to import LUT files?” – yea, totally one of 3 most important features in a camera firmware update.

          • Francesc Genové

            There was one question about the ability to choose “other bitrates” in video. And another one about “Focus Peaking in Live View mode”. Nothing about LUT files, though. 🙁

            • Stve

              D8oo Liveview is useless for manual focusing Focus Peaking is top of my wish list.

            • It’s far from useless, I use it often and with great results.

            • Just zoom in and focusing works fine. But arguably peaking should be in any modern camera with video shooting capabilities. It’s on phones afterall.

            • thisisaname

              Tell me you answered you would like that, or I will decapitate you with an imaginary web katana! Anything about ProRes and stuff?

        • Andrew

          They can start with some pixel binning on the image sensor, especially in video mode. Now that the pixel density on those sensors have increased significantly, we need to have these types of options.

        • Troto

          That form would be a hit, if it offered to satisfy with a no-cost D810 for my D800 : ) just saying

          • They’re probably not going to do anything that will alienate D810 owners, honestly. Also, if they could turn the D800 into the D810 via a firmware update, they would have not released the D810. Firmware isn’t a magic bullet and they won’t do anything that will compromise reliability such as overheating internal components.

      • Troto

        Peter is also a detective! : ) tracking that IP address and announcement length like a pro

        • I had to learn few tricks over the years 🙂 All this is publicly available information. I am sure a network admin can do much more.

          • JonB

            All of those tricks are available to a hoaxer, too. Who is more likely to want to discredit NR, Nikon or one of the trolls that infest the forums? I thought when I saw this originally, and still do, that it’s dubious. The supposedly leaked email has TOO much information. Who posts an email complete with RFC 822 headers? Someone who is trying to show – or create – information that can be used to verify – or “verify” – the email. I could be wrong and I hope I am, but I have the feeling you got pwned.

            • This is possible, but I still believe this press release is legit.

            • longzoom

              Do not worry about. Something has happened what is above and beyond your control. It very possible that Nikon has found some significant mistake, and its gonna take time to improve. The press release looks legit and real.

      • Use a photo of yours, invalidate a rumour. Seems fair…

      • Use a photo of yours, invalidate a rumour. Seems fair…

    • Philameh Dorophil Philip

      i think its an ORDINARY rumour!! it been months!

  • Bill Pahnelas

    i believe it’s very plausible that they didn’t want their news to be overwhelmed by the D750 service advisory, so they’ve held it until the timing is more beneficial. nikon has long been shown up by other brands like canon and fuji when it comes to late-product-cycle firmware updates, so i’m sure they hope to get a lot of positive spin out of this program.

  • RS Work

    What if Nikon just wanted to see how people would react to a pay service for new firmware and used that way to leak some information about it to see people reaction?

    • Eric Calabros

      They just could monitor the reaction of Fuji users

  • pyktures

    lets chill a bit here. NikonRumors is doing a great job in giving us a headsup. I was definitely looking forward to the announcement but it not happening on the set date didn’t bother me so. Having Nikon changing the way it treats its userbase is good enough for me. It’s definitely the super-dSLR company I would support over the two 😉

    • JoeJohnBear

      Competition is good. The 5DIII did not have clean HDMI out until the D800 came along. Hopefully both companies will continue to compete with each other on service for everyone’s benefit.

      • Agreed – I hate the amount of fanboi-ism that pervades the net. Canon and Nikon both have their place, as do the other brands. The competition helps drive innovation. Dramatic Firmware improvements have been a hallmark of Fujifilm and it’s done the entire industry good. I’m glad to see Nikon (and hopefully Canon) follow suit.

  • Michiel953

    We’ll see what happens; it seems like a useful service. Public releases aren’t dictated by leaks. Thanks Peter for diligently following the news, legit or leaked.

  • Kynikos

    If we look at the “evidence against” the firmware program, we have:

    –Jan 19, the press release date, came and went

    …and that’s all.

    It could have been moved days or weeks for any number of reasons (one that hasn’t been suggested is that Jan 19 is a politically charged holiday in the US this year… Nikon why are you “intruding”???). But…

    –Firmware’s a good idea
    –Fuji has been winning fans with firmware
    –the source material seems legit

    –CP+ is coming after all

    I’ll believe it until either it shows up, summer gets here, or Admin tells me to knock it off.

    • Thom Hogan

      The first thing I noticed about the alleged press release was the date. NikonUSA simply would not announce on a holiday, let alone a Monday. I took that immediately to be a signal that, if the press release were true, this was a tagging system to trace any leaks.

      • Dr_Bonk7

        You are SO busted Thom. ;0)

      • Dr_Bonk7

        You are SO busted Thom. ;0)

      • UR Navel Gazing

        You said that at the time, I’m sure.

      • where the leak came from is very obvious from the email header – I think this was not an intentional leak, somebody was using this web based copy and paste for some reason

        • Andrew

          All of this adds intrigue to the leak. What is a rumor without risk 😉

  • asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

    Nikon needs to do this RIGHT & be a market leader and innovator. If this is just a shake-down of the consumer, its going to piss a lot of people off.

    Nikon needs to understand that they are not the “pro” camera or even the “high-end” camera. They are the “people’s camera” company. We love them. We love what Nikon does. If they make this thing elitists or out of touch with real consumer budgets, then they risk losing more market share as they alienate customers. Nikon — if you’re listening, remember that you are the people’s camera. “I am Nikon.” Not just the 1%. Price yourself that way. Remember the people you serve. And do important things, lead the market with what the people want (you’re always best when you do that; don’t follow the market), don’t do stupid things like the Df’s grip or $600 D800 handgrips with crazy expensive battery accessories or stupid expensive wifi/gps things.

    Remember your customers. You’re slowly losing them in other areas where you look like you shake their wallets or do small, petty things or look like a follower. In this project too, you have a chance to wow them or to turn them off. Keep being a great company!

    • Eric Calabros

      Sorry I didnt know “consumers” want RAW histogram!

      • What he meant was not -consumers. Just the mid tier photo people. Not the stupid(in terms of photo avidity) point and shooters-even with dslrs , nor the elitist pros who use MF . Or ofcourse leica user etc category.

  • UR Navel Gazing

    So, just for once Nikon slipped NR a duff leak.

    So what?

  • Joshua Boldt

    Their IT people can probably track that IP back to him now. At my work I can track any user by IP or any IP by user, even if it is a floating IP that multiple people have used I can narrow it down. I can also look in the mail logs and see what user sent mail from that IP if they used company mail.

    • tertius_decimus

      Nobody cares of your INCREDIBLE TALENT.

      • Joshua Boldt

        It’s not a talent. It’s just basic security software apps. 🙂

        • Eric Calabros

          But there is considerable amount of NSA drug in your blood

          • sleipnir

            More like a smart boss.

          • CERO


          • Any network engineer worth his salt (or degree) knows how identification is built into communication protocols. Forget about privacy for a moment, just ask this:

            How does ANY website (say your favourite free email account) know which tab of which browser of which PC in which office cubicle/floor connected to which server/switch in which building of which company who use which of the Internet Service Providers using which node of which gateway connected to the big bad mesh of optical fibre and submarine cable networks has asked for a login for a particular account?

            If your browser tab has to get the right webpage, all this information is necessary. Nobody NEEDS to know WHO you are, but making sure the information is passed correctly, a water-tight protocol is necessary anyway.

            If you ask all the “privacy-paranoids” to design a network, they would come up something similar. I am not a network specialist or a cryptologist, but I am not quite sure how privacy CAN BE AT ALL implemented. SOMEONE always KNOWS. All you can do is build better mechanism of ensuring identity.

      • harish uk

        speak for yourself

    • Joshua Boldt

      I can also look at the logs and see who has been visiting this website. Luckily no one at any company who isn’t in IT would know that, and IT doesn’t give a crap if you leak rumors so they would never bother.

  • doge

    Remember when I said Nikon was planning to charge for firmware updates and everyone said I was an idiot.

    I remember.

    • I remember, I did not say that you are an i.

      • Eric Calabros

        I remember that I felt better when I saw your reply to him

    • Ceasar Sharper

      I would even pay a small fee to improve my D800 and D300S,

      • Troto

        two words: fee free

        • peter w

          (why not three words?)

          • Cinekpol

            (global recession)

            • peter w

              (we are past that, thought Roebel, Francs and Drachme – uh I mean Euro – are still a bit restless indeed)

  • Neopulse

    Still waiting until Nikon creates a site where you can customize your camera within reasonable boundaries. A Dx body with a Dxxx sensor for example.

  • The IP is most definitely Nikon:

    Stafford Associates Computer Specialists, Inc. STAFFORDNET-BLK-1 (NET-66-11-128-0-1) –

    Nikon STAFFORDNET-133 (NET-66-11-133-0-1) –

  • Thank you for giving us your opinion, I’m hoping too its real

  • D810-D5200_user

    Thanks for the update, very much indeed

  • LetThereBeLight

    It is software… releases get pulled last minute all the time. Cant wait for the updated WB algortihm on my D800E!

  • lorenzo

    Nikon silently recalled the D750. As usually, not admitting or saying anything about the I AM | ADVANCING could be because the plan has been cancelled or just delayed.
    Thanks again Admin for keeping us posted.

    • I will say it again: this firmware update program will be released soon. I am positive.

      • Troto

        And it was a juicy functionality update! I am eagerly waiting for the WB refinement : )

  • whisky

    any chance this was just Nikon’s way of tracing a leak?

    • BG

      I’m really surprised that so much information was given away about the source – IP address, mailbox the mail originates from, whatnot. Unless that information is publicly available anyway (no idea whether it is), I think this might hurt the source.

  • SkyMeow

    I hope we get a new firmware with updated WB for D810 real soon. I have a trip to Japan coming up in less than 2 weeks.

    • shoot raw

      • SkyMeow

        Normally I shoot raw. But when I’m on long personal vacation, I mainly shoot jpeg. However I do switch to raw when I see something special. During my last 4-week vacation, I shot over 51GB worth of jpeg with my D4. With D810 raw file size, that will be too much.

        • hje

          Just try to shoot less than 35 images/per hour in your vacation ( i did calculate 7 hours break for sleep time eating and other needs in those 28day vacation ) 😉

          But I second you. JPG with a reliable WB is more than enough for most photographs.

        • Sure, I get that and figured you did. Honestly though, what do you think you get from the D810 that you wouldn’t get from a D700? Do you really exploit the advantages of the D810? Be honest (not trying to bait you, I just want to know).

  • sleipnir

    They need firmware upgrades for Nikon Coolpix A, maybe autofocus improvements? and panaroma mode? its an amazing little beast

  • leo


  • BG

    So much for protecting your source… I mean – really?!

  • leo

    I never put much thrust in nikonrumors, sometimes i think it works in favor of nikon to mislead people into buying.
    Example, when people found out a lot of nikon DSLR’s can’t change aperture in live view, nikon rumors said a firmware is coming, and it is still coming :).
    Informed people knew it was impossible because of mechanical limits, blatant lie coming from nikonrumors.
    In conclusion, don’t expect any sort of improvements with firmware updates from nikon, they are in for the money.
    Mark my words, you will never, ever get more from a nikon DSLR than what you already paid.

    • you must be new here

      • i am watching nikonrumors for years and their predictions were in most cases (not always) very accurate or very precise. For me it is one of the most trustworthy source of information. As admin said, you have to be new here…

      • Blrfl

        Or looking for stuffweknowforsureaboutnikon.com.

    • Michiel953

      You should get out more, see some new things, talk to people, let the wind ruffle your hair.

      • MB

        He probably does not have any hair at all – hence he must blame somebody for something …

        • Michiel953

          Ha ha; there’s not much hair on my head as well, but I do like to get it ruffled in the wind!

    • @disqus_4B7GF4tu0f:disqus If you think that these types of issues can’t be changed via firmware, you don’t have an understanding of how firmware works.

      It is essentially the command interface between the UI (in this case the physical UI, the software, and the hardware of the device – a camera in this instance). While firmware cannot change many things – the control interface between something like aperture control in live view is very much in the realm of what these types of updates can achieve.

      You group yourself with ‘informed people’ – but your base assumption is incorrect and fallacious. So maybe not so ‘informed’.

      Look at the incredible things Fuji has been able to do with their firmware updates – almost all of them based on customer feedback.

      We’ll mark your words about Nikon- but as someone who’s used their equipment for 30 years – I can tell you with certainty that you are incorrect.

      Nor is that just brand loyalty – I also shoot with Canon, Fuji, Mamiya and Hasse when they are the right tool for the job. Outside of some major foibles in the mid-Nineties (resting on their laurels in their AF systems), Nikon has always been very customer-centric.

      • He just opened a Disqus account to tell me that I am a liar 🙂

        • Ahh, The trolls coming out to play 😉

      • leo

        Then explain how a d600 or d610 can change aperture with a firmware update, in live view ? don’t you understand that it can’t be done BECAUSE OF MECHANICAL LIMITATIONS !
        These are the big lies, you will never get a firmware update that can fix this, you will never get an update that enables peaking if the camera doesn’t have the processing power.
        A firmware can’t add new functions to a camera that was made as a bare minimum for taking photos.
        Mirrorless and products from other companys can have new functions added as they have a base from wich to evolve like plenty of processing power, more memory.
        It’s just not the case with Nikon, you won’t get a magic lantern here, it just can’t be done when you have a cheap product.
        And yeah, i made an account just to say you guys lie, i folloed nikonrumors in the past and got burned with bad information, a few days ago i stumbled upon a news that nikon was to release a firmware that would add new stuff, when i saw it comes from nikonrumors i had to come here and say it for others to know and learn not to trust.
        You can’t deny FACTS, nikon rumors said a firmware will fix aperture on nikon d600 and d610, nikon rumors lied because it can’t be done and this DSLR comes to an end of life with no possible fix for this, because it can’t be done, these are facts.

        • You sound like a conspiracy theorist.

          Just because you type it IN ALL CAPS doesn’t make it so.

          Funny, a whole range of cameras have focus peaking added with a firmware update.

          It’s easy to explain how firmware can lead to better integration between the aperture and liveview if you have any basic engineering knowledge, but honestly, it doesn’t sound like you do.

          Clearly you just want to b*tch about Nikon, and this site – that’s really amusing and frankly kind of pathetic.

          Time to take off your tin-foil hat and crawl under your bridge, troll…

    • some.guy from.texas

      “Mark my words, you will never, ever get more from a nikon DSLR than what you already paid.”

      You know this factually….how?

  • J J

    I haven’t read every post about this, but what’s the overview of what this ‘service’ is supposed to be? Simply a new way of passing out firmware updates they would occasionally release anyway? Or new/more frequent firmware updates that we would not normally have seen in the past and now they’re trying to release more improvements and so on sort of like Fuji does? Or finally, a new service to give customers SOME free firmware updates but to also make a way to purchase added functionality via firmware that they’d rather not just give away?

    • mosswings

      Read this post. It’s really a sea change in the way Nikon supports its camera users, but for now it’s FX only. It could be extended to any camera with Expeed 3, but we’ll see if Nikon is interested in keeping DX enthusiasts happy.


      • J J

        Thanks. Well I hope they do provide more requent firmware updates sort of like Fuji does, where certain new functions and features can be added via firmware. For example, Fuji added electronic shutter for the X-T1 via firmware update that allows 1/32000 shutter speed now. I’d even be willing to pay for updates like that…but not a ton of money. Let’s say less than $50 would be reasonable to me for an update that adds very useful new features. I remember in the past they release some really nice updates for the D200 and D700. I think the D200 (it’s been so long, I think I recall correctly) for a big overhaul/update of the menu system for example.

  • Bill M.

    Nikon program headline should now be called:

    • Captain Megaton

      Since Nikon haven’t formally announced anything whatsoever about it yet, that seems a tad unfair.

  • Captain Megaton

    Sounds reasonable. The D750 announcement took precedence or for whatever reason there was a last minute delay.

    I’m looking forward to this program. I’d even pay for it. It’s a firmware upgrade, rather than a bug fix, so fair enough make it optional. If it means updating my D600 to use the CP2 picture profiles natively, for example, or improved white balance, I’m all for it.

  • Tolstoy

    I appreciate all of the rumors here…..The ones that wind up being accurate, and the ones that don’t. The site is great entertainment. I appreciate the time and expense of keeping it going.

    I mean, if I wasn’t sitting here wasting time on Nikon rumors, what else would I be doing,? running around on this,cold, dark, cloudy night chasing down black cats so I can bitch about the capabilities of my gear?

    Great work NR! Keep it up.

  • decisivemoment

    I’m not sure the D800 has the physical bandwidth to fix its Liveview, but there are plenty of other things it could do with more sophisticated firmware and software. We already have the convenient ISO adjustment, so what about USB tethering to a smartphone for apps, image storage or WiFi transfer, or further refinements to AF and color profiling, or easier connections to GPS devices? I have a Galaxy Note 4 — a phone with superb reception, extremely fast data connections, all the WiFi features including 802.11ac, and a slot for a 128GB memory card — and there are all kinds of possibilities there for camera tethering and exposure control and remote operation, I should think. WiFi-capable iPods or Android mini-tablets open a whole different set of possibilities, especially for professionals running multiple remote cameras.

  • MaximusPhotography

    Typical Nikon, I’m not surprised

    • mikeswitz

      Hey everyone, its rt-photography, I mean leo….he’s back! Let’s everyone give him a great big welcome!

      • I blocked rt-photography from posting here few days ago.

        • mikeswitz

          My bad and my apologies to Maximus Photography. When i clicked on his name shortly after he first posted disqus said it was “leo” who to me sounded exactly like a myriad of rt-photography posts. Diqus has done that before. I should have know better.

  • Guest


  • MaximusPhotography

    !!!??? Am I missing anything ?

  • MaximusPhotography

    Am I missing anything???

  • Nikonfirmware

    Maybe on Monday 26th we get a nice surprise from Nikon. Only one week delay…

  • Nancy Vreuls

    What ever happened to the Nikon update?

  • Pablo Yanez

    I was really excited about this… Have you re-evaluated your trust of the initial post? It’s starting to seem like an awfully long delay.

  • ckoerner

    Did this ever go anywhere?

  • lefantome

    WOW after several months it seems the news is just a rumor…What a pity.

  • Amitoj Ahluwalia

    Any luck finding out if this update is coming to the shores?

  • So, unfortunatley here we are 9 months later and still nothing on “I am Advancing”

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