Nikon D7200 rumored specifications

Here are the rumored Nikon D7200 specifications:

  • New 24MP APS-C sensor
  • Nikon D750 styled body with a tilting screen
  • Expeed 4 processor
  • MultiCAM 3500DX2 autofocus system
  • 51 AF points
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 6fps
  • Buffer: 16 RAW+JPG
  • Video: 1080p @60 and 720p @120 (not sure about 4k)
  • Video aperture will be adjustable during live view
  • Expected announcement in the first few months of 2015

If those specifications are correct (I am still not sure), the D7200 will not be a professional level camera - just an incremental D7100 update, something like the D750 in a DX format. This still leaves hope for a real D300 replacement.

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  • Freddy

    Pretty boring, and if the rumors about A7000 will be right, about a new 24MP sensor with expanded PD point and 4K video under $700 with a new decent kit lens at $1,100, this D7200 will be DOA…
    6 fps ? are you kidding me ?
    D3300 can do 5 fps…
    D7000 can do it 4 years ago.
    the same old 51p AF with little tweaks ?…
    Really puzzling…

    I’m not buying the a6000 only due at pathetic lens… there’s no decent ones under $700-800, if only sony can do a 18-55 just like the nikon it can destroyed the cheap dsrl market with blazing fast AF, compact body, cheap prices and great quality.. maybe the a7000 can be all this one and maybe even to be a baby A7s… same features and 2 stop loss at same ISO for less that half the price…

  • TO

    Funny no mention of metering specs…
    Most likely keep the 2016 instead of the 91000, also something to go on a “D400″…

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Given that 7D MkII is now sold for 1600-1700 euros, what would be the price of D7200? …

  • nukunukoo

    Honestly, these specs do look legit. It’s what’s expected from the Nikon execs. It’s all not that bad, except for the still disappointing buffer size. As a D7100 user, it’s still an okay upgrade if the image and video are better (no low ISO noise band and soft 1080i60 video)… Just hope they also raise the video bit rate…

  • BrainBeat

    Unless this also has an updated or brand new sensor I am not sure I see any need to upgrade from the 7100 to this as I do already have a 750. I am surprised if they would not also increase the focus point to match the 7D too.

  • cowboystuff

    How about 8 to 10fps, with a buffer of say about 25 to 40????

    • Yep, that’s pretty much what I’m hoping for.

      • cowboystuff

        At least increase the capacity of the buffer. My D7100 is only 14 before it stops shooting and the is predicted to be 16? My D300 is way better that that! The new SD cards may be a buffer relief tho. I like the D4s, but wonder why it’s not 24mp.

        • Nikos Delhanidis

          Fully utilizing uhs-ii will compensate easily and with lower possibly manufacturing cost for the crippled buffer. Its of the features I am more curious to hear about

    • Nikos Delhanidis

      That would be the 9300, WHEN Nikon will manage it

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Hope will hear something more official about it in CES

  • SmarterEnu

    If you cannot take a good photo or know how to compose one, does all the tech matter?
    All hype to buy the newer crappier, flimsier bodies.
    No motivation to change my D700 and D7100 until I see a truly good Mirrorless.
    Happy new year!

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    hmm any leak yet prior to CES? … So curious

  • Should we be holding our breath? 6 fps??? Hoping for at least 8 or 9. Waiting to see, and then I’ll probably go for a used D3s… 11 fps in cropped mode! Perfect for sports, which is what I need!

  • ValenzTa

    Any new rumors on the 7200?

    • no new updates, but I think it will be coming next month

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Nothing much exciting there – expect the Video to be bog standard HD 1080p 60fps.

  • Steve C

    What about the buffer? Surely it won’t fill after just 6 shots.

  • aklin

    I love ignorance, mostly when people write that for exemple the D7000 serie is not professional, yes you know because there is a written rule which says that no matter what you have to shoot full frame to be a pro correct? Well in reality not every professional photographer need a full frame and many do not use them and in some applications, crop sensors are prefered.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Yes! If these specs are right they have addressed one of my biggest headaches with my D7000 – the tiny buffer.

  • Mike

    D750 = 6.5 fps and expeed 4 processor. D7200 = 6fps possibly and expeed 4 processor. Why wouldnt you be able to shoot more with the DX? Newbie so dont jump down my throat! Im either going to go with the d610 or possibly the d7200 when it comes out.

  • Turisma

    People! Forget about this old D300 and D300s! You have D750, D800, D7100 – there won’t be any “replacement” for the ages D300 😉 The same with D700. D750 is just a new camera. Times are different. Technology is different. No one will make an update to something that has been forgoten years ago!

  • xx yy

    Does it come with built-in GPS? I would love to get a camera with GPS + WiFi.

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