Weekly Nikon news flash #284

→ The Nikon 1 AW1 is camera now $100 off at B&H, Adorama and Amazon.

→ Interesting items on eBay:

→ During Photokina Phottix announced a new Odin II TTL flash trigger. The Nikon version will be available in Q1 of 2015. More information is available here.

Sigma released firmware updated 1.02 for their USB lens dock.

Nikon USA issued CF-DC7 semi-soft case service advisory
Nikon USA issued service advisory for the CF-DC7 semi-soft case.

NME Photography Awards 2014 with Nikon
NME music photography awards with Nikon 2014 – finalists unveiled.

→ ISS astronauts takes a Nikon D2Xs camera on a spacewalk.

→ Nikon F3 modified for NASA:

Thirty years ago today (October 11), astronaut Kathy Sullivan made history by becoming the first woman from the USA to perform a spacewalk. At the time she was part of a crew on-board the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Stowed on the flight were several Nikon F3 cameras and Nikkor lenses.

This little video has four parts.
The first shows astronaut Sally Ride using a, modified for NASA, Nikon F3 & Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 to photograph another crew member.

The second & third parts show astronaut Kathy Sullivan begin her historic spacewalk by performing several maintenance tasks in and around the cargo bay area. The other crew member with her has, tethered to his left arm, a modified for NASA Nikon F3 & Nikkor 35mm f/1.4, both in full EVA configuration. In the video you'll see how much of a hard time these cameras had during spacewalks as you'll see the poor camera dangling from around his arm being banged and knocked against one of the bulk heads that he's climbing. Part three show the camera securely tethered to a fixed position on the Shuttle.

Part four shows a Nikon F3 attached to a special image intensifier that was used to record a phenomenon that caused the Shuttle's tail to glow at certain altitudes. Interestingly, attached to the end of the image intensifier is a non modified Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 that is mounted in the reverse configuration.

Original images and footage; NASA Archives.

→ Here's another cool video, a TV ad from 1981 featuring the Nikon F3 camera and the involvement with the Space Shuttle:

→ Nikon D810 promo video and behind the scenes - South Africa's top extreme athletes as captured by Craig Kolesky:

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  • spoiledbrt
  • Neopulse

    Hope they make a trigger for the Fuji system Phottix with their new strobes. There’s a void in that area that I think they should take advantage of.

  • PeterO

    I still cannot understand why Nikon does not have their own radio flash triggers.

    • Isaac Alonzo

      I think the next gen flagship speedlight is going to include radio trigger, which only makes sense since the CLS works like a charm and I’d rather use the native system but in a wedding environment anything other than radio trigger won’t work.

  • nwcs

    What is so remarkable about the 13 f5.6? I mean I read the info on it and know some of the history. Maybe it is simply about the rarity? I’d rather have my old 14-24 back or simply pan shots. Guess I’m a philistine.

    • Spy Black

      If you’ve really read up on it and know it’s history, your question is moot.

      • nwcs

        I see what you’re saying but I guess it doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve seen far rarer things that are historically significant that don’t get the press some of these ultra wide lenses do.

    • mikeswitz

      What is remarkable about this lens is that it has almost no distortion. Plus the history of this particular copy. But at 25 grand who is actually going to shoot with it?

      • nwcs

        Lenses make lousy investments overall. I get that it didn’t have much distortion and not many copies made. At the time during the film days I can see that it would be desirable but nowadays… But whoever buys/collects these will enjoy it and more power to them.

  • twoomy

    Will there ever be a Nikon 1 AW2 or more than two lenses for the AW “system”?

  • DesertCat

    Also of note with relationship to deals on the AW1, NikonUSA’s website has refurbished versions of the white AW1 with single lens available for $599 now. Makes me wonder if this isn’t an indication that they are trying to move their AW1 stock to make room for the AW2? Maybe that and the rumored AW 10-100mm lens (NR had a note on this about 9 months ago) will make an appearance at PhotoPlus at the end of the month?


    • Spy Black

      You have to wonder if they’re really refurbished, and if so, why? Chances are they’re just trying to dump stock. I wouldn’t get my hopes up of a successor.

      • I seriously doubt those are really refurbished. Nikon is just dumping their inventory.

  • fjfjjj

    Nikon sewed a piece of substandard plastic onto its otherwise good soft case, just to make it say “Nikon” without having to mold silicone or embroider. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Better to make it not say “Nikon” at all.

  • The 1 AW1 is a pretty unique little camera. It’s the only raw-shooting rugged camera there is. We (my GF and I) kinda like it.

  • Phil

    I think the Sigma firmware update is only for Canon and Sigma mounts. Nikon users have to wait.

  • whoami5423

    I’m rather excited about the Odin II’s. It looks like they’re mading some good improvements to the hardware to make the UI easier to use. One of my biggest issues with the Odin system is that you can’t quickly change a specific group’s power output or zoom (something that is a real pain when shooting a wedding reception and you want to quickly change your lighting setup). Having the quick buttons should help a lot! Also, I love that they have backwards compatibility – really a great move by Phottix for keeping old clients using and upgrading with their system.

  • With the AW1, Nikon has reached near perfect marketing incompetence — they’ve produced a product that transitioned overnight from unobtainable to steeply discounted.

  • DaveyJ

    The AW 1 we own has produced very well and goes in our work truck every day. Waterproof, quite good photos and video. The discount though is not very much.

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