Nikon adds D750 support for Capture NX-D, Picture Control Utility and ViewNX

Nikon released updates for Capture NX-D, Picture Control Utility and ViewNX with added support for the new D750. For additional information, check those links:

For US readers, here is a link to Nikon USA support page.

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  • Mary

    Oooh. Be still my racing heart.

  • Fried Toast

    No NX2 support. (>_<)* I refuse to sully my computer with that Silkypix-D nonsense any further. Would rather not move to LR as my Color Efex Pro plug-ins are made for NX2 and not Adobe. Bah.

    Still like my D700 more than my Df. Maybe I just need to stay in the past. 😛

    • saywhatuwill

      Haven’t you heard NX2 is dead? I like my D700 too and use it almost every day whereas the D810 sits in the bag hoping to get used.

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        I’ll trade you my old D700 for your D810 (^_^)

        • saywhatuwill

          You might be able to buy it soon as I’m thinking of selling it for lack of use. Has less than 1700 shots.

          • Eric

            Price for your D810, assuming it’s in pristine condition?

            • saywhatuwill

              Not selling it yet. Still trying to decide, but it won’t be THAT much cheaper than new since it’s barely used.

          • ninpou_kobanashi

            For my D700:
            Shutter Count : 81195

            I don’t sell my stuff generally, someone else gets to inherit it.

    • Jorge

      I still use my NX2 with my D800. Im afraid the next gen of OS for the Mac may disable my NX2. I actually made a bootable external HD with my Mavericks OS just so I can continue to use NX2 when needed.

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        Good idea, I feel that way about Rosetta apps.

  • dfgdf

    picture control?

  • neversink

    Capture One Pro 8 has just been released….

    • Ulysse

      Some so called “professionals” totally disregard post processing which the most essential parameter when shooting raw. They blindly jump on the new hyped D810 and D750 Nikons but will end up using bad tools to process their raw files. lightroom has terrible algorithms and brush tools, not speaking of Capture NX-D. Only Capture NX is capable of extracting the best of Nikon files. It provides extremely accurate color separation, lens correction, sharpness, noiseware 2012 removal and u-point control. Older cameras offer in this case better workflow and raw output.

      • Eric

        I agree that LR (and ACR) need a lot more work to allow for better post-processing (mainly in color separation) and better interface when deciding between saved presets.

        NX-D is terrible for a lot of things, mainly because it’s so slow. I have no experience with the original Capture NX.

        Is there anything out there you do recommend for recent Nikon cameras?

      • neversink

        Yes, perhaps that was true, but Nikon has jettisoned Capture NX2. So, what choices are there? I have been able to use LR to my advantage. Capture One Pro, also looks better than LR on initial process, but I have found I can get LR5 and Capture One Pro 7 (haven’t tried 8 yet) to have very similar final outputs, despite LR’s algorithms (which are proprietary, and may not be as bad as you think.) Capture One is more versatile with a lot more tools, Lightroom is simpler, but easier and quicker.

      • Jorge

        AGREED +1000 There is nothing as beautiful as a NX2 rendered D800, or D700 file!!!! NOTHING.

      • Very true. But there comes a time when we realize that we have to let go of the old gold. NX2 would not be forever. Sad.

  • Saffron Blaze

    Adding support doesn’t make it better it just ends up pissing more people off when they realise what everyone is saying it true… NXD is a POS pain in the arse to use. It’s fucking incomplete and not even properly integrated with View NX.

  • Don Trammell

    I have to agree. LR is a disaster. Adobe really should be ashamed at how terrible LR is.

    • Wait, who is saying that, with whom you agree?

      • DaveR43

        I think he was being flippant – but without being able to hear his voice it is hard to tell.

        • Michiel953

          OK, I’ll agree with Don. I mean, who in his right mind would use LR? It “totally” sucks, in every way imaginable.

          I use LR4.4.

  • peter

    Is there anyone actually using that NX-D stuff?

    Nikon, you decided to pull out of the image editor businesses, stop throwing money at that crap then!

    • Nope.

      Is there any manufacturers’ software that doesn’t suck? Capture One is the exception.

      I use Lightroom.

      • peter w

        Why use Lightroom when Capture One is better?
        (The catalog (iView/Expression Media/Media Pro) is implemented in the new version).

        • neversink

          I’m still on CO-7. Haven’t tried 8 yet. Can’t find any reviews of it. Anyone use it yet. It’s not an expensive upgrade if one is already using 7. There’s a 60-day free try-out period at Phase one for the new version, which is not that expensive for an upgrade.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      I think there is value in doing the lens / camera corrections in it, [assuming you don’t have NX2], as the Nikon proprietary rendering is the best I believe. The only thing is, everything else is so horrendous about NX-D, that it’s really not worth the trouble.

      I was trying to do a fixed ratio crop and noticed it only crops in landscape mode. OMFG.

  • doctt

    New life to Capture NX2! Someone created a conversion utility to convert D810 NEF to allow it to be read by Capture NX2 2.4.6.

    Go to the last page and you will see the link to the developer website
    I tried it. It works very well and it is free. I compared the result from the converted file and the file opened by ViewNX2. I can’t really tell the difference. All the Capture NX2 functions and plug in continue to work
    The only limitation is that it currently supports 14bit uncompressed file only.
    For me, I have moved on to LR5. I don’t understand why people keep saying LR5 sucks. Do they even know how to use it? Before processing the NEF file, the most important step in LR5 is to go to camera profile section and change the profile to “Camera Standard, etc” (similiar to picture control). Don’t use the Adobe standard which is much worse.
    With this simple change, the initial look is very similiar to those produced by NX2. I have been processed over 15k files in NX2 myself over the years (yes, I am serious…) I tried and owned msot of the post processing tools in the market (NX2, LR5, PS, Nik plug-in for NX2 and LR, perfect photo suite, Apenture, DXO, Capture Pro, etc). NX2 was the best in terms of image quality, but LR5 is really really close and run faster.
    It is time to move it. Give LR5 a try again It is far superior than LR3 and LR4.

    • Ulysse

      Thanks a lot for the input, the solution is not 100% perfect yet but its amazing that the developper took the time to offer this patch

    • peter w

      thanks for both replies 🙂

  • azur

    Someone at the GetDPI forum made this comparison between NX2 and NX-D, the results are so equal that it looks like the same developer is working underneath both of the two different User Interfaces.
    So what are we complaining about ?

  • i had D750 for weekend to test it. Unfortunately there is no tool to open RAW files, except NX-D which is horrible piece of crap. Slow and also can’t believe the result. Have to wait until Adobe is going to support those models. Btw. wondering why some people complain about Adobe LR this is good tool i think, but have to admit that color rendition is not the best one, always have to tune it, that’s true, but i do not like the ergonomy of old NX2…

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