Nikon D750 DSLR camera to be announced in 10 days

Nikon D750 DSLR camera mockup

Another Nikon D750 mockup created by a reader (thanks broxibear)

A quick update on the Nikon D750 - the camera will be announced in approximately 10 days (around September 11-12th), which is right before the start of the Photokina show (September 16th). I can also confirm the 51 AF points. I have few other specifications that I may publish later today (still trying to confirm them). If you have any additional specs, please contact me.

Update: the actual announcement date will most likely be September 11th, since the 12th is a Friday and Nikon has never made any announcement on a Friday.

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  • Budi Surya

    any possibilities of USB master host to plug in those USB mass storage device?

  • Beijaflor

    Hey Admin, have you considered the possibility that the D750 (whatever the name) could just be the following to the D600/D610 ? The D600 was announced sept. 2012 … Exactly 2 years before today, exactly a DSLR lifecycle for Nikon … (the D610 does not count, was never intended to exist). It does have a 24MP sensor … And is light ….

  • Saad Khan

    I think at this point in time 4K is absolutely unnecessary for a camera. I don’t know why they create such a fuss. They ask for it but so far I have not seen one good argument as to why it even matters today. From a client’s POV it doesn’t help them.

    1) How many households have 4K displays + blu-ray players that will play back at 4k res (what % of the total market). Maybe 1%?

    By the time 4k catches on (probably 3-4 years) dSLRs will be more advanced and the ones coming out then can utilize the 4k feature. Honestly, at this point, 1080p is just in the middle of its life cycle and works for 90% of the people. I mean people are still buying DVDs.

    • yep

      It’s not about playing the 4k file. It’s about the extra opportunities you get when EDITING a 4k file, and then downsampling it to Full HD.

  • Saad Khan

    As for me, i was about to pull the trigger on the D810 but after hearing about the D750, if it has the following I’m sold:

    Expeed 4 sensor thus hopefully same pic/video quality as D810
    Same shutter mechanism as D810 (quieter and softer)

    24MP is perfectly fine for what I do. Don’t care for 36MP. I think that’s about it. Short and sweet wish list.

    • yep

      What would be great is if the D750 can provide much better ISO than D810. D6xx vs D800(e) , the extra stop of D6xx could be useful. If the D750 can provide that extra stop advantage compared to a D810, it would be great, but I’m hoping it could provide more than a extra stop!

  • Joe

    Admin, what’s your opinion on a D7100 replacement before the end of the year? Likely/possible?

  • Kristopher

    Finally! After the D600, D610, D800, D800E, D810, D4 & D4s Nikon is going to release the camera that 80% of the DSLR users wanted to begin with. WTF? They really know how to get every last penny out of their customers.

  • Probably not for Photokina (unless it’s the biggest secret Nikon could pull off) – maybe for CES in January.

  • jtan163

    No need to verify rumoured specs:
    1) it’s a rumour site – publish rumours
    2) we all want to know – let it out. If it is wrong, retract later.

    Make like a Nike – Just Do It!

  • Gino

    Can you please comment on the build quality of the D750…will it have a full magnesium body, like the D810?
    Also, do you know if the D750 will have two memory card slots, and what memory card format will it use?

    • OttoVonSchriek

      The D5300 is made with an innovative monoque chassis using a carbon reinforced material which has reduced size and weight whilst making the body stronger.

      I would imagine they wanted to test this radical approach on a not so critical camera, in case it was a flop. But as it wasn’t then we could be seeing this technique used on other cameras.

      • Michiel953

        Carbonfibre reinforced material is nice and effective; I wonder how the “perceived mass versus weight versus size” thing will work out. There is a sort of ideal relationship between weight/mass and size.

        Too small/too light, big but too light (hollow feeling; D600), etc etc.

        • OttoVonSchriek

          I do believe we’ve been here before, in the days when Nikon cameras were brass tanks and Canon turned up with the EOS range.

  • kassim

    It will bring disappointment, DF type of disappointment. So don’t hold your breath. Expect the worst and you’ll not be disappointed.

    • Kaislaa

      you must be fanboy of some different brand

  • Sebastien

    No new rumors about specs before the weekend ? 😉

    • FredBear

      Admin seems to update specs on Mondays only – until closer to the fact.

      • I just don’t have any updates, but I will do a recap – I think some have missed my earlier posts.

        • FredBear

          Thanks for the reply. I (and I guess many others) were hoping for confirmation of additional specs.

          • I am hoping too, but everything is quiet. Nikon is doing a great job at keeping everything secret.

            • FredBear

              Admin your efforts are always appreciated.

  • xrb

    Excited and can’t wait!!…I’ve been holding out on the D810 purchase. I want to see the specs of D750 before deciding which one to get.

  • Ginny Tucker

    Any guesses at the price?

    • FredBear

      Mentioned frequently throughout this blog.
      I think it was $2,600 but you can do a search.

  • 3dsforlifedontbelievethemarket

    Is this better then my beloved 3ds?

  • Jeremy.Mason


    Can you really confirm as you mentioned somewhere in your previous posts that the D750 will have WIFI built-in ?
    and or GPS…..i have my doubts not even the d810 and d4s got it (sadly/big, big mistake, should have built these featurs in and increase the launching price for this) and I couldnt believe that Nikon is not known for being so innovative (only d5300 has WIFI built in) and give customers sth. for free…they wanna melk the cow additionally 😉


  • dpanch_89

    It will be the paparazzo’s favourite camera if it has a tilty flippy screen!

  • Colt Zaltana

    i just spent my money on Fuji X100 – Not fond of being teased on release dates ….

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