Additional Nikon D750 specifications: 51 AF points, 8fps, 91k pixels RGB sensor

I received this screenshot from a website I will not mention online in order to keep the privacy of the individuals involved. I believe that the person who posted that is very close to Nikon and that he/she is talking about the upcoming D750 camera (there is no other 24MP Nikon camera with 51 AF points). Here are the missing specifications that we did not have before (the text is translated):

Please note that this information is not coming from one of my source - it was found online and could be wrong.

I will open the comment section for guests, but if things get out of control again, I will quickly turn it back off.

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  • Dan Men

    Sony is rumoured to come out with a sub 1000$ FF within a year’s time, that will seriously pull the rug out from Nikon’s feet imo

  • Leonore Franckenstein

    Off the subject… I find it annyoying that people have to write he/she to cover both sexes. What about “THEY”, HUH?

    • Because it’s not plural, it’s one person.

      • Leonore Franckenstein

        Wrong. You wrote he/she which implies more than one choice and we are talking about a situation where many people buy or like something. Your way is what is know as, “Politically Correct”.

        • Seriously, what is your problem? Stay on topic and stop trolling. If you want to discuss grammar, there are plenty of places to do so. Here we discuss Nikon cameras.

          • Leonore Franckenstein

            Seriously, what about an answer about what Jeffry wrote to me… NOTHING. What is YOUR problem. Mine is that I try to help people in their communications. That is what I taught at the New Scholl in NYC for 5 years.

      • Leonore Franckenstein

        So, It is wrong to write: They or their about a group of people wo buy a camera. They go to the store to buy their new camera… Wlould you write: He/She went to the store…

  • Leonore Franckenstein

    I have been waiting for the D-760 for a year. I just bought a Zeiss 21mm Distagon ZF2. (31.5 in DX). Great lens, used in A condition for $850. If the D-760 is not out by April I will have to go for a D-850 which should go down a few hundred by then. I hope.

  • Leonore Franckenstein

    What about something new about the D-750…

  • Leonore Franckenstein

    By the way. Why are there is NEVER anything about pixel size. For example the D810 has 3.9µm, the D750 has 6µm. Huh? And the amount of shots the camera is tested to, i.g. about 400,000 for the top Can/Nik and 150,000.200,000 for the better APS-C/DX and I have not seen anything about the fact that Canons sensors are 1.6 crop and the DX are 1.5.

    Pun intended. Maybe you should think about what you FOCUS on:

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