Nikon D810 camera included in the August lens rebate program

The Nikon lens rebates for August include also the D810 camera, but unfortunately there are only 3 FX lenses that qualify for the savings. This offer will be valid till August 30th, 2014. Additional information can be found here.

The Nikon D810 "Switch & Save" promo is still ongoing and will end on September 30th.

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  • Nikon Fangirl

    What kind of people would buy a D810 (or this level of body) with those lenses available for rebate?

    Well, may be they use those lenses for another body they have…

    • Yes, the lens selection does not make any sense.

      • Up $#!t’s creek!

        maybe nikon feels their customers are idiots for spending so much on a body?

        • Global

          Uh, no. While its true that Nikon stuff, like Canon stuff, in general is over priced — people are rationally making the decision to buy a $3,300 camera, based on their personal needs, wants, and desires. The most this camera will come down in price is $300 by sometime next year. So people can decide to wait or to buy now and use their camera over the year.

          It may be combined with a lens discount at the end of the year with a more serious selection of lenses but no more than $250 savings for the most expensive lens and probably only $50 or $100 for most other lenses. So if you really want to save a few bucks on FX lenses, buy at the end of the year, probably in the holidays.

          Obviously, right now, Nikon is trying to clear a glut of DX Zooms its built up while Summer is still alive & people are still traveling (and therefore need Zoom lenses for convenience). And there’s nothing wrong with that.

          They had FX Primes on sale last month.

          • Glenn

            Yeah… A voice of reason that’s hard to argue with. I hope they didn’t fire anyone yet!

        • PGi

          Yeah most of you sticking with this kind of dinosaurs are idiots, most of rational people have already moved to mirrorless with the A7r.

          • Global

            The Sony A7 series is pretty good; but having used the D810 and the A7R, I still prefer the D810. I think in 2 more generations Nikon is going to have some explaining to do though.

            I predict that within 4 years and no later than 5, its going to be “crunch” time for Nikon to release a serious mirrorless which accepts the F-mount or has a perfect adapter & also allows for f/1 lenses.

            I believe Nikon can do this.

            In the meantime, the next 4-5 years will be quite enjoyable with a D810, or a D710/D820/D900 whichever is released in 2.5 years. No need to rush to mirrorless, while its still in diapers.

            • Thom Hogan

              Crunch time comes sooner than that. It would come even sooner if Sony had their act fully together.

        • clifflwms

          Not sure about that, but I know that the Canon rebates this year have made a lot more sense, $200-$300 rebates on 5D3, and the lens selection was mostly the premium stuff that you would expect someone who is buying a 5D3 would be interested in…. this Nikon selection is silly.

    • joec

      I’m looking at putting together a used D90 or D7000 as a retirement gift to my parents, and I’m also looking at a D810 as my new primary camera, so oddly enough these DX lens rebates might actually work out for me. I have no idea what Nikon was thinking with this lineup, but I am able to concoct some sort of scenario where I could benefit from it.

      • Up $#!t’s creek!

        maybe this is the long awaited d300 replacement and someone put the wrong sensor in them…

      • Global

        This promotion isn’t for FX. Its for DX Zooms, which Nikon probably forecasted would sell better than they actually did. As many are aware, the “hit products” this year and last year have been Primes (especially the f/1.8 line). This took a chunk of most people’s lens budget.

        Therefore, there is probably a lot of extra DX zooms laying around in stores that Nikon wants to get moving. Summer is a good time for zooms (its nice and bright out, people traveling), so it makes sense to focus on zooms and walk-about lenses that have excess inventory.

        Just my theory.

      • Glenn

        Ah, their game is obvious. It’s to kick people who really want one bad (me too), into gifting their old camera, yet include a new lens so as not to look cheap.

    • Bokeh

      Very true, although it occurred to me that if I purchased the D810 now rather than wait until Photokina ( which I will do ), I could bundle it with the 70-300 and split the savings with a family member that is in the market for a affordable lens on the D5300.

      Beyond that scenario not much of an incentive.

    • Tyler

      My same reaction.. Lets buy a pro level camera and slap a crop sensor lens on it.. smh

    • But wait…they sold that other body to buy the D810!

    • jvossphoto

      The goofiest thing about these lenses are that none of them are on the list that Nikon’s own site recommends for using with D800/E camera.

  • Those awesome DX lenses will put your D810 shots in a class all by themselves! Pretty soon everybody will be copying you!

  • Guest

    Typical Nikon nonsense.

  • Pentax Shooter

    Nikon’s latest and greatest camera ALREADY needs a discount? More proof that they’re running scared from the Pentax 645Z.

    Fool Frame is the Blu Ray of photography being used by CaNikon to try to trick consumers into upgrading. All of the interesting new gear is from smaller more adaptable companies.


    • anon

      what does a $9000 medium format camera have to do with anything here… they aren’t even in the same ballpark other than the fact that they take high megapixel pictures. That Pentax is about as relevant to this conversation as that 45 mpx camera, or whatever it is, in that junk Nokia smartphone.

      • Mirror N. Illusion

        45mp Nokia! Wow, I can finally start doing hi-end commercial work BMW & Ferrari . . .

      • Nyarlathotep

        I once had an AT&T wireless sales rep try and sell one of those Nokia phones by asking how many megapixels my D800 has as an effort to show how much better the Nokia 41 MP camera is. Needless to say, I couldn’t help but face palm right then and there.

    • Global

      They didn’t discount the camera. They are basically letting you save the same amount on cropped lenses, as if you bought a D7100. Its just a courtesy.

      They haven’t discounted it at all & it continues to sell.

    • Steve

      Can’t find the Pentax Rumors site?

    • Thom Hogan

      The lens rebates aren’t about selling cameras. They’re about trying to get people to spring for something BESIDES the camera at the same time. Basically it’s all about “add-on” purchases.

  • Me

    Some salaryman’s been drinking too much sake! Who spends three thousand dollars on a full frame camera to buy DX lenses?

    • Global

      This is a consumer Tele/Walkabout zoom lens savings program.

      There are 3 walkabout/tele zooms for FX.

      FX Primes were on sale last month. What’s the big deal?

  • Me

    Some salaryman’s been drinking too much sake! Who spends three thousand dollars on a full frame camera to buy DX lenses?

  • NFan

    Hello Peter,

    Any idea when B&H might introduce the 4% rebate thing on D810? Almost all other Nikon cameras have it! I do understand that 810 is very new though.

    • maybe in a month or two once their sales slows down

      • NFan

        Thank you.

      • Kynikos

        As long as we’re asking about 4% rebates, does anyone have a straight answer as to why that’s USA only?

        B&H just tells me “it is what it is”.

        They would get a lot more business from me if they kicked back 2-4-6%…

    • Thom Hogan

      Yep. It’s all about continuing to move volume. Also matching competitor pricing. So we currently have three major players in the US that use 0% rebate, 2% rebate, and 4% rebate in staged progression as sales for a product drop.

    • NFan

      Adorama has come up with a nice bundle for D810. I wish B&H had something similar too.

  • enesunkie

    And next month from Nikon … a free D3300 when you buy a 14-24, 24- 70 and 70 -200!

    • umeshrw

      Not free. Just 100 dollars off.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    These lenses are for sissies. and dx girls! Me want manly man lenses…like the Sigma 35, 50mm Art. lol

  • doge

    All those lenses are the same ones they keep remaking time and time again. Someone must have peeked into the warehouse, looked at the ever mounting wall of unsold boring lenses, and immediately decided on this rebate program.

    • Global

      Exactly. With the Sigma 18-250 OS having decent reviews and being only $350 (compared to $800 for Nikon’s 18-300), and all the rehashed used Nikon 18-200, 18-etcs out there, is there any wonder Nikon is puttings its walk-about and zoom lenses on sale?

      Plus this has been a Primes year with f/1.8s and f/1.4s everywhere, people didn’t have the budget to buy zooms as well.

  • Clubber lang

    Throw in a toaster with 5 heat settings and I am sold.

  • PGi

    Well nothing special, this dinosaur cannot sell well,so discounted.

  • rt-photography

    FF camera with DX glass. nice trying to pull a fast one nikon. your deceit seems to be the norm today.

  • Read the Runes!

    By offering DX lenses with the D810 Nikon is trying to tell us something here………..

    That it’s the best DX camera that we’re going to get.

    So, no D400, no D9300, no D0401, and probably no D7200.

    • Neopulse


    • Up $#!t’s creek!

      im just really pissed the 18-55 wasn’t included…

  • Michiel953

    I really can’t believe any sane photographing person could be interested in DX. There’s no “DX” camera/lens that produces even remotely acceptable results.

    • Grammering Person

      “photographing person”? You should copyright that phrase before someone steals it!

      • Michiel953

        Just tryin’ to be “metro”… Anyway “sane photographing person” comes a lot closer to exclusivity and uniqueness!

    • umeshrw

      I hope you were sarcastic. Otherwise there really is very less hope for you.

      • Michiel953

        I agree.

  • Nikonbom

    It’s not selling nikon is in serious trouble.

    • Neopulse

      And you know this how? Did you have access to all sales figures in the world market? Because these sales “by switching” have been around for years.

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm… not so bad if you have a relative with a DX camera in which you can take advantage of the DX zoom discount. The 18-140mm would be great on a D5100 and sell the 18-55mm to someone who needs it.

  • Andrew Hollywood

    Does this mean there wont be a lens only rebate for the long while? Maybe before Christmas. Im looking for a 85mm 1.8g. Thank you

  • rexb

    Come on Nikon! Weak lens least add 24-120 f/4 for the days i don’t want to bring both 24-70 and 70-200VR2..would have loved to see 14-24 and 55 1.4G..oh well.

  • Carlos

    Ridiculous! Offer one 18-140mm and 55-300 DX lens to D810??
    There are someone drunk there…

  • mikeswitz

    Nikon needs to wake up! They didn’t make enough D800/e. I mean WAKE UP Nikon, you made too many 810s didn’t you know they wouldn’t sell. I mean when the hell are you gonna wake up Nikon? You want us to buy expensive FF lenses for our D810s before we get a rebate? Not fair! I mean Christ, Nikon. Wake. Up. Everyone knows photographers only have one sensor size. Who’s running this company? Fred Flintstone?

  • Jay G

    Nikon marketing department is falling flat on its face. Here’s why:

    I’ve been on the fence of upgrading to FF for over a year now. I recently got a new job, and now have significantly more disposable income. Also have a new credit card and need to hit a minimum spend requirement. I’m also a fairly impulsive buyer. I should be an easy sell, but Nikon is doing absolutely nothing to sell me on their latest and greatest camera. Any decent combo deal would do it. Instead they offer nonsensical BS such as this.

    I’m sure the D810 is an incredible body. I have no doubt that it is, but I do have serious doubts about Nikon as a company, as they make bonehead move after bonehead move.

  • Glenn

    The lens selection is stupid for whatever their reason. It makes knowledgable folks feel like they are being taken for stupid. Obvious scam: People buying it “because it’s got XX Megapixels, will be fooled, and IF they learn buy MORE appropriate lenses at full price. :-). The savings percentage is large on these cheaper lenses. Whatever game their playing is sleazy. THEIR FLAG SHIP CAMERA WITH SUB-PRIME LENS FOR SALE! Which note don’t go far in getting up to the higher $ rebate numbers. SLEAZE. SOMEONE SHOULD BE FIRED.

  • NFan

    Adorama has come up with a nice bundle for D810. I wish B&H had something similar too.

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