Nikon Capture NX-D 1.0.1 version released (Windows only update)

Nikon released Capture NX-D v.1.0.1 update only for Windows users (the latest version for Mac is still 1.0.0). Here are the download links:

The new version contains only one fix:

When the 64-bit Windows version of the application was used to create JPEG-format files converted from RAW (.NEF/.NRW), TIFF, or JPEG images using the Convert Files... or Run Batch Process... option in the File menu, a gray band was sometimes visible at the bottom of the images when they were opened in the 64-bit Windows version of Capture NX-D. This issue has been resolved.

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  • KS

    What I’m really waiting for is Nikon to release the SDK for the D810…any word on that?

    • I’m curious about that too.

      • Eric Calabros

        what that does mean for photographers?

        • It raises the possibilities for interesting apps.

          It happens that one of my talents is programming, but I’ve never done anything imaging-related. Probably over my head, and I don’t really have the time to learn something new.

          Let’s see what functionality Nikon exposes to programmers.

          • Global

            Nikon is going to be completely ridiculous about it. This is just their experimental generation.

            However, if it proves promising, I bet the D900 / D820 will have amazing 3rd party functions. (Although the way Nikon works, the D5400 will probably see the most innovative of it. :/ ).

        • KS

          The D810 SDK affects the development and release date for apps such as tethering software.

  • I’ve been using the Adobe DNG Converter and normal (non-beta) Lightroom, saving the NEFs for later.

    It was kind of hard to find the link and documentation is not very good, so I made a quick how-to:

  • saywhatuwill

    I would say that’s a pretty significant release if it gets rid of a gray bar that might show up in your pictures.

  • Carlos

    NEF is dead as a storage format. All goes into DNG, then we’ll see.

  • Saffron Blaze

    NXD is still junk compared to CNX2

    • brn

      Yes, let’s please discuss that again.

      • Saffron Blaze

        Indeed. It is that irritating that it will be discussed ad-nauseam until it is addressed. Such is life on the internet. If you don’t like it you can fuck off.

        • nightoil

          I’ll second that!

        • Ol’ Pickle Pony

          Pretty strong opening and closer, my brother. I’m impressed.

  • Titanica

    That new deck chair arrangement sure looks good, Captain Smith.

  • fjfjjj

    –1 for this new Nikon logo, confusing the brand even further

    • Markus

      Yes the logo is quite ugly, but this should be of minor interest.
      Much more important is, that the new Capture NX-D absolutely is not an adequate substitute for Capture NX2.
      I would prefer a new Capture NX3 or at least that Nikon supports third party Software in order to provide a 100% Support for their cameras.
      If they continue to act in their way (new Software does not even support the old files) they also could start producing cameras without slots for memory cards!

    • Ol’ Pickle Pony

      +1 for confusion of logo in nikon’s name with different look.

  • nightoil

    Ughh! The Grey Era is setting in. Capture NX2 was such a great application – unsung, unrecognized in its time.

    But we CNX2 die-hards CAN still hunker down for a bright, individualist future – free from the dead hand of Adobe conformity.

    CNX2 2.4.7 can still be downloaded – just buy a copy now while you can.

    OK, you’ll be unable to buy ANY Nikon DSLR post the D4s. Nikon from here on in will be a defunct company, as far as we’re concerned. But look at all the great cameras crying out to be bought up from the huge excess inventory in the retail channel. Now’s the time to start snapping up bargains.

    And anyway, camera technology has more or less plateaued. If you can’t do good photography with what currently exists, what kind of photographers are you all?!

    CNX2 may be dead. So hell! Long live CNX2!

    • Markus

      I already have CNX2 with a D800e and will Keep both … for the next years I will not Need a new camera and Software.
      But sooner or later there will come the day when I cannot user CNX2 anymore (probably it won’t work with a new Windows release or whatever)
      Most probably I won’t be able to open my old NEF files one day without loosing all the edits I have done

      • nightoil

        I just bought a D800 – prices have fallen a lot here in the UK since the D810 arrived. To take care of the problem of future Windows versions being incompatible with CNX2, I also recently bought a spare Core i7 quad-core 16 GB RAM Windows 7 computer to put away for when my current machine dies. If the current set up works for editing today’s NEFs, it’ll work just as well in 10 years.

        If we’re actually interested in photography and if the tools we already have work well (and blow all past equipment out of the water, technically), then now’s the chance to free ourselves of our endless obsession with the latest gear.

        Check out the work of Vivian Maier – mostly done on Rolleiflexes and a Leica IIIc. Amazing, beautiful work. Timeless. Why not let’s try and get back to timeless?!

        • Markus

          It seems a good idea what you did!
          For me, I have to confess that I am a bit too lazy: I still have many diapositives that Need to be scanned. Years ago I bought a coolscan 5000 which still is quite unused. When I see the current Prices for these scanners on ebay I get dizzy

          • nightoil

            Like you, like any survivor from the film age, I’ve BOXES of negatives and transparencies awaiting scanning. The truth – it’ll probably never get done.

            When I went digital in 2008 with a D300 and CNX1, the focus became the future. 14-bit NEFs + CNX2 = the (simple) pallet of infinite possibilities!

            • nightoil

              That should be “palette”, I think.

    • kotozafy

      I know nothing about file format specifications, and I just wonder why there is a new NEF for every new camera. Why don’t all Nikon cameras produce the same file format ?

  • Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, it wouldn’t be the first time. But, with MILLIONS of cameras out there producing BILLIONS of images in the .NEF format, I just don’t see that going away or becoming obsolete any time soon. Someone will always build conversion s/w.

    • Markus

      OK, please tell me what program is able to open NEF files edited with capture NX2.
      Nikon Capture NX-D will open the original file without any editing. 3rd party software does the same

      • Chou Bidouh

        Nikon isn’t the one to blame, blame Google.

        • Markus

          Probably it was Nikons fault not to ensure an appropriate Software for their cameras.
          They decided on one hand not to publish their file specifications on the other hand they did not take precautions to ensure an adequate software. Of course they need also software/Firmware for their cameras which means that many algorithms are already available.
          We are not living any more in thoses times where you went to Kodak to get your film. Today the pictures won’t exist without software.

        • Peter Pan

          If Nikon simply opened the NEF format, one could make a plugin to any program suporing the NIK plugin, to open up the NEF file and then place the control points as CNX would.

  • Nikon still hasn’t fixed my issue of not being able to see slider box contents and the full picture control window. I hope that will be 1.0.2

    • MB

      You caught them by surprise, they didn’t expect anyone will actually be using this … software … so they don’t have enough support stuff to fix your issue …

      • Ol’ Pickle Pony

        I tried using this software… I really did (for the 810 while waiting for Lightroom support). It was painful.

  • Rob

    Is there a way to view all files and sub-folders in NX-D?

  • nicolaie

    Well, I am using Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7 RAW editing software and it blows the doors off of Capture NX2. I can’t belive you guys reminess that clunky piece of s*it Capture NX2 used to be. Capture One 7 delivers better IQ than any LR and is light years faster and more reliable than ol’ NX2. This is the IQ it gives me:

  • Jean Fotomode

    As the owner of a D800, I needed a second FX box and I can tell you that
    this case makes me forget the problems and setbacks occurred with the D600. Already the D800 is a superb machine I own for its exchange against the D600, the D800 is quite excellent in the studio. But I was expecting a new FX box and I took the chance to buy the D810 specifications joined because my expectations for a second camera between other-it is a bit more “sporty”, the autofocus D4S, better burst, better in high ISO. After 3000 pictures I have done in all lighting conditions, the D810 is in my opinion, the best Nikon case so far. I know where of I speak to have had the D200, D300, D700, D3s, D600 and
    D800. The D810 is a wonderful blend well balanced between sporting housing, landscape and studio. Despite the criticism of the sRaw, I find this really interesting option for certain types of photo, where HD is not important but where you want to keep certain parameters “development” of Raw rather than jpeg. Moreover it will become my main camera for wedding photos, show, animal and landscape while I reserve my D800 in the studio. Here regarding the D810.

    By cons, here are my criticisms of the new Capture NX-D, official
    version. I’m a user of Capture NX since the D300. After l bought the upgradeCapture NX2 when it came out. I always since that time, use Capture NX and NX2 for “developing” my Nef. I use View NX2 as “viewer” and classify my pictures and then, I can go directly to Capture NX2 for the development of Nef. With the arrival of the D810 and the new Picture Control 2, it is now impossible to access the Nef with Capture NX2. So I downloaded the official version of Capture NX-D. But after spending several days on this software and explore the functions I normally use with my other Nikon software, I came to the same conclusion of the vast majority of photographers who have tried
    Capture NX-D . This software is really very bad. Can be for a photographer who starts and who does not know the Nikon or other software, it can be a software start in learning digital. But for advanced photographers, semi-pro, and professionals who have developed over the years, learning from each other-Capture NX2, Capture NX-D is not only bad for users but also for the image Nikon tent recover after the misadventure of D600 in the opinion of photographers. And here are the main reasons that bring me to this criticism.
    – Can’t recognize former Nef developed in Capture NX2.
    – Loss of all data development in Capture NX2 because if
    we want to develop a former Nef, we all should have clear data Capture NX2.
    – Unable to switch directly from Capture View NX2 View
    to Capture NX-D via the toolbar as we can do with Capture NX2.
    – The rectifier tool that does not affect the image in
    full frame. Must necessarily then crop a straightened image.
    – No mask like NX2.
    – No auto-correction tool.
    – No lasso tool.
    – The ranking is carried out with the stars is lost.
    – The visual of unattractive software but also very
    effective. Editing tab “illogical and difficult to follow.
    – NX-D is extremely slow compared to NX2. Is annoying
    and is exceeded by most of the other software on the market. For example, the mapping between the other “Noise reductions” is so slow that it is disconcerting and sufficient to abandon this software. And yet I have one last generation iMac computer with 24 mo for Ram which all my other programs work perfectly and quickly.
    – Most importantly the loss of U-Point, which is famous under Capture NX2.

    I understand that the Nik Software division was sold to Google and there
    must be an agreement where Nikon can’t no longer use the U-Point technology in a “new software”. But why not adapt to the new Capture NX2 with the Picture Control the D810? I am not a computer technician but if it is impossible to make Capture NX2, why have committed the company Silkypix to develop new software for the D810 while they have simply created a “light” version of their existing software with some adaptations for Nikon. I wonder why Nikon did it not take a deal with Google and Nik Software division to develop a new Capture NX3? All would be better served and it remains as Capture NX2 has a nice base to make necessary changes. Nikon View NX2 can remain free for mass users Nikon and I am convinced that if Nikon Capture NX3 emerge a
    true, with the same existing tools, the new Picture Control, increase its speed (as well as redo the software) all users are willing to pay a reasonable amount to get it. Several photographers have chosen to remain with Nikon rather than going with Canon just because Nikon offers beautiful benefits in the Picture Control of its devices that can be easily recovered with Nef and Nikon software. At Canon equivalent software is the DPP (Digital Photo Professional), which has
    also been redesigned, is just as ineffective as NX-D. Nikon had a long head start with Capture NX2 on Canon but now everything is questioned on the use of Capture NX-D. For my part, I’ll wait to see the reaction of Nikon Japan face the unpopularity of Capture NX-D is now decried as in North America and Europe via forums and social media without relying on many blogs or benches test NX-D. But it is assured that in the event that Nikon decided to go on without a lay-day Capture NX2 or the output of an NX-3 version, I have to direct me to another software development Raw (Nef) where all benefits and efforts made ​​by Nikon engineers for the best possible picture control, all these parameters are no longer needed because Nef will all be returned to their “raw” state under a different brand of software.

    For me, Nikon have today one of the best and most comprehensive digital DSLR cameras on the market with the D810. So if anyone from Nikon read those comments, tell the people involved in software department to give us back please do not abandon Capture NX2 or if it impossible to adapt NX2 to the Picture Control do the D810, go forward and develop a new NX3.
    (Sorry for my English, French is my first language).

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