Nikon D810 camera currently in stock at B&H

B&H received another Nikon D810 shipment and the camera is currently in stock.

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  • Gmoney

    Is it me or does the D610 looks really good compared to the D810, based on the DXO, for anything from ISO 100 and above? Take a look the chart for dynamic range tonal range etc comparing the two cameras…the D610 look to outperform the D810 on all ISO above 100.

    • Alderaan

      I agree.

      The D810 has the higher megapixels but I don’t see many other advantages than this regarding the final image in the majority of situations. The dynamic range and colour depth advantages are really negligible and as noted above, with increased iso, the 610 holds the advantage in these respects. In terms of displaying images for my uses; mostly online and some larger prints, the megapixel count will serve no advantage regarding final image display.

      So the D810 holds the advantage regarding studio work and the ability to display at larger sizes and cropping, however regarding versatility I would say the D610 holds the advantage. It should perform better in uncontrolled environments, especially wildlife and sports where light and other elements are more dynamic. The added speed may only be by one fps however when we’re at 5 vs 6 it is a noticeable difference percentage-wise. Also, 24 megapixels is quite a lot allowing for significantly sized prints and cropping.

      The D810 is obviously a phenomenal camera however in my opinion the difference in cost doesn’t reflect the respective qualities of each camera.

      • Jon McGuffin

        So everything you’re saying here is basically true of course but consider things like build quality, faster shutter (1/8000th vs 1/4000th) better flash sync speed (1/250th vs 1/200th), better AF system in general not to mention AF points spread across a much wider area, then throw in some small things like better video capabilities, dedicated AF on and AE/AL and a handful of others and the advantages become more clear. This all not taking the 36mp pixel count and 7fps potential in DX more (15+mp) and it’s clear this is a superior body (I know you’re not doubting that).

        Do the features justify the price? For me, considering a body is a one time in 4-5 year purchase, they do. An extra couple hundred bucks a year over the course of the camera plus higher resale value in the end make the price (and features you get in return) a no brainer but obviously to each their own.

        • Funduro

          Jon, you nailed it.

        • Spy Black

          I think they were just looking at it from the image quality standpoint. You’re correct about all those things however. Depending on how and what you shoot, the D610 could be all you need.

        • Alderaan

          No doubt the D810 is superior, but things like build quality and video capability will not affect final still image presentation. Handling and button layout is just a convenience thing, it won’t affect the image quality.

          You are right to point out the Autofocus, this is the other major advantage for the D810, I apologise for not mentioning it.

          I am making the point that for most scenarios the final image will be indiscernible from one body to the other. I am purely concerned with final image presentation in the points I declared above. I probably should have made that more clear.

          The D810 is certainly a more professional camera with more specific capabilities but in most circumstances I think the D610 will deliver equally in terms of final image presentation.

          • ninpou_kobanashi

            One thing to consider though, is being able to get the image. In a perfect world, time would stop and you would have infinite time to be able to capture that “single image”. In reality, fleeting moments are just that, and sometimes opportunities are once in a lifetime. That’s why most people buy cameras, and not sensors.

          • koenshaku

            Not really most circumstances with the -2 EV auto focus sensitivity the thing struggles in low light especially at concerts and in door events. I certainly wouldn’t shoot wedding with it without a backup shooter.

        • Aldo

          You have some good points there… but built quality is very subjective now days… I’m not sure a lot of people today are looking to keep a camera for 5 years. So as long as it is weather sealed… a full metal frame isn’t so much as an advantage today imho. I myself will probably jump on the d620 when it comes out.

          • pasture

            d620 + 420 = amazing creativity

            • Vin

              That is it! Nikon needs a D420, jsut skip D400, D410, go straight to 420.

            • Vin

              Move corporate headquarters to Seattle Washington

        • Vin

          I think this is a very interesting, D810 vs D610, well hopefully D620 will be out very soon and add more D810 features, perhaps Df10, will also add features, or Build D710, with 24mp sensor and 8fps option. Of Df10 with video? I love the D800, I will wait on D810 for a while, I consider D610 for my wife, and lightweight backup camera. Although I am really curious what might come out in the second half of 2014?

      • jvossphoto

        I have to disagree with your “especially wildlife comment”. If there was any type of photography that can benefit from cropping it’s wildlife, just ask any bird photographer. Those 12 extra MP will come in very handy for that.

        • Alderaan

          Yes maintaining quality with lots of cropping, for sure I agree with you here. I was more commenting on the Dynamic range comparison raised previously, and the way the sensor responds to lower light conditions and higher iso values. This should by numbers be better with the D610 although of course the differences are minimal.

      • Jason

        Just a comment on this; and the way in which the process of consumption rationalization misses some important points.

        Last year I needed to buy a camera to support a project someone else was working on. I did all the comparisons, just like you are doing now. I then spent about an hour examining the D600 and the D800. At that time they were both the latest models. It didn’t take me long to conclude that the better choice was the D800. The D600 seemed like an entry-level camera in comparison. The choices in the menus were, at times, simplified. Its feel as a stripped-down, entry-level model was most obvious in the layout of the focusing points.

        The end of the story is that I bought the D800. I spent more and used my own money to support a project I believe was worthwhile. It wasn’t a camera for my own use. I used a different D800 for a different project recently and while it certainly strains computing resources, the possibility of capturing 14-bit 36 mp images makes it worthwhile.

        A concluding observation on this is that for anything other than very casual use, entry level models are probably best avoided. I use DX and recently purchased two D5300 bodies for a project. They do exactly what they are expected to do (they are placed in a confined space) but once I get to replace my very outdated D300 I will get a D810. No hesitation. I will not even bother examining the D610. I don’t replace bodies very frequently and my expectation is that the D810 will remain relevant for at least five years.

        • Alderaan

          Certainly I agree with you here. I was more commenting on sensor performance given identical situations and settings. The D810 can certainly go further in some aspects, however for many people I think the faster FPS is a pretty convincing gain compared to what is lost in the D610 versus the D810. That and the cost of course.

          The camera should for sure be viewed as a whole and as stated above it’s not ‘just’ the sensor you’re buying.

          Given situations within the D610 limits, side by side with the D810, there is minimal difference to be noted in final image display. Most noticeably in my opinion are the FPS, the megapixels and the AF system.

          I doubt many people are using the D810 beyond what the D610 is capable of regarding settings and it is in this vein that I am discussing the comparison. For many I would propose that FPS is of more benefit than some of the other capabilities. The most convincing for the D810 for me is the AF system.

    • Pickle

      It’s a wonderful camera.

  • whisky

    in stock? hmmm … they don’t seem to be selling nearly as fast as the D800/E’s did.

    • I wonder what the problem was at B&H? Either they were incredibly backlogged far beyond Amazon and the others, or somebody in the ordering department let the ball drop, or… something.

      But I don’t think sales are necessarily slow. The local BestBuy is moving them faster than they ever moved D800s. We also have to remember that the D800s were in very short supply at introduction, which perhaps magnified the perceived demand.

      • Aldo

        B&H … as much as I like them… (and have awesome customer service (from experience) didn’t handle the d800 release properly… people were confused as to what their place in line was and weren’t even told if they were getting a camera even after it was released weeks after. People were getting their d800’s from local stores and even best buy. I think many may have opted to buy elsewhere. Of course… this camera doesn’t have the same hype as the d800/e.

        • whisky

          that certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. i ended up buying locally after i concluded B&H was stringing me along. now they seem to be doing the same thing all over again to people who ordered a Nikon V3.

          • Funduro

            7/6/2014 Nikon Japan released an apology that the number of Nikon 1 V3 camera and DF-N1000 EVF orders have surpassed the production capacity of the factory. The V3 has been out of stock at all major US retailers (B&H, Adorama, Amazon) for a while.

            • whisky

              to me, it just suggests B&H’s allotment will struggle even more before they can settle the number of pre-orders they’ve racked up.

              B&H was the only big box to short date their estimated arrival times (two updates for April, one in May, then early June) before finally discouraging pre-orders by leaving the arrival dates unknown. not the best practice IMO.

    • ronin

      It’s not just the Nikon D8xx cameras, it’s almost all flagship cameras now.

      The D800/E and the NEX-7 were out of stock for months and months. Ditto with the X100 and even the Olympus EM-5. People used to pre-order everything as soon as possible.

      Now, even though camera manufacturers seem to have cut back the volume of initial production runs so as not to get stuck with stale stock, just-launched high end cameras are still sitting on retailer shelves.

      People seem to have had enough of crazily buying this month’s new very very expensive luxury consumer toy.

    • 24×36

      As inspector Clouseau once said, “Not any more!”

      Back to “pre-order” status.

  • jvossphoto

    Ming Thein’s D810 vs D800E review. IMHO his reviews are well worth the read…..very detail oriented.

    • Steven

      Ming is the King, Ming is the best…!

      Love his work and he did it and come to a outstanding stage and business level with truly amazing works even as an self-thaught photographer and he doesnt get paid from a manufacturer/company or making advertising for anything….

      He is an absolutely trustworthy person and has due to the mentioned things the highest level of objectivity in his reviews /recommendations….

      There is just one question that always comes to my mind…

      Why isn`t he an nikon ambassador yet? Too much objectivity…..

      • Sandy Bartlett

        Way to full of his self, arrogant beyond belief. His comment sections are full of lapdogs.

        • jvossphoto

          I don’t know……you just come off sounding like you are jealous of his intelligence and talents. Which the man obviously has.

    • ShaoLynx

      Heil Ming! Heil Ming!
      Nah, sounds too Flash Gordon… 😉

  • NFan

    When will B&H put in the 4% cash back thing on D810? Also no freebies with the D810! All the Nikon cameras has 4% cash back and freebies..! 🙁 😛 😛

  • Aldo

    no 8k video.. no 20fps… not interested… (says the poser)

    • Larrry

      And you forgot the D400 is far superior.

    • saywhatuwill

      And since it isn’t mirrorless it’s a fail.

  • Yaaaaaaawn.

    The D810 is in stock all over.
    Let us know when it goes out of stock.

    • 24×36

      It’s out of stock at B&H again. Just to let you know.

  • Did you guys notice the the S Raw can’t even be processed by the in-camera engine. It’s useless too, because the full 36 MP files (12 bit compressed) are the same file size as the 9 MP S Raw.

    • Eric Calabros

      The whole concept of smaller raw is wrong, no matter how being cooked

      • forgotmypw

        I just don’t know why they just can’t cut the mp in half for S-raw and maintain the same latitude… is it really that hard?

  • Ndawg

    lulz nobody is buying it. buh-bye Nikon.

    • 24×36

      Yeah right. That’s why it is once again “pre-order” status at B&H. A mild mid-term update, and they haven’t filled up the shelves faster than they’re emptying yet.

  • Carleton Foxx

    The thing you guys are ignoring is that some of us use our cameras till they’re pretty beat up up and need to buy a new one. I put a couple of hundred thousand images through my last cam so it was time for the next model. It wasn’t some lazy choice; it was time to either have my old camera rebuilt or buy the next gen. And cameras don’t last like they used to. Plus, since it’s part of my business, it’s deductible.

  • Sean

    Just ordered mine. Can’t wait till it arrives. The last new body I bought was a Nikon D3, so I hope the D810 will be a nice upgrade-especially in terms of AF and DR. I’m curently shooting a used S5 pro and have no plans to sell it due to its excellent color and DR (highlights). I’m a bit concerned about the size of the RAW files from the D810.

    • Just today I noticed that there are 6TB hard drives on the shelves down at the computer store. Good timing!

  • I am opinionated

    Thom Hogan says, on his site, that nobody should buy a D810 until his review is online.


    Hardly surprising that they are in stock everywhere then.

  • Aidyn

    I went to my local Best Buy to try out the D810.
    IMHO the grip feels wonderful in my hand. The shutter is really really quiet. I used a 85mm 1.8g lens on it and it focuses really fast and sharp. The AF system is still the same and the layout is pretty much the same.
    Overall I felt great using the camera but can’t really tell the different between a D810 and a D800.

  • spicel

    Best camera that my hand came across. My friend and I went hiking, and he was able to shoot a flying bird, and it looked very sharp. You can see review of it here >>

  • Ol’ Pickle Pony

    I actually had a stuck pixel on my D810’s monitor. One of those pixels that disappears and reappears when slightly moving the camera… so it catches my attention without me even looking for it.

  • 24×36


    EN-EL18a batteries too! You’ll have to get the charger straight from Nikon though, B&H doesn’t have that yet.

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