Weekly Nikon news flash #273

→ The Sigma 120-400mm f/4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM APO lens for Nikon mount is listed as discontinued.

Nikon Netherlands published an updated list of approved memory cards for Nikon cameras.

→ The Nikon D810 user's manual is now available for download at the Nikon Manual Viewer app (24MB).

→ Nikon deals (grey market, refurbished):

→ Battle of the fast 50mm's: Sigma f/1.4 Art vs. Canon f/1.2 L vs. Nikon 58mm f/1.4G:

→ Nikon Behind the Scenes: Advanced Lighting:

→ Shooting the Spirit Bear with Nikon Ambassador Daisy Gilardini:

→ Nikon D810: the Tokyo cityscape with Shinichi Sato:

→ Nikon D810: behind the scenes to Go Go Berlin's 'Gimme Your' rock music video:

→ Professional Photographer magazine honors Nikon with three 2014 Hot One Awards (the Nikon D4S, D3300 and Nikon Behind the Scenes video series received awards in their respective categories).

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  • rich

    I think the sigma might be rebooting the lens. Don’t see an option for canon either on their website. Think they are try to sell the remaining stock for sony, pentex, sigma mount.

  • koenshaku

    The D810 just keeps looking better and better. Though people are lazy with the reviews. At least digitalrev and matt granger.

  • HF

    Nice German two-part review of the D810 at http://www.gwegner.de. Shows a comparison of a Hamburg night scene between D810,D800,D5300 and Canon 6D. Overall his conclusion is that there is a 1/2 – 2/3 stop advantage of the D810 over the D800. Improvements can be seen especially in the noise in the brighter areas, especially compared to the 6D.
    After being sceptic initially all the small improvements make him replace his D800 now.

  • doge

    That refurb D610 looks like a pretty tempting deal.


    The discontinuation of the Sigma 120-400mm is very old noos.

    Still, it should mean that there is a new version on the way (Photokina) and hopefully it will follow the pattern of recent Sigma optics, out performing the Nikon and not sharing the latter’s bad points. At a sensible price too.

    • Cyrille Berger

      The 120-400mm was also a hard one to sell. The 150-500mm and the 50-500mm were both better and at about the same price. So it might be discontinued for the simple reason that they could not sell it at a profit. And to face the tamron 150-600mm, they would have to make a 120-400mm that is so good, that it might be hard to make it at a low price. Or have a faster lens. So in the end, they might just as well discontinue the 120-400mm without the intent to replace it.

    • Charlie

      “out preforming the Nikon” . . . NOT EVEN CLOSE !!!

      • rt-photography

        im sure he means the thre art lenses that are quite good lenses. its about time those idiots woke up. selling millions of crap lenses for who know for how long and still are really.

      • Times Change

        YUUP! That’s right.
        The Nikon 35/1.4, 50/1.4 and 58/1.4 (58, with caveats) can’t hold a candle to the equivalent Sigmas.

  • Kynikos

    Was sigma actually actually selling both the 120-400 and 150-500 simultaneously?

    The various iterations of the pro 120-300 are its own animal, but I didn’t realize they were producing both the above at the same time…

    • nwcs

      Yes, they introduced them both roughly at the same time. (the current versions). Then they introduced the updated 50-500. The 120-400 has never been highly regarded.

      • Kynikos


    • Dpablo unfiltered

      The longer lens replaced the 170-500 and the shorter replaced the 135-400. While they may not have been absolutely great they basically improved every aspect of the older lenses and mostly by a wide margin. Tamron has done likewise. The 150-600 seriously outperforms the 200-500 that was sort of an only option for a while which replaced the 200-400 which was well thought of at the time but a complete dog.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        Sigma also had or has an 80-400 with vibe reduction and which is said to be a fairly good lens. It is possible that they think that it or some newer version and the longer lens is enough options.

  • broxibear

    If you’re in the UK there are still a few D800 bodies available at some retailers for £1900, the D810 is £2800. It’s a massive saving you could put towards glass, if the small differences between the D800 and D810 don’t matter to you it’s a real bargain.

  • 1 Ugly Biker

    is that a typo on the price of the 610 link goes to a 1600 camera

    • They raised the price after my post went live.

      • gehst

        look like the 35 is jacked up too. 199.99

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    too late for sigma fixing their QC – operational quirks. Exhausted my resources of energy and patience of communicating, sending, waiting (months), endless testing, re-sending, lenses to Sigma service abroad even to Japan and most of the time not have the tool in my hands and when i did to spend my time testing and trying to identify the quirks and not trusting it to take it with me on the field. Not have enough energy and time left to risk in such procedures again. In the case of a 120-400 i owned though, service was efficient and the lens performed remarkably afterwards, especially for its price.

  • Pentax Man

    Looks like Nikon is pulling out all the stops and avoiding their usual dinosaur-slow filing of the stock pipeline. Why? They’re scared of the Pentax 645Z.

    Move over Nikon: amateur hour is over.

    Why do you think Nikon hasn’t replaced the D300s? Pentax and it LEGENDARY lenses have that market sewn up.

  • CV

    “Nikon Manual Viewer app”????

    Why don’t they just make a normal website where you can find them quickly instead of that current maze… it would work on ALL platforms.

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