Nikon ViewNX 2.10.0 and Picture Control Utility 2.0.0 released

Today Nikon released ViewNX 2.10.0 and Picture Control Utility 2.0.0 versions with newly added support for the D810 camera. The new Capture NX-D software will be available for download on July 15, 2014.

Here are the download links:

Modifications enabled in Picture Control Utility 2 ver.2.0.0:

  • The application be used from ViewNX 2 and Capture NX-D, and also as a separate, stand-alone application after installation.
  • Support for the D810 has been added.
  • Users can now choose to save Custom Picture Control files in "NP2" format, compatible with the new Picture Control System, or in "NCP" format for use with all cameras that support Custom Picture Controls.
  • The following are possible when "NP2" is selected.
    • Flat can now be selected from the list of Stored Picture Controls.
    • When Manual Adjust is selected, each of the adjustment items can now be adjusted in units of 0.25 for more precise adjustment.
    • A new Clarity item has been added to adjustment items.
    • The adjustment range for Brightness has been expanded to −1.50 to +1.50.
  • The Custom Curve is larger, making it easier to adjust tone curves.
  • The size of the application window can now be adjusted, allowing the area in which the preview image is display to be enlarged.
  • A new Adjustments for Preview function enables adjustment of Exposure Comp. and White Balance. However, adjustments to these settings are not reflected in the Custom Picture Control being created.
  • A Reflect changes on preview check box has been added for before-and-after comparison of the Custom Picture Control on the preview image.

Modifications enabled in Nikon Picture Control Utility 2 ver.2.0.0:

  • Support for the D810 has been added.
  • Picture Control Utility has been replaced by Picture Control Utility 2 Ver.2.0.0.
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  • PicklePony

    Been waiting for this for years. Thank you, Nikon… thank you so hard.

    • Chou Bidouh

      for what?

  • JXVo

    Does this give hope for D810 support in CNX2……or a backdoor into CNX2 for D810 raw files?

    • Global

      Hi JXVo, in the list of updates, it says:

      “Support for the D810 has been added.”

      –> Is that what you meant?

      • Global

        Are View and Capture linked, or do they update separately? Either way, it looks like D810 will be included, if its on View, especially if they have the D610 and Df.

      • JXVo

        Sorry. I was not too clear. Asking if a D810 file processed and saved in the new VNX2 could subsequently be opened in CNX2.

  • Jean Fotomode

    I’m afraid that will be no update for NX2 because NX-D will be available but he 15th of july. This is a sad day. Years ago, I bought NX2 and since, l only use this software for my Nef. Sure l would like Nikon give us an update but they don’t care. They push me to go with an other software that l presently search for a good one. l don’t like Lightroom but l’m looking for other brand.

    • tronam

      I know how you feel. This is disappointing to me too, but remember that Google acquired Nik Software in 2012. When that happened, future development of CNX was in jeopardy because the control points were proprietary technology licensed from Nik. NX-D should be fine for global edits, but a lot of the detail editing will be gone. You might want to consider giving Lightroom another chance because it’s the only other program I’m aware of so far that accurately reproduces Nikon’s color profiles. LR5 is extremely powerful now.

      • Costantine

        U-points is not the only good thing about NX2. Layers, opacity, blending modes, the masking option for each layer, auto retouch brush (helpfull sometimes too), watch points, double threshold. Those things for pro works. More important than U-poins.

        • tronam

          Agreed and hopefully these features will eventually return in a future version of NX-D, but I wonder how much involvement Nik had in CNX’s software development overall.

      • Anders

        The smart thing about NX2 is that all versions of edits are contained within the NEF-file, making it very easy to transfer the NEF to another computer or device.
        I tried LR and it is simply a horrible experience when coming from NX2 which is super fast in comparison. I know LR can do more things than NX2 in some areas, but it is just not very intuitive in my opinion.

      • Chou Bidouh

        RawTherapee is free, a very mighty tool with many options and you can make it use Nikon’s color profiles. I can do nearly everything I can with LR and with using Nikon’s color profiles I’m much more pleased with the look of the images. Colors turn out the exact same way as they do with Nikon Software. Just give it a try.
        Guide how to input ICCprofiles:

  • Anders

    There will surely be an update for Capture NX2, with support for D810 as well, I hope.

    • tronam

      It doesn’t look like this will happen. Judging by the NX-D beta that I’ve been testing, Nikon seems to have added some new functionality to their RAW converter that would require more than simply a bug fix to implement in CNX. I think this is the end of the line, sadly.

      • peterw

        wasn’t it announced that D810 will be supported by capture NX2? I think I read it somewhere over here.

    • nightoil

      Nikon support here in the UK seem to think that the final version of CNX2 (2.4.7) will still be available on their servers for the foreseeable future.

      I just bought a new boxed copy (likely containing an ancient version) which I hope to be able to load and update to 2.4.7 on whatever future computer I may be using (assuming it’s running a current OS).

      Version 2.4.7 will only open NEFs from the following DSLRs:

      D1, D1H, D1X, D2H, D2X, D2HS, D2XS, D3, D3S, D3X, D4, D4S.

      D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70, D70S, D80, D90.

      D100, D200, D300, D300S, D600, D610, D700, D800, D800E.

      D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300.

      D7000, D7100, Df.

      Agreeing with other posters here, I just don’t see any easy way of replicating CNX2’s unique feature set in any other editing program, which is why I’m hunkering down for the future now with CNX2.

      This will mean the inability to use any camera not listed above – a shame because the D810 does look interesting.

      Nikon’s half-hearted maintenance of CNX2 over recent years seems to have segued into their unwillingness or inability to reach a deal with Google Nik over the Control Point technology. What an amazing program this could have developed into, given a bit of imagination and the right impetus.

    • Capture NX2 forever

      I’m thinking that clarity and the new picture control utility spells the end of capture NX2.
      I wonder if the D800 will support the new flat picture control profile?

  • Arsen

    I am happy that Viewnx2 will support the D810 for basic global raw edits. But I am hopping enough people complain to Nikon maybe they get the IDEA for such a great camera D810 needs NX2 support.

  • Darin

    I don’t understand this. If Capture NX-D will be a superset of View NX2, and will be free, why this update to View NX2? Why not add D810 support to Capture NX2 as well then?

    • Captain Megaton

      PCU is an independent module so you’d want to update it, but yeah, I thought NX-D was due out of beta in a week or so…

  • Capture nx2 so long

    View nx2 save to 16 bit tiff still produces a fake 16 bit tif
    The new picture control file format is NOT compatible with any nikon older than the d810

  • Chou Bidouh

    So no clarity adjustments for anything else than the D810. Wonder why I downloaded it. Thought I finally could have something similar like the clarity slider in LR for my D7100 files. When I read the descriptions prior to installing, I understood that clarity only works with the new NP2-format, which only can be imported into the new D810. But I thought you could at least apply it to NEF-files within ViewNX2. Looks like that this is also only possible with D810 NEF-files. So no clarity for me! booooooooooohhhhh

  • thefog

    Today i talk with Nikon NPS Germany about Cature NX2 and D810 Support. Capture NX2 will discontinued on 15. this month and replaced with the new NX-D. He said that Nikon no planing a Update for Capture NX2 for the D810. My Workflow based on NX2 with the Nik filters since years now NIkon give us a slap in the face and foce us to change our workflow. This is bull…t. I am now considering seriously to cancel the D810 update.

    • TeaBreak

      Nothing new, we know this for months.
      Try Adobe LR 4.x or 5.x. Their camera profiles aren’t bad and match the different Nikon Picture Controls quiet well (tested with D3 and D200). NIK Filters will run as plug-in.
      Bad thing with LR of course is that it might share the same fate as NX2 i.e it possibly will disappear soon (though not dying but “evaporating” into the clouds).

  • Markus

    Just an idea:
    Does ViewNX use the same dlls for decopding/supporting camera files?
    If yes could it be possible to use this dll from View NX with Capture NX2 to get support for the D810 ???

    … for those who hate the new Capture NX-D

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    what is this clarity slider so many you are talking about here?

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