Nikon will start shipping the new 1 Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens next week

Nikon Japan announced that the new 1 Nikkor VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens ($996.95) will start shipping on June 26th.

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  • phil

    Nikon, see ?
    nobody cares…

    • Neopulse

      Thanks for saying that on behalf of the entire population of consumers in the world…. not.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        This is an alternative to using the new Tamron long zoom on a DX camera. A bit less reach (810 vs 900) but a bit faster aperture. It might even be a bit sharper at max length. There’s no way that ANY full frame lens or DX zoom will be sharper when put on an adapter and cropped and you will still get a nice thin depth of field at 300 f 5.6 even on a one inch sensor. And yeah, it’s nice and small given all that.

        • nwcs

          Technically, it’s not reach but pixel density. You still get the same depth of field as a 300 f5.6 with this lens. You get .37 feet in focus with slower blurring at a typical 30 foot subject. You get half that with the Tamron on the APS sensor.

          An alternative for sure but pixel density is not really reach.

    • megadon357

      Wrong again, buddy!

  • catinhat

    This photo illustrates nicely the pointlessness of a small body with a large lens.

    • No One Really

      I never understood this trend of tiny cameras and large lenses either.
      I get that some people can’t carry 2 to 3 pounds without hurting themselves but why add a big lens…

      Form before function = fail.

      • Fred Bloggs

        IMHO cameras get in the hands of an enthusiast, and soon that slow 10-30mm zoom is not enough, they want more reach, faster aperture, and I’m sure the manufacturers will make them as small and light as possible, but are constrained by physics on how far they can go. Small and light lenses are available but will not cover every user’s needs

        • NNo One Really

          Good points…

          • KnightPhoto

            Plus don’t forget we’re talking about a 200-800mm FOV super-telephoto here on a camera that can do 20fps with full AF and 60fps FULL RAW with AF locked on the first photo (and full 40-shot RAW buffer).

            I don’t know about you but I intend to give that a shot.

      • Eric Calabros

        sticked to 800mm f/5.6 lens, even D4s looks “tiny”! so you never understand the whole sport photography

    • Studor13

      No, the photo shows exactly the point of getting a seriously small lens to get 810mm reach.

      Do you have any idea how big a 800mm lens is?

      And VR to boot for $1000.

      For some stupid reason some people seem to think that this combo is big.

      • Tonio

        Indeed. My only issue is the price, which is kind of steep. That said, the (FX) 70-300 is pretty darn soft beyond 200mm when used with an FT-1; anyone tried the DX 55-300?

        • PAG

          My wife uses the VR1 with the DX 55-300. It’s been reasonable but the center focal point limitation is a pain. She’s already ordered the V3 and the new Nikon 1 70-300.

    • cppguy16

      This is an 810mm lens. It isn’t large for that sort of thing.

      • bgbs

        Its not 810mm its 300mm. It’s the 1″ sensor that creates a false impression that it is a 810mm magnification. On a full frame body, this lens will tell the truth at 300mm.

    • Captain Megaton

      Except you are looking at a 190-810mm lens.

  • Chris Weller

    I’ve had one on order since it was announced. I’m looking forward to 810mm equivalent in a rig that weighs 2 lbs total. Opens up a whole new category or possibility. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it’s great. If it performs as I expect on my V1, I’ll buy a V2. The pixel density on a 1″ sensor is crazy dense. I can’t recall the calculation, but I think it’s well above 54 MP equiv. In good light, this should be a great zoom set-up.

    • Chris Weller

      I meant buy a V3

    • Adrian Gopal

      I am waiting for mine too.. and am waiting for the V3 to come to Singapore.. so going to be using it on the AW1 first..

      • ageha

        V3 in SG? Good luck! 😉

        • Adrian Gopal

          well.. wishful thinking.. but.. never stop dreaming..

          • ageha

            It will be faster and cheaper getting it from either Japan or HK.

            • Adrian Gopal

              my concern is always warranty if something goes wrong in the first 12months..

            • Matt

              I checked with Nikon SG, and they said no V3 in Singapore.

            • Adrian Gopal

              Yeah.. I have checked with them too..just going to hold out a little longer to see if they change their minds..

    • groucher

      The pixel density is high but the current zooms manage to out-resolve the sensor. The 30-110 is spectacularly good – hope this new lens is too.

      • jas

        So true, the 30-110 is my favorite lens on this system. Very compact with a great reach, sharpness and able to do a very nice bokeh

    • Studor13

      If the performance of the 10mm f2.8, 18.5mm f1.8 and “even” the 11-27.5mm is anything to go by, this is going to be a killer lens.

      Unfortunately, only people who actually have the 1 system will understand (our) your excitement.

      I’ve tried a lot of F-mount lenses – including the holy trinity, on my V1 and they perform nothing like the native C-mount lenses. The native lenses are just incredible.

      As a side note I’m just about to get the 6.7-13mm.

      Have fun with your new order.

      • Jan

        you will l-o-v-e that 6.7-13mm. it is stunning.

      • Rick M

        I too am really impressed with the C mount lenses and I think this one will be worth the cost. I’ve been birding alot with the f1 and 70-200 f4 on my V2 and the results are fantastic.

      • Adrian Gopal

        I love the 6.7-13mm.. its a fantastic lens.. I prefer the 10-100 vs the 11-27.5mm though.. now add the 70-300.. you basically have all you need.. (minus a micro lens)

  • Global

    70-300 VR (FX) vs. 70-300 (CX) on Nikon 1 for those wondering:

    If you consider the FT-1 adapter required to use on Nikon 1….
    – This lens is 20% shorter (40% considering lens/adapter combo),

    – This lens is almost 30% lighter (40% considering the combo),
    – This lens has the same effective reach,

    – This lens has the same apertures.
    (To its credit, Nikon did not make this an f/6.3 lens.)

    The 70-300 VR (FX) is rated almost as highly as the new 80-400 VR on DxO, so its questionable how much sharper the 70-300 (CX) will be. But it APPEARS to be solidly built and a fairly serious attempt, so you should expect that it will use similar modern lensing technologies. Nikon has disappointed in the past by not being sharper than our wildest imaginations, but its newer high-end lenses each have been very good to excellent and we should expect this lens to do well. Whether or not its worth $450-600 more than an FX+Adapter or Used-FX+Adapter, depends on how valuable you think the weight and size savings are (personally, I’d just use the adapter & FX, if you already have the 70-300 VR) and whether or not you own an adapter or would have to buy it specially for this use ($200-250). $250 is better than $1000 for a new lens, but the weight & size savings might be worth $750 to you personally.

    This is especially true if you consider this a specialty 800mm lens! Nikon ALREADY provides 2 relatively cheap ways for you to get to 300mm (the 10-100mm & 30-110mm; both, effectively, 300mm lenses). So they might be investing into additional lens production and quality standards to produce an excellent 800mm option. That being said, personally, I don’t understand why they didn’t go with a simple 2x 150-300mm optical formulation with a brighter f/4 in that case, because they are mixing consumer and high-end grades here and being a master of none. Ultimately, if its sharper at 300mm than the current 70-300 FX and lighter, shorter, people will consider it.

    Does anyone know of any good comparison images vs. the 70-300 FX?

    • Global

      By the way, although I considered the FX lens (70-300), since many FX users are using CX as a travel kit. In case you are DX or willing to buy a DX lens, Nikon also makes a 55-300mm. I have no idea the quality of this lens (I would GUESS that its not that great).

      That being said, it costs $400 new, and as low as $200 refurbished. So if you want a $450 ALTERNATIVE (+FT-1 adapter is $250 if you don’t have one), a Refurb-55-300+FT-1 is another way to go.

      This can be helpful to the pocket books of those on a budget! 🙂

    • keepitsimple

      I had the 70-300 FX and used it with the FT-1 on my V1 and it was not a very good setup. At 300mm on FX the lens is not great, its just magnified not great when cropped down to CX. The AF of that lens is also not very good. I used a 55-200 (non-VR ED version) and found it to be superior in terms of usability (not in AF speed, its even slower than the 70-300). Just based on MTF charts you can tell this lens will be much better, and as anyone who has used a N1 system, nikon makes nothing faster for AF.

      • Just a nobody

        I have the V1+FT1+55-300mm combo. While it gets the job done in good conditions (good light, target staying put), I have been frustrated by it a good number of times. The issues include:

        1. VERY slow AF with a good amount of focus hunting.

        2. Center AF only.

        IQ is acceptable (after all it is a compromise). I am looking forward to what the new CX lens can do. I need a light travel kit to complement my D4s+600mmf4 combo. One cannot beat this bazooka’s in terms of IQ but it is a freaking pain to travel with.

    • iamlucky13

      In the 70-200 range, the FX lens is really great, especially for its price. But it’s 200-300 range leaves a fair amount to be desired. That’s where this new lens is most likely to distinguish itself.

      However, while I’m sure birders and a few other users will love it, I’m not sure how many other people will be buying it. The 1-series resonates more strongly with the sort of casual users who I seldom seeing going beyond the 10-100 or 30-110 than it does with users who will consistently use an 810mm equivalent.

      I’d have been much more excited to see an update to the 70-300 FX, which is getting a little long in the tooth.

      Unfortunately, I’m sure if Nikon did that, they’d push the price and weight up to the point where I might as well just get the 70-200 F/4 and a TC-14.

  • Sports

    I’m sure it’s worth its 1000$, taking its capabilities into account.
    But it’s a painful lot of money for a lens compared to the 150$ kit that some if us were lucky to get a month ago (J1 with 10-30 mm lens).

  • Chris Weller

    Comparing this less to the FX 70-300 with FT-1 is not even a competition. The FT-1 route is barely usable from a focusing standpoint. I think people will be very surprised how well this native lens will perform in both Focusing speed/precision and IQ.

    We’ll see….

  • Nikon User

    A no one buy camera pairs with a no one buy lens, well done Nikon.

    Don’t be a cry baby when your company records further loss later.

  • Sonikon

    The price is nuts yes but given it’s probably because it’s fast enough to keep up with the V3’s 20FPS AF Burst.

    I wonder if the V3 will ever go on Fire Sale like the V1 and V2

    • phil

      of course it will, that is if Nikon is still around to produce a V4 – cause they really seems to be clueless about what to produce for the market.. underwater system camera, $1000 lenses for a camera that most people buy for $300 at most…

    • preston

      I never heard of a V2 fire sale. If there was a sale, it was nowhere close to the $300 price that the V1 got to. So I wouldn’t expect the V3 to sell for fire sale price either.

      • PhotoAl

        Precisely. Cameras will inevitably go down in price as future models are come out, but the V1 only had a drastic price decrease because Nikon had no idea how many to make and they made way too many. They corrected that with the V2 and since it’s tough to get ahold of a V3, I’m guessing that there again won’t be excess stock to necessitate a V3 fire sale.

        • megadon357

          Exactly. The supply is exactly meeting the demand and Nikon is making a profit. All good for those of us who like the Nikon 1 series. I won’t buy a V3 because of the viewfinder. Hopefully the V4 will have an integrated viewfinder and a standard hot-shoe. For that, i’d pay a premium price… As is, I’ll pick up a V2 when the price bottoms out and only refurbs remain.

      • Rick M

        I got a new V2 from Henry’s in Canada for $481 after the exchange rate

  • Royl

    Serious BIF people will probably love this lens, and there are more of those people than you might think. This lens should do well. It might actually be the savior of the 1 Series. If it even matches the 30-110 quality, we are going to be seeing a lot of wildlife photos from it. But it is pricy.

    • KnightPhoto

      Agreed, pricey. Agreed this lens may wake the Nikon 1 series up and provide it a much needed boost. Here’s an anecdote for you. I picked up my V3 10-days ago, my bricks and mortar in Canada got two kits and one body-only in. My dealer only had two V3 preorders.

      But for the 70-300 CX I was told “they had lots of preorders for this lens”. Thankfully I’m #1 on the list so I hope to have it shortly. The lens is more the reason I got the V3 than anything else. (I do already have a V1 and 5-lens kit I’ve been assembling for some time).

  • spicynujac

    This is a fascinating lens. I will likely buy one in a year or so when the price drops. I own 4 other Nikon 1 lenses. I took my Nikon DSLR and Nikon 1 AW1 on a birding safari. I did get some good images from the AW1. But I found autofocus difficult to use (although it is faster than my DSLR, it is difficult to get it to focus on the correct subject at times) and shooting with only an LCD was difficult, especially in sun. I understand there are Nikon 1 models with electronic viewfinder. The funny thing was the LCD is super high quality so my Nikon 1 images appeared better in the field but sometimes worse on computer screen than DSLR!

    I admit I could use some more practice and am still learning differences between AF-s versus AF-c and ended up going with one static focus point which improved my results near the end of the trip. But I think this lens would be unusable without tripod or monopod. Or at least bracing against something. Also, my images above 800 ISO looked fine on LCD but on closer inspection I threw them all away. (Underwater pics were awesome btw!)

    • megadon357

      My Nikon V1 has completely replaced my D7000. With the better lenses (18.5, 32, 6.7-13) it is rare that I am not really happy with the results. Of course, I’m mostly taking snaps of the family…

  • AlphaTed

    Useless without the V3. Where art thou?

    • KnightPhoto

      Got mine 10 days ago in Canada, and some Nikonians are starting to get theirs from B&H and Adorama.

  • KnightPhoto

    $300 dollars for a lens with Special-ED glass? You understand lenses are made with glass right?

  • bgbs

    This is an inhumane price for a lens that’s made for a consumer grade camerabody.

  • Christie Gray

    Has anyone even seen one of these things yet? I had mine on pre-order with Amazon and that was cancelled owing to no stock. I then spent six weeks in South Africa and ordered one there to be told eventually that none were being shipped into the country at all. Am back in the UK and AmazonUK do not have stock and when I telephoned them they said that they cold put one on special order from Nikon but it was a minimum of two months delivery – MINIMUM of two months? I have a V2 and I have taken some outstanding wildlife images with it, but wish I could have had the right lens for the job. Only bought the V2 because this lens was announced. Utterly disappointed in Nikon.

    • Not in the US. I know they are shipping in Europe.

      • Christie Gray

        If you know where in Europe I’ll drive there and buy one. This could have been such a good news story for Nikon and they’ve destroyed any possibility of that and instead turned it into yet another disaster. Have shelved the V2 and have gone back to my Fuji S5Pro as whilst it is noisy I do not have to use an adapter with my Nikkor Lenses. If they ever get their act together and actually supply this lens to end users let me know.

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