Nikon D4s and the new EN-EL18a battery now in stock

Nikon D4s DSLR camera 2 Nikon EN-EL18a battery
The Nikon D4s and the new EN-EL18a battery for the D4s are now in stock at B&H

Update: B&H lists on their website that the new Nikon EN-EL18a battery is compatible with the Nikon D4:

The EN-EL18a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery from Nikon powers their D4s and D4 DSLR cameras. It has 10.8V of output power, a 27Wh rating, and a capacity of 2500mAh. It can be charged using either the MH-26a Battery Charger supplied with the D4S or the MH-26 Battery Charger supplied with the D4. The battery requires the BL-6 Battery Chamber Cover, which is available separately and included with the D4S. The EN-EL18a is supplied with the D4S camera and is offered here as a spare or replacement part. It offers an additional 500mAh of capacity and 5Wh over the EN-EL18 included with the D4.

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  • D700guy

    Will this new EN-EL18 work in a D4?

    • Heath

      Yes apparently, click the battery link above which takes you to B&H for a description.

    • OnTheRopes

      I have both batteries and also contacted Nikon direct and they are both interchangeable, as are the chargers

    • George Kalogeris

      I have D4s with my old batteries EN-EL18. They also work fine

    • D700guy

      It looks like you need this to use it though: BL-6 Battery Chamber Cover

      • D700guy

        Never mind. That seems to be the same battery cover used with a D4

  • Zorro

    I’d be more interested in a D40s with the same battery as the D40.

    6MP sensor (as in D40)
    Flash synch 1/500 (as in D40)
    AF from D4
    5 FPS
    High res 3 inch LCD

    • Um, what?

    • Glambike

      I like my D50! Real pictures…

    • zoetmb

      Maybe my sarcasm detector isn’t working today, but the update to the D40 was the D40x and that was discontinued in 2007. Nikon is not going to do a minor update to a long discontinued camera. That line has been long replaced first by the D60 and later by the D3xxx line.

  • Spy Black

    Snap ’em up!

  • Bruce

    The battery is not in stock. Still listed as Backordered.

  • Daniel

    keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto,CA. has them I just got one today !

  • Zoot

    I got fed up waiting for a spare battery, so I bought a second D4s and threw away the camera.

  • Jack S

    More importantly, will the D4s work with aftermarket batteries?

    • Defraincejphotography


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