Nissin i40 compact flash for Nikon cameras now shipping

Nissin i40 Compact FlashNissin i40 Compact Flash back Nissin i40 Compact Flash side
Last month Nissin announced their new i40 compact flash with LED lights for Nikon cameras. The i40 is now shipping and is currently in stock ($269). Additional information:


Type For Canon, Nikon, Sony and FT system
Guide no. (at ISO 100 in m) 40 (at 105mm zoom head position)
27 (at 35mm zoom head position)
Focal length coverage 24 - 105mm (16mm when using built -in wide panel)
Power Source Four size-AA batteries
Battery storage Directly insert into the body
Recycling Time 0.1 - 4 sec
Number of flashes (Approx.) 220 - 1,700 flashes
LED light run time (Approx.) 3.5hrs (With New batteries set)
Flash duration 1/800 - 1/20,000 sec
Color Temperature 5,600K
Exposure control E-TTL II/ E-TTL (Canon) 、 iTTL (Nikon), PTTL (Sony), TTL (FT)
Wireless Mode Wireless TTL slave (* 3), non-TTL Slave (SD, SF mode)
EV compensation on flash +/- 2EV in increments of ½ of EV
Bounce position Up: 0-90°,Down: 0°, Left: 0-180°,Right: 0-180°
Flash exposure control st & 2nd curtain synchronization, High speed synchronization, redeye reduction, slow synchronization (depends on camera), FE/ FV lock (set on camera)
AF-assist beam effective range 0.7 - 5m
Operation panel 2 Selector dials (Function dial and Power dial)
Manual mode power ratio 1/256 - 1/1
LED Video light Built in LED video light with 9 steps of output level adjustment
Accessories External Diffuser, Soft case, Flash stand (with screw)
Dimension (Approx.) 85(H)x61(W)x85(D)mm/ 3.35(H)x2.4(W)x3.35(D)inch
Weight 203g/ 7.16oz (without batteries and external diffuser)

Size comparison with a standard flash:

Nissin i40 compact flash size comparison\
Nissin i40 compact flash size comparison 2

Nissin i40 features:

The pocket size of Nissin i40 weights only 203g of weight (*1). It is suitable for filling shadows on even the sunniest of days, suitable for family shooting, indoor/ outdoor shooting and especially suitable for traveling. Professional functions are included: Wireless TTL mode; Supports up to 1/8,000 seconds shutter speed; Flash output of GN40 at 105mm; Video light function with 9 steps of output level adjustment; Simple operation panel with two selector dials to operate the flash; Flash head tilts up and rotates horizontally to right and left for making bounced lighting more versatile by utilizing more angles. A Soft box is supplied. Nissin i40 with Canon, Nikon, Sony and FT version.

Focal length range coverage of 24-105mm˙Powerful output˙Soft box

The Nissin i40 has a flash output of GN40 at 105mm. The zoom range auto adjusts from 24mm- 105mm. The flash comes equipped with a built-in diffuser that gives a 16mm lens coverage. A Soft box is included for soften light output and reduce the shadows.

Professional flash head design

The flash head rotates horizontally 180° to right and left and tilts up 90°which is suitable for close up photography. This makes bounce shooting more arbitrary, with more angles that can be used.

LED Video light

Nissin i40 has a video light function, which has 9 steps of output level adjustment.
Various Functions
(1)Supports high-speed synchronization
Supports up to 1/8,000 seconds shutter speed. (*2)
(2)Wireless TTL mode
Supports Canon E-TTL/ E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL and Sony ADI/ P-TTL. Various slave settings offer flexible wireless flash combination.

Selector dial˙Simply operation panel

Nissin i40 has two selector dials controls : Function dial and Power dial. The Indicated lamp A/B/C will show the position of adjustment. Even beginners can quickly get started.

Four size-AA batteries

4 AA batteries to operate the i40, it can reduce the frequency of changing the batteries and reduce the recycling time.

Metal hotshoe ˙Quick release button

Durable metal hotshot design with quick release button, easy to install and reduce the chance of damage caused by installation.

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  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    This is an interesting announcement. Good price point for someone looking for a 2nd flash or compact flash.

  • Global

    For those who don’t want to google — there is a nice website that compares Flash specs (can’t vouch for their accuracy OR the ownership, I have no idea, but it is convenient):

    They haven’t uploaded the Nissin i40 yet — but you can check out the specs of some other flashes, if you’d like to take a look. The link I’ve posted will take you to specs of the Nikon SB400 (which is no longer sold), which I’m guessing this i40 can take the place of.

    I am NOT a strobist. So you can tell me if the i40 is a good SB400 replacement or not (maybe its better or worse)?

    • rt-photography

      ive visited that website a few times. seems to me theyve stopped updating it, no?

      • Larrry

        I thought so to when I visited the site a couple of months ago as someone was asking me “which flash” for their new camera. However, looking at the link above and my bookmarked link, not only have they updated, buth they have redesigned their site for the better.

    • MB

      i40 is much better flash than SB-400.
      More power, zoom, head with tilt/rotate, TTL, AA and manual control, wireless iTTL and servo, AF assist, LED light … SB-400 is slightly lighter (127.4g vs 203g without batteries) but it hardly makes any real advantage …

      • Global

        Thanks, MB! Might pick one up and try to figure out flashes for once (never felt the need with the D700, but then again, its built in flash is pretty bad with large FF lenses especially). The SB300 is very much not appealing to me. Should’ve picked up an SB400 when it was only $100 bucks.

  • Is this a xenon flash with an LED? Or an all LED flash?

    • PGi

      A Xenon flash,of course.

      • Oh. Huh. I wasn’t excited, but now that I think about it: mechanical switches, wireless iTTL…this beats my SB600s!

  • Johnny Dough

    I can buy an SB-700 for AU$300 on the grey market I’d rather have that, YMMV

  • koenshaku

    This is actually kind of high considering.

    • dwd

      so am I 🙂

  • rt-photography

    Id rather buy an SB700. but I do give them credit for the led flash beam in the front. I think this is the direction we will see happening more and more. makes sense to me. wheres nikon with a radio installed flash

    • Johnny Dough

      Just one more 18-xxx DX zoom, and then they’ll get right on it 😉

    • lord eels

      but this is a good bit smaller. which is kinda the whole point of this product. isn’t it einstien?

  • Wally in Austin

    I only had one Nissin good quality, well built, my model was upgradable by firmware too. Only issue was waiting for the firmware upgrade.

  • mcastein

    What about auto focus assist? Anyone know if it has this?

  • D700guy

    Flashes like this are not compatible with Nikon’s CLS.

    • lord eels

      I feel like all CLS speedlights have compatibility “issues” with CLS sometimes. lol.

      • Neopulse

        Even the D800 had CLS problems with flashes :-/

    • Global

      How would that limit a person in practical day-to-day use? (Sincere question.) Is a grey market SB-700 a relatively better value other than size, if CLS is taken into consideration?

  • Neopulse

    This flash is going to sell well…. should get one for my father’s D7100 as a gift with a radio trigger also. I’m tempted to get one myself, so damn compact with good power.

  • enomiS

    I like that it has dial controls.

  • Anton PupkIn

    Cool flash. I really want to buy one for my Nikon and one for Olympus.

    I hope it does have some kind of slave mode.

  • lord eels

    mine came from BH today. very very pleased. excellent recycle times, on par with other 4xAA speedlights. very small, small than expected. build is a good 1.5 steps behind nikon, especially the battery door. but that kind of stuff is expected with generic stuff. that considered, this is an A+ product and will be glued to my p7800. FINALLY a small flash with big flash control. the swivel alone is worth it.

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