Nikon Capture NX 2.4.7 released

In addition to the new ViewXN version, Nikon also released Capture NX 2.4.7 ($131.99). Download links:

List of Capture NX 2.4.7 updates:

  • Support for RAW images captured with the Nikon 1 V3 and COOLPIX S810C has been added.
  • Support for Windows XP has been eliminated.
  • The following issues have been resolved:
    • Auto distortion control was not applied to images captured with some cameras, and Auto Distortion in the Camera & Lens Corrections section of the Edit List palette was not displayed.
    • When RAW images captured with some cameras and saved using Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.4.5 or earlier were opened, white balance effects sometimes changed.
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  • Cesar

    Is it possible to open and save DNG files yet?

  • Joe

    This could be the final version of Capture NX.

    • 3Horn

      We can only hope, $132 for the ability to tether…

      • groucher

        You’ve commented on the wrong software – that’s not what NX2 is for.

        • 3Horn

          You’re right, I was thinking of CCP.

    • groucher

      I hope not. Nikon have been absolutely stupid regarding Capture. Nikon with NIK had the best photo editing software by a mile, packed with truly useful and innovative features not found in Corel or Adobe products but they didn’t seem to realise what they had.

  • David Teter

    I sometimes wonder what’s wrong with me, but I’ve always liked Capture NX2. I found it gave me the most creative control over processing of RAW/NEF files. These days I’m mostly shooting film, but I still use NX2 as the last step in my workflow because of the control point technology and the “repair brush” (great for removing hairs/dust). I’ll miss you, NX2.

    • TeaBreak

      I’m with you. And believe me, there’s nothing wrong with us. 🙂 NX2 always produces stunning results, far beyond anything else on the market. For the last 4 weeks I’ve been testing LR 5 and CaptureOne 7 with some success in matching the NX2 colors and tonality but both aren’t able to give me that extraordinary NX2 look. Don’t know what it is but somehow images look flat with LR / CatpureOne irrespective of what profil I use or which settings I choose. Hope, NX-D will get still some improvements in the final version so the loss of NX2 won’t be that hard. Really can’t image to work with LR / CaptureOne.

      • When testing Nikon cameras, I always use NX2. (NX-D with the D810) … I have also found that it produced the best image quality. DXO Optics Pro, with the lens modules, would be my second choice. But for sheer convenience, you cannot beat Adobe Camera Raw.

    • umeshrw

      Nothing. We just appreciate and like to use the best. Sadly nikon is killing it just when they made it actually considerably better.

      • John Turner

        I totally agree ! Its the best its ever been and I’ve always liked it and Nikon then announce its going, why ?

        • TeaBreak

          Google knows.
          Or ask Nikon why they were so stupid to let Google buy NIK.

    • kotozafy

      This is the first time I read someone praising NX2. I was convinced I’m the only NX2 user since on every forum “Photoshop” is almost synonymous of “imaging software”. I use 95% of the time NX2 (5% DXO for perspective correction) and I really don’t understand why it is going to be replaced by NX-D, without its most powerful and unique features.

      • Eyetron

        There are quite a few of us who like NX2. I’ve learned a lot about how to use the software from the people at the Flickr Capture discussion site.

      • Jorge

        I LOVE NX2. I honestly don’t believe another raw converter exists that works as nicely, or as easily as NX2 for Nikon NEF Files.

    • PhotoAl

      I love CNX2 and will continue using it with my current camera. It does pose a problem if/when I upgrade in the future, but as of now I’m going to just enjoy it for what it is.

    • neversink

      The biggest problem with Capture NX is that it is soooooooo soooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww……………….
      Otherwise it has some great features.

      • TeaBreak

        You should buy a modern PC / Mac. NX2 isn’t slow (compared to LR5 / CaptureOne 7).

        • neversink

          Thanks for your suggestion. I have a 2011 MBP with 16GB RAM and am going to install an SSD. LR5 is faster than Capture One Pro. Aperture is the fastest but I gave up on that. NX2 is slooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww compared to all the above. Way slow.

          • Rob

            Your experience is completely counter to mine: NX2 runs crisply on my Dell XPS 15 laptop, and I’m processing D800E RAWs. Sounds like a problem with your setup.

            • Walkthru

              I’m with you Rob. My NX2 runs beautifully, and quickly on my i5 8gb computer, so not sure why neversink has all of the problems. Used to be slow on underpowered machines, but not now.

          • mike

            You need to know how to set it up and use SSD.

        • Jorge

          Agreed. NX2 on my 2011 MBP w 8G ram zips along quite nicely. No complaints here.

          • TeaBreak

            Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit. Intel i7 950@ 3.07 GHz, Intel SSD, 16 GB RAM. I know this not the fastest PC but on this machine NX2 is DEFINITELY FAST. Perhaps you should run NIKON REGSWEEPER (available on Nikon Support website) and reinstall NX2.

            • neversink

              I think Jorge agrees with you. He has no problems with his NX2 running on a similar MBP as I have. It’s me who has the problem. I will try to reinstall NX2. Perhaps it never installed correctly. All my other software runs properly and with little hesitation. I have avoided this software now for quite awhile. Wonder if its worthwhile giving it another chance?
              Does anyone else have a problem with NX2 being slow?

  • Dawe

    Linux support? 🙁

    • Jdub

      Have a look at RawTherapee, Darktable, LightZone for Linux, as well as Gimp with UFraw… plenty of great options for Linux to cook a raw….

  • Arsen

    I am hoping that they release the D800S before they stop support of the Capture NX.. I still feel the Capture NX is superior to other raw editors with U point.. Come on Nikon, cough up a couple of your dollars and buy the rights from Google. Can’t believe you allow Nik Software slip away from your hands.

    • umeshrw

      Google bought it not because nikon allowed it. It is nikon that didn’t want to be with Nik.

      • Arsen

        Thanks for clearing up that.. I was not aware of that. 🙂

      • TeaBreak

        Of course. How could they have allowed it without holding rights on NIK?
        Nevertheless Nikon totally screwed it up as taking NIK over by themselves was their only chance to maintain their competence in software solutions for professional RAW processing. Any sucessor without U-points / selective tools will fall back behind NX2. This applies particular for NX-D (at least the beta) which is obviously adressed to amateurs only. Of course not investing in NIK has been a conscious company decision and Nikon is fully aware of having lost the game. But I’am afraid they unterestimated the impacts of giving up NX2 on of their DSLR sale rates. I knew a lot of people who stayed with Nikon DSLRs because of NX2.

  • Tony Mateus

    I don’t get what’s going on here. Will the Capture NX2 that I bought a year ago online and loaded to my XP computer suddenly cease to work? Or will it just not have support for future cameras?

    • umeshrw

      It anyway wouldn’t be supported for future cameras after september when nx-d will be official. And as microsoft also has stopped supporting xp, the capture not supporting further updates to xp doesn’t matter. What they mean actually is that they will not test further cnx-2 updated for xp compatibility. That rarely conflicts. Your cnx-2 will keep on working as it is as also xp is not getting updated too.

  • Peter Chamberlain

    I too thought that I was one of a small number who liked Nikon Capture. At least they are not abandoning it altogether – as I was told a while ago was likely to happen – but the loss of control points would be a pity. I’ll hang on to what I’ve got – although, as remarked below, would like to be able to use it with a Nikon 800s!
    Has anyone tried the beta version of the new software?

    • Jorge

      Keep in mind the NX2 most current version will work on what you got now, but once the OS (PC or MAC) has a major change (new OS) it may stop working. I also love NX2. Been using it since I got a free copy with my D300 back in 2008; upgraded it for my D700, and now use it with the D800. I have not tried the new version yet — but the loss of control points will add another layer of work to my flow

  • Bildbasen

    Nikon Capture NX2 uses the NEF format. By dropping NX2 support, they are dropping the NEF format. To me this is worse than dropping the F mount, since I have more money invested in NEF files than lenses….

    • peterw

      highly exagerated

      Yes, you lose a very nice tool that does 95% or more of the processing for some people (like me),
      – yes you can see me cry with you about that, no mistake -,
      but you can get your Nikon colors using the new tool and do the layered editing steps in other software. It is more cumbersome needing two software packages and learning how it works, yes, but you certainly can get the same quality.
      Also, NEFs are of great use in Lightroom, Aperture, Capture One, etc etc. A lot of people prefer that, not all of those being fools ;).

      Also, in the new program you can’t edit the adaptions made in Capture NX2. No, but, you can open these any time in the good old Capture NX2… Be sure to download and save the newest versions for Mac and Windows for your future platforms, and your edited files are safe for a long time.

      Note that adaptions using LCD-tool made in Capture NX are not supported in the LCD-tool of Capture NX2. Note also that recently some tone curves (D2x-curves for D3/D300/D700) were cut out in the newer versions of the program. This means the back-wards compatibility of Nikon Capture software hasn’t been great anyway.

      Now, lets cry together, but within reason.

      • Bildbasen

        I provide a huge library of quickly edited files. Once a buyer shows interest in the picture, I’ll continue the edit more carefully.
        Now I will be forced to render all files to TIFF, and once the buyer buys it, I will have to reedit without the benefit of the done work. Losing the lossless workflow I had is REALY a VERY different approach.
        The only upside is that I can accept some good CANON users since I will switch to LR.

        • peterw

          You mean for all future files and projects after you buy or your users buy a camera that is not supported.

          You could run your library on more than one workflow, one for the future, one for the past… Not very nice at all, but it works.

          The nice thing about Lightroom over Capture NX, is its library.
          However, I think I’ll try to keep on running ID-imager’s DAM. The option of stacking different types of files for different purposes, on different disks for one photo gives oportunities.
          (Also, I have some trouble finding my way in LR)

          • neversink

            Aperture’s Library is much better than LR5. That being said, everything else about Aperture is behind the times, particularly when it comes to editing modules. And that is where LR5 shines! LR5’s Library features need improvement, without a doubt. Also, their healing tools, although greatly improved still need work.
            I find NX2 very tardy and slow and often freezes. I am, as suggested above, going to reload it on to my MBP.

          • Bildbasen

            No no, you still don’t get it.

            * I know I can get the same end result using any competent raw converter
            * I don’t care for new library functions, I have my own custom built web-based library system. It can support any image format.
            * The LR non destructive workflow is not as competent as CNX2

            The issue with Nikon abounding the NEF format is that I loose the _non_destructive_ editing on all EXISTING images, since I will not be able to open these on a supported windows platform in the future.

            (I usually turn back the brightness edit on eyes a notch when customers want a larger image, how do I do this in a destructive workflow?)

            • peterw

              Your point was clear before, thanks.
              I am somewhat less pessimistic about having a working platform running Capture NX2, certainly for the next three years or so. I hope after that other software will have evolved.
              Probably your scope is longer. I wish you a very good solution.
              Off course.

  • SPfan

    You need a decent computer but NX2 is tough to beat. Although it renders more slowly than Photoshop, Capture NX2 is many times faster to use because you don’t have the tedium of selections and refining edges or the pain of layers (which is on top, behind, transparent, etc, etc). These things have their place if you want to totally alter a photograph but if the image is good to begin with, NX2 is my first choice.

  • KnightPhoto

    HaHa, am pumped my Nikon 1 V3 about to arrive sneaks in just under the wire 😉 LOVE my Capture NX2! Like other posters here my CNX2 is fast.

    I own Adobe CC so I have Lightroom and PS CC. But still making baby steps with that.

    • Chimphappyhour

      It was actually reading that CNX2 would be updated to support the V3 that got me off the fence to pre-order one. Unfortunately, it was only recently that this came to light so I don’t think I’ll be getting a first batch V3 and will have to wait. 🙁

  • Refuz Tosay

    I checked out the NX-D Beta – it’s little more than what you get in View NX2.
    Without Colour Control Point (via U-Point Nik Software a la Google now) Nikon lost any competitive advantage. They were fools to let Nik go to Google – or may the price tag was too high. The ONLY reason I used CapNX2 was the U-Point feature set.
    Anyway – it looks like I’ll keep using Cap NX2 until it’s phased out and made incompatible. Then, I’ll be going to Lightroom and perhaps adding the $149 Nik Collection.

  • aken

    Are they releasing a version supporting D810 before going?

  • I wonder if they will ever add support for the Nikon D810? Perhaps not; as Joe says, this may be the final version ever provided. NX-D is fine, but I wish that Capture NX2 would continue to be updated for new cameras. Fortunately, it is compatible with the Nikon cameras I own.

  • Is Nikon killing NX2? I don’t think it’s fair to say so. It was produced with Nik and that company is no longer available to help with upgrades. BUT if you own NX2, it’s fine for any Nikon cameras prior to the D810. And if you do not already own NX2 you can still buy it. $129 at B&H for example.

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