Nikon FT1 adapter L firmware update 1.20 released

Nikon-1-FT1-adapter-back Nikon-1-FT1-adapter-front
Nikon released a new L firmware update 1.20 for the FT1 adapter ($209.99) with support for the Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera. Download links:

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  • Kynikos

    That horse died some time ago, but it still takes quite a beating.

    • groucher

      Rubbish. The V1/FT1/300mm f4 gives me 10mp images at 60pfs with 810mm equivalent and f4 in a relatively lightweight and compact package. IQ is easily sufficient for A3 prints or super HD telly.

      • manhattanboy

        Given the lack of VR, what shutter speed are you using for the pics?

        • Maji

          VR usually is not that effective over 1/500 SS. Thom Hogan had written about it in his blog. I actually use the 28-300 with v2 and shut off VR. I use SS of 1/1000 mostly for hand held shooting. I tried 1/500, but it is crap shoot most of the time.

        • groucher

          I put the camera on a tripod and use a wireless remote to fire the shutter so lack of VR isn’t a problem. At 800mm equiv. focal length the remote (which cost £5) is essential even if you’re using a top of the range tripod (mine is mid-range)..

          Sometimes I shoot at low shutter speeds (down to 1/20 sec), which slows the frame rate but is great for action blur of e.g. birds in flight.

          Shooting at 800mm equiv. using such low cost gear is challenging but that’s half the fun of photography – and I’ve obtained results that I can’t get with my D800.

      • phil

        That’s nothing – my D7000 gives me 800FPS. But only for the first frame.

        That’s exactly the same nonsense as those 60fps you alegedly get from V1.

        No, you don’t get 60fps, because you run out of buffer in less than half of a second.

        • pxyane .

          Phil your logic is seriously flawed — frame rate and buffer are two completely different things. I also own a D7000 – great camera, nice 5.9 FPS but after only 19 frames it slows to 0.5fps. Even at 5.9 this does you little good if say shooting the sequence of a golf swing. On my V1 I get 32 frames before the buffer runs out — perfect for very fast moving subjects. A Honda civic will go for much longer than a F1 race car, but if you want to win the race…. BTW – read up on this:

          • phil

            pxyane, no, my logic is not flawed, the logic of those marketed 60fps is flawed, because you CAN NOT shoot 60 frames per second !!
            What you can actually shoot, are at most 30 frames during the first half of a second, then you have to wait up to 30 seconds before you can continue shooting!

            • SpeedJunkie

              Do I have to drive my car for 100 miles for an hour, to prove that I can hit the speed 100miles/hr while passing a big rig?

            • phil

              I see Nikon’s marketing works on you.
              You can’t say A, without saying B.
              If you say your car can go 100 miles per hour, but its gas tank holds only fuel for a 30 minute drive, that second information is a lot more important than the fact that your car can go 100mph.

            • pxyane .

              Oh Phil! If you were sitting in a plane you would not use this logic if you had an air to air missile that flies at 2,000mph for a max of 50 miles on your tail. Nope, I doubt you would be splitting hairs with the units of velocity then. Possibly your logic could work if you get stopped for speeding some day… “why no officer, I could not have been going 80mph, I’ve only been driving for 10 minutes”. But whatever, this is not Nikon marketing issue for anyone else with some common sense.

            • phil

              Nope, that’s Nikon’s marketing BS that you have fallen for.
              Because the highest possible burst rate is only 30-35 frames PER SECOND !

              So if you consider the V1 can shoot at 60fps, then by your own logic my D7000 can really shoot at 800fps.

              Because we can just as conveniently ignore the fact that it can shoot at that speed for the first 125 microseconds only.

            • Chimphappyhour

              Nope, you’re pretty much out of it. It’s the rate it is until the buffer fills. Just like a Bugatti Veyron can’t do it’s top speed for a full hour as it’ll run out of gas first. No one questions that it can do that top speed just because it can’t last that whole hour but it is easily measurable to clock the Veyron at it’s top speed for a portion of an hour.

              So to prove your point, go ahead and show us a video of your D7000’s shutter operating at 800 fps. At even a fraction of a second, we should still see tens if not a hundred shutter clicks if what you’re trying to say is true.

            • phil

              I’ll show you that video as soon as you show me 60 full resolution frames captured by your V1 within a second to prove it can shoot 60 FRAMES PER SECOND.

              Btw, the max shutter speed of D7000 is 1/8000s, so my 125 microsecond long video would show a single shutter action.

            • Chimphappyhour

              Oh, I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way. We need more than one data point to measure speed. That’s how speed works. Sooo, your argument is already useless. Nice try. Learn your science first next time.

            • SpeedJunkie

              Even doctors and nurses need only 6 to 10 seconds to get an idea pulse of your pulse rate per minute.
              Oh boy.

            • SpeedJunkie

              Because I don’t care how big the fuel thank is! My commute is only a 15 minute drive.

    • Studor13

      Do you own this horse or did you just want to be the first troll?

      Incidentally, you did you know that you get 10x magnifying on all F-mount AF lenses as well as focus confirmation so that manual focusing is more than decent? Not to mention that auto-focus on AF-S lenses is lightning fast, and that you don’t lose any light so that my 70-200mm f2.8 lens remains f2.8.

      Name another adapter that does half what the FT-1 does?

      • Kynikos

        Thanks for asking, Son! I had a V1 with a craptastic kit lens. Not sure which generation, they keep updating them so fast.

        What’s the point of buying a pocket-camera if you’re going to strap an FX lens and adapter on it? How much are they expecting us to pay now for V3 and FT1? Buy a D3200, crop, and save enough cash for a nice f/1.8 prime.

        Oh, and “incidentally” your light’s fine but your DOF on the 70-200 is nowhere near f/2.8.

        • d7k2v2

          What’s the point of buying a pocket camera if you CANT strap some FX lenses on it, say a macro, or a super tele? Why would you bash a system for it’s expandability? And quit with the more DOF is better in all cases argument. In macro work more DOF works against you, and on super tele work, you’re more likely to nail autofocus.

        • Studor13

          I use the V1 + FT-1 + 70-200 + 1.4 TC for reach. Do you know somewhere where I can buy a 800mm f4 lens for $500?

          If I want shallow dof I use my D800 + 105mm f2 DC.

          DOF on the 70-200 at f/2.8 is exactly f/2.8 at every focal length. It’s the crop factor that makes it looks as though you have more dof.

          Not sure what exactly you were expecting from the V1 but I traveled with it and made this album below with just the 18.5mm lens. If you can fault it then you are a better shooter than I.

          I also shoot a lot of video with the V1. Here is what can be done with a D800 for stills and the V1 for video:

          BTW, I’m not your son. I own and have shot with an FE2, F50, F100, D70, D300 and now I shoot mainly a D800. Oh yes, and an Hasselblad 500 CM from time to time.

        • Studor13

          FT1 + TC14E II (used) is about $500.

          With my 70-200 I get 800mm reach at f/4.

          How much does a 800mm f/4 prime lens cost?

          I use this combo for reach on the V1, not for shallow DOF. If I want shallow DOF, I use my D800 + 105mm f2 DC.

          The DOF on a 70-200 (or any other lens) at f/2.8 is exactly f/2.8. What changes is the crop which makes the image seem to have more DOF.

          What sort of DOF would you like for this image below?

      • kino13

        I was under the impression that it only worked on central point focus and the autofocus-c was specifically disabled. In my opinion that is enough not only not to buy it but to hate it shamelessly.
        Am I wrong? do the autofocus capabilities remain with the adapter and fx lenses?

        • Johnny Dough

          AF-C was added in the previous update, you are right about the center focus point tho

  • whisky

    does this mean there will be yet another firmware update when the 70-300mm Cx is shipped?

    • manhattanboy

      For the FT-1 no. And likely you will be able to shoot with the nex lens just fine, but if you want lens corrections to be applied then you will have to an update on the camera body you are using.

      • whisky

        thanks, this makes sense. it also suggests the 70-300mm will be shipping later.

    • lord eels

      nikon usually updates firmware when a new lens is released, especially a strategically important one like the CX 70-300. (of course the lens is not for me, but for those in the need this thing is a game changer)

  • Snare with cymbal crash

    I hope they come out with a firmware update that places half of the $1200 they are asking for the V3 back in people’s wallets.

  • Mr. Mamiya

    Does anybody know why there’s only one center AF spot available with the FT-1? Is it a technical restriction or just marketing?


      It’s not technical, it’s intentional.

    • Fred

      The centre AF spot is the only one for which the different register distances of native N1 lenses and F-mount lenses on an FT1 makes no difference. For the off-centre AF spots, you could align the micro-lenses so that that sensor would PDAF with F-mount lenses or with Native lenses, but apparently not both

      • Joe

        Hasn’t the Nikon 1 a hybrid AF system with both phase and contrast detection AF? In my understanding contrast detection is solely sensor based and should work?

  • AnotherView

    Wow. Nikon seem intent on marketing the Nikon 1 (based on price and promotion) as a replacement for an entry-level DSLR. Good luck with that.

  • Nikon User

    Isn’t the FT1 supposed to be working on a V3?

    Why does it need a firmware update?

    Are there any hidden agendas that kill further lens support such as the Tamron A005 after the firmware update?

    I will not update my FT1.


      It’s pretty clear now: if you use any 3rd party lenses or accessories, you update Nikon firmware at your peril!

  • Meyr Cruywagen

    Wow, So Nikon wants me to pick up a FT1 adapter for MORE than a new J2 with two lenses? Silly price if you ask me…

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